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(AP)   Martha Reeves runs for Detriot city council. If she wins there'll be dancing in the street, and her opposition will have nowhere to run   ( divider line
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2005-08-03 02:53:35 PM  
2005-08-03 02:56:28 PM  
Freud would be proud of that slip submitter.
2005-08-03 03:01:38 PM  
I'm voting for Vandella.
2005-08-03 03:11:49 PM  
The Detriot city goverment sucks pooh-pooh.
2005-08-03 03:13:03 PM  
Oooooo, doing sooo good 'til the typo!
2005-08-03 03:13:55 PM  
I'm still pissed that Gill Hill lost the last election for mayor. He would have been so unhinged every day it would have been great. Not to mention he already played a Detroit city police chief.

/Is that f'in Foley in here?!
2005-08-03 03:14:17 PM  
as a metro detroiter i can tell all of you that the detroit city council is one of the most innefective, corrupt forms of government i have ever seen.

the city council is one of the many reasons that detroit is without a doubt the worst big city in america.
2005-08-03 03:14:19 PM  
Apparently correct spelling in the headline is none of our business.
2005-08-03 03:14:26 PM  
It will be like a heatwave.....burning in my heart.
2005-08-03 03:14:39 PM  
"....and her opposition will have nowhere to run to, baby."

Dammit, if you're going to pull a lyric submission like this, you gotta go all the way with it.
2005-08-03 03:17:00 PM  
She also has her own vision of sprucing up the struggling city's downtown: ... a landscape dotted with Motown's musical legends and a nightclub devoted to the record label's legendary sound.

It looks like she's already sold out to her special-interest, big (music) business cronies.
2005-08-03 03:18:44 PM  
Anyone else think of Martha Rae (denture wearer) when you read this? Now that's funny. . .
2005-08-03 03:21:16 PM  
good headline Submitter
2005-08-03 03:21:28 PM  
Fried Monkey Boobies
2005-08-03 03:21:48 PM  
2005-08-03 03:23:07 PM  
She sang at the wedding of a friend of mine. I'd vote for her (if I lived in Detroit, rather than Ann Arbor).
2005-08-03 03:23:17 PM  
Is she the one that covered that Van Halen tune?
2005-08-03 03:26:04 PM  
Oooooo, doing sooo good 'til the typo!

so you liked "Marth Reeves runs for..." I was rather fond of the lyrics references. I'd golf clap, but its too loud.

Is she the one that covered that Van Halen tune?

ouch, that hurt
2005-08-03 03:27:34 PM  
In other news, the SbB gorls are off the HOOK today. Christ, one looks like she doesnt have any pants on from the way the picture is taken. Much better than the stoner chick with the herpes in the personals ad.

/just sayin.
2005-08-03 03:30:28 PM  

Is she the one that covered that Van Halen tune?

Sad but true. I was at a Tom Petty concert last week and they played Knocking on Heaven's Door. Some punk-ass college kid says to his buddy, "Oh this is that GNR song." No joke.
2005-08-03 03:30:50 PM  
I tried to read the article but kept nodding off before I could get to the end of the first sentence. Is there anything interesting it it? And who the hell is Martha Reeves?
2005-08-03 03:31:36 PM  
did someone say dancing in the sheets?

[image from too old to be available]

/hears it for the boy
2005-08-03 03:31:51 PM  
If she's elected, expect an increase in vandell-ism?
2005-08-03 03:32:12 PM  
Obviously the median age for Farkers means only a small number of them "get" this submission. I applaud it.

/and now, on with the countdown....
2005-08-03 03:33:17 PM  
Yeah...Detriot is a French city in the south of Michigan.

"I want to jump around up in here..."

So...she's 64, and she's talkin' street that broke out around the time she hit 60. OK...
2005-08-03 03:34:48 PM  
Here in my hometown (okay, I'm really from neighboring Northville) they could elect a city council composed of Jesus Christ, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and the X-Men, and they still wouldn't be able to fix this city.

/ Detroit = the bad side of Democracy ... when the majority of the people are total idiots with no understanding of their own self-interest

/ Hates that people equate SE Michigan with Detroit, when the metro-Detroit area is so great.
2005-08-03 03:34:53 PM  
Could even Detroit forgive someone known for her history with Vandellasm?
2005-08-03 03:36:10 PM  
You gotta love the headline, the typo makes it classic.
2005-08-03 03:36:22 PM  
Ack, I crossposted limboman's quicker & better version of my joke.
2005-08-03 03:37:37 PM  
no i think it's good for people to dance and celebrate. especially in detroit. and for a newly elected city council member!

this is a great sign of revival...

2005-08-03 03:38:25 PM  
Is it like Christopher Reeves wife or something? is that what the "dancing" and "running" is refering too?
2005-08-03 03:40:44 PM  
(yes, I know better, I was trying to make a funny)

But the Kinks do a great cover of "You Really Got Me"
2005-08-03 03:41:12 PM  

its obvious you don't exactly know that much about detroit and its blues, motown, and rich musical roots before the year 2000, huh?

