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(BBC)   Woman sues aquarium after tank bursts, showering her in glass and sharks   ( divider line
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23032 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Aug 2005 at 1:57 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-08-02 03:11:10 PM  
2005-08-02 03:11:46 PM  
Was she an extra in Jackie Chan's First Strike?

/Did not RTFA
//Jackie Chan rocks
2005-08-02 03:13:27 PM  
"we are sorry for the inconvenience that our aquarium has caused and on behalf of our facilities I would like to give you a complimentary admission for your troubles"
2005-08-02 03:14:43 PM  
The Old Ones shall not be imprisoned long.
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-02 03:15:28 PM  
I'd have release copious amounts of shark repellent (feces) at the realization that the tank broke.
2005-08-02 03:17:58 PM  
They probably attacked because she was a Jet.
2005-08-02 03:20:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/OH NO!!
2005-08-02 03:25:30 PM  

loves me some don't steal my bandwidth snopes face
2005-08-02 03:31:54 PM  
I saw what you did to that manta ray!
2005-08-02 03:34:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-02 03:34:52 PM  
Holy shiat, this can actually happen? I've always had this fear, and I remember how terrified I was on my school trip to Sea World. Especially when we were going through the underwater tunnel with glass all around. It's not so much the sharks but all the water that scares the crap out of me. Those big flat fish don't help either, creepy motherfarkers.
2005-08-02 03:40:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-02 03:40:43 PM  

She was 61 years old and bleeding from the ankle. The glass probably cut her under one of her breasteses!
2005-08-02 03:42:02 PM  
2005-08-02 03:44:52 PM  
That lucky Biatch!!! Oh to be showered in glass and sharks, i dream of it.. just the other day i said to myself, "what i wouldn't give to be covered in glass and sharks right now"

And she is suing?!!? that's whats wrong with america, no appreciation for the finer things in life, like, um, sharks.. and glass.. and pointed sticks!!
2005-08-02 03:48:16 PM  
Skoora, Skoora, the gentle shark.
Skoora, Skoora. He's a killer with a broken heart.
Don't blame him! He blames himself.
Don't hate him! He hates himself.
Skoora, Skoora. Skoora the gentle shark.
2005-08-02 03:51:05 PM  
I dont get the scary tag? Is the fact that she sued scary?
2005-08-02 03:51:05 PM  
I didn't know you could sue years later. Is that an Australian thing or can you do that in America also?
2005-08-02 03:53:52 PM  
This lady isn't entitled to be taken care of for the rest of her life for this, but you people saying that she should have died or is wrong for suing are just *ssholes. BTW, I'm sure that you are all experts on the psychological trauma that is caused from suddenly being submerged and surrounded by sharks and are very qualified to opine as to what results are reasonable.

2005-08-02 03:55:39 PM  

The Big H

Wasn't that Lethal Weapon II?

ding ding 100 points!
2005-08-02 03:55:40 PM  
It's called the statute of limitaitons, willow193. In some case you can sue up to 25 years later. Generally it's two or four years.
2005-08-02 04:04:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Unavailable for comment.
2005-08-02 04:05:49 PM  
She didn't have flood insurance!

/Oh my. Everytime she drives by, she trembles and sharks!
2005-08-02 04:09:16 PM  
Bravo on the headline, new kybard please
2005-08-02 04:12:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-02 04:13:52 PM  
Yippee, something happened to me! Break out the lawyers...I've been waiting my whole life for this!

/stupid old woman
2005-08-02 04:26:47 PM  
nytmare: What about the sharks? Are the sharks ok?

I can tell you from personal experience that sharks are about the toughest animals I've ever seen. Salmon fishing in the Puget Sound when I was younger, my dumbass buddy and I caught a sand shark (dog fish). My buddy was convinced we could eat it, so he clubbed it in the head about a dozen times and left it in the bottom of the boat. About an hour later (out of water), it came to life and bit him in the calf. We decided it earned the right to life and we tossed it back. We then proceeded to catch it again 3 times. Tough little bastard. I almost wanted to keep it as a pet. Anyway, the point is that a little glass and flopping isn't going to hurt a shark much
2005-08-02 04:29:24 PM  
It's a shame that magnets only work on lobsters.

/Left claw North
2005-08-02 04:33:44 PM  
Some sharks are warm and cuddly

[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-02 04:38:09 PM  
ive been to that aquarium, i hope the sharks are ok. her misfortune would make an excellent 'owned' pic. hehe.

/been smoking hashish for days
2005-08-02 04:44:00 PM  
I laughed at the headline. It reminded me of that great Gary Larson cartoon with the babysitter witch: We hired you to babysit the kids and instead you cooked and ate them BOTH?!

As if one wasn't bad enough.

Oh, and much love to KickahaOta. I laughed at that comment too!
2005-08-02 04:44:09 PM  
2005-08-02 12:15:17 PM KickahaOta

Imagine how traumatic it was for the sharks. One minute everything is fine, the next you're showered with air and tourists.

