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(Freed Dried Movies)   Topher Grace to play Venom in "Spiderman 3," but the real villian is obviously the casting director   ( divider line
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2005-09-09 12:02:21 AM  
2005-09-09 12:03:33 AM  
My SpiderSuckSense is tingling....
2005-09-09 12:04:52 AM  
dramaticpause: No reason why Topher can't play Eddie Brock

i think the problem many (including myself) are seeing isn't that the suit won't look good on him (if they did ANYTHING other than a CGI Venom there'd likely be riots), it's that Eddie Brock isn't anything like Peter Parker at all. He's quite buff and works out regularly. Topher doesn't look like he's picked up a weight over 40lbs ever...

As for the 3 villains part, I can't really see Sandman as anything other than a lackey really. It's almost guaranteed he won't be involved in some gigantic plot other than "break into jewelry store", leaving room for Hobby and Venom to run amuck with more sinister plans (except maybe Venom, i don't think he ever was much for complex planning other than "eat spidey's brains").
2005-09-09 12:19:31 AM  
If casting were done soley on how much one looks like the comic counterpart, Henry Rollins would undoubtedly play Eddie Brock. However, Doc Ock would have been played by Elton John, so maybe going soley on looks isn't the best idea.

Looks aren't really THAT important when it comes to casting. If Topher really is Venom, it appears that he would be a sort of "Anti-Spider-Man", kinda like Bizzaro. As long as it works in the confines of the movie is fine with me.
2005-09-09 12:21:37 AM  
Carnage is where it's at, and who better to play him than
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-09 12:23:22 AM  

Get a life ruled! Remember when the nuclear plant had a meltdown? That was some funny, funny shiat!
Stand in the place where you were.
2005-09-09 12:34:09 AM  
imaconnect4guy: You hit the nail right on the head. His performance in Batman Begins was really good, so good in fact that I hope the Scarecrow comes back should they make a sequel. Unfortunately the introduction of Carnage is a ways off in the movies, unless they do something really crappy and just fast-forward through all the good Venom stuff.

Dr Doom: I agree, Rollins would fit the role best as far as looks go. Rollins, in general, kicks ass. I'd like to see him in the Spider-Man movies, but I don't think he'd make a good Venom based on his acting ability. Besides, I could never buy Rollins doing "woe is me, I'm so picked on, life sucks and I blame Spider-Man for it." He's more of a, "I'm angry and psychotically happy about it so I'm going to beat the crap out of stuff now," kind of guy.
2005-09-09 12:50:52 AM  
in the ultimate series Carnage is explain when they take a bit of Spidey's dna while he's seriously injured and use it in an attempt to clone him.

The result is Carnage. You guys should really read up more on the current comics. Unless you have a life in which case keep complaining.
2005-09-09 01:17:24 AM  
Please, strident Alpha geeks, forgive me if I'm wrong here, but isn't Venom supposed to be, from a thematic standpoint, a foil for Spider-Man?

Topher's not a bad choice at all for the role from a cinematic point of view. What works in a comic doesn't always translate well to the screen. A lot more of the inner similarities between the two can be shown with the simple fact that McGuire and Grace are similar looking than by casting the role according to the way he appears in the books. So, if Topher Grace is in fact cast as Venom, then it makes sense from a film-making standpoint. It establishes a lot about the characters' relationships to each other on a deeper level quickly (if in a superficial way -- but hey! It is the movies we're talking about here), without devolving into a feely-wheely, character-driven indie movie just to extablish their similarities. I can understand why people would be upset with this choice, in terms of being true to the appearance of the characters, but in terms of what he represents as a cypher for Peter Parker's dark side it works pretty well.

However, multiple villians are almost always a very bad sign in a superhero film franchise.

/Seconds Cillian Murphy as Carnage, though.
2005-09-09 01:18:49 AM  
PFffffft. RisingExpoment....

The current comics? Read the god damned classics you fool. Otherwise get outta this thread.
2005-09-09 01:21:00 AM  
I stopped reading Spider-Man when they started all that clone shiat. If the Venom rumor is true... it's too bad they won't do crossovers between the movies. It would be cool to see Reed Richards figure out the way to remove the Venom suit from Peter Parker like he did in the comics.