/then it went even MORE to hell
2005-08-03 03:42:17 PM  
Meh. The real story in yesterday's elections was when Iraq War veteran Paul Hackett, a Democrat, lost by only four points in a special election for a House race in a district (OH-02) that Bush carried by 64% last and the previous Republican office holder (who resigned to take a position in the Bush administration) got 70%+ four times in a row. I actually thought he was going to win. This is the equlivalent of a Republican losing by four points in Berkley or San Fransisco or Boston.
2005-08-03 03:42:52 PM  

yeah, yeah they do. Oingo Boingo does an ok one too. Not as good as the kinks, but good all the same.
2005-08-03 03:43:37 PM  
The scary thing, she actually has a shot. On the bubble, if you will - if the primary were the real election, she'd be Councilwoman Reeves.

/god let's hope freman can clean house
//and wants to
2005-08-03 03:47:24 PM  
Naco Daddy - why is that scary ? I mean, she can't be any more inept / corrupt than the current banana republic running the show, can she ?
2005-08-03 03:49:40 PM  
Maybe she can clean up the corruption.
2005-08-03 03:50:49 PM  
She sounds like an idoit to me.

/typos are in balance
2005-08-03 03:50:56 PM  
Um, I think the typo was intentional. (/not the submitter)

I heard M&TV's version of DITS this very prenoon, and was reminded just how damn great a song it is. And none of the cover versions can touch it. Mamas and the Papas? Van Halen? Bowie & Jagger??? Not even close.

That said, at the risk of rock and roll blasphemy, I prefer Linda Ronstadt's "Heat Wave". It's a little more compact and punchier. Martha's voice can occasionally get wobbly. But God bless her, and God bless Motown.
2005-08-03 03:51:06 PM  
If your serious in asking that, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave until your at least 21.

/thank you, come again
2005-08-03 03:59:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Martha Reeves played with the Vandals?
2005-08-03 04:00:47 PM  
peepee mcpoop
as a metro detroiter i can tell all of you that the detroit city council is one of the most innefective, corrupt forms of government i have ever seen.

I agree.

the city council is one of the many reasons that detroit is without a doubt the worst big city in america.

I disagree strenuously, and will go further and say that as a "metro" Detroiter, you wouldn't really know. Come south of 8 Mile one of these days and I'll show you a city. No, we're not Chicago. No, we aren't New York. We're Detroit. We have our problems (entrenched bureauacracy being numero uno), but anyone that actually LIVES here will tell you that suburbanites are just casting ignorant stones from their ivory towers.

I get further pissed when talk of Detroit turns to "ignorant residents who don't know better", "Detroit is 80%+ Black, who's surprised?", etc. etc, as if the major problem with the city is that Black people run it and are the majority of it. If we are the majority, should we not be led by people that look like us? I'll agree that the average Detroit voter is uninformed, but no more or less than any other voter in this state or in this country. shiat like 120 different people on the City Council ballot combined with exactly *no* discussion of their credentials doesn't help this. Which brings us back to name recognition, which is the way, unfortunately, that most politicians run.

We have our problems, but I'm much more interested in finding solutions for them then turning my back on my home. And for the rest of you, please visit...REALLY visit, not drive through at high speed...before you make a judgement. I realize the city is full of da Blak folx and that's a little scary, but I think you'll find that we're just as human as everyone else.

Hell, if you want scary and 80%+ white, hit Howell.

/rant off
//you guys are ruining my studying
///Psych final
2005-08-03 04:02:04 PM  
Well, Hackett was very much against gun control. Schmidt got the pro-life endorsement though and Hackett sidestepped the issue.

Schmidt (the woman who won) looks like I should be paying her $100 to crush my hopes with the spur of her 6" stiletto.

Or, what works in Berkeley isn't going to work in Cincinnati.
2005-08-03 04:02:07 PM  
Also, I'm leaving this thread to finish studying, so if you'd like to spit venom at me or just call me a filthy attractive and successful African-American, use the e-mail address. Thank you come again.

/yes I do come into every Detroit thread
//and will continue to until there's a positive one
2005-08-03 04:02:59 PM  
poot_rootbeer: She sounds like an idoit to me.

No that would be the idiot Dubya.
2005-08-03 04:03:10 PM  
If elected, she will support further excursions against the Roman Empire and oppose Ostrogothic attacks.
2005-08-03 04:05:49 PM  
Heh. Now I have that song stuck in my head.
2005-08-03 04:07:47 PM  
Can't be any worse than the folks in the city council now...

/Hendrix for mayor
2005-08-03 04:15:41 PM  

This is the equlivalent of a Republican losing by four points in Berkley or San Fransisco or Boston.

Well, almost. It's the equivalent of a Republican who is running on a platform of legalized marijuana and free abortions for everyone losing by four points in Berkley or San Francisco. Watch his campaign commercial if you disagree. He used a clip from a Bush speech as a segue into how honorable it was to serve in Iraq with his fellow marines. And nowhere in his TV spot does it mention that he is a Democrat. Deception and the fact that this was a special election (Who thinks about voting in August?) are probably the reason why he didn't lose by 10+ points.
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