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(ABC News)   Samuel Adams brewery introduces $100-per-bottle beer. In other news, Drew rumored to be raising TotalFark fees to pay for new habit   ( divider line
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17371 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Aug 2005 at 3:02 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-08-19 03:22:44 PM  
preskolprostitute - perhaps you should see a urologist.
2005-08-19 03:22:59 PM  
Pocket Ninja:
That said, Sam Adams is what I consider the "cheap stuff." It (and Saranac) are the absolute "bottom of the barrel" as far as what I'll buy to stock my fridge.

Finally, a soul mate. For a while, I thought I was the only one left who identifies and relishes the subtle variations and nuances of Schlitz Malt Liquor.
2005-08-19 03:23:15 PM  
1. Introduced? It's been out for a good while. You've just never heard of it because they don't sell it at your local Kwik-E-Mart.

2. Michael Jackson (The English beer expert, not the pedophile) recently said this was the best beer in the world.

3. You can't afford it, so it realy doesn't matter that you're too stupid to realize that this is nothing like the Sam Adams you find at the bar.
2005-08-19 03:23:16 PM  
I knew this really annoying guy in college who used to pride himself on always listening to obsure bands no one had ever heard of. He never stopped talking about how great they were...that is, until they became popular and more widely listened to, at which point he quickly denounced them as sucking.

That's what people who biatch about Sam Adams remind me.
2005-08-19 03:23:36 PM  
Abe Vigoda's Ghost: $100 buys you a nice bottle of single malt scotch. 10 30-packs of Budweiser

/Whatever gets the job done
2005-08-19 03:23:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-19 03:24:00 PM  

Monica Belluci's naked ass

Now this thread is getting good.
2005-08-19 03:24:49 PM  
Nothing Sam Adam's makes is worth even a $1 a bottle.
2005-08-19 03:25:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-19 03:26:21 PM  
I understand the whole high gravity yeast and stuff but I thought in the mid 20's was as high as you are going to get without distillation. How did they get to 50%?
2005-08-19 03:28:12 PM  
Not 50%, 50 proof. So you're right, 25% is about as good as they're gonna do. And that's only with Irish yeast that have one hell of a tolerance.
2005-08-19 03:28:15 PM  
oh I'm a dumbass read proof as %.
2005-08-19 03:28:38 PM  
Barney: "100 bucks? This better be the best beer got lucky."

/too lazy to GIS
2005-08-19 03:30:38 PM  
What pisses me off is that almost every place I go to have a Sam Adams (yes I like it) they list it as an import and price it the same as a Heineken or Pilsner Urquell. Hello? Imported all the way from Boston? The bartender looks at me with drool dripping from his mouth and a deer in the headlights look whenever I call them on that. That's why I buy it by the keg for $119.
2005-08-19 03:30:42 PM  
submitter: Samuel Adams brewery introduces $100-per-bottle beer.

Another reason why people should homebrew.
2005-08-19 03:31:00 PM  
Headline writer and author are stupid. Utopias has been out for years. Welcome to 1999, losers.

/hates amatuer drinkers
//go to
2005-08-19 03:31:46 PM  
Another amusing tag for an old story?? Sam Adams has done this for years now.
2005-08-19 03:33:06 PM  
heh, irish yeast. Think Sam Koch(sp), actually drinks that shiat or just rolls around on a bed of money with a few hot 20 something girls licking cherry wheat of their tits while laughing at how big of fools the american consumer is.

/what I would do.
/expensive = better
2005-08-19 03:33:07 PM  

Dogfish Head already sells 12 oz. bottles of their 120 minute IPA for about $30. That's a far cry from $100, but still pretty damn pricey. I'll buy single malt scotch if I'm going to spend that much. However, I am willing to spend good money on their 90 minute IPA. tallmonkey the fact that you were able to put down five is somewhat incomprehensible to me.