Then have the Wolverine/Spider-Man crossover.

/goes back to basement
2005-09-09 01:23:38 AM  
Corvus: Now Thomas Haden Church as Venom. That would make sense!

And Topher Grace as Carnage. That's what I predicted and I'm sticking with it until I hear official word otherwise.
2005-09-09 01:53:45 AM  
Has there been a GOOD Batman movie?
2005-09-09 01:55:34 AM  
Maxamillius01: Batman Begins is probably the best Batman movie made to date. It's pretty damn good if you ask me.
2005-09-09 01:56:33 AM  
They can't do Carnage.

They just can't.

I don't think it's possible to make Carnage in anything outside of a sequal to the film that introduced Venom.

If they bring Carnage into THIS film, they'll either really cut down Venom's development - or they'll stick in Carnage as a "final boss fight" that shows up in the last part of the film out of nowhere. Both ways make for a corny, stereotypical film. There's no TIME for more - especially since they HAVE to do the "New Goblin" thing - the last movie was setting it up.
2005-09-09 02:00:47 AM  
However, they said that there would only be three Spiderman movies.

Frankly, I agree. Comic-book dreams aside, if you keep pumping out sequal over sequal to a film, it'll start to suck.

Of course, that doesn't quite stop them from making a "spin-off" film about Venom... It wouldn't really be exactly like the Spiderman movies, and not a true sequal (and probobly get a different rating) - what with Venom being crazy, and Carnage being a very extreme breed of crazy - but it would certainly have an audience.
2005-09-09 02:05:50 AM  
I dunno, I really wouldn't mind there being more than 3 Spider-Man movies. Considering how well the first two were received I doubt the movie studios will even let it stop at Spider-Man 3 if it's as good as the first two.

More than five... yeah, it'll probably suck by then.

And I really wouldn't mind there being a Venom spinoff movie.
2005-09-09 02:11:00 AM  
shanrick, thanks for my new wallpaper
2005-09-09 02:11:59 AM  
Iczer- Toby would probably look bad in the spiderman suit if it weren't for the rubber muscles attatched inside of it. I woulnd't worry about how Topher might look in a suit, especially if he's physically preparing for the film (which he is).
2005-09-09 02:22:30 AM  
Dean Cain should be in the mix.
2005-09-09 02:41:55 AM  
I think that Henry Rollins would be a good Brock candidate.
2005-09-09 02:47:46 AM  

R.C. Everbeck played Eddie Brock in the 2002 Spiderman movie.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-09 03:19:13 AM  
fark Carnage.

Best moment in comic book history:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-09 03:30:09 AM  
Red Space Dragon: However, they said that there would only be three Spiderman movies.

But Sam Raimi recently went back on that, saying he was open to more as long as he got to have the same freedom that he's had on these three. Tobey McGuire already said he'd come back as long a Raimi was directing.
2005-09-09 04:00:11 AM  
Raimi has said that he doesn't like Venom

it may be because i'm drunk, but this statement stands out and i refuse to read past it. who doesn't like Venom? He's the best villain EVER!!!! he stands out as representing the worst in human behavior, but also stands as what we all wish we all could be.

/reminds people i am drunk so don't take me seriously...except for the part about venom being the best villain ever
2005-09-09 04:18:59 AM  
They could introduce Venom in this movie and then do an animated movie(like the Animatrix, Dark Fury(the Chronicals of Riddick), The Clone Wars Saga ect) which could flesh out the character and set up Venom.
Sell that on DVD.
2005-09-09 05:42:49 AM  

WOW! Uh, thanks! Really, thank you...that's kind of hilarious. Who says being an asshole never pays off? I was mostly teasing, just because,'s FARK. I probably would never have made a comment like that without the last few months of FARKing help.

