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(Fox News)   David Beckham has a gay hissy-fit slapfight with opposing player after soccer match   ( divider line
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21588 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Sep 2005 at 1:45 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-20 01:11:52 PM  
"gay hissy-fit slapfight". Classic!
2005-09-20 01:14:06 PM  
If we all stop calling the poor bastard "Becks" maybe this would never happen!
2005-09-20 01:17:38 PM  
What's this about Beckman slapping up a dirty sanchez?
2005-09-20 01:45:56 PM  
Beckham's a pedigree twat.
2005-09-20 01:47:59 PM  
Now would this happen at a cricket match? (No, because the opposing guy has a big chunk of wood in his hand).

Screw Beckham, bring in Shaun Wright Phillips. We need some pace down the right flank.
2005-09-20 01:48:10 PM  
He tried to fondle Beckham's beans
2005-09-20 01:48:29 PM  
He's not even as pretty as everyone makes him out to be. If I saw him walking down the street, I wouldn't even take a second look.

"Mr. Beckham, you are a man, correct? Than hit like a man damnit!"
2005-09-20 01:48:37 PM  
Is there another kind of hissy-fit slapfight?
2005-09-20 01:48:37 PM  
"captain of England"

From now on, I'm the Baron of North Jersey.
2005-09-20 01:49:09 PM  
2005-09-20 01:48:37 PM Detective Sandy V.

"captain of England"

From now on, I'm the Baron of North Jersey.

//What exit?
2005-09-20 01:49:14 PM  
I'd hit it.
2005-09-20 01:49:15 PM  
Don't make me he-biatch, man-slap you....
2005-09-20 01:49:52 PM  
2005-09-20 01:50:16 PM  
who the hell is david beckam?
2005-09-20 01:50:32 PM  
How pretty is he? I assume since he gets jillions for his looks and hundreds of millions are in love with him that I might take a second look if I saw him on the street.

/wish there was a female version of the ugly internet beauty critic
2005-09-20 01:51:38 PM  
hehe....he said gay....

//if it weren't for the sex, I'd be gay.
2005-09-20 01:52:37 PM  
I couldn't submit this link because it's the Washington Post, but this is the worst news I've heard all morning. FBI to soon crack down on hardcore pornography (of the perfectly legal consenting-adult variety):​09190157 0_pf.html
2005-09-20 01:53:56 PM  
whatevar... spanish/south american players are famous for their sissyness + cheating.. the guy was blatantly trying to distract becks at the corner flag, that's not cool.. im not saying english players never cheat, but spanish and south american players fall over so easily its a joke..
2005-09-20 01:54:43 PM  
Detective Sandy V.

I'm the Sergeant Major of Central Minnesota!
2005-09-20 01:54:53 PM  
Must have been hanging out with Alex Rodriguez of the NY Spankees. He slaps hands too.

/probably slaps other man parts in private, that a-hole
2005-09-20 01:55:21 PM  
Oh, and has Becks jumped the shark?
2005-09-20 01:56:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-20 01:57:20 PM  

No... ALL soccer players fall over easily. It's funny to watch. As soon as the ref turns their way, *WHOMP* "Ahh!! my knee!!"

/Best. Acting. EVAR.
2005-09-20 01:57:34 PM  
i played soccer for years as a kid, and the one thing about soccer that always bugged me is the way these guys react to the gentlest of fouls. you'd think someone just cut off their leg, what with all the writhing and grimaces.

i guess it's some attempt at prodding the referee to call a foul, but gosh it looks sooo lame.
2005-09-20 01:58:33 PM  
I couldn't care less about David Beckham.
2005-09-20 01:59:38 PM  
Beckham is farking overrated.

ANOTHER reason England is doomed to never win the World Cup again....along with Rooney, Ferdinand.....
2005-09-20 01:59:50 PM  
It's so much better when soccer players swing their purses at each other.

