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13761 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Aug 2005 at 5:01 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-08-06 09:34:28 AM  

I was just reading their blog entry about this.
Nice menu!
2005-08-06 09:45:42 AM  
Ku_No_Ichi: Nice menu!

I should say so! Very cool.
2005-08-06 10:06:53 AM  
I slice, dice, and make julian fries! Act now and you can get me for 3 easy payments of 19.95! But wait, act now and you get my bread making attachment!
2005-08-06 10:58:10 AM  
I was at a dinner with a bunch of comp. sci majors and grad students a few months ago, one of whom had just gotten back from a recruiting conference with Google and was telling everyone about it. I don't remember the specifics well enough to recount them here, but I can tell you this is just the tip of the iceberg. Google ain't your normal company.
2005-08-06 11:56:42 AM  
What is this, Slashdot?

/doesn't care about every little thing Google does
2005-08-06 05:04:14 PM  
See, Google is a cool company that people wouldn't mind taking over everything. Unlike EA, who everybody pretty much hates.
2005-08-06 05:05:54 PM  
Man, I wish I worked at Google.
2005-08-06 05:07:51 PM  
feh. they are still around thats all. everyone was doing that around here. I used to work for @home. excite killed us. DAMN YOU EXCITE!!!!
2005-08-06 05:09:52 PM  

Hello Children !

[image from too old to be available]

2005-08-06 05:10:04 PM  
They should just search Swedish Chef Google!

/Bork, bork, bork
2005-08-06 05:12:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-06 05:16:13 PM  
So if Google search can't find something, Google hits the streets? Cool! I'm gonna start looking for all kinds of obscure people on GS, and see whose doors get knocked on!
2005-08-06 05:17:17 PM  

I did community service with one of their chef's. I guess he got a DUI or whatnot. Cool guy.

He started there pre public release. His paper worth was over a million bucks after they went public. Or so he says.

We both knew some of the same folks that work there. We each pledged to keep our DUI's hush hush. But why not squeel on him on Fark :)

2005-08-06 05:17:36 PM  
I want that job. I'd be perfect for it.

Freezer full of Pizzas... Check.
Fridge full of Mt. Dew... Check.
Chinese Take out on speed dial... Check.
Caffinated mints... Check

Cooking for real geeks is easy. Just make sure its ready faster than a 10meg DL of porn off of a T1 line and that they can eat it with one had free for typing.
2005-08-06 05:22:04 PM  
I would love to work there. They hire more phds per capita than any other company. They have awesome benifits, and the products are cool. 4 years until I have my phd, hopefully they are still around and hiring when I'm ready.
2005-08-06 05:25:35 PM  
Yeah, I wouldn't mind working 12+hr days as long as I got some free food.

Or not.
2005-08-06 05:25:49 PM  
Did anybody else find the part about the security guy hilarious for some reason

Reminds me of that "Wanted: somebody to go back in time with me".
2005-08-06 05:33:12 PM  
Saw their meal service on CNN a few weeks back. Amazing. They make real food, made to order...and they'll make your home recipes if they like them. AND you are encouraged to bring friends and family...too cool.
2005-08-06 05:34:35 PM  
i can make mac n cheese with the best of 'em. call me, google.
2005-08-06 05:35:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2005-08-06 05:39:12 PM  
AND you are encouraged to bring friends and family...too cool.

.... not more than once or twice a month. IIRC, only 2 guests allowed per month.

/I wonder how long "Google is teh kewl" will last
2005-08-06 05:40:27 PM  
I know where they can get some killer recipes. There's got to be at least six different ways to ninja-up some ramen here.
2005-08-06 05:42:35 PM  

I'm lucky enough that my brother does. :)

The food they serve there is absolutely amazingly good.. so you have to be high calibur.
2005-08-06 05:50:23 PM  
multiples of multi-hundred thousand dollar/year chefs...hrrrrmmmmm

Dind't they try this during the dot-com bubble? How many belly up companies and how many lost billions in investments?

