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(CNN)   Convicted pervert-priest refers to himself as "The forbidden fruit." during a CNN interview   ( divider line
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2002-04-17 05:51:14 PM  
holy shiat i think i just lost my lunch should have a *sick* tag
2002-04-17 07:25:41 PM  
Ewww... look at the guy. Oh yeah, fark me Cassanova. Let's hope he goes away for a long time. I'm going to be sick now.
2002-04-17 11:59:51 PM  
Oh my god... I feel so soiled and dirty for reading that... I ... I ... I need to take a shower *shivers in disgust*
2002-04-18 12:00:05 AM  
I shoulda known that I'd get women if I dressed like a Priest.

Maybe some chicks like going after guys who may be 'offlimits' to them
2002-04-18 12:01:09 AM  
He should have said Forbidden Fruitcake!
2002-04-18 12:01:13 AM  
This guy is a complete ass-cantaloupe.

Wow -- there's a flashback. We'll see if anyone remembers the incredible term, "ass-cantaloupe."
2002-04-18 12:03:16 AM  
Frickin' sicko.
2002-04-18 12:03:45 AM  
I think they were in love with the uniform. It's a uniform thing.

Yeah it must have been, because they sure as hell weren't attracted to his Boglin-esque face. Somebody here remembers Boglins to make that comparison valid, yeah?

Oh yeah, and this guy is a sicko bastard on top of the Boglin thing.
2002-04-18 12:06:17 AM  
"The "most available women," Kimball said, were those ages 18 to 25. Asked if he strayed, Kimball responded, "Oh, yes."

He said, however, that he hadn't pursued sex."

Way to appear innocent Father!

2002-04-18 12:06:46 AM  
This seems mostly appropriate here, even though this priest went against the tide and pursued women...but I digress:

(from rec.humor.funny 4.10.2002)

"I went to Mass the other day, and a NAMBLA meeting broke out."
2002-04-18 12:07:20 AM  
This proves that ladies like to "break" men.

Just kidding all you farkettes, I love the ladies!
2002-04-18 12:07:48 AM  
Father George is new to the clergy.

Father Bob is leaving early for the day and asks Father George to man the confessional for him.

The second confession that comes in is a woman who explained that she had given a blowjob to someone other than her husband.

Father George does not know what kind of penance to give the woman so he goes and asks an altar boy what Father Bob usually gives for a blowjob.

The altar boy answers. "Usually a lolipop"

2002-04-18 12:08:36 AM  
yeah, im sure thats what they will call his ass in prison
2002-04-18 12:08:58 AM  
Another reason to dislike organized religion. Whats up with this celebcy thing anyway?
2002-04-18 12:11:29 AM  
that guys a fu_cking lier, I'm The Forbidden Fruit
2002-04-18 12:11:37 AM  
They never refer to forbidden fruit in the article. The submitter is a fruitcake.
2002-04-18 12:12:22 AM  
Okay, he says he's "the forbidden fruit," but I saw that picture just like the rest of you did. I'm sorry, but I'm not believing another word that comes out of this man's mouth.
2002-04-18 12:13:45 AM  
Isn't "pervert-preist" REDUNDANT.
2002-04-18 12:14:11 AM  
Put him in prison so he can toss some 'fruit' salad. God, these guys make me sick.
2002-04-18 12:14:27 AM  
Is it just me, or are priests one of the LAST people to be targeted by others for the purpose of financial gain?
2002-04-18 12:15:59 AM  
2002-04-18 12:18:40 AM  
Priest: The other other other white meat.
2002-04-18 12:20:02 AM  
It is not like these people slipped in front of the church while carring coffee between their legs.

I don't think these lawsuits have much to do with money.
If I had been molested as a kid and knew that that man was still in a position to molest more kids... I would either sue him/church or kill him.
You could probably go to hell for killing a priest.
2002-04-18 12:22:57 AM  
Forbidden fruit allright. The type that is rotting.
Do I even need to say that this guy will ESPECIALLY be violated for what he did in society. Criminals hate that shiat.
2002-04-18 12:23:23 AM  
I was told the whole celibacy thing had to do with priests' sons inheriting the church and collecting money and and doing "bad things". So they made sure that priests couldn't have sons, and castration didn't seem like a good thing to do at the time.

Never read that anywhere though, so I doubt its truthfulness.
2002-04-18 12:26:37 AM  
Fat Fark. I bet God would make an exception here. Thou shall not kill. Amendment 2a Article 3: A person will not be condemnded for killing child molesting priests. I believe Moses is carrying the new tablets down now...
2002-04-18 12:27:14 AM  
CharlieBrown: The priest in question repeatedly asserted the fact that all of the accusations about his extracurricular activities with children were lies constructed to financially benefit the crafters.

Don't get me wrong--I sure as hell don't support the misuse of holy steeples, especially when children are involved.
2002-04-18 12:29:40 AM  
I'm with SS: In the pen, this guy is meat. Two things you don't do: 1. anything with children, 2. nark.

