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2005-09-01 01:34:17 AM  
i smell hollywood movie, or at least lifetime saturday night special...

glad to hear they made it out okay...
2005-09-01 01:54:40 AM  
That's cool, but with that type of wind? Better take the sail down.

Unless somebody wants to go water skiing.
2005-09-01 02:30:10 AM  
Why, it was Capt'n Jack, of course.

Can't be a pirate every day.
2005-09-01 02:38:04 AM  
The survivors say they realized how close they came to death.

"I dont care if I live to be 2 years older or 102 years older, I ain't going though this s--- again," Audrey Brown said.

Next time, "I am getting out."

Now that's a quote.
2005-09-01 02:42:46 AM  
Finders keepers, looters weepers
2005-09-01 02:49:29 AM  
I saved a couple fishermen in my sailboat. Towed their tri-hull into Port Franks under sail.

/mystery sailer.
2005-09-01 02:50:24 AM  
sailor.. sheesh.
2005-09-01 02:54:19 AM  
"We're on the peak of the roof just praying," Audrey Brown said.

I love the way The Lord gets credit for saving people's asses in these situations, but never the blame for screwing them over in the first place.
2005-09-01 02:56:51 AM  
2005-09-01 02:49:29 AM sal-paradise

I saved a couple fishermen in my sailboat. Towed their tri-hull into Port Franks under sail.

Let me guess: their names were Manolin and Santiago?

/Hemingway, for those what don't get it.
2005-09-01 02:56:56 AM  
Maybe he is evil and they prayed for him to stop killing them.
2005-09-01 02:58:12 AM  
Just before dark, after about 6 hours, one mile and the rescues of three atop their roofs, the crew reached U.S. 90 and tied the boat to a stop sign.

I would've painted "Mary Celeste" on the back and set it adrift.
2005-09-01 02:59:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

-Wow. It's a schooner
-Ha ha ha ha. You dumb bastard. It's not a schooner... it's a sailboat.
-A schooner IS a sailboat stupid head.
-You know what. There is NO Easter Bunny. Over there, that's just a guy in a suit!
2005-09-01 03:14:31 AM  
dateline...Waveland? Seriously? Waveland? That sucks.
2005-09-01 03:15:40 AM  
When they came ashore they were asked by authorities who saved them.

They answered "Large Marge". The room fell silent.

Authorities then issued a statement saying that they had no idea who saved them.
2005-09-01 03:22:09 AM  
sailboat tied to a stop-sign, you say, eh .. that'd make a good picture.
2005-09-01 03:22:34 AM  
serutan: of course.. the Lord saved them because He just wanted to kill all the gays that were congregating down in the South. Right?

Seriously, that's a story that'll pass down through their families for generations to come. Glad they took the time to save some other people, too.
2005-09-01 03:27:48 AM  
Why is it that when I picture a SAILBOAT tied to a stop sign, I dont see that holding? I mean.. wind took down signs. How much does this sail boat weigh? Was it a dingy? Otherwise, I dont see a sign holding a sail boat unless it is VERY calm water.
2005-09-01 03:30:57 AM  
So.. anybody heard from djrezin8 .. or whatever his name is? Is he flooded out?
2005-09-01 03:38:49 AM  
Toxic cesspool anyone...

What's the estimated death toll now? >1000?
2005-09-01 03:45:51 AM  
<So.. anybody heard from djrezin8

said he is ok
2005-09-01 03:51:33 AM  
Who said? He said? Is that all!? He rides out a hurricane and you give me "said he is ok".. not much there..
2005-09-01 03:56:42 AM  
yes he said
2005-09-01 07:04:31 AM  
Why the hell did they stay in their homes. It was not like they did not have a day or 2 warning that a monster storm was comimg right at them.
Darwin is defeated again. Look how many of these people survived.
/feel bad about the whole thing, but hate that we now have to rescue morans.
2005-09-01 07:09:33 AM  
"We were using highline wires and trees to pull the boat," Larry Everett aid.

Good thing the power was out.
2005-09-01 08:17:11 AM  

[djrezin8] said he is ok

When was that. I saw him posting that he has slept through most of the hurricane and that he knew it wouldn't be as bad as everyone was saying, but that was before the levee broke. Have you heard from him since?
2005-09-01 09:02:05 AM  
It was a miracle sent by the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

It wasn't their boat, they commandeered it. So, to save themselves, they became pirates!

Touched by His noodly appendage!

2005-09-01 10:01:00 AM  
That's pretty damn cool. I saw Waveland on the news last night and it was not a good sight. Too many dead people. Mostly families with kids it seems, being found dead in their own living rooms and bedrooms.
2005-09-01 10:40:09 AM  
...20-foot-deep water that crept to within a few feet of their perch

Was it in a fish tank in the living room?
2005-09-01 07:21:29 PM  
fragbert</b: BullSHIATE!

If the Flying Spaghetti Monster sent a sailboat to rescue them, why THE FARK did he even cause the hurricane in the first place!
2005-09-01 11:19:54 PM  
Mr. Neutron, sir:

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism has long had an answer to why bad things happen to good people. That answer is:

"Well -- He /is/ a monster, you know."
2005-09-02 04:37:03 PM  
(I just checked back here today...)

Mr. Neutron

...why THE FARK did he even cause the hurricane in the first place!


Hurricanes bring more water, and more water = more possible pirates!

The number pirates on earth is inversely proportional to the average global temperature. (It's a fact!) FSM is trying to save the Earth from global warming!

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