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(The Sun)   Blockbuster crashes hard into red ink, surfaces, points shaky finger of blame squarely at conveyor belt of suck leading out of Hollywood   ( divider line
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24305 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Aug 2005 at 3:01 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-08-09 09:23:16 PM  
Has anyone else run into the thing where my rental copy has a scroll down at the bottom that reminds me "This is a rented not copy"?
That pissed me off well enough to stop renting.
2005-08-09 09:26:31 PM  
...that & Netflicks.
2005-08-09 09:30:17 PM  
heh. I hate Blockbuster, always have.
2005-08-09 09:36:37 PM  
I tried but it was, IMO, an incomplete product compared to Netflix. Cancelled after a month.
2005-08-09 09:44:52 PM  
2005-08-09 10:05:29 PM  
Great headline!
2005-08-09 10:24:10 PM  
Try editing movies, charging $3.99 for rentals after driving most Mom & Pop video stores out of business, charging people for the full purchase price of movies and calling it the end of late fees...and maybe "conveyor belt of suck".
2005-08-09 10:24:42 PM  
Wouldn't a conveyor belt of suck move backwards?
2005-08-09 10:28:01 PM  
Props for the headline submitter.

Just... wow. Good job.

How long did it take to cook that up?
2005-08-09 10:44:22 PM  
Blockbuster made its own bed. I remember in the 80s when Blockbuster was new, and it would dazzle you with its selection. It had everything. Remember when it had categories like "Elvis" and "Cult Classics?"

Then I remember sometime about 1998 going to the Blockbuster to find a documentary on the pyramids (a mood at the time). I walked around and around the store looking for the documentaries; finally I asked a clerk where they were. He said "Oh we got rid of documentaries except for extreme wrestling and Jerry Springer Uncut."

It's been a long time since I've been back.
2005-08-09 10:51:54 PM  
Excellent headline.
2005-08-09 10:52:23 PM  
"Blockbuster also said piracy, the growth of online rivals
and cut-price supermarket DVDs left many punters preferring
to buy movies."

Piracy MY ASS! Apparently these execs have not
actually rented movies from one of their stores lately.
Netflix has their number, period. A few tips for

1) Stop lying to your clients, thinking they are the stupid, unwashed masses. We can read and know your no late fees is a load of crap on a moldy tortilla and so is your monthly rental card.

2) Your "Game Zone" is a lousy load of shiat. Gamestop does
what you are feebly attempting to do about 20Xs better.
Nobody has any use for a $20 used copy of "Azurik" for

3) Your no late fees policy in semi-rural areas means zero
selection. Stop it.

4) Lower your prices. $5.50 per 1 night (stop calling it a 2
day is one farking night - see item #1)
is not a
bargain. Buy 2 for $20 is a good deal, but really, how
many copies of "Anaconda II: Curse of the black
or "Time Cop" do
your clientele really need in their collection?

4) You are correct. Fewer people are renting movies because
the newest releases (over the past 8 months) have sucked
more shiat than a honey-dipper vehicle at burning man.
Start renting porn. Your execs may be a bunch of
morman fundies, but we'll see how much you give a crap about
your morals when you are searching for food scraps in a trash
can wearing your perky little tie.

Stop getting your damage assessment reports from Lars Ulrich
and own up to the fact that you are comparitively antiquated,
inefficient, and offer poorer service for the money.

I am going back to my netflix queue now.
2005-08-09 11:13:53 PM  
Funny, I thought the conveyor belt of suck was on fire today or something.

/I dunno
//Back to work, back to work...
2005-08-10 12:25:10 AM  
This is Gawd's punishment for not carrying anamorphic DVDs.
2005-08-10 01:36:28 AM  
ChewbaccaJones: "Fewer people are renting movies because the newest releases (over the past 8 months) have sucked more shiat than a honey-dipper vehicle at burning man."


I wouldn't download those movies for free.
2005-08-10 02:09:48 AM  
I'm another strong supporter of Netflix, and I'm glad to see Blockbuster in trouble and pointing the blame everywhere but at their own policies.
2005-08-10 03:05:00 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

/also featured on the conveyer belt of suck.
2005-08-10 03:09:17 AM  
2005-08-10 03:12:05 AM  
"/also featured on the conveyer belt of suck."
I dunno, I think blinged out golf carts are pretty cool myself. That one has a sort of MG vibe goin....
/Pisson rentals.
2005-08-10 03:13:18 AM  
"conveyor belt of suck"

i'm gonna have to tuck that away for future use. i will probably use it to describe all the words that come out of the mouth of someone stupid that i know.

thank you, submitter!
2005-08-10 03:14:35 AM  
And Netflix it is...
2005-08-10 03:14:40 AM  
The article said Batman Begins didn't make money...shwa?
2005-08-10 03:14:50 AM  
Honey-dippers...I saw a shiat-sucker (what WE call 'em) with the motto painted on the side: "Your waste is our bread and butter!"
2005-08-10 03:16:28 AM  
All that golf cart needs is a margarita machine.
2005-08-10 03:18:11 AM  
He said the downturn had been faster than anyone expected

[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-10 03:18:13 AM  
Just got off of a closing shift at Blockbuster, so I'll think I'll throw my two cents in.

