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(Boston Herald)   Dumb: Shooting heroin. Dumber: Doing it in public. Dumbest: Getting caught by a photographer. Darwin's bonus round: Overdosing   ( divider line
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2005-08-26 04:47:13 PM  
What blows me away (as a former criminal lawyer who dealt with junkies on a regular basis) is how little these two looked like heroin addicts. The one without a hat doesn't look malnourished enough to have been on the smack for any period of time.
2005-08-26 04:48:00 PM  

Dead junkies aren't much fun
When you call them they don't come
Dead junkies aren't much fun
My junkie died last fall
That's him lying in the hall
Dead junkies aren't much fun
You can't make them beg for smack
You can try - it's no good
Dead junkies aren't much fun
They won't roll over, they won't play ball
They'll play dead, that's all
Dead junkies aren't much fun
When you pick them up they sag
When you walk them it's a drag
Dead junkies aren't much fun
Mummy isn't feeling well
I think she doesn't like the smell
Dead junkies aren't much fun
Not much fun


Could be better, but who cares.
2005-08-26 04:48:50 PM  
NOFX - Whoops I OD'd

Whoops I OD'd
Shortness of breath
Call ambulance
Tell my wife I...
Error in judge
Ment cut my life
No second chance
No guideing light
I never ment
To cause...
You pain
I never thought I'd be the one who took the fall
I got lost in the moment
Assholes like to test the limit

Six minutes down
Breathing Machine
Brain not feel right
The look on you
Is killing me
Drownin' in shame
But Don't feel bad
Cause I...
Never feared consequences
Hate regrets more than appologies

A year has passed
Like photographs
My life is just
A scrapbook of
Old friends and faded memories
Looks like I pulled the rug from under myself
The fall's to much for me to recover from
Its been real fun
But now I must say goodbye
I'll see you all at okie dogs...
See you all at okie dogs
2005-08-26 04:50:05 PM  
Johnny Ringo:
That seems to be the case where I am too, kinda. If not cheaper, at least more widely available than the "weaker" ones. I have a couple friends addicted to OC, and when their primary dealer got busted, they scrambled around to find other sources, but had to "settle" for scoring some black tar heroin, since OC has become so rare.

//helping your friends get off OC can be demoralizing and fruitless, to say the least.

/have tried smack (no needles) and OC, and found OC stronger, unexpectedly. Neither's my bag, however. Way too farked up for me. You kids stay off the stuff and stick to beer. Much more socially acceptably to ingest that particular intoxicant in public.
2005-08-26 04:51:50 PM  
Screw this crap. Meth makes club drugs from the 90's look like fun. I'm sick of hearing about drugs. Lets all get drunk.
2005-08-26 04:59:22 PM  
What is OC?
2005-08-26 05:01:57 PM  
That dude is a lightweight, he can't handle his heroin thats all.
2005-08-26 05:02:35 PM  

Only junkies who don't eat properly look malnourished. You can take heroin every day with no problem - if you like that sort of thing.

Personally I prefer intense psychedelics..
2005-08-26 05:06:57 PM  

I think the reason pot is harder to find than narder drugs is the weird stance the current government and DEA is having against POT, in the last month i have heard about more than 3 "huge" pot busts, but nothing about meth, heroin or any other drugs...

BTW, i can find pot easy ;)
2005-08-26 05:07:29 PM  
This is exactly why you demand cash up front.
2005-08-26 05:11:56 PM  
xXmakes me jones for a good roll....Xx

oh those were the halcyon daze....

2005-08-26 05:11:57 PM  
erm whats an OC.

I thought it was Oral Contraceptives, least it's abbreviated like that on allot of drugs that warn about them.

heroin is friggin scary. really, really scary. i've seen some people who were really smart just hop on. i think it's from availability, it's definitely not like weed.
2005-08-26 05:12:29 PM  
Real nice. Was the photographer also there when said drug-user keeled over and died as the caption indicates? Me thinks not....