That is farking hilarious!

Seriously, though, I do feel bad for the sharks. Poor things shouldn't be in that damn pseudo-aquascape anyway. Maybe they were trying to revolt, or something. Personally, I can't blame the old bizzatch for wanting some money out of the deal. I am sure her crotchety ass was tapping on the glass but that shouldn't make the damn aquarium wall break. Can you imagine the sheer horror of it all? Damn.
2005-08-02 04:45:45 PM  
She's lucky Megalodon is extinct. 50 feet of sharky goodness.

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

//seems like Germans are the only ones who have pics of this prehistoric shark
///There's a site you can buy fossilized teeth from, although they're expensive.
2005-08-02 04:50:02 PM  
The only way that would've given her PTSD to the point of sales performance loss is if she is a boat salesman.

No reason otherwise that she should be suing.
2005-08-02 05:04:15 PM  
She's lucky Megalodon is extinct. 50 feet of sharky goodness.

Jesus H Christ! That's a big farking fish.
2005-08-02 05:13:53 PM  
Damn, that would suck. I love going to aquariums. I'd hate to have something so traumatic happen to me that I could never go back to one.

/loves the fishies
//saw ten foot sharks at one aquarium down in Texas
///sharks are cool
////scared of jellyfish, though
2005-08-02 05:24:20 PM  
Arrr, I hate the sea and everything in it.
2005-08-02 05:27:00 PM  
Living on an Island and fishing my entire life I have fallen off my boat...yes my boat, 20 miles off shore into a school of about 150 blacktip reef sharks... Topside, I was being attacked by the biggest frikin' wasp that, I think, had a laserbeam on its head...

The wasp however was not the integral part of the story...the fact I was trolling a five lure spread around a giant bait ball and the gear was in the water and the boat trolling...

It took me a couple of years to think it was funny.

But, shiat, I never wanted to sue the boat company for my boat having low gunwhales that allowed me to trip, ass over teakettle, while swinging a short gaff to try and knock down the laser wasp...

dam, that made me laugh even though I will never forget that I had wished for Jeebus power to walk on that crap...
2005-08-02 05:28:27 PM  
Did the sharks have frickin' lazers attached to their heads?
2005-08-02 07:30:22 PM  

/been smoking hashish for days

Oh, quit gloating, you...

/color me jealous
//that would be emerald-green... or brown and sticky...
2005-08-02 08:07:40 PM  
Thank you all, for an amusing Tuesday read.
2005-08-02 09:48:13 PM  
Something tells me that Deuce Bigalow is responsible for this...
2005-08-02 11:45:32 PM  

Skoora, Skoora, the gentle shark.
Skoora, Skoora. He's a killer with a broken heart.
Don't blame him! He blames himself.
Don't hate him! He hates himself.
Skoora, Skoora. Skoora the gentle shark.

"And I swear when he swam away with my leg in his gaping maw, there was a tear in his eye..."
2005-08-03 01:35:31 AM  
Most likely someone's negligence caused the accident to happen. Sorry, but when you fark up you should have to pay a little something extra to ensure you don't do it again...especially when glass and sharks are involved. No, they should not pay millions of dollars. The woman and the rest of her family shouldn't be set for life, but whoever didn't do their job shouldn't just get off because life goes on and shiat happens.

/This is what liability insurance is for
//Yes, even lawyers carry E&O insurance...or at least should if they don't
///is the personification of evilness: has sold insurance and is about to start law school
2005-08-03 02:06:12 AM  
This stupid biatch was probably tapping on the tank when it broke.

What the fark? An old lady tapping on the glass should not cause it to break. The glass should not break even if it's being attacked by anything short of a farking sledgehammer. She undoubtedly is milking this to a greater or lesser degree, but I can't say I feel sorry for the aquarium. If you can't keep your glass walls from breaking when they're supposed to separate giant water tanks with sharks in them from visitors, then maybe you should get out of the aquarium business or at least not build something so risky because I'm sure not trusting you to keep me safe when I visit you.
2005-08-03 02:09:17 AM  
P.S. I forgot to add this on: Do some research into the McDonalds coffee case. The lady who sued McDonalds only sued after they refused to pay her medical bills when their coffee gave her third-degree burns. Yeah, she shouldn't have spilled it, but coffee shouldn't give you third-degree burns either.
2005-08-03 04:55:28 AM  
For what it's worth, I submitted this and it got accepted, but somebody somewhere edited my headline....I originally submitted:

"Woman sues aquarium after tank bursts, showering her in glass....oh, and sharks"

Somebody took out my "hilarious" pause for comic effect, which I put in to avoid using the original article verbatim.

/not that anybody cares
//why would they?
2005-08-03 09:05:02 AM  
Ah, sharks, those lovable chum guzzlers.

/props to Samantha Bee of the Daily Show
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