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(Local6)   "Nintendogs," new digital dogs, allow users to feed, pet and walk pixelated puppies. Your dog wants you to get out of your mom's basement and a life   ( divider line
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2005-08-19 04:19:05 PM  
That game was anounced months ago.
2005-08-19 06:20:28 PM  
Walk out of my mom's life? That's pretty harsh, submitter.
2005-08-19 06:40:55 PM  
I played this at the NintedoWorld store today. Pretty neat. With this, the doctor game, the lawyer game, A Boy and His Blob and new SMB, I think I might pick up one of those DS thingamabobs.
2005-08-19 07:24:01 PM  
Can you imagine what Nintendo and Playstation will do with that 3D TV technology from that earlier TF article? It will be incredible.
2005-08-19 07:28:47 PM  
KazamaSmokers, I'll finally get to live my life-long dream of toungue-kissing Princess Zelda.
2005-08-19 09:13:10 PM  
I got an early-release copy of this. It's called "tamagotchi" and is available at your local dollar store and/or landfill.
2005-08-19 09:16:33 PM  
1t'5 teh UNHOLY!

2005-08-19 09:17:33 PM  
fix the headline!

me fail english? that's unpossible!
2005-08-19 09:17:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-19 09:18:24 PM  
Ah, but can I enter up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, start and get extra dogs?
2005-08-19 09:19:44 PM  
I partially retract, awkward sentence notwithstanding.

2005-08-19 09:20:40 PM  
Me come don't understanding headline he that wrote it why say it did that way he?

Idiot seems so me to be, know you?
2005-08-19 09:21:48 PM  
foot inserted into keyboard.
2005-08-19 09:22:48 PM  
Everyone and their dog knows already about this.

Let's talk about the Nintendo Revolution's mystery controller.
2005-08-19 09:22:50 PM  
This canine-themed Tamagotchi revival is a Good News/Bad News situation for Mario:

Bad News: Now has to clean up after a bunch of puppies.

Good News: Beats the hell out of cleaning up after Donkey Kong.
2005-08-19 09:24:31 PM  
Well, if this game takes off here in the US like it did in Japan, it'll return some credibility to the DS's long-term survival against the PSP. It actually does look impressive enough to warrant buying a copy.

Oddly enough, there are plans to port Tomagotchi to the DS itself. As to how well it compares to Nintendogs remains to be seen.

Now if only Nintendo could hurry up and port Pokemon Stadium to this thing already...
2005-08-19 09:25:27 PM  
Who's going to write the interface so I can shoot the neighbor's dog with a rail gun?
2005-08-19 09:29:12 PM  

What lawyer game were you referring to?
2005-08-19 09:36:03 PM  
Submitter: Headlines don't get better then that.
2005-08-19 09:36:11 PM  
My tamagochi came in a white egg. With a blue outline around the screen. I think it amused me for a couple days in my youth.

I'm not sure what it is that people see in a game where you can pretend to interact with dogs, but hey, I played Seaman for weeks. So what do I know.
2005-08-19 09:38:52 PM  

He's referring to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for Nintendo DS, the first in the popular court room battle series from Japan to be released in the US. While the series previous three entries appeared on the Game Boy Advance system in Japan, this marks its debut on the Nintendo DS. Not everyone is innocent until proven guilty! Players star as a defense attorney, who must prove his seemingly guilty clients innocence no matter how dire the circumstances may seem. The game presents twisting storylines and intriguing gameplay in a comical anime style. Players must collect evidence, weed through inconsistent testimonies, and overcome corrupt agendas to ensure that justice prevails.

Not sure if it'll be any good or not... but it sounds like a new take on the whole dating sim genre... minus the dating.
2005-08-19 09:40:32 PM  
Executive Monkey


What lawyer game were you referring to?

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-19 09:42:15 PM  
Now if the little yappy Nintendogs came with a 'punt' button, we'd be set.

"What? It's 3 AM! I turned you off!"
"That food was supposed to last you a week!"
"That's it." (presses button)
"POOMP YIPYIPyipyipyi..."
2005-08-19 09:44:57 PM  
I had this thing assault me when I was walking into a GameStop at the mall. I'm waiting for the Korean version.

This is the only game I'm looking foreward to in my soon to be antiquated XBox.

Jaws: Unleashed!!!oneoneeleven111!!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-19 09:46:31 PM  
I'm way more stoked for Trauma Center: Under the Knife and Advance Wars: Dual Strike than Nintendogs. Of course, all of the games I really want don't come out until next year. Generation of Chaos PSP, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Hellgate: London, and most notably, Front Mission Online.

Ah, well.
2005-08-19 09:47:50 PM  
Oh, Lord. Jaws? The Xbox will put out JAWS?! Do they have ANY IDEA what kind of a history the NES version has? That's like putting out an E.T. remake! Or Total Recall!
2005-08-19 09:49:31 PM  
Yeah but you're the shark in this one, you can eat and destory stuff. Looks kind of cool, actually.
2005-08-19 09:55:39 PM  
Thanks for the info on Phoenix Wright!

About this remake of "A Boy and His Blob"...will it only have updated graphics, or will it have new levels?

