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(CNN) NewsFlash Buses from Superdome to Astrodome on hold because of small-arms fire at Chinook helcopters involved in the process (LGN, DIT, heard on CNN)   ( divider line
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2005-09-01 07:42:09 AM  
Wow. First the shooting in the dome, now this.
2005-09-01 07:42:12 AM  
What a bunch of asshats. I hope the people who fired on the helicopter slip off the roof of the building they were looting and get eaten by an alligator.

I love Fark because I can get news before it actually becomes news...
2005-09-01 07:42:39 AM  
Welcome to the Bush World Order!

If Clinton were President, that levee would have been reinforced before the hurricane even got to the Keys.
2005-09-01 07:42:49 AM  
about 30 cops in one precinct have quit in the last three days.
the fire in the garbage chutes is spreading.
2005-09-01 07:42:50 AM  
me85: the NO police who were pulled out of search and rescue to stop looters should just start assassinating them. a few more dead floating around wont make it worst and at least there will be no more nursing homes looted, hospital supply trucks hijacked and policemen shot. kill them all

Thats what they do down here - really. I do mean it. I wonder why they aren't doing it over there? Mabye things are just too farked up to be that co-ordinated.
2005-09-01 07:43:23 AM  
If there were untouched, locked stores filled with expensive merchandise in the middle of the villages hit by the tsunami, there would have been looting there, too. You don't loot when there's nothing TO loot.

/Where does Pat Robertson live? Maybe God sent this hurricane to punish him for calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez!
2005-09-01 07:43:33 AM  

Well I am sure that british citizens have it easier emigrating since we are part of the Commonwealth. Don't know about keeping the american citizenship if you stay for good.
2005-09-01 07:43:53 AM  
Joshua: the fire in the garbage chutes is spreading.

Oh shiat.
2005-09-01 07:44:09 AM  
NOFD still not on scene, police are starting to sound a little anxious, asking about response time.... can't be good
2005-09-01 07:44:10 AM  
Dem heliochopterthingies are the devil!
2005-09-01 07:44:12 AM  

Mind swinging by Melbourne?
2005-09-01 07:44:25 AM  
Whats funny is that you didnt hear about this when hurricanes hit florida, you wanna know why?

Yeah I am gonna say it, its black people in new orleans, most of the people affected in florida were white, I didnt see one white person looting during the coverage. Yeah I am sure it happens, but when its 99% to 1% there is a problem in your community since they see nothing wrong with it.

Yet another example of why people have no respect for black people anymore.
2005-09-01 07:44:27 AM  
Well, obviously the helicopters are taking fire. Some of you just don't understand. Those helicopters represent the oppression of the man. If it wasn't for the man, the people doing the firing would be happy, productive citizens. The man kept them down. Hurricane Katrina is the man's fault.

I say we wall off NO and let those people build their own society. A society free of the man. I am absolutely certain that, once the oppression of the man is removed, they will build a utopia where everyone is equal and privledged and happy. I'm certain that they wont just continue to act like farking animals. The only reason they're doing that now is because of the man. It's not because they actually are animals. Oh no. They are just misunderstood.

/wishing he was a store owner in NOLA.
//has more guns and is a better shot than any looter or ganster
///would actually enjoy killing these farks - not the one's getting food, the one's stealing jewelry and stuff and doing it because they feel entitled. They should die. They should be shot through the gut and left to bleed to death in the water. They *choose* not to participate in society and we'd all be better off without them.

god, I'm so angry.
2005-09-01 07:44:41 AM  

Like I said, at some point there is going to be a surrender or get shot policy put into place ... we may see some Iraq veterans in full body armor going in to clear the scum out.
2005-09-01 07:44:43 AM  
Holy geeze. Mp's and National guard.

Why cant supposedly civilized people handle this for a few days? We or at least somepeople criticized the Iraqi's behavior after Saddam's capture. We cant even being helped. The animals down there are attacking the people who are sent to help them.