Has anyone seen 'Dope Sick Love?' HBO Undercover series documentary that follows 2 cracked out couples over a period of 18 months. One guy mixes toilet water, yes toilet water, into his syringe with whatever he shoots up.
2005-08-26 05:13:52 PM  
OC = oxycontin
2005-08-26 05:14:15 PM  
What a powerful set of pictures. I hope he went as peacefully as it looks. I should go that quietly....

/massive heart attack waiting to happen.......
2005-08-26 05:15:39 PM  
should've waited. doh. Oxycontin.

i was on vicodin for a while, a long while. i wouldn't call it an adiction when i stopped taking it (multiple stage operations, CPM physical therapy demanded it, trust me that shiat hurt so bad if I didn't take it I would black out. did several times.)

when i stopped, i realized that my body had a habit, and my mind, of feeling good after breakfast, lunch or dinner, before bed.

For the first week I'd feel all whacked and nervous or something after dinner, too much energy... like I couldn't sit still, then I realized it was my mind expecting to feel good. it was a habit, but it sure as shiat wasn't an addiction.

/fearing the final operation
2005-08-26 05:18:32 PM  
Disregard the first portion of my comment--I wasn't aware this was a series. It's rather disturbing.
2005-08-26 05:22:09 PM  
Watching this man's addiction reach its logical conclusion has cured me of the desire to ever try heroin.

/I'll stick to snorting LSD.
2005-08-26 05:22:17 PM  
...and Darwin smacks one out of the park, bringing his average up to .333
2005-08-26 05:23:17 PM  
Wow... I drove by yesterday while they were putting him in the ambulance. I was wondering what was going on... now I know.
2005-08-26 05:24:44 PM  
bride_of_adam_cole- the evils of crack are overhyped and played out. heroin is far more addictive and wastes your body faster.

but personally, i like to combine them all. nothing puts that rush into your run like a fat rock. just don't OD, ya junkie!!
2005-08-26 05:24:50 PM  
That was eerie & sad.
2005-08-26 05:26:17 PM  
The other one, who later died, was worked on by paramedics, but died, and was found unconsciuos and later died, while park ranger investigated, he died later. Did that guy die?
2005-08-26 05:27:46 PM  
very sad. smack is the absolute worst.
2005-08-26 05:28:07 PM  
Man, when I was living in Vancouver I would see this shiat everyday. Needles in arms, people in alleys.
2005-08-26 05:28:08 PM  
JohnnyRingo: Weed is harder to find than meth.

I must agree. Weed is rare theses days, or rarer i should say. You can stil lfind some easily.

But everybody has pills, coke, meth, crack or smack. It's harder to find weed theses days!
2005-08-26 05:29:19 PM  
The egg will be on the face of the Herald when the news gets out that this was a staged photo session.

You'll be able to buy DVD at in about a week.

/got nothing
2005-08-26 05:29:53 PM  

i was on vicodin for a while, a long while. i wouldn't call it an adiction when i stopped taking it (multiple stage operations, CPM physical therapy demanded it, trust me that shiat hurt so bad if I didn't take it I would black out. did several times.)

When I had my ass surgery I got vicodin for the pain. I used the first five legitimately, then the remaining 15 for recreational reasons. A glass of wine, a pill, and wheeeeeeee.

Fortunately I do not have an addictive personality (or tendencies or whatever) so when I emptied the bottle I didn't miss it in the least.
2005-08-26 05:33:34 PM  
who cares if it was photographed..
the cops don't want no junkie in lockup.....
2005-08-26 05:36:56 PM  
Read the captions on the 9 pics in the slideshow! I got the idea that the one guy died.....
2005-08-26 05:41:52 PM  
It's disturbing that farkers don't care about human life. Yeah he was a junkie, yeah he OD'd, yeah if I had to choose I'd rather he die than someone who's not a junkie, but he's still a person. You guys have some problems.
2005-08-26 05:41:55 PM  
I was thinking the same thing, but I also noticed that in one pic there is a resuscitation mask on the ground. I would bet that they tried to bag him with that, noticed that they were putting more air into his belly than his lungs, and then tubed him.
2005-08-26 05:43:05 PM  

Yeah, looks like his belly gets pretty swollen there.
2005-08-26 05:47:42 PM  
It's a good thing that vicodin only affects people with an 'addictive personality'. It's not like it's an opium-based narcotic or anything.