Firstly, let me say that I hate Blockbuster. I only rent there because I get them for free. Our selection is pretty bad. And our prices are god awful.

But actually, the no late fees thing is pretty cool. On a 2 day, you now have 9 days, and on a week, you have two weeks. Which should be more than enough time. Unless you either suck at life and need two weeks to watch a two hour movie, or want to watch it a billion times, in which case you should just buy it. Obviously no one here understands the policy however, which isn't surprising as I have to explain it a thousand times a day. If you keep it past the extra week, you get charged for the cost of the movie minus the rental fee. You then have 30 DAYS to bring it back and only be charged $1.25, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than late fees were. If you can't get off your ass to return a movie that you rented over a month ago, do you really have room to complain?

Secondly, if you think blockbluster has poor selection, guess who's fault that is? You, the consumer. By renting crap, you are encouraging Hollywood to continue excreting it. Excellent movies waste away in our "favorites" section while idiot after idiot comes in and rents Alexander, Constantine, and Guess Who.

Blockbusters policies do suck, but the customers are some of the dumbest redneck idiots I have ever met.
2005-08-10 03:18:34 AM  
This thread should be nothing but Pot-Kettle images.
2005-08-10 03:20:46 AM  
The rental industry is doomed to demise any day now what with new anti-piracy technology rendering the discs unplayable on standard devices. They're even trying to require an activation code that keys on your player that prevents the movie from playing on any other device but the one it's activated on. Once that kind of technology reaches the public, kiss the rental industry goodbye. Just the way Hollywood intended.
2005-08-10 03:23:02 AM  
I work for the Movie Gallery here in the big AK. MG recently purchased Hollywood video to make themselves the second largest chain in America behind Blockbuster. Here is why we are better .....

1) Absolutely everything is 5 nights (even brand new just came out today releases)

2) The cost is $3.79 (less than $1 a night)

3) We have a porn section

4) If the movie is late, we just check it back out to you for another 5 nights. No worrying about building up a $2 charge every night for a week.

5) Our previewed movies are sometimes a bit higher priced, but we sell them buy 2, get 2 for free (compared to their buy 2 get one).

6) We actually have customer service. Everyone is greeted when they walk in, greeted once on the floor, and when they leave. This isn't just my store either, it is company policy.

7) Every 12 rentals, you get one free. No "Rewards" program that you have to pay for to get into.

That's all I have for now. So there.
2005-08-10 03:23:57 AM  
I hate farking Blockbuster. I always go to Hollywood. This end of late fee BS is reprehensible..

And Batman Begins did not make money? According to
Domestic: $199,332,540 56.1%
Overseas: $156,191,000 43.9%

= Worldwide: $355,523,540
And it hasn't come out on DVD yet. Last time I checked, 350 mill was a lot of money..
2005-08-10 03:24:16 AM  

please show me the proof
2005-08-10 03:24:28 AM  
Blockbuster can go to hell, I don't care. 20 copies of all three Matrix movies, 15 of Van Wilder, and I have to dig through the disorganized mess that is the aisle of "normal" movies just so I can maybe find their one, ancient copy of Taxi Driver on VHS.
2005-08-10 03:28:36 AM  
1. Spend billions of dollars over 2 decades building thousands of brick and mortar stores which purport to "rent" video's to people, but actually operate more like a loansharking business wherebye 80% of revenue is created by late fees.

2. ?????

3. Profit

4. Become obsolete due to Netflix and emerging internet technology.

5. End late fees in a panicked attempt to respond to competition.

6. Lose buckets of money.

8. ?????
2005-08-10 03:29:36 AM  
I just started Netflix a month ago and I don't think I'll ever go back to a rental store; until a store can stock 45,000+ DVD's and deliver them to me that is..
2005-08-10 03:30:46 AM  

thats farking funny
2005-08-10 03:31:39 AM  
Many recent big budget flicks like Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow starring Jude Law, Russell Crowes Cinderella Man and Batman Begins failed to pack box offices.

Umm... Batman Begins is just about to hit the $200 Mill mark, and was condsidered a critical hit as well and was doing $150 Mill oversees... total $355,523,540.