/alright, enough with the acceptance speech
2005-09-09 05:49:01 AM  
Addendum: Also, I would like to establish that I was not in agreement with thamike's sentiments at all. Mine was intended to be assery of the "WELCOME TO THE INTERNET!" breed.
2005-09-09 08:27:46 AM  
they better not make topher grace eddie brock, if anything he should be either sand man or hydroman
2005-09-09 09:27:10 AM  
I kinda like the ideas that were posted previously about WWE wrestlers like Brock Lesnar or John Cena playing Venom. They would LOOK like Venom at least. I think their acting skills would fall short though. For some odd reason I keep picturing Jake Busey as Eddie Brock. He can act as a great nutcase (see The Frighteners). Not exactly the right build for the role, but better than Topher Grace.

And back to wrestlers as actors. While I was reading Stephen King's "Desperation," the ONLY person I could think of that fit the bill as the Sherrif Collie Entragian was Sid Vicious. According to IMDB, Desperation is going to be released in 2006 as a mini-series and Ron Perlman will be the Sherrif. And although I really like Ron Perlman it's really going to be disappointing to see him in the part. When you have such a strong image of what you THINK a character in a book looks like, any actor that doesn't fit that image becomes a let down no matter how great an actor they are.
2005-09-09 09:33:07 AM  
Fut the wuck?
2005-09-09 09:37:53 AM  
I haven't really read the venom comics, but it seems like a convoluted, silly character to me.

I was looking forward to the lizard, since one-armed Dr. Connors was in spider-man II.
2005-09-09 09:59:23 AM  
Was it Venom or Sandman that was a football player that went to school with Peter Parker and used to date Mary Jane?
2005-09-09 10:00:42 AM  
Huh. The only villains I've heard Raimi mention are the HobGoblin and Black Cat (Eliza Dushku) for Spider Man 3. But that was a while ago, so it could have changed. I haven't been keeping up to date on this stuff.

I think Topher may not look the part, but I think he could pull off a pretty good psycho. If this is true, I will reserve judgement until I see it.

I do think, however, that Laura Prepon would have made a much better Mary Jane than Kirsten "Corky" Dunst.
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-09 10:11:51 AM  
Kangaroo_Ralph: Neither, that was Flash Thompson.
2005-09-09 10:25:55 AM  
1. Isn't Venom from Secret Wars or something? Or have they altered the origin?

Not sure if your question was answered, but I'm gonna give it a shot. The Secret Wars was when some higher beings brought all the villans and super heroes to one planet to battle it out to the death for the beings own amusement. Alot of heroes and villans died; they somehow figured out what was going on and managed to escape. During this time Spidey fused with the symbiote and gained the "black costume". He used it for a while; much to the dismay of his wife Mary-Jane. After realizing that the symbiote was trying to permanentely fuse to Spidey, he enlisted the help of Mr. Fantastic to rid him of the alien. Eddie Brock worked at a rival newspaper as a reporter or photographer like Peter. Parker had busted Brock for something, and it drove Eddie to suicide. At the last minute, the symbiote found Eddie to become the villan we have all come to love as Venom.

/huge Spidey fan as a kid.
2005-09-09 10:35:54 AM  
I wish I had a better example of this picture.​69102MAG AZINEBC.jpg

2005-09-09 11:24:46 AM  
Topher Grace as Venom? damn, CGI effects must be spectacular these days.. now, i love Topher as an actor, he does a damn good job, but as has been said, Venom is no small fry.. you can pull off McGuire as Spidey, but Topher Grace as Venom would be like.. trying to make that guy who plays as Oddjob in the 007 movies as the friggin HULK..

on another related note, Foreman did have a Mary Jane-type woman ;)

/goddamn, Laura Prepon is hot. so much hotter as a redhed IMO.. just like Lohan..
2005-09-09 11:38:28 AM  
Maxamillius01: Has there been a GOOD Batman movie?

The latest one (Batman Begins) was easily the best of the live-action Batman movies. I still put the animated Batman: Mask of the Phantasm ahead of it, but not by nearly as much as I put either movie ahead of any of the other live-action ones (including the early 1970s movie with the 1960s TV series actors).

sjshaw1970: I stopped reading Spider-Man when they started all that clone shiat.