Opium addictive?'s all in your head, man...
2005-08-26 05:49:17 PM  
nothing puts that rush into your run like a fat rock

It's funny, but I get the impression a lot of Farkers have hit the pipe on occasion, and I don't mean the bong you've had since 4th grade either.

/just sayin'
2005-08-26 05:50:21 PM  
Don't know about anyone else but the link
takes you to a flash opening page where the search function doesn't work.

\It's 10 o'clock in morning here
\\stone cold sober
2005-08-26 05:50:33 PM  
It's disturbing that some farkers don't care about humor. Yeah he was a human being, yeah his death was meaningful to someone, yeah if I had to choose I'd rather him die this way than being set on fire by a pack of paint-huffing 13-year-olds, but he's still a junkie. They're teh funny. You guys have some problems.
2005-08-26 05:50:49 PM  
Another great victory in the glorious War On Drugs!

2005-08-26 05:56:43 PM  
What a fool Jimmy...might be a hangover.
Got it. Goto, documentaries, search from there.
2005-08-26 05:59:20 PM  
h20incfs, CAPSLOCK

The EMTs used the ambu bag initially before they placed the ET tube. However, Mr.DOA looks like he had short neck syndrome, AKA Neanderthal Man. It's REALLY hard to tube people like that, unless you got their shoulders elevated.

BTW, I agree with you about ET placement. Also, I bet they couldn't get a line in him. Look at picture 5. You can see the hub of the 18 gauge in his AC. I doubt they ever got a line in him. Ergo, no Narcan, unless it went IM.

Oh yeah, the EMS looks like he doing some REAL VIGOROUS CPR... ;-)

/goin to work in 20 minutes to see this stuff for real
2005-08-26 06:08:09 PM  
[insert legalize-all-drugs rant here]

/too tired to flame those trashing us heroin users today
//tired from being messed up on the crap my doc gave me
///should just go back to heroin instead
////slashy slash slash
2005-08-26 06:22:13 PM  
I live in the Tenderloin in San Francisco.

One of the worst things I've ever seen happened one sunny morning: I saw a guy sitting across the street on the curb and he was sraping something along the sidewalk--back and forth, like he was sharpening it.

I put on my glasses and saw that it was a needle. He was scraping the needle along the sidewalk I guess because it was dulled. After scraping it for a while, he was satisfied with the outcome of his efforts and promptly rolled up his raggedy pants and inserted the needle into the inside of his thigh.

Imagine the depths to which a person has sunk to even consider this.
2005-08-26 06:24:56 PM  
"I'm sick of hearing about drugs. Lets all get drunk."

alcohol isn't a drug?
2005-08-26 06:30:52 PM  
but he's still a junkie. They're teh funny.

This thread is about as clever and funny as the Wal*Mart one. Did the average age on Fark drop to twelve in the last 24 hours?
2005-08-26 06:35:41 PM  

So..... horrible death==humor? You also apparently get a kick out of that pen and pencil game where you replace certain words in a sentence with others.
2005-08-26 06:36:37 PM  
This is farking scary. How messed up do you think these guys are to be doing Horse in broad daylight? And I agree, this is more sad than anything. It's like watching someone commit suicide.
2005-08-26 06:39:22 PM  
Swamp gas belches into the trees,
Dopers drop stone dead in the streets.
Nature has its own ways, huh,
Of giving itself an enema.
2005-08-26 06:51:44 PM  
Anyone other then me find the whole thing kinda creepy?
2005-08-26 06:56:08 PM  

You mean that you just watched an emotionally broken man accidentally kill himself and then read comments from a bunch of people who thought it was hilarious and think that you just have no sense of humor? Yeah, kinda creepy.
2005-08-26 07:07:47 PM  
died from an overdose with the EMT's on the scene... and he was still alive at the time? shiat i bet the emt's killed him by refusing to give him Narcan.

"God damn junkie, lets give him what he deserves!"
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