Would someone explain to me how this is a bust? The movie only cost $150 to make.

Better yet, explain to me how Batman Begins and Ciderella Man hurt blockbuster because they aren't even on DVD yet.

Nope. What kicked them in the nuts was Netflix. I didn't think it would work...but they have a better way of selling DVDs... AND they are going to get better...

Blockbusters ran the mom and pops out... And they refused to rent real movies. AND the over charged....
2005-08-10 03:31:47 AM  
Very nice headline, lol.
2005-08-10 03:32:45 AM  
honestly i tried netflix didnt like it took like 3 days to get my movies i like hollywood 9.99 a month. three out at a time. 90 movies to copy i mean watch a month
2005-08-10 03:33:47 AM  
Awesome headline.
2005-08-10 03:35:01 AM  
I just got an xbox, so I picked up a blockbuster gamepass becuase I have some free time. Out of ten games, one worked, because they were so scratched. I know this says more about people than it does blockbuster, but the gamepass is essentially useless, and I'm canceling it tomorrow.

And because of their new psuedo-no-late-fees BS, the store NEVER has any movies in.

But they are correct, hollywood suckage is ever increasing. I can't even think of a recent movie that I want to rent...
2005-08-10 03:37:09 AM  

6) We actually have customer service. Everyone is greeted when they walk in, greeted once on the floor, and when they leave. This isn't just my store either, it is company policy.

Dude, leave me alone....
2005-08-10 03:37:54 AM  
Family Video is better than Blockbuster or Hollywood Vido(formerly Video watch around my area)

Best customer service in a video store, ever. At least where "I" live.
2005-08-10 03:38:57 AM  
"conveyor belt of suck"

Sounds like a Photoshop theme to me., with more talent then me...
2005-08-10 03:43:21 AM  
yeah, well, ever since fark, who watches movies anyhow?
2005-08-10 03:44:21 AM  
phiberxatrix: Proof of what? The technology? Or Hollywood's intentions to stop rental firms from profiting from their product?
2005-08-10 03:45:33 AM  
I had the Movie Pass for $15 a month and 1 movie out at a time. Since the store is less than 10 minutes from my house, it was a great deal and I could rent 3 movies a day at the most. However, they decided to jack up the prices to $20. I cancelled just as soon as I got that letter. Thanks a bunch geniuses. Just when they had a good deal they mess it up.
2005-08-10 03:51:28 AM  
When is something like this going to happen to WalMart?

Giant company steps up and ruins good-natured competition, is rebutted by genuine entrepreneurs, and retires in solemn defeat. I want to read that headline more often.

Is that so much to ask?! I hate WalMart, and I hate fat people (except Kyle Gass), so I don't shop at WalMart for both reasons. The only time I ever go to WalMart is to get ahold of a friend who works there (poor bastard.. he's been there since he was 16, he's 24 now, and he makes a king's sum of $9.75 an hour)
2005-08-10 03:53:33 AM  
i just went to blockbuster to rent the first season of carnivale. shoulda probably copied them since i spent like $4.50 on each dvd. if hollywood would have had Carnivale I never would have gone to blockbuster. bleh.
2005-08-10 03:53:44 AM  
Great headline. I thought suck would've just moved by its own... suction.

proteus_b: yeah, well, ever since fark, who watches movies anyhow?

Very true. Like this recent study suggests, movie and TV studios aren't losing to piracy, but to alternative media. People are finding different means to entertain themselves in their free time.

Of course, masturbation will always rule the (cough) cock's roost. :)
2005-08-10 03:56:09 AM  
How Blockbuster drove out the small store competition in the 80s and 90s to be where it is today: perched on the edge of the failure cliff. I have no sympathy for BBV.

[70] The economics of the new video market.

In recent years, the video market has actually been moving in the direction of allowing movie companies to get a percentage of the revenues directly from video rentals. The problem with running a successful video store is to have enough of the hit movies immediately, when they are in demand. Blockbuster Video has arranged for this by negotiating with the movie companies to allow for the making and stocking of lots of new release videos at a relatively cheap cost per video, in exchange for granting the movie companies a percentage of the rental revenues. The resulting market looks very similar to what would exist if the movie companies had an exclusive rental right that survived the first saleexcept that the video stores probably get a better deal, because of the leverage of the first sale doctrine. The arrangement also has the effect of giving Blockbuster a tremendous advantage over video stores that are not in a position to make similar deals with the movie companies. Blockbuster can guarantee that major new releases will be available immediately, while stores without profit-sharing arrangements cant afford to buy too many new releases, because of the high cost of the inventory and the relatively short shelflife of most movies today.

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