This guy is in whole pile of shiat if he goes to jail.
2002-04-18 12:49:54 AM  
Screw a vow of celibacy, I say going to school at the seminary should involve a trip to the miniature guillotine...
2002-04-18 12:53:35 AM  
That tears it. I've GOT to go see a George Carlin show and see what he says about all this.
2002-04-18 01:01:52 AM  
Asked if he strayed, Kimball responded, "Oh, yes."
That sounds prideful.
2002-04-18 01:02:42 AM  
"I think they were in love with the uniform. It's a uniform thing."

Ok let's get something clear here..Some uniforms are sexy. These include military, firemen, police, paramedic uniforms. Some are NOT sexy. These include bellhop, roto-rooter man, mcdonalds burger-flipper, and high school band uniforms. Personally, I've always considered priests' habits to fall into the second category, despite what Ted Kennedy's long-lost twin here says
2002-04-18 01:07:58 AM  
What a ladies man.
2002-04-18 01:10:29 AM  
I'm sure there are priests that are falsely accused (esp. lately) but man, I'm not getting good vibes from this bastard.
2002-04-18 01:14:42 AM  
BarkingKitten-What's wrong with burger flipper uniforms?!You can do all sorts of great scenarios like
"Sexy Fryperson","The Bun Storage Room",and "Cleaning The Grease Trap".

Sexy sexy!
2002-04-18 01:20:59 AM  
Well, they got the "fruit" part right...Oh wait, this guy batted for the home team. Alright Father!
2002-04-18 01:45:31 AM  
Wow, I never thought i could see so many cnn letchers in one place. You idiots seem to eat up everything they say. Personally I think he's guilty, but he seems perfectly rational, and if you think about it for more than 20 seconds, the "forbidden fruit" analogy makes sense. Sick as he may be, Demonizing somebody on cnn for something that happens thousands of times a day is typical newsmedia bullshiat
2002-04-18 02:20:38 AM  
I'm glad they got my good side in the photo... I didn't wanna come across as a weirdo...
2002-04-18 02:42:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

September 30, 2001 - on recent bipartisanship
2002-04-18 02:42:55 AM  
Crap, wrong thread. Feel free to delete.
2002-04-18 02:58:57 AM  
He is, of course, an evil man and should be cast out of the Church and into Jail asap. People like him make me sick. There are many fantastic priests who do more for charity and helping people in one day then I could ever do in an entire year.

It's good the Pope is taking a stand, but yes, I think it should of happened earlier. There should be Zero Tolerance when it comes to child abuse as it's the most evil and disgusting thing in the entire world.

Footnote: Let's not forget who owns and funds CNN....
2002-04-18 03:22:02 AM  
04-18-02 01:20:59 AM Livewire
Well, they got the "fruit" part right...Oh wait, this guy batted for the home team. Alright Father!

So, molesting girls is more acceptable?
2002-04-18 03:47:51 AM  
Different religion same excuse: Chicks dig the yarmaluke, what can I say?
2002-04-18 07:06:14 AM  
Wow so women like the uniforme huh? I did not know that and being a woman I cant help but laugh. I suppose it could be true maby if what you are really wanting is to fark god a preist is about as close as you'll get (sorry to anyone who takes offence just a joke)cept mary who got the best lay ever! (god has to be good in the sack lol)
2002-04-18 07:15:04 AM  
"Forbidden" is accurate and "fruit" is accurate. No need to combine the two.
2002-04-18 08:26:38 AM  
All of you on total fark- When I posted this article yesterday, the tag was twice as long. Did it get cut off only on Fark, or is it missing the second half on total fark too?

Originally it was:
Convicted pervert-priest refers to himself as "The forbidden
fruit" during a CNN interview. Fruity-ass goes on to say he "loves" 18 to 25 year olds.
2002-04-18 09:18:39 AM  
...because I felt in the '70s, and I think a lot of people felt this way, that the rule on celibacy may change soon."

That rule has not changed.
No shiat! The Catholic Church is as stuck in its ways as it can get away with. Sure, in these modern times there are some serious changes (Mass in English for example), but the celibacy issue is even bigger. Personally, I don't think that I'd ever consult someone who's required by his vows to be 100% celibate about my sexual/marital problems. Of course, that also brings up my questions about the ability of someone whose life is removed from all personal sexual experience to make rules concerning sexuality.
2002-04-18 11:16:54 AM  
This kind of thing definitely isn't new. My best friend in elementary school back in the '70s lived across the street from the Catholic Church (yes, there was only one -- small town). Her father (divorced) was getting it on with one of the nuns there. She eventually left the order, and I *think* they got married, although I'm not sure. Man, stealing one of God's women is GOTTA put you in deep $#!+ come Judgement Day, don'tcha think?

BarkingKitten: You left baseball uniforms off your "Sexy Uniforms" list. Mmmmmmbaby.
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