You may appreciate this filk I wrote and posted on GEnie way back when that clone mess was still ongoing (right as "Maximum Clonage" was announced, if I remember right):
Spi-der clone, Spi-der-Man:
Which one is the real Spi-der-Man?
Th' plots are webs, huge in size,
So tang-led we can't tell truth from lies.
Who cares - who is the Spi-der-Man?

Is it dull? Lis-ten, bud:
It's a ra-di-o-ac-tive dud.
Can it sell de-spite its schlock?
Take a look: huge back-stock.
Oh no! Here come more Spi-der-Men!

Lots of scenes of fights: this sto-ry is a crime!
If it"d stopped last year, it'd've been just in time!

Spi-der Clone, Spi-der-Man.
Scar-let Spi-der is Spi-der-Man?
E-ven though we are bored,
Mar-vel has its re-ward:
For them, whole-sa-ler sales are way up,
So long as the shops pay up,
There'll be more Spi-der-Mennnnn!
2005-09-09 12:01:48 PM  
some website claims they know, without offering proof, it must be true!

now i dunno if its setteled yet, as filming hasn't even started on the film.
a few weeks ago they were saying might be playing chameleon, and that the whole itme you thought it was sandman _that_ would really be chameleon..

but i digiress, we'll all know soon enough, either when sony announces it, or when filming starts

/will be working on the film
//has already seen pics of THC in sandman garb
2005-09-09 12:04:42 PM  

Ahoy, squirts. Quint here with yet another spin around the rumor merry-go-round on the identity of the villains in SPIDER-MAN 3. I almost didn't run this because it's getting kinda boring. Since back in February of this year we've run the rumors of the villains in Spidey 3 being Venom, Sandman and one of the Goblins. I wrote a piece about a month ago gathering all the rumors in one place and applying a little logic to them (read that article here). This had mainly to do with the Goblin, Chameleon and Venom rumors.
I was hoping that'd quell the rumor mill for a while, but it's up and spinning again, playing a very familiar tune. My sources with-in Sony are sure the villains are Electro and Sandman, with Franco taking steps toward the glider. That jibes with Raimi's interest in classic characters. But now Freeze Dried Movies claims they have an anonymous source that says the villains are for sure Venom (Topher Grace), Sandman (Thomas Hayden Church) and Hobgoblin (James Franco), except this is the first time someone who has reported that Franco was playing Hobgoblin actually acknowledged that's a departure from the comics since Harry Osbourne became the Green Goblin again in the books, not Hobgoblin.
I'm tired of these rumors. I'm not saying that FDM doesn't have a legitimate story. They might, but until we get Sony confirmation on who these villains will be this just sounds like a rehashing of old rumors to me.
2005-09-09 12:37:19 PM  

That would seem to suggest that Topher could possibly play Electro. A much better fit.

Topher does have a big role in the movie though. He stated in an Interview to The Sunday Herald Sun that his involvement would take 12 months.
2005-09-09 01:30:37 PM  
I would cast Brock Samson as Venom...just go CGI all the way!
2005-09-09 03:42:59 PM  
Another vote for Nancy Grace here - she's way scarier.
2005-09-09 03:46:34 PM  
Actually from what Raimi has done with the Spider-man/Parker character already I can see Topher as kind of the mirror universe version of Toby's Spider-man. They look a lot alike. Maybe Raimi's version of Venom is to be kind of like an evil version of Spider-man/Parker.
2005-09-09 03:56:43 PM  
I like Topher Grace... but Eddie Brock was a big, bitter badass guy. Topher Grace is maybe the skinnyest actor i've ever see.

[image from too old to be available]

2005-09-09 04:00:27 PM  
So, when are they going to turn Kingdom Come into a movie?
2005-09-09 04:16:56 PM  

Are they going for the female demographic with that pic?
2005-09-09 04:21:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

best i've read so far is brock lesnar. right physique, right face, already established in peoples' minds as that type of person.
2005-09-09 04:22:14 PM  
Any self respecting spider man fan in charge of a movie absolutely could not make a film about Venom without a trilogy, end of story.
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