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(MSNBC)   Ebay reportedly in talks to buy Skype. Talks fail when at the last second some jerk bids $3,000,000,000.50   ( divider line
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13750 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Sep 2005 at 9:57 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-08 09:59:10 AM  
They should use auctionsniper, duh!
2005-09-08 09:59:13 AM  
Wow, people really seem to give a fark here.
2005-09-08 09:59:25 AM  
/claps at headline
2005-09-08 10:01:15 AM  
nice headline SUBMITTER!

2005-09-08 10:01:39 AM  
10 points to hufflepuff for the headline
2005-09-08 10:03:22 AM  
Thanks for the laugh, submitter.
2005-09-08 10:04:00 AM  
So Meg is looking to screw up skype huh?
2005-09-08 10:06:44 AM  
hang on a minute,

do I care about this?


fark 'em, fark 'em all in the ass with a big rubber dick, then break it off and beat them over the head with it,.

I can barely pay my bills, I don't give a warm bucket of monkey shiat what google and skype do to each other.

matter of fact, unless I find someway of getting some free eats tonight I don't much of a shiat about anything else.

/ oh and how do I have fark access? I do have a job, it just does'nt pay enough for my bills, and I'm on my lunch break, however a lack of funds prevents me from having a meal today.

yeah, I don't feel sorry for anybody. cause nobody is feeling sorry for me.
2005-09-08 10:07:50 AM  
2005-09-08 10:07:54 AM  
can you bid on phone numbers?
2005-09-08 10:08:16 AM  
What the freak does ebay want with skype?

2005-09-08 10:10:01 AM  
ebay sucks and they will fark up skype for sure
2005-09-08 10:10:30 AM  

hahahaha, even if you win the thread, you're still retarded
2005-09-08 10:10:31 AM  
yeah I meant ebay, I'm just too pissed off to type correctly at the moment.
2005-09-08 10:10:37 AM  
nice headline!
2005-09-08 10:12:58 AM  
oasics: They allow you to surf the internet at McDonald's?

/man up, Nancy
2005-09-08 10:13:10 AM  
Oh, that is a sweet headline!
/been sniped--repeatedly
//had it coming
2005-09-08 10:13:31 AM  
Im not sure what all the hubbub is about anyway. Skype sucks. Real men use asterisk and the IAX peer for FWD. Or, you know, a phone.
2005-09-08 10:13:50 AM  
bravo on the headline submitter!!
2005-09-08 10:15:32 AM  
So... will the person who bid $3,000,000,000.50, be forced to complete the purchase?
2005-09-08 10:15:55 AM  
I regularily speak with customers in Swizterland, Sweden, Canada and Tiawan over Skype... Heck, it shaves at least 500 minutes off my local Cell Bill a month as well. This news make me very uncomfortable.
2005-09-08 10:16:09 AM  
Must think they can make some good use (read: whore and capitalize on) out of it, if they're willing to pony up between 2 or 3 BILLION dollars on the deal.

I can think of a couple interesting ways an internet telephony app could be handled by eBay. All of it making it easier to seperate you from your cash, believe me.
2005-09-08 10:18:58 AM  
In all fairness, eBay acquired a stake in craigslist and they haven't farked that up yet.

oasics, you could always try auctioning yourself off to the highest bidder
2005-09-08 10:19:25 AM  
Props for the headline submitter. Brightened my morning.
2005-09-08 10:20:05 AM  
GooberMcFly - touche'

but a job at rotten ronalds would be great right about now, at least food of some kind would be on offer.

no I work support for a shiatty IT company and get paid little to nothing for it.
2005-09-08 10:21:45 AM  
and I did'nt use the right brackets to form my html, lovely, not only am I hungry and angry I am also shiatty at my job. w00t!

I suck
2005-09-08 10:24:09 AM  
oasics: no I work support for a shiatty IT company and get paid little to nothing for it.

Then lose the pity party mentality, get off your ass, and find something better for yourself. Nobody will hire you in your current frame of mind.

/I should've bid $3,000,001
2005-09-08 10:25:03 AM  
JaredSeth - I so would if I could,

might start an auction to take me out to dinner and you can verbally abuse me as much as you like if you win the auction.

trust me I have thought of a million hair-brained schemes to try to solve my problems, none have ever been anything more than just plain stupid.
2005-09-08 10:26:46 AM  
I'm sure this'll work out great until your Skype balance is withheld by Paypal for some reason they won't be specific about, and to recover it you'll have to fax over bank statements and fedex a DNA sample...
2005-09-08 10:28:50 AM  
If someone doesn't care about this, why bother posting?
2005-09-08 10:29:36 AM  
Bravo to submitter and to retarded.

