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(CTV)   Last Canadian soldier to win Victoria Cross dies. Alva "Smoky" Smith was a soldier's soldier who killed Germans and liked "a big goddamn party"   ( divider line
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2005-08-04 03:19:43 PM  
This America v. Canada nonsense is making me sick. I can't speak for Canadians, but to my American countrymen here...lighten the fark up. We are lucky to have such neighbors to the north, and we would all do well to not be such condescending pricks to them. It doesn't cost extra to be civil, you know.
2005-08-04 03:23:11 PM  
JC Superstar, that's not what I said, basically or otherwise. Read it again. I was quite clear.
2005-08-04 03:29:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-04 03:30:07 PM  
Bill Coffin, amen! I have been known to talk bad in a purely joking way about Canadians, but I've had to stop that because some people take it seriously! For example, I used to say something like, "Thieves, murdered, drug peddlers and Canadians". This was in the same spirit as, "Violent people like Charles Manson and Mother Theresa"-- purely a joke, with the Canadians chosen because they bear no resemblance to the rest of the people in the expression. Anyway, the short of it is, no more of that. Some people think it's serious, and actually agree! It's a shame... tards on both "sides" create an issue that doesn't have to exist.
2005-08-04 03:38:14 PM  
To Smokey
2005-08-04 03:38:47 PM  
Guy Named Ed

... and they'd get Brad Pitt, Jude Law or some other equally large waste of space to portray him.

Come on, be kinder to Brad Pitt. After all, he does have three spectacular roles under his belt: Tyler Durden, Fight Club; Mickey (The Piker), Snatch; Floyd, True Romance.

Out of those three great roles, Floyd may be the best one.

//not sarcasm
2005-08-04 03:48:04 PM  
chaoscube thus saeith:

"Come on, be kinder to Brad Pitt. After all, he does have three spectacular roles under his belt:"

He's also got Angelina under his belt as well...
(cue slurp noises...)
2005-08-04 03:53:33 PM  
junge altman: and in canada?
1 in 553

If you knew anything about the Canadian way of thinking, you would know that Canadians are for the most part a mellow group of people. We don't believe in fighting unless we have to. IF we had to defend ourselves, whoever was attacking us, would have a hell of a fight on thier hands. You would see most Canadians wanting to help out in some way, and most people who could fight, would. Even the hippies.

We kind of like procrastinating too.
2005-08-04 04:01:59 PM  
junge altman:

just another salvo about who is shirking and who isn't among so called western democracies

in 2002 1 in 204 americans were active duty in the u.s. military.
in france it was 1 in 212
in u.k. it was 1 in 264
in germany 1 in 270
in australia 1 in 393
in new zealand 1 in 420
and in canada?
1 in 553

And what's your military service record?
2005-08-04 04:12:28 PM  
To those moaning about Canadas lack of involvement in Iraq look at what they did in Afghanistan:

The current record for longest range sniper kill is 2,430 m (7,972 ft), accomplished by a Canadian sniper in 2002, during the invasion of Afghanistan. This meant that the round had a flight time of four seconds, and a drop of 146 feet. The previous record was held by US Marine Carlos Hathcock, achieved during the Vietnam War, at a distance of 2,250 m.

"The first (round) blew a bag from the hand of their target, an al-Qaida fighter walking on a road... the next round hit exactly where they wanted it to."
2005-08-04 04:13:25 PM  
junge altman

and in canada?
1 in 553

Canadians have a history of serving when called, not making a career out of the military. And the Canadians who do make the military a career have earned themselves the reputation of being one of the most effecient and well trained armies in the world.
2005-08-04 04:33:19 PM  
What a guy !! Way to go, Canada. I have been reading WWII
stories for many years and this is the first I heard of this extraordinary man. We of the generation born of the WWII vets thank you.
God Bless American and God Save the Queen.
2005-08-04 04:37:59 PM  
There is currently a waiting list to join the Canadian Military

/Can't join
//Medical reasons, tried.
2005-08-04 04:45:42 PM  
Canada has a military?