/prefers hockey & real fights
2005-09-20 02:00:09 PM  
Truly....The greatest sport on earth
2005-09-20 02:00:32 PM  
Did Vinnie Jones get a foul called on him for his infamous testicle crush?
2005-09-20 02:00:59 PM  
He's like a mix of Cletus Ferdeline and Justin Timberlake:

[image from too old to be available]

He's a self admitted metro-sexual who doesn't care that he's a gay sex symbol.

He's an OK footy player, but he's no Ronaldinho.. who in fact looks like Chris Rock smashed with a ton of branches from the ugly tree... he still gets major poonage of course, seeing as how he's one of the world's most popular athletes! (except in America)
2005-09-20 02:01:24 PM  
I suprised he didn't have his wife do the fighting for him.
2005-09-20 02:01:58 PM  
Well, I'm the King of New York.

/well, queen, anyway
//just wanted to mention Christopher Walken
2005-09-20 02:02:07 PM  
Gamesmanship is the norm. Beckham is a twat.

Beckham. Shut up.
2005-09-20 02:02:19 PM  
ScottMpls: It's so much better when soccer players swing their purses at each other.

It would be easier if they took their balls out of them, too.
2005-09-20 02:04:20 PM  

yeah sure, but its become almost institutionalized in the spanish/south american leagues, and managers have been known to condone cheating as a way to win matches.. i love the sport, but nothing irks me more than diving, especially if a resulting penalty decides the match. i dont blame people for calling soccer ghey cos of it, but its not supposed to be part of the game.. the sport would benefit from video replays, and the sooner cheating gets stamped out, the better

2005-09-20 02:04:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

y'all remember this one?

2005-09-20 02:05:50 PM  
All of those soccer guys are pretty used to having balls slapping into them.
2005-09-20 02:06:04 PM  
a gay man playing a gay sport...go figure...
2005-09-20 02:09:07 PM  

Beckham is farking overrated.

Obviously you've never seen beckham hit a 60 yard pass.. the guy is accurate to the inch.. thats why he doesn't need to beat men, cos he can cross deep and hit the target.. sure, he's not flashy like ronaldinho (who has far more technical ability with his feet), but he's a great talent and a proven match-winner when he's on form. England won't win in 2006, but have a good shot at 2010 with the wealth of maturing talent (lampard, gerrard, rooney etc.)

2005-09-20 02:09:43 PM  
Aren't all fights in soccer gay?

I mean the sport itself is gay.

2005-09-20 02:10:57 PM  
ya'll be haters. He's married to someone richer and hotter than anyone you'll ever get, and he's richer and better looking than you'll ever be.
2005-09-20 02:11:06 PM  
Did the other guy immediately fall down and writhe in insufferable agony for several minutes, then jump up and jog to the lockerroom under his own power?

/why most hate soccer
2005-09-20 02:11:39 PM  
I was once slapped by a guy at a frat party for suggesting that it was rude to cut in front of the two girls ahead of him in the keg line. It was a pretty effective manuever since, by the time my shock wore off and I determined he was not a chick in drag, we had too many people holding us back to show him how men above the age of 7 usually fight.
2005-09-20 02:12:52 PM  
who cares about bloody football, it's all about rugby
2005-09-20 02:13:34 PM  
ya'll be haters. He's married to someone richer and hotter than anyone you'll ever get, and he's richer and better looking than you'll ever be.

What's the point of being married to a hot woman if you're gay?
2005-09-20 02:13:39 PM  
I yawn at the antics of this overpaid doughboy.
/can't stand Beckham
//that goes double for his wife
///has enough divadom watching T.O. thenkyewverymuch
2005-09-20 02:13:48 PM  
Someone nuke Britian please.
2005-09-20 02:14:16 PM  
ya'll be haters. He's married to someone richer and hotter than anyone you'll ever get, and he's richer and better looking than you'll ever be.

Ok. So, that was a little gay.

/i'm just sayin'
2005-09-20 02:14:19 PM  
The Pope of Pittsburgh.
2005-09-20 02:15:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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