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(MSNBC)   Jessica Simpson says her boobies are real and she's no longer ashamed of them. Also, there's a pic   ( divider line
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107128 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Aug 2005 at 1:55 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-08-09 04:34:16 AM  
She may be dumber than a bag of rocks which just fell out of a tree, but damn, that chick is hot.
2005-08-09 04:58:06 AM  
I saw one of those True Hollywood Story things on her on E! awhile back. It was hilarious because her and her parents were all primed to have her be the next 'big' christian singer. But once she hit puberty no one would book her. Her boobs were just way too big. They tried to cover them up and it still didn't work. So she went into becoming a pop star.

Now the Christian's are still after her saying 'stop showing off your boobs!!' lol. If they'd let her perform in vests or professional suits, she wouldn't be doing these videos now and making millions of dollars.
2005-08-09 05:29:29 AM  
Am I the only one that saw the Crypt Keeper thing she had going on in that pic?
2005-08-09 07:09:27 AM  
Her father, Joe, didn't seem ashamed when he commented about her big-Ds, and I'm not talking about Dallas.
2005-08-09 07:28:36 AM  
I'm glad she's into her 14th minute. I find her, and her entire family, absolutely revolting in every possible way.
2005-08-09 09:07:20 AM  
I read somewhere that she has an IQ of 160, and that she's just playing a dumb blonde because it makes her a lot of money.

But then I realized that no one with an IQ of 160 could stand to pretend to be that dumb for so long.
2005-08-09 10:21:19 AM  
Fenis-Wolf stole my thunder. Either smile or don't, bumpkin.

Her how-long-can-I-hold-in-this-turd look is about as sexy as, well, me.
2005-08-09 10:56:26 AM  
She's going to be around for a while.
2005-08-09 11:37:40 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-09 12:26:32 PM  
Bless her pea pickin' heart

I'm not ashamed of your boobies either Jess darlin'

C'mere and let me prove it to ya.
2005-08-09 12:44:08 PM  
Painfully stupid.
Achingly hot.

Can't.think.with both same.time....

2005-08-09 01:58:12 PM  
I'd fark her dim-witted ass all over the place, and for sure put my weenie between her 'accessories'...
2005-08-09 01:59:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-09 02:00:02 PM  
octaene: I'd fark her dim-witted ass all over the place
2005-08-09 02:00:21 PM  
Too bad her face isn't.
2005-08-09 02:00:48 PM  
2005-08-09 02:01:24 PM  
2005-08-09 02:01:25 PM  
Joe sez.... "we believe what's on the inside is more important than what's on the outside".

I agree, Joe. Everything inside your daughter's outfit is MUCH more important than that crappy outside stuff.

/would hit it
//would hit Ashlee just because
///maybe the mom, too.
2005-08-09 02:02:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Her new ass, however, is the product of a lot of squats in the gym.
You won't see it that round again unless there's a Dukes sequel.
2005-08-09 02:03:19 PM  
Is Ashlee Simpson dead? And am I a bad person to hope that she is?
2005-08-09 02:03:35 PM  
Those are real?

/doubts it
//ashlee doesn't lip-synch, either
2005-08-09 02:04:10 PM  
To each his (or her) own, but for my money she has got to be the least interesting big-breasted hot chick ever.

The Simpsons should have spent some of their plastic surgery budget on rhinoplasty for her and her no-talent, ass-clown of a sister.
2005-08-09 02:04:16 PM  
2005-08-09 02:04:24 PM  
Dear lord. Look at the grapefruits on that thing!

/wait a minute..
2005-08-09 02:04:31 PM  
I'd hit her headless corpse repeatedly and send O.J. photos of me doing it.

/wait, what?
2005-08-09 02:04:38 PM  
I have to confess, her ass-chin always bothered me.
/just sayin
2005-08-09 02:04:48 PM  
Those are real?

Does it matter?

/hates everything about her family
//would still love to bury my face in em
2005-08-09 02:04:56 PM  
Am I the only one who thinks she's butt-ugly?

I think her sister's far more attractive, and I don't think much of Ashlee either.
2005-08-09 02:05:10 PM  
I like her videos ... I watch them with the volume off.

2005-08-09 02:05:40 PM  

/Will admit that those ta-ta's are nice though
2005-08-09 02:06:14 PM  
whatever. Countdown to adolescent America's media driven infatuation with the next porn star in denial begins in 10, 9, 8....
2005-08-09 02:06:31 PM  
As long as there is a mute button, there will always be a place for her.
2005-08-09 02:07:01 PM  
....for her and her no-talent, ass-clown of a sister.

And you think Jessica has talent, other than getting her then boyfriend Nick Lachey to pull some strings and get her a record deal?
2005-08-09 02:07:50 PM  
Not sure I believe the story. The before and after pictures are on the following two sites:
2005-08-09 02:08:06 PM  
I think she's pretty, but that's a horrible pic in the article.
2005-08-09 02:08:07 PM  
Ok fine, maybe her tits are real; what concerns me is her plastic vagina, for Christ's sake.
2005-08-09 02:08:12 PM  


Wow, you are right. Never made it that far before.
2005-08-09 02:08:13 PM  
Just me...or has she completely displaced Faith Hill as the world's new Barbie doll?

Non-threatening, blonde, epic proportions and the sex appeal of an actual Barbie doll. Man those things are hot.
2005-08-09 02:08:52 PM  
That music video of "Those boots are made for walkin'"?

Pure boredom.

She looks hot, but it's sucha boooooring song...

And Willie Nelson! What's HE doing there? He sings like a WORD here and there.

Anyway, she looks nice, in that fake blond way.
2005-08-09 02:09:07 PM  
They're the only things she has going for her.

2005-08-09 02:09:14 PM  
Yes, they are real and they're fabulous!

/Seinfieldian humor.
2005-08-09 02:09:29 PM  
Dallas Tron-chick. These girls make excellent love trons. Treat yourself this December 25, 2025 and purchase two. Menage a tron anyone?
2005-08-09 02:09:33 PM  
Who exactly is this useless biatch?
2005-08-09 02:10:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd do the motorboat in them!

/(mostly because I'm a cocksman)
2005-08-09 02:10:20 PM  
she's got a great body I admit that but her face to me is not that attractive.
2005-08-09 02:10:58 PM  

And you think Jessica has talent, other than getting her then boyfriend Nick Lachey to pull some strings and get her a record deal?

Not at all. But at least she is famous for something other than being someone's sister. So my hatred doesn't burn quite as hot for Jessica as for Ashlee.
2005-08-09 02:10:58 PM  
Any doubts I had about her stupidity were thrown out as soon as I saw that pic in the article. That look is 100% pure slutty-minister's-daughter stupid. You can't fake a look like that.

I volunteer to squeeze-verify the naturalness of her boobs as a public service.

smackem yackem

mmm... I likes me some womens who do squats.
2005-08-09 02:11:31 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

/felt like using up some bandwidth
//hey, my first slash to...
2005-08-09 02:11:35 PM  
For the record, the only Simpson with an IQ over 160 is Lisa.

Jessica is an awful singer, if it weren't for her real "accessories", her 15 minutes would already be over.
2005-08-09 02:11:47 PM  
Who cares if they're real....she still a butterface.
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