Very unsettleing

Some one just said something about pulling the trigger on asomething. Scary
2005-09-01 07:44:54 AM  
Fire truck on the way

/hopes for the best
2005-09-01 07:45:04 AM  
I've said it before and I'll say it again: The stupid people are out-breeding the smart people. We're doomed.
2005-09-01 07:46:19 AM  
I am pretty curious how a city with a huge port and huge tourism revenue can be so poor.
2005-09-01 07:46:20 AM  
I need to stop posting. I keep nodding off mid sentence. My posts are making less and less sense.

This took me like 5 minutes to type.

/What are they pulling the trigger on?
2005-09-01 07:46:30 AM  
NEW ORLEANS: President Bush is not on any of the helicopters. He flew by looking out the window of Air Force One. You can stop shooting.
2005-09-01 07:46:39 AM  
stpickrell: Hilarious.

I will respect your opinion and your sarcasm due to the badge to the right of your name. Had you been a liter, I would have torn you to pieces with the deinonychus-like talons of Farkistan's native wit chicken.
2005-09-01 07:46:50 AM  
The right to bear arms wins again...

faethe - come on home to England. Just think of all those cute accents.
2005-09-01 07:46:59 AM  
stpickrell: Like I said, at some point there is going to be a surrender or get shot policy put into place ... we may see some Iraq veterans in full body armor going in to clear the scum out.

Dude - that DOES happen here. I am going to make broad sweeping generalization number 30, and say that *most* people who are vulnerable to these things are well armed. FFS I am. Its what you do. People go looitng - you shoot them. The cops do it - everybody does. There was little looting last year (which is turning out to be NOTHING compared to this mess). I do believe that may have been why.
2005-09-01 07:47:00 AM  
rostit: /What are they pulling the trigger on?

I just caught that. Scary.
2005-09-01 07:47:12 AM  
steamingpile, I guess White people just have that 'decent behavior' gene that Black people are lacking. I think faethe has referred to looting during FL hurricanes; given that NOLA is 80% Black and that the people still there are mostly the poor, it is no surprise that most of the people left are Black.

BTW, looting was common during the Battle of Britain.
2005-09-01 07:47:40 AM  
redmachined: If Clinton were President, that levee would have been reinforced before the hurricane even got to the Keys.
2005-09-01 07:47:41 AM  
NOFD is on it's way.
2005-09-01 07:48:00 AM  
eye Am:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The stupid people are out-breeding the smart people. We're doomed.

Its because the lawyers have modified our world into a Nerf World. Darwinism is effective in the natural world for a reason.
2005-09-01 07:48:05 AM  
Any thoughts?

Western Union are asshats. They should fall under anti-gouging laws for their fees, and the limited amount of cash you can send in one transaction doesn't even buy a tank of gas anymore.
2005-09-01 07:48:26 AM  

Sarchasm. Look it up.
2005-09-01 07:48:40 AM  
Can we please bomb the fark out of the surviving people NOT in the astrodome?

Clearly they're barbarians. DO IT FOR ROME!!!!
2005-09-01 07:48:50 AM  
could the shots have been fired by a survivor attempting to gain the attention of rescuers?
2005-09-01 07:48:51 AM  
SwiftFox: He flew by looking out the window of Air Force One.

Clinton would have been down there, surveying the damage first-hand, not flying by from the luxury of his million dollar goddamn 747.
2005-09-01 07:48:54 AM  
Shoot back. To kill.

As for the people who aren't breaking the law, I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to hear that there is a mandatory evactuation of the city, yet there isn't a widespread effort to get the people out. At this point, the people who are standing around on the streets need "rescued" just as much as the people stuck in attics. They need squads of armed NGs rounding everybody up whether they want to go or not. Round them up at some pickup point with access to a good road out, and then have buses come in and take them to some state park where they would have large tents, cots, and supplies.

Yet, it doesn't even look like they have made much of an effort to have helicopters drop off cases of water and MREs wherever they see large groups of people.

Part of the problems seems to be that they are expecting people to come to whatever distribution points, but many people have no idea where these are located, or are unable to get there if they do know.

On the other hand, if I had stayed behind, but was well enough to walk, I would have started walking west and by now I would have been in a town that at least has water and food.
2005-09-01 07:48:55 AM  
Yes, I'll swing by Melbourne.

