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(AP) NewsFlash Large portions of L.A. without power, reasons unknown   ( divider line
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31480 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Sep 2005 at 4:35 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-12 07:54:01 PM  
I dunno, maybe people use too much electricity?

/should never have to upgrade power lines
//increased efficiency should keep up with degredation of existing lines
///never gonna happen
2005-09-12 07:54:56 PM  
Prophet Omega
Quick, blame the victims!

If they would have been given a reasonable amount of time to prepare for it.
i.e. a warning from the Mayor, Governor and or the President.

Then......... Yes.
2005-09-12 07:55:27 PM  
2005-09-12 07:59:27 PM  
It's not Bush's fault, this one is Arnolds.
2005-09-12 08:03:55 PM  

Hmm.. I didnt get the impression it was terrorist related. And didnt the AP Wire that this links to at first say "they dont know whats up but are saying its not terrorist related"?? The "Dont know whats up" would seem to be the same as "reasons unknown"

/People are way way too jumpy about terrorists lately
2005-09-12 08:05:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-12 08:17:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Did I do thaaaaat??
2005-09-12 08:19:17 PM  
Why wasn't everyone evacuated two days ago?
2005-09-12 08:27:30 PM  
Maybe Enron did it.

Remember 5 years ago when they created those CA blackouts? They have tapes of ENRON people joking about shutting down power plants and screwing people.

There should have been a major pogrom after that.
2005-09-12 08:28:10 PM  
Why does Bush hate Californian people?
2005-09-12 08:28:33 PM  
SOrry, power freaks, but this lady has the power in her eyes...

[image from too old to be available]

2005-09-12 08:33:19 PM  
It says "At the downtown YMCA, staff used flashlights to help usher exercisers from the pool and other areas to locker rooms so they could dress..."

Did anyone know YMCA allowed nude swimming?
2005-09-12 08:35:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-12 08:41:57 PM  
The same thing happened in Toronto a few years ago, and it happened in the 90s in Quebec due to flare activity.
/Nothing to see here, move along.
2005-09-12 08:45:45 PM  

"reasons unknown". Submitter is a lying asswipe. Fark you, your mother, and your whore of a sister. No reason to get people worried over a minor incident - but if you outright lie about things, you can worry people. Go back to sucking cock for a living.

Tell it to Blitzer not submitter. He was all on the "unfolding breaking news story in Los Angeles, power out for unknown reasons" today.

/seriously. That'd be awesome.
2005-09-12 08:53:39 PM  
2005-09-12 08:56:35 PM  
Homer Simpson at work?
2005-09-12 08:56:56 PM  

George W. Bush hates Latinos

What the hell did I ever do to him?
2005-09-12 08:59:29 PM  
So Mike Brown's new job is with the LA power dept?
2005-09-12 09:16:47 PM  
ccblip: Can someone explain the Omarion references? Pretty please?

Can someone please explain how there are people on Fark who do not understand it?

Or know how to type the words "Omarion" and "Prayer" into google?

Or look up Omarion on Wikipedia? (pops)

2005-09-12 09:20:58 PM  
2005-09-12 09:21:28 PM  
Water and Power? Have no fear

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-12 09:37:21 PM  
Take that Hippys
2005-09-12 09:53:40 PM  
Since the thread turned into something decent.. I add this:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-12 10:00:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-12 10:05:30 PM  
This thread is getting GOOD! Forget the power outage... forget I couldnt get email for a couple hours cuz my servers backup systems didnt work (doesnt matter.. its the best hosting place on the farking planet).. AND.. I couldnt get quotes from our printer's website because they are in Riverside and the power was out to their servers.. I'm seeing hot chicks kissing and that makes things good and well.
2005-09-12 10:15:14 PM  
Just to throw out a wild, unfounded (?) possibility:

It was revealed at one point that the London subway bombers were storing their explosives in a fridge. They had to keep them cool, or they would sour basically.

Cut the power to much of LA for a few hours, on the day after a threat to the city, and you possibly spoil any explosives stored in fridges. (Assuming, of course, that they didn't have a generator or other UPS. I don't think the London bombers did.)

Just pure speculation on my part, but gosh, really odd how the power went out in LA the day after 9/11, when Al Qaeda said that attacks on Melburn and LA would occur "tomorrow, god willing."

Anyways, it doesn't take a whole lot to tie the two together, whether our government decided to kill the power for some reason, defensively, or some bozo decided to take out a transformer somewhere and the thing got quieted up for whatever reason.

You may now return (please!) to your pictures of hot girl on girl action.
2005-09-12 10:18:03 PM  
Um, I said: You may now return (please!) to your pictures of hot girl on girl action.

2005-09-12 10:45:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
All I could find was chicks with stubble.
2005-09-12 10:45:38 PM  
To the power company employee that accidentally knocked out the power to the greater Los Angeles area:

[image from too old to be available]

Do it again.

/thank you
2005-09-12 10:46:10 PM  
No pics of Rosie O'Donnel and Ellen Degeneres lip-locking?
2005-09-12 10:48:16 PM  
Sorry, I'll unplug my aunt's "RamFist 2000" right away!
2005-09-12 11:00:19 PM  
Thank God they still had big smoke stacks burning thick, black smoke in to their dirty, thick, smoggy air.
2005-09-12 11:14:12 PM  

That was wrong. So wrong (not that theres anything wrong with it) but its wrong.

Ugh.. Have to stay SOUTH of your post from now on.. in fact.. those pic above me is HOT!... need more..
2005-09-12 11:45:53 PM  
"not for reasons unknown I told you, we set down there on company orders to get this thing which destroyed my crew and your expensive ship."
2005-09-12 11:48:55 PM  
Xear: it took a blackout to get to those conditions? Out in Elsinore, that sort of thing is happening aLL THE TIME.

Buntz's law is useless unless it also applies to Clinton equally. The only true law of the thread over is the Godwin.

I, for one, welcome our new power cutting overlords.

-gut nuthin
2005-09-13 12:15:23 AM

/hey did I see several woman kissing?


///not even gay....but Holy cowbell!
2005-09-13 12:21:02 AM  
So is the power back on there yet? And the kissing girls are hot. :D
2005-09-13 01:14:41 AM  
What, did another squirrel hit the power lines?

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-13 02:00:00 AM  

Good do people live in that place? I'm watching an ariel view and you can't see crap for the smog...

It's not the smog you're seeing.....This view was taken at 4:20.
2005-09-13 02:11:16 AM  
I Blame George W. Bush!
2005-09-13 08:35:09 AM  
I blame Bush.

Me too.

Or maybe terrorists.

2005-09-13 09:26:08 AM  
NOLA's Response- "Pussies"
2005-09-13 01:29:27 PM  
ChickenGeorgeVII: Can someone please explain how there are people on Fark who do not understand it?

Or know how to type the words "Omarion" and "Prayer" into google?

Or look up Omarion on Wikipedia? (pops)

Most humble apologies, oh exalted TFer. For I am but a humble Fark-liter who actually has a life and does not spend every waking minute on this site. Therefore, I may not catch every single reference that you most excellent TFers throw around. I know, the horror!!!one!one11!
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