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(Irritated admin)   Put your HA!HA! guy pictures in this thread and stop threadjacking the rest of them   (fark.com) divider line 2422
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2005-07-17 05:08:41 PM
I don't understand
2005-07-17 05:09:00 PM
seriously - you're threadjacking all the other threads with this shiat. Get it out of your system here.
2005-07-17 05:09:05 PM
Oooh, harsh :)
2005-07-17 05:09:09 PM
Now they wont want to do it..
2005-07-17 05:09:25 PM
For as much as I love the concept, I'm guessing those stupid pics are still going to pop up in threads...
2005-07-17 05:09:51 PM
2005-07-17 05:10:06 PM
2005-07-17 05:10:11 PM
HA! *pic of dude* HA!
2005-07-17 05:10:34 PM
It's just no fun when asked.
2005-07-17 05:10:51 PM
It will never be out of my system. However, my HTML skills are teh suck, so I've never been able to post one of the pics.
2005-07-17 05:10:52 PM

/Ha ha!
//Oh, wait..

2005-07-17 05:10:52 PM

For as much as I love the concept, I'm guessing those stupid pics are still going to pop up in threads...

Exactly, it's one of those "A for effort" deals.

/Teh most amusing weekend on Fark evar
2005-07-17 05:11:00 PM
Thank you... I was about to kill myself from all of those damn pictures.
2005-07-17 05:11:14 PM
I don't follow.
2005-07-17 05:11:31 PM
Nice one, Pi. (may I call you Pi?)
2005-07-17 05:11:41 PM
Wouldn't bother me nearly as much if it the pictures weren't so damn real estate intense.
2005-07-17 05:11:44 PM

Commie Jesus saw this link, and said it was good.
2005-07-17 05:12:03 PM
But if we post them here, it won't piss people off! What's my motivation?

/never actually posted one
2005-07-17 05:12:16 PM


*runs off to Pout~!*

2005-07-17 05:12:23 PM
HA! HA! Nobody's actually posting them!
2005-07-17 05:12:30 PM
No one is going to post the pic in this thread. Wonderfully ironic.
2005-07-17 05:12:31 PM
Jeff, why are you so mad over a cliche?
It's not like it's fark's bandwidth that the pic posters are stealing????
2005-07-17 05:12:45 PM
It would be hilarious if no one posts him here.
2005-07-17 05:12:48 PM
I was just going to say, that ha ha guy has been in every single thread on the main page.

I think.

And if it's not, he'll be there withink the hour...

/runs off...
2005-07-17 05:12:49 PM

2005-07-17 05:12:51 PM
I'm on dialup right now and it takes too long to make a
QUAKER GUY PIC!!1!1!one!!
2005-07-17 05:12:59 PM
Nothing beats the Ha Ha guy in the middle of neocons and liberals trying to tell the other side they are morans and that themselves are right.
2005-07-17 05:13:03 PM
2005-07-17 05:13:10 PM
the terrorists have won.
2005-07-17 05:13:13 PM
One, two, three, four, I declare flame war.
2005-07-17 05:13:19 PM
If it's not too much trouble, could you enlighten the rest of us?
2005-07-17 05:13:31 PM
Hehehe... applause for both Jeff and Pi...
2005-07-17 05:13:37 PM
All I have to say is:

2005-07-17 05:13:53 PM
i have no idea why, but i can't help but laugh at the quaker dude...i agree it's getting a little too much use, but i think this cliche is at least funny bullshiat...not just random bullshiat like most of the others.
2005-07-17 05:13:57 PM
2005-07-17 05:14:07 PM
I agree with insane, part of the "fark experiance" is going through the threads and seeing all the stupid pictures people post.
Maybe i'm just in the minority because I like to laugh at stupid stuff
2005-07-17 05:14:21 PM
2005-07-17 05:14:23 PM
vosgienne: Jeff, why are you so mad over a cliche?

I can't speak for him, but most of the cliches are ... well ... farking retarded attempts at attention whoring. I, for one, am happy to see any of them die a horrible, painful, SARS-esque death (like having an admin call people out for doing it).
2005-07-17 05:14:43 PM
General Specific (mrbah)

HA! HA! Nobody's actually posting them!

I will laugh myself silly if that turns out to be the case.
2005-07-17 05:14:48 PM
(oh, no he didn't!)
2005-07-17 05:15:00 PM
Rancid Meat:

I agree with insane, part of the "fark experiance" is going through the threads and seeing all the stupid pictures people post.

It's gotten WAY out of hand. I laughed HARD at the first one, a little less at the second one, and now it's just ridiculous.

Not even a little funny anymore.
2005-07-17 05:15:13 PM
Where the hell did that guy originally come from, anyway? What was he laughing about?
2005-07-17 05:15:13 PM
This thread useless without pics

I think that's the first good use of a cliche.
2005-07-17 05:15:21 PM

As long as users got to post funny pictures as long they were not NSFW was great. Now that the pic gets deleted everytime someone posts it is just lame.
2005-07-17 05:15:31 PM

2005-07-17 05:15:38 PM
Not a single one. THAT is farking funny.

2005-07-17 05:16:00 PM
2005-07-17 05:16:02 PM
HA HA!!!!


Oh, you meant that quaker dude.... My bad.
2005-07-17 05:16:03 PM
2005-07-17 05:16:06 PM
Can that really annoying bucket picture that trashcancream or whatever his name is posts continuously, also be used up and forgotten in this thread?
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