120 Minute IPA is $10 for a 12oz bottle. Always has been, alway will be.
2005-08-19 03:33:46 PM  
I tried Triple Bock once. I will never try another novelty beer again.
2005-08-19 03:33:54 PM  
Sam Adams Boston Lager sucks. Its bitter and has a bad aftertaste. I'm not confident that anything they make can be good.
2005-08-19 03:34:35 PM  
I have 4 bottles of 10 year old Triple Bock still unopened and a 2004 bottle of Chimay Grand reserve that I'm going to share with my 16 month old son when he turns 21.
2005-08-19 03:35:03 PM  
I was going to come in here and say we sold Utopia at the liquor store I worked at when in college like 5 years ago but it looks like that has been covered

img.fark.netView Full Size
2005-08-19 03:35:36 PM  
Anybody else lucky enough to live near Quebec? Some of the stuff they brew there is amazing - it's North America's Belgium.
2005-08-19 03:35:45 PM  
2005-08-19 03:35:58 PM  
Despite Sam Adams being a psuedo-micro brew (though sometimes the best you can buy in less-enlightened establishments), I would try the Utopia if I could afford to spend that type of money. A more affordable high octane brew is Sierra Nevada's Big Foot Ale. 8.9% (17.8 proof) of barleywine style goodness. But be careful, too many of these bad boys could cause you to wake up next to a block body.
2005-08-19 03:36:12 PM  
Aventinus will still be my beer of choice
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-19 03:36:28 PM  
Never had Sam Adams, but I've heard so many people say stay away from it. Sorry folks a Ben for a bottle is way too much!

I'll stick with Corona and Heineken. :)
2005-08-19 03:37:11 PM  
zez, shiat you better store that beer well. Or you are going to end up with a very disapointed son. Infact I'd say drink it now if it ain't piss already. shiat ain't wine, and most wines don't even store that well for 20+.
2005-08-19 03:37:15 PM  
Word shank...word. If I wanted something that tasted like brandy, I'd drink brandy.
2005-08-19 03:37:33 PM  
Carn: In honor of this thread, I'm going to leave early from work, buy a case of cheap beer (Bud or Yeungling- I'll decide at the moment) and drink as many of them while playing WoW as I can before passing out.

Sounds delicious! I love Yuengling. Actually got into an argument with a bartender not too long ago about it. I walk in and ask if any beers are on special. "Yep, all domestic drafts, $2.50." So I ordered a Yuengling. Delicious. 4 beers later, I'm cashing out, and the bill comes to $15. (!!)

"What happened to $2.50 domestic drafts?"

"Oh, you ordered Yuengling. Domestic means Bud & Coors Light."

"No, sir, domestic means it's not imported from outside this country. Yuengling is brewed in Pennsylvania, and didn't cost any more than that keg of Bud that came up from Newark."

"Well, they're $3.75. Yuengling's a premium beer, like Killians." (Now I know he's on crack. "Irish Beer" from Colorado, I guess.)

"You've got to be FARKING kidding me. I would've just orderded Bud if that was the special."

He shrugged. "Nothing I can do, man." Amazing.

I put a $20 down, he handed back five singles. He expected a tip after hosing me? I'm a very generous tipper. Had he even been the slightest bit apologetic, I might still have been. But he was condescending and rude. I took my $5 with me and bought another beer from somebody else's bar. And tipped her instead. Heh.
2005-08-19 03:38:48 PM  
zez, shiat you better store that beer well. Or you are going to end up with a very disapointed son. Infact I'd say drink it now if it ain't piss already. shiat ain't wine, and most wines don't even store that well for 20+.

Chimay ages quite nicely if you control the conditions well. Most highly hopped and high alcohol beer ages well, many better than wine.

Welcome to the new world of beer. We're not drinking Corona anymore.
2005-08-19 03:40:33 PM  
Are you talking about Unibroue?

/too lazy to html
2005-08-19 03:41:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Take a drink
And you'll sink
In a state of pure inebriation
You'll be tanked
Like the whole Irish nation!

When you drink enough of my beer
You will find this magic rule
Make your every joke a jewel
You'll drive drunker than Oskana Maiul!

Go on buds
Drink my suds
Till you've reached that pure inebriation
Though the beer may be free
You're just lending it from me
2005-08-19 03:41:48 PM  
statsman et al.

I was in Rehoboth this summer and drank 2 90 minute IPA and then shifted down to 60 min IPA so my kids wouldn't see me drunk.

2005-08-19 03:42:27 PM  
Chimay is my beer of choice if i want to REALLY enjoy my drink.

