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28330 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Apr 2002 at 10:10 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-16 10:54:46 PM  
VanRoosta: CATS is there, look closely :)
Shanrick: Wow, thanks man! Thanks everyone, Farkers are so nice, getting so many compliments I have to post the link again :)
2002-04-16 10:55:02 PM  
Hey, here's a NSFW pic that sorta inspires me...

I'm gonna go try and wake up my wife now...
2002-04-16 10:55:58 PM  
Hey... just trying to keep in the same vein as the thread topic.

Sorry. :::sheepishly promises to be good:::
2002-04-16 10:56:18 PM  
Hey TotalFarkers:

I posted a photoshop but it probably won't get posted... (the funnel one) if anyone actually makes a funny pshop could you email me at s­eab­o­yer[nospam-﹫-backwards]2­si*dal*ca?
2002-04-16 10:56:19 PM  
now thats what i call a sticky situation
2002-04-16 10:57:48 PM  
I know, Spram, I know! It pained me to have to exclude one or two, and I've also realized I really should have included Y2Khai in it...but Bobby Isosceles ( wanted a couple of his friends in there, ah well...and there were only around 80 spots...but thanks for the constructive criticism...I still have my original PSD files for it, so I can always add to it later in the future if need be..
2002-04-16 10:57:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Rumour has it that this was the doctor......bastard!
2002-04-16 10:58:53 PM  

I just love learning new words for boobies.
2002-04-16 10:59:06 PM  
oh, what! you guys can look at fake boobies all day long, but turn a blind eye to what some women have to go through to get them?!

get real. its gross, but it happens. and anyone wanting fake boobs should be aware of it.
2002-04-16 10:59:29 PM  
Astra- the green thing looks like a tatoo
2002-04-16 11:00:35 PM  
...In other news thousands of kitten's lives were saved after.......
2002-04-16 11:01:41 PM  

That's nice to hear, but most guys aren't so judgement-free. My little sister got implants recently, they look really nice, though they're a bit big on her. Before, the bottom of her ribs stuck out further than her breasts. Can you honestly say you'd find that more attractive than afterwards? Mine aren't as bad, but I am just an A, and as tall as I am, it's annoying. So, I have been considering going the same route.

The real problem with this is, from the sound of it, that they used silicon :P How long ago was this done, again? :P Oh well... eventually they won't be using implants at all. Cloned breast tissue should be amongst the simpler things to clone, especially if you don't bother with the glands. And they're always coming up with new ideas, they may have something else sooner.
2002-04-16 11:01:48 PM  
"Oh my god, I'm going to gouge out my eyes." Raymond

"You can't gouge out your mind's eye." Raymond's brother
2002-04-16 11:04:20 PM  
Feeling smug, saw it coming so didn't look. Had come here and see the reaction of all those for who the lure of Boobies was just too much.Ha.
2002-04-16 11:04:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-16 11:05:07 PM  
Thank you:
"Hon bestämde sig för attgöra en bröstreduktion, men hade inte råd att vända sig till enprivat praktik."

She wanted a breast reduction but couldn't afford to go to a private clinic.

So it's about breast reduction. Huh.
2002-04-16 11:09:20 PM  
Another Northen European Fake-Boobie happy ending.. even If I think they look fake and are too big.. Ok, forget the too big.. they're ok. I just like real boobs bettar!

Here is Hannah Graaf:
2002-04-16 11:10:55 PM  
Wow!!! Could have done without that.
2002-04-16 11:12:46 PM  
Goatse scares me less than this!!
2002-04-16 11:12:56 PM  
2002-04-16 11:13:12 PM  
i'd rather play with that shockwave about how to empty your dog's anal sacs than see boobies like that.
2002-04-16 11:13:48 PM  
Hope this works...