Kinda makes the Rigas/Adelphia Golf Course a little easier to understand.

What kind of arrogance does it take to spend investor's money on lavish perks?

Real geeks grow their own food..I doubt it was the engineers that asked for this....

In jail, they call ramen noodles and hot dogs - crack-head's actually pretty good.

/works 12 hour days for a large bankrupt ISP with a golf course
//Not much longer
///packs left over's
////grows own food too...the corn is 8 feet tall
2005-08-06 05:55:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-06 05:55:51 PM Just make sure its ready faster than a 10meg DL of porn off of a T1 line and that they can eat it with one had free for typing.

Yes... "typing"...
2005-08-06 05:57:26 PM  

Everyone likes to eat. I've worked for some companies that provided no food whatsoever (aside from a ripoff vending machine) and those who do 3 freshly prepared meals a day, if you want, and a variety of inbetweens.

Guess which companies were more enjoyable, relaxed, had far less turnover and were generally much more on top of their game in the competence department?

It wasnt the company that charged $1.50 for stale cheetohs.

Good food is a *huge* perk. A hungry employee is one who's mind isnt on his work.
2005-08-06 06:20:25 PM  
The food at Google is amazing. It's hard to control yourself when you're in their cafeteria. There's so much food, all of it delicious. I've been known to pile on the desserts, too. I've got this theory about dessert that was spawned from the Google cafeteria: A cookie satisfies necessity, but not sufficiency for a quality dessert.

/has been working at Google for 2 months
//has gained 10 pounds
///is extremely satisfied with corpulence
2005-08-06 06:25:46 PM  
DirtyNacho...'s all about ***control***

I eat great every day...cause I can grow my own food...

At work, I'm treated like an I stick around.

Don't need to be bribed, just want to be treated with respect.
2005-08-06 06:27:20 PM  
I'd sign up for this in a second except for two factors: one, I have no credentials as a cook, and two, it sounds like a lot of work is involved. If they can overlook the former and cut me some slack on the latter, I'm their guy.
2005-08-06 06:40:05 PM  
Having an on-site gym would be sweet. And the menu looks pretty healthy too:

Pollo en Huerto
Free range chicken with garden vegetables: organic zucchini, onions, fresh corn off the cob, tomatoes, green, red and yellow bell peppers, carrots, jalapeos, cilantro, garlic and oregano.

Why is there so much organic stuff though? These are farkin nerds, not hippies. However, menus can be misleading sometimes. UCLA makes their dorm food look and sound pretty good but really it's all just cheap bland shiat.
2005-08-06 06:58:09 PM  

It's been shown that geeks tend to not respond as well to pay raises as they do to more ephemeral rewards. You can generally pay a geek less, make him feel more appreciated, and get a greater quality and frequency of work out of her.

It's not about being treated like a child. It's about realizing that some personalities are more responsive to ego boosting through kind words and shows of appreciation than through getting the money to buy the exact same things for themselves. Google does what works for the sort of staff that works for them. If they had an office in Boulder, I'd be wooing them into getting me a job too. But that's because it's clear that they cater to my sort of personality.

You're driven differently than a lot of geeks and find great value in self-sufficiency. That's cool too.

2005-08-06 07:01:20 PM  
Then again, since Google chooses to do business in one of the most expensiv eplaces in the world to live, hey, the average employee prolly can't afford to feed themselves.

//I know all situations are different.
///At 45, I tend to look at things with a greater degree fiscal conservatism now.

///YIKES!!!! A 45 year old GEEK!
2005-08-06 07:21:38 PM  
free food, plus thirty dollars a day 'FALA', plus time and a half for all OIF//OEF Sub-Contractors....

KBR is the root of all evil.
2005-08-06 07:29:12 PM  
2005-08-06 07:44:43 PM  
"SAS" is another company that provides amazing benefits; virtually nobody quits. They have been featured on 60 minutes a few times.