2005-09-08 10:29:43 AM  
If eBay purchases skype you will need a paypal account to use skype.

Paypal sucks, ebay sucks, skype will soon suck.
2005-09-08 10:30:18 AM  
God Skype is crap. Normal VOIP is cool but they managed to pack it so full of dial-home spam-everyone crap that it resembles a heavy spyware infection.
2005-09-08 10:31:02 AM  
I care. I use Skype to play World of Warcraft. I like the service right now... don't want it tainted by the PayPal people.
2005-09-08 10:34:57 AM  
Retarded wins the thread by a landslide!
2005-09-08 10:39:07 AM  
Norb OH MY GOD! your a genius! of course! that's exactly what I'm going to do!!!!!!

thank you man!!!,

asshat - if you knew anything about the job market in my area then you might have a right to say anything, as it stands you don't. no I can't move, no I don't have a pity party mentality, I have a downright foul attitude and I plan on keeping it.

I'm in the job I'm in because there are no other jobs. and have not been for at least 5 years around here. and because I am broke I don't even have enough to try relocation to find a better job.

/ some people need to think before they type.
2005-09-08 10:39:40 AM  
btw how do you pronounce Skype? i use the dang thing and i can't even say it.
2005-09-08 10:40:12 AM  
So... I saw the whole buying thing, talks are ensuing, and, OMG, PAY FOR INTERNET PHONING.

No. Say it ain't so. So I call using Skype for COH, and it's teh awesomeorz, but now I'll have to pay for it?


I'm already addicted to Skype & COH...

/sad I know.
//Reporting from a client's wireless I just set up. I are kewl.
2005-09-08 10:43:33 AM  
What does everyone think of Skype as a service, and what else do you use that's similar?
2005-09-08 10:44:23 AM  
oasics - trust me I have thought of a million hair-brained schemes to try to solve my problems, none have ever been anything more than just plain stupid.

How about: Work harder, work smarter, eat ramen noodles.

Got me through college, and I wasn't even in a good IT-related job. Best years of my life - I don't see why everyone can't do it.
2005-09-08 10:45:44 AM  
submitter Funniest.headline.recently
A++++ to Quatsch
WTF's the matter with oasics
2005-09-08 10:46:19 AM  
marc there are quite a few free voice over IP bits of software, including but not limited to, MSN Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Teamspeak can even be use as a international voice conferencing system , to a degree.

a service? well, unless you use SkyPe Out (which is the IP to PSTN transit service) I'd call it a bit of a gimmick at the moment.
2005-09-08 10:52:17 AM  
Bantam I'm not willing to work any harder for a company that catagorically pays the very least it can get away with, It has already been made clear to everybody working here that under no circumstances is there any way to get a pay rise, and we don't get paid for any overtime, no matter what the reason for the overtime is. yes, all these practices by an employer in the UK are legal too.

work smarter?? - god only knows what in batshiat flying dixie cup heaven you think that means.

- eat ramen noodles eh? fuel in this country is well over $4 a gallon, do you know what that means? that means all my spare money goes toward just getting to my crap job in the first place, I've been living on plain rice and plain pasta for the past two weeks. that means that some nights even ramen is just a dream.

I'm so used to ramen noodles that I actually like them now.
2005-09-08 10:53:35 AM  

Because it's easier for him to feel sorry for himself and to complain on fark.
2005-09-08 10:53:46 AM  
didnt like the headline at all.
but this comment was funny "HEADLINE IS A+++++++ WOULD DEFINITELY READ SUBMITTERS HEADLINE AGAIN" --- retarded
2005-09-08 10:55:09 AM  
gr8fultom - what's a matter with me is, everytime I see something in the news about some huge company with too much money is buying some other company with too much money, so they can both make even more money, when I can't even feed myself it KINDA PISSES ME OFF.
2005-09-08 10:56:50 AM  
Yes, but skype uses MY connection to help along other peoples data. I dont mind This is because the program came from the people that brought us kazaa. The people buying it are the people that brought us paypal.

If ebay buys skype I can be sure my connection will be used to make tribute to satan or something.
2005-09-08 10:57:29 AM  
escherIV you win the prize for pompus ass of the day, here's your sign....
2005-09-08 10:58:34 AM  
Now I'm to lazy to run over the #'s but is that co really worth 3Bn? And how does ebay expect to make money off of this. You can call people at a number setup for the auction or some such thing, like a callin bid that they have at big auction houses. Sounds to me like a big ol' 1990's over value BS.

/damn I wish I owned a stake in that co.
2005-09-08 11:03:25 AM  
haha, retarded
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