/I keed, I keed!
2005-08-04 04:48:41 PM  
okay so here is what we have learned

some/most individual canadians... decent hardworking folks who in some wars had gallant fighters.

canadian federal govt in the last 30 years... shirkers of their fair share of the defense load, taking a "americans are cowboys anyway let them do it" attitude.

/maybe the u.s. should do to canada what canada did to newfoundland(buffalo a separate country into union by virtue of their larger economic and political power)
2005-08-04 04:53:38 PM  
Coke Can

On top of that in America the military is seen as a steady job a means to get a college education for people that don't have the funds otherwise. In Canada universities are subsidized and getting studen loans is fairly easy(though it's still not a cushy way to go). Take a look at the demographic of the US military and it tells a story. It's not full of brave middle class Americans as some may think. It's full of poverty line minorities that are looking for a better life.
2005-08-04 04:55:49 PM  
If you mean democratically offer a crown colony that was under the direct political control of Britian due to an earlier economic collapse the opportunity to join the Conferedation of Canada then you'd be talking about what Canada did to Newfoundland.

/loves you Newfies
2005-08-04 04:58:21 PM  
"killing people, even nazis, does not make one a [HERO]

carry on..."

Right. Having AIDS makes one a [HERO].

carry on . . .
2005-08-04 04:58:59 PM  
junge altman

I have no desire to join the US. I love all the places I've been to down there (San Jose being my fav) and I have many American friends that I converse with on a regular basis. However, as farked up as our country is I am proud to live here and proud of what we as a nation have contributed to the world. I like the fact that we are neighbours, but distinct neighbours and I see no reason to change it.
2005-08-04 05:00:18 PM  
"What is true, however, is that the issue of union between Newfoundland and Canada divided communities and families, and after two bitter referenda, the people opted by a slight margin to join Canada because they believed that it offered their best chance of prosperity in the postwar world."
from​ide/deba tes/newfoundland_union.html

/so what is good for those in Gander is good for the whole nais se pais?
2005-08-04 05:00:46 PM  
junge altman: /maybe the u.s. should do to canada what canada did to newfoundland(buffalo a separate country into union by virtue of their larger economic and political power)

Try and see what happens. Want the White House burned to the ground again?
2005-08-04 05:20:50 PM  
What next, altman posting pictures of "Jerry Boyle" to show the discontent Newfoundland has with Canada. Canadian separtism is dead, but Altman probably watches Fox News (pops)

/hopefully works,
//fark tags.
2005-08-04 05:22:45 PM  
If yoou can mark een X, you'ra my kinda a people!
2005-08-04 05:24:14 PM  
I'm Canadian and I respect Americans, or anyone for that matter just so long as they show the same level of respect.

We did go to Iraq. As well as Afghanistan. We have\had snipers in both countries supporting the US troops. It was a BS war, which was defintely not for the alleged reasons, but we still backed you guys up, just not so much in the grunt grinder department.

On a pertitent note this guy, just like others from the west and east is a true hero.

2005-08-04 05:28:57 PM  
2005-08-04 05:22:45 PM Demon of the Fall [TotalFark]

If yoou can mark een X, you'ra my kinda a people!

Wow, that was quick.
2005-08-04 05:31:26 PM  
who is jerry boyle?

seperatism dead?..didn't quebec vote 49.5% for independence just like five years ago?

i watch CNN mostly, but i do a lot of reading of historical

canadian snipers in iraq? how many? what your source of info, do they wear canadian uniforms or are they canadians who have joined the u.s. army?
2005-08-04 05:36:54 PM  
Rio_Yeti go read up on this guy:

Otto here was a genuine badass nazi, who was very well respected.
2005-08-04 05:37:49 PM  
Hey junge

2005-08-04 05:40:46 PM  
junge altman
10 years ago, and the young people of Quebec are all very Pro-Canada, except the right wing nut jobs. Hell the right wing nutjobs all around the country want to seperate.