2002-04-16 11:14:17 PM  
fvck! >< didn't work.
2002-04-16 11:14:41 PM  
Popefez: awesome job, one suggestion: to more accurately parody the original sgt.pepper cover, I think you should referrence a website that is a contemporary of Fark. Like on the original cover, a girl in the lower right corner is wearing a sweater that says "Welcome Rolling Stones" and when the simpsons did a parody of the cover they had someone wearing a "Welcome Ren and Stimpy" sweater. "Welcome Something Awful" perhaps??
2002-04-16 11:15:28 PM  
Ask strippers. My X, who is a stripper, had slept with some of her co-workers. One of them had implants, and she did not know the difference. She reports she had felt many real and fake tits (goes with the occupation I guess) and she did not know until months later this particular set was augmented. So Umm Bay area.. can't remember the doctor's name. But the girls were all hot to get theirs from him. So check with a bunch of people who have had them before you believe any internet rumors or similar tales.
As far as reductions, I've been with two girls who had them. Both had burnlike scars, and some parts would not heal, even after a year or more.
But again, it's best to check with people who have had the operation.
2002-04-16 11:16:04 PM  
fark! i'm such an idiot i posted in the wrong comments thingee...mods can delete my above post
2002-04-16 11:16:09 PM  
The moral of this story (choose the one that best fits):

1) The freakazoid who posted this crap will burn in hades.

2) Drew needs a team of translators to make sure these threads about foriegn stories are CORRECT.

3) Breast reduction is BAD, BAD, BAD! Breast Implants are GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!

4) All of the above.
2002-04-16 11:17:34 PM  
this link belongs on stileproject, not here.

my unclaimed .02
2002-04-16 11:18:47 PM  
not cool.
2002-04-16 11:21:30 PM  
Merltech: Thanks for rubbing rock salt in the wound!
Two words I never thought I'd see together: "Nipple necrosis".
2002-04-16 11:22:53 PM  
2002-04-16 11:24:20 PM  
still say we need to change the government all together, to bad that if we try we would be labelled terrorists.
2002-04-16 11:24:50 PM  
Sparticus, love the animation...

Having played with some HCl 1- today in chem class, I'd suggest that as opposed to Bleech... I never want to see again........ EVER.

For those of us that think that laughter is the best medicine... I was saving this for the next cloning string, but I'll stick it here too:

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-16 11:25:12 PM  
Oh for crying out loud....

That was NSFA - not safe for anyone.
worst farking use of the boobies tag I could imagine.
2002-04-16 11:31:12 PM  
KDN...thanks for the constructive criticism, that's good, I'll see what I can do with that...
2002-04-16 11:32:58 PM  
they don't always turn out like that

2002-04-16 11:33:53 PM  
Say, I know how to link to images here, sorry to ask a newbie question, how do I put in a clickable link here?
2002-04-16 11:33:55 PM  
watch out for pop-ups...
on your screen, not in your pants dumbass
2002-04-16 11:41:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
oedepus rex?
2002-04-16 11:45:14 PM  
Oh you wacky Disneytized americans, that pic isn't anywhere near the limit of what you may see in Swedish or other european news papers. *sips coffee, continues morning farking*
2002-04-16 11:53:31 PM  
Dear Sirs and Ladies,
I feel that I must object in the strongest possible terms at this link. Not only did it sicken me to the point of tossing my cookies in my slippers, but I have also lost any desire to click a boobies link again. Ever.
If this incendent happens again, I shall be forced to resign my membership from your club, and guns at sunset. Thank you.
2002-04-16 11:56:00 PM  
boobies gone to waste
it's too bad about her breasts
she should try again
2002-04-17 12:01:01 AM  
let this be a lesson to all of us...
if we submit GOOD BOOBIES SITES..perhaps we wouldn't get stuck with this. As for the person who posted this..shame on you, shame on you so very much, and your Sweedish reading ways.
2002-04-17 12:03:37 AM  
Must be webmaster exchange day. Looks like Stile got I wonder what site Drew got to guest post on.
2002-04-17 12:04:21 AM  
<a href="">blahblah</a>
2002-04-17 12:04:31 AM  
You Svedish are SICK! When can I come there?!

for now, Bork Bork Bork!
2002-04-17 12:05:07 AM  
Worst boobies ever.
2002-04-17 12:10:03 AM  
I have learned a very important lesson here tonight. ALWAYS read the comments before clicking on the actual link. I have no idea what you all actually saw, but at least I know that I will sleep peacefully tonight. Right after I blindly copy the link and send it to my older brother as a link with no explanation. He'll just think "Swedish newspaper" as he clicks on it....

Liked the Sgt. Pepper picture. Where's the guy with the big cat?
2002-04-17 12:10:35 AM  
Jesus farking christ, I killed a six pack in under an hour before looking at that titty apocalypse and it still made my cat shiat on the rug
2002-04-17 12:14:04 AM  
I didn't see that green thing on her boob!!! I'm going to have to go back and check that out again.

*I'm goin' in!*
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