I have a friend who is a full-time personal chef for a very wealthy couple. They pay his health insurance, set up a retirement account, and he has a room in each of their three houses. He says it is actually pretty hard work because they have a lot of parties, although they do hire extra help for those events.

2005-08-06 07:51:18 PM  
madcat033: "Why is there so much organic stuff though? These are farkin nerds, not hippies."

Sorry, but most Vegans and people concerned about organic food are nerds, not hippies or red blooded Americans.
2005-08-06 07:58:30 PM  
I'm sure that job pays very well, but I think they're exaggerating a bit when they call it "haute cuisine" . . . you can't produce true haute cuisine--not consistantly, at least--if you serve "umpteen meals a day"
2005-08-06 08:01:40 PM  
i just got a kick ass food processor for my birthday and i can now make a mean hummus. i feel that i am up for this job. where do i send my resume?
2005-08-06 08:02:23 PM  
Iron Chef : Google
2005-08-06 08:14:23 PM  
My last job came with the perks of no time alloted to eat most days, nowhere to get a quick meal that did not require a 10 minute car drive to get to, 2 fridges that usually had some bizzare rotted substance oozing out of them, and a vending machine full of over priced past the expiration date crud that made gas station sandwiches look gourmet.
They also treated everyone like crap and had alot of turnover.
Mind you this was a "high end" lifestyle company.

I would take a substanial pay cut to work somewhere that treated you like a human being and gave their employees perks that directly helped them be productive and happy.
2005-08-06 08:18:14 PM  
I have a great recepie for Cream Of Sum Yung Guy
2005-08-06 08:55:12 PM  
I have a great recepie for Cream Of Sum Yung Guy

i used to have that recepie, but then i got to be old. :(

instead here is my recipie for hummus, stolen straight from

Serve hummus with pita chips or fresh pita breads cut into wedges, or with crudits. Tahini can be found in Middle Eastern markets as well as the international foods aisles of many supermarkets.

Makes about 2 cups, serving 8 to 10
1 can (15 ounces) canned chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1 medium clovegarlic,minced or pressed through a garlic press
3/4 teaspoontable salt
pinchcayenne pepper
3 tablespoonslemon juice, from 1 large lemon
1/4 cuptahini
1/4 cupvirgin olive oil
1/4 cupwater

Process all of the ingredients in a food processor until smooth, about 40 seconds. Transfer the hummus to a serving bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and chill until the flavors meld, at least 30 minutes; serve cold. (The hummus can be refrigerated for up to 2 days.)

/burp, just ate... alot of hummus. so.. good... burp... so... gassy...
2005-08-06 09:28:45 PM  
Attention Google-seeking chefs: Put down the ladle, belly up to a computer, bring up a browser, type in the address bar, hit enter. voila!
2005-08-06 09:39:12 PM  
Abox - very funny.
2005-08-06 09:56:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
First GIS result. I think we have a winner.
2005-08-06 10:33:35 PM  
I've managed to get several buns in the oven. Does that help me qualify?
2005-08-06 10:55:06 PM  
Where do I have to move to? Can I get time off guaranteed to visit my daughter?
2005-08-07 12:02:51 AM  
How long till we see Why don't they just buy and move them over? It seems like a slice of pizza they're obviously missing.
2005-08-07 01:09:30 AM  
I'm in the middle of making an independent, really really low budget film (we're looking at $2500 total budget here). We've been lucky enough to find kind people willing to donate the use of a camera, DV tape, props, locations, and their time.

But the thing that the core crew put most of their time into? Finding great restaurants that might be able to donate a dozen meals or so for a day's cast and crew. Everybody involved is in it for the fun and experience of making the movie (and it's a great project), but I can't tell you how much it helps to have an amazing meal brought to you for free. Everybody's spirits instantly lift.

Daps to you, Google.
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