/The young female quebecers are farking demons
//and the accent is sexy to boot
2005-08-04 05:51:00 PM  
finn_maccumhail The guy may have fought on the wrong side but the farker had balls, and he had some of the Allies testifying on his behalf at his war crimes trial.
2005-08-04 06:00:24 PM  

This thread is for Smokey Smith. Normally, I enjoy the flames on the forums. For ONCE, grow up, both Canada and US-bashers. We are two sovereign nations. We have separate foreign policies. We have separate governance systems. We differ in a lot of ways.

HOWEVER. We have far more similarities, and where it matters. We share common values. We share common beginnings, common heritages. We share a love of and dedication to freedom. How we go about expressing that in the world can differ - because of men like Smokey Smith, and countless other men and women who have earned the HERO tag with their actions and their lives, and given us that gift of freedom. Freedom to agree and freedom to disagree. Freedom to think and act with independence. What matters is that the bond between Americans and Canadians, despite what the tools who get their rocks off by tossing fashionably ignorant comments will say, is much stronger than a decision on one foreign policy issue.

As I was walking through the downtown core of Toronto this aft to pick up a bottle of scotch to toast Smokey, I walked past a store with a window full of American flag merchandise. I'm no economist (I only minored in it), but I'm assuming it is in demand (by Canadians, no less!), if it is being supplied in such abundance (and no, it wasn't in a touristy area). Think about what that symbol says about the ties between our two countries before you flame on. I am *positive* that we can find a better target for our frustrations than our friends.

Here's to you, Smokey.

/Canadian with American family sick of the bickering
2005-08-04 06:11:55 PM  
okay in deference to catharos

/flame off
2005-08-04 06:15:46 PM  

/raises a scotch to his american neighbours
2005-08-04 06:18:36 PM  
I stood close to him at a Rememberance Day ceremony at Vimy Ridge in 1997. I wish I had known more about him then. I would tried to talk with him, or at least tell him how much people worldwide appreciate his courage.
2005-08-04 06:58:05 PM  
junge altman: I have an uncle just like you. Funnily enough, he's an Albertan cowboy. He thinks that Canada should have gone to Iraq to "hunt ragheads" with our American brothers. He never made it past grade 8, and your vague reasoning and sense of outrage stemming from something you can't even distinctly define leads me to think that you're just like him education-wise as well.

You claim that the United States has been a "shield against tyranny" for us. When the hell were we ever threatened by tyranny? Let me comment on something else you said: as payback canada on "moral" grounds decides to not participate in the foreign policy of a economic system that it is very much a part of.

Read this very carefully. The reason that the United States has a terrorism problem is due solely and entirely to it's own foreign policies for the last thirty years. Read it again. And then one more time please. We don't owe you shiat for Iraq. You made the damn problem. You guys espouse democracy, but your government goes around propping up dictatorships, meddling in foreign state affairs, selling weapons, funding insurgencies, and generally mucking about. It pisses a lot of people off. Hence, terrorism. It's pretty easy to see if you look at the facts. When bin Laden (remember him?) attacked, western countries got off their lazy asses and decided to shape up, because we'd been lax. We all pitched in, because he's a threat. But Iraq? Iraq didn't threaten Canada. Or the United States. But when the US government saw an opportunity in the tragedy of 9/11 to gain more control over Iraq while duping their citizens, they took it. The facts were so flimsy that most of the rest of the world was either against it, or would only offer minimal support as a token gesture. Did you even get the facts at the time, or were you like my uncle? "Goddamn arabs, attacking peace-loving westerners! Get the nukes!" Any reasonably intelligent person who wanted to see a reason for the invasion of Iraq was hesitant. Just one reason. We owe you a lot for defense. But for offense? Invade a soverign nation with no justification? Sorry pal, we don't owe you shiat.

Shielding us from tyranny? What the hell! If Russia was going to nuke someone in the 80's, it wasn't going to be Canada, it was going to be the US. If you weren't there, the whole thing wouldn't have been a worry in the first place. For the most part, we like the rest of the world, and they like us. I am the first one to say that our military is in a sorry state. I would like to see our navy scrapped (what the hell does Canada need a navy for), our coast guard buffed up (to provide joint protection for both countries), and more focus on specialized training for peacekeeping and defensive operations, and a smaller role for tactical offensive training.