PS. The XBox Jaws game looks really cool.
2005-08-19 09:57:05 PM  
Now if the little yappy Nintendogs came with a 'punt' button, we'd be set.

I think it should come with an 'Old Yeller shotgun blast' button. Come to think of it, real dogs should have that feature.

/hates dogs
//noisy, smelly, needy workbags
///minority opinion
2005-08-19 09:58:20 PM  

There's gonna be a Front Mission playable online? Definitely good news, but is it still going to use the tactics system like it has been up to now? Hopefully they won't turn it into a card battling game like Metal Gear Acid on the PSP.
2005-08-19 09:59:38 PM  
I was mildly interested in the Nintendo DS for a while, until I realized I never play games when I'm traveling--and that's the only time I'd use the thing. Also, the screen is too small and that stupid stylus would be the first thing to get lost.

Besides, I can't afford to drop 150 bucks on a game system right now.
2005-08-19 10:00:24 PM  
anyone remember back about 8 years when this was called Dogz and released for the pc? they also had Catz and they both had the advantage of letting the critters run around while you did your work but it got old pretty fast. maybe it's a good time waster while you wait for the subway or something.
2005-08-19 10:00:47 PM  
They need an expansion pack where you play one of those little yapping, trembling mutant dogs that Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera and Clay Aiken carries around. Only in a twist to the South Park idea, you kill your captors instead of yourself.
2005-08-19 10:03:08 PM  
darkdread: Ah, but can I enter up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, start and get extra dogs?

Did someone call me?
2005-08-19 10:07:42 PM  

It's actually out in Japan, it's an action oriented MMO for the PC/PS2. You need a HDD to play the PS2 version, and I doubt they'll ship it with it in the US if they release the PS2 version at all. It's unfortunately not a tactics title, but I still want to see it here very badly.

They didn't have it playable at E3, it was just a short video.
2005-08-19 10:08:28 PM  
To Nintendo

Remember Dogz on PC about 10 years ago? We Do.

/sucked then, it will suck now
//I hate you all for giving me the slashies
2005-08-19 10:09:20 PM  
These were advertised massively in Japan back in April/May but I'd forgotten about it since then as I don't know anyone who owns one (12 year old girls are an underrepresented demographic among my Japanese friends). I'd always thought that this would only be a Japan thing, - a lot of people's living space here is too small to permit owning a dog no matter how kawaii it is.

When I saw it my first thought was "What a bunch of stupid crap, this could never work in the US" :)
2005-08-19 10:11:43 PM  
I would like to point out this:

Click Click
2005-08-19 10:12:50 PM  
Of course, the *big* DS title I'm waiting on is Katamari Damacy. Once there's a definitve release date for this one, I'll preorder it from Lik-Sang. May do the same for New Super Mario Bros.
2005-08-19 10:14:56 PM  
Well now, I just found the import of FMO for $23 shipped. Looks like I'm not waiting until 2006.
2005-08-19 10:16:37 PM  
I played the demo at my local EB.

You can jack off the dogs, though they don't climax

Everything else

Its not even a game, there's no objective. It's more like a glorified tech demo.
2005-08-19 10:21:25 PM  

You may need to have a modded system to play it. Unfortunately, I don't know very much on this, and have only researched PS2 imports briefly back when We Love Katamari was first released. (Would love to know if there is a way to get imported PS2 titles to work wthout modding the system, though.)
2005-08-19 10:24:57 PM  

I review games, I've got a debug (plays games from all regions, says TEST instead of PS2 on the top). So I'm all set.
2005-08-19 10:32:40 PM  

Look into HDloader. Some games flat out won't work with it but its region free if you load games via network connection or direct.
2005-08-19 10:33:48 PM  
HDLoader is cool, a couple of my staff members use that and WINHIIP because Debug units are flat out expensive. Unfortunately, you can't play titles online from the hard drive.
2005-08-19 10:36:43 PM  
Thanks for the HDLoader tips. I had been looking at it, but wasn't sure if the thing could rip import discs using the PS2's own optical drive.
2005-08-19 10:46:54 PM  
I'm big on portable gaming, since I commute a lot. That being said, I don't care how fun nintendogs is, it uses the mic so you issue voice commands...

...meaning to play it on the bus you have to spend your trip talking to your DS, saying the dogs' name and telling it over and over to sit. It amazes me that they actualy managed a way to make something more annoying than a cellphone.

Worse yet, imagine the kids on the bus playing it who don't give a fark what everyone else on the bus thinks.

If I had it, I'd probably name the dog "massacre" or "slaughterhous", just to mess up everyone on the bus...
2005-08-19 10:52:10 PM  
jwrebholz $130 now.

/why, oh why did they delay the new Zelda game till the middle of next year?
2005-08-19 11:00:26 PM  
Probably going to get it, myself. 'Bout time for the DS to get some decent software (yay for Meteos and Kirby, as well).

Glad to hear that people are talking about Phoenix Wright, though. That game's been on my list since I first heard about many moons ago. Between that, Trauma Center, and the above games, the DS is finally starting to come around.
2005-08-19 11:02:17 PM  
what? and get a DUI?

shiat I am on probation man, you come pick me up...
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