But for my dollar, I think the Red is a bit better than the Grand Reserve
2005-08-19 03:43:13 PM  
Boomhauer, I hear that. Up north, crap like Rickards (brewed by Molson) I've seen listed as "Domestic, Premium" when really it's just Molson Canadian with red dye (or tastes like it anyway). Even listing Sleemans as "Domestic, Premium" is pushing the boundaries of what's "premium" and what isn't.
2005-08-19 03:43:51 PM  
acrodizer, yeah keep telling yourself that. let me know in 20 on

/ain't nothing wrong with corona & lime on a hot summer day
2005-08-19 03:44:49 PM  
Pfft. For $50 or less you can get a bottle of Spiritus Polish Rectified Spirit, 96% alochol, and intended to be sipped.

Truly a different drink; it actually evaporates in your mouth, you don't so much drink it as breath it.
2005-08-19 03:45:06 PM  
Boomhauer: "Yep, all domestic drafts, $2.50." So I ordered a Yuengling. Delicious. 4 beers later, I'm cashing out, and the bill comes to $15. (!!)

"What happened to $2.50 domestic drafts?"

"Oh, you ordered Yuengling. Domestic means Bud & Coors Light."

Ive seen this happen more then once.
Is it possible to class-action sue for false advertising?
Or just get a gang together and trash the bar,
whichever's easier.
2005-08-19 03:45:31 PM  
I enjoyed it. Not something I'd do often but for those of you out there that want to try every beer in the world before you die, it's not one to pass up. The taste is quite a ride. Warm nose and then it goes to a brandy-like flavor and finishes with a beer taste. It's not carbonated. The bottle is pretty slick; they number which one yours was on the bottom.
2005-08-19 03:45:55 PM  
sam adam's is the worst beer I have ever had the misfortune to drink. All of them are teh sux. Domestic is Yuengling only, fark bud and that coors piss water
2005-08-19 03:47:02 PM  
120 Minute IPA is $10 for a 12oz bottle. Always has been, alway will be.

I must be thinking of something else. I hope it always will be $10. In 2050 it won't cost much for me to get loaded!
2005-08-19 03:47:39 PM  
you could have left the proper ammount; 2.50 per beer and left. What are they gonna call the cops on you over a bar tab that you paid? just don't go back to that joint.

/two fitty is high for bud, should be like 1 fitty.
2005-08-19 03:47:43 PM  
Only dumbasses would pay $100 for a beer. Considering that dumbasses buy Samuel Adams, I bet they'll have some great sales with this.
2005-08-19 03:47:59 PM  

Unibroue, McAuslan, Dieu du Ciel, Boreale, etc, etc.

2005-08-19 03:48:44 PM  
I just moved to Philly last month. Anyone know places with good beer selections? So far, I've only hit up Monk's.

I wish someone would have told me about this states insane liquor purchasing/importing laws BEFORE I agreed to live here for the next few years.

/ninja yeast.
//"hhiiiii-yaaaa!" ... *fizz* "Whoa."
2005-08-19 03:51:32 PM  
Actually one of the better barley wines is Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot. Clocking in at 9% it's somewhat light...but tasty.

Dogfish head is pretty good stuff. Their 90 minute IPA is very very hoppy, and really only intended for hop heads.

If your looking for a good IPA (APA) I recommend Three Floyd's Alpha King Pale Ale or if you really want a strong IPA try their Double IPA Dreadnaught IPA

Victory's Hop Wallop, or Hop Devil isn't bad either. But I wouldn't consider them true IPA's...I still think their best brew is Golden Monkey though.

The problem with high alcohol beers (10% and up) is they start to get Dogfish Heads Immort Ale. I still think the best beer they put out is Raison D'Etre...sort of reminds me of Guinness Extra Stout.
2005-08-19 03:52:01 PM  
NuttierThanEver: Oh and BTW the only way I am paying $100 for a beer is if it's served to me on the back of Monica Belluci's naked ass.

I googled Monica (yes I DO live under a rock apparently). And let me be the first to yowsa! I'd gladly pay 100 smackers for damn near anything served on her naked ass!
2005-08-19 03:52:49 PM  
preskolprostitute: $100! That's chump change. I piss big screen TV's.

That's gotta hurt...
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