/I'm officially calling it the get the Fark out of Florida Hurricane Caravan
//Maybe we can get a group rate at one of the Six Flags parks
///Hey, if we go to Canada, can I see the real Degrassi street?
////Mmmm. old-school Spike.. well, the pre-Emma version.
2005-09-01 07:49:30 AM  
BBRModitha: Can we please bomb the fark out of the surviving people NOT in the astrodome?

I suggest we fall back and nuke the site from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

/firetruck on the way, just requested 10 more mps, preparing to move ASAP
2005-09-01 07:49:48 AM  

2005-09-01 07:49:52 AM  
stpickrell: faethe has referred to looting during FL hurricanes

Oh sure - but not mass anarchy like this. Like I said man - we shoot them. No harm no foul. You see your nieghbors house getting broke into, the farkers are armed, you shoot. I have never done this, and I don't know anyone who has, but thats the rule. Niel Bortz said at some point' its my right as an american to take a shotgun and gaurd my rubble pile'. He was reffering to people that are forced to evacuate and are not let back to thier property (its a point of contention down here). You need the shotgun to shoot people, not birds. Its just the way things are.
2005-09-01 07:49:52 AM  
The Mississippi govenor just biatched out Miles O'Brien on CNN.
Good for him, the media needs to STFU and GBTW. O'Brien was asking him why weren't things better prepared. His response was it was a cat1 when it hit Florida, it only became a cat5 hours before it hit. O'Brien continued to ask him the same question. It got to the point where the govenor told him if he would let him finish and quit arguing with him.
2005-09-01 07:50:00 AM  
You got it all wrong. Clinton would've sent Janet Reno to surf in the opposite direction of the hurricane, thus dissipating it entirely before it hit the coast.
2005-09-01 07:50:02 AM  
Any chance some of us NON-Tfers could get the police scanner link?
2005-09-01 07:50:37 AM  

6:15 A.M. - (AP) Managers at the Covenant Home nursing center were prepared to cope with power outages and supply shortages following Hurricane Katrina. They weren't ready for looters. The nursing home lost its bus after the driver surrendered it to carjackers. Groups of people then drove by the center, shouting to residents, "Get out!"

On Wednesday, 80 residents, most of them in wheelchairs, were evacuated to other nursing homes in the state.

"We had excellent plans. We had enough food for 10 days," said Peggy Hoffman, the home's executive director. "Now we'll have to equip our department heads with guns and teach them how to shoot."

This is madness. Total anarchy.
2005-09-01 07:50:42 AM  
All hell is getting ready to be unleashed it sounds like.

I mean the thread went green huh.

I keep hearing bulldog to bulldog and eagle to eagle.

I think the time is neigh.

Hold onto your hats, I just heard be ready to go at a moments notice.
2005-09-01 07:50:46 AM  
Man those people MUST not have been in any way shape or form ready for this shiat. What a goddamn shame.
2005-09-01 07:50:47 AM  
You're right, Clinton would be down there. That's because Clinton is a media whore.

He would have been more concerned about getting his mug on TV to look compasionate than about all of the problems he was causing by being there.
2005-09-01 07:50:48 AM  
Pat Robertson lives here in Virginia Beach. He pray's away hurricanes for us every year with his magical powers and super wonder drinks
2005-09-01 07:50:51 AM  
who the hell would open fire at a chopper? Let alone one on a rescue mission.

The same kind of person that would steal TV's with no electricity, no place to store them and no way to get them out of the city. Idiots. I am sorry but some of those people deserve to die slowly and painfully.
2005-09-01 07:51:13 AM  
LOL @ Floppy-A's post. I wonder if Bush still has that huge, red, white & blue banner. He's gonna need it when he Accomplishes the Mission in a couple weeks or so.
2005-09-01 07:51:32 AM  
redmachined: hodgedogofthesouth:


2005-09-01 07:51:40 AM  
This must be the NOFD. Either that or Delta force was brought in. Has anyone seen Chuck Norris lately?
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