Most of my flames are directed at your inept government. I like Americans as individuals, and know many. But it's people like you who think that your country is doing the world a favour every time your president goes on TV that make the rest of us cringe.

/Just one reason
//Not a made-up one
///"Nationalism is an infantile disease"
////Einstein was right
//Making up a drink right now to toast Smoky
2005-08-04 07:00:29 PM  
catharos is right. I'm done (didn't see it before I posted).

/drink's ready
//also toasts soldiers in Iraq
2005-08-04 07:04:28 PM  
FYI hows does a cretin like cretien become a p.m. anyway

That's nothing compared to Bush...
2005-08-04 07:09:10 PM  
and the young people of Quebec are all very Pro-Canada, except the right wing nut jobs. Hell the right wing nutjobs all around the country want to seperate.

Hmmm who are these right wing nutjobs who want to seperate?
2005-08-04 07:11:27 PM  
Took out a tank from 10m with a PIAT. If I remember right, its strongly advised against firing a PIAT that close to a target.

The PIAT entered service during 1943 and was first used by Canadian troops in Sicily. Its debut performance was not a happy one due to a fault in the bomb which misfired if it struck a target from any position other than square-on, and as a result the confidence of soldiers in the PIAT was greatly undermined.
2005-08-04 07:13:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-04 08:17:36 PM  
Hey kevin5lynn:

I wonder if this guy has any tattoos?

If he did, would he be trash?
2005-08-04 08:43:14 PM  
Hmmmph! This troll repellant works like a charm!

Here's to you, Smokey! *toast* Thanks for showing us what it takes. I only hope someday we can do ya proud the way you have us.

Relax, Yanks, you all know how it is. We love you like a brother, and hate you like a favoured son. But while we may bicker and fuss, you know you can count on us when you need us most, just as you count on us. Just not during your occasional thirst for colonial adventure abroad.

P.S. Thanks for the missle shield, hope it works fine when China launches during it's 2010 Taiwan Farewell Tour. Your cheque is in the mail.
2005-08-04 08:52:39 PM  
Yeah. I forgot to add that Smokey is a badass. Anyone that has served or is currently serving in all of our Armed Forces are heroes.

If you sign up, you should know that you could die for your country (in training or combat). So don't give me any of the "I only signed up for the college money" bullshiat.

If you served, you are a hero in my book. Combat action or not.
2005-08-04 08:54:36 PM  
Female singer and Finland mentioned in the same thread. I think this calls for a picture of Tarja Turunen
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-04 09:22:23 PM  
Soldier on mister.
2005-08-04 09:28:57 PM  
Wow, I am impressed. This guy is/was the man. This coming from a lib
2005-08-04 09:47:44 PM  
From junge altman's profile:

i am a bipedal heteroorganotrophic
lifeform native to the Sol star system
gestated on the third satelite of the star

When your knuckles are dragging you can't be counted as bipedal...
2005-08-04 10:22:03 PM  

We never sent troops to Iraq. Ever. Never will unless it's to support restructuring.

May Smoky rest in peace.

/self superior Canadian
//Hates American policy
///likes individual yanks just fine.
////Knows damn who would win in a war. US.
2005-08-04 10:57:06 PM  
Is it just me, or do we seem to be hearing more from the tolerant Farkers is threads like these?

Mad props to my patriotic but sensible Canuckistan brethren, and to my equally patriotic and sensible friends to the south.

I know it's been said before, but it bears repeating:

"Try to do this as often as you can,'' said Smith, who used to kill enemy troops with a half-metre-long, Indian-style warclub bristling with nails.

That's some serious shiat.

"You never know when your last sunrise is going to be.''

None of us do. Life is short, too short for petty bickering and idiotic posturing. This falls on deaf ears, I'm sure, but I needed to say it.

Special thanks to Smoky for underlining what I think is the most important message.
2005-08-05 12:06:32 AM  
This guy makes rambo look like a pussy. Why haven't they made a film about this guy yet?
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