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(FunReports)   To raise money, guy hijacks a bus from neighbor, partitions it and sells as metal scrap   ( divider line
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4569 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jul 2005 at 12:10 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-07-14 10:05:35 AM  
and this is greenlit why?

/just askin'
2005-07-14 12:01:15 PM  
just remember, after you partition, you have to do a newfs.

so you won't forget..
2005-07-14 12:14:36 PM  
"Take this bus to Cuba!"

/M. Python
2005-07-14 12:17:01 PM  
Mr. Kincaid could not be reached for comment.
2005-07-14 12:17:20 PM  
Is that stock photo really needed?
2005-07-14 12:17:44 PM  
Link is farked for me.

2005-07-14 12:21:20 PM  
Wow, did it the hard way - could have used:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-14 12:21:43 PM  
Can i now sue for false advertisement? If that doesnt work, then i recently found a finger in one of their pop-unders.
2005-07-14 12:22:07 PM  
Looks like they've stolen everything that wasn't bolted down...

wait a minute..

/slashy McSlashy
2005-07-14 12:28:07 PM  
teh greenlight?
2005-07-14 12:34:13 PM  
I guess he needed to reclaim a little metal?

/insert good Total Annihilation picture here
//couldn't find one.
2005-07-14 12:36:52 PM  
Unless Omarian was on the bus at one time, I don't see how this is newsworthy.
2005-07-14 12:40:22 PM  
There are these metal rail road tracks behind my house, I bet they weigh at least a ton.

If a train gets de-railed from it, think of all the extra money I could get after hijacking and partioning it!!

/see you in the bahama's
2005-07-14 12:43:16 PM that wasn't much of a report or fun to boot.

"Naked Lunch.....I can find at least 2 things wrong with that title"
2005-07-14 12:44:18 PM  
Short bus?

2005-07-14 12:46:53 PM  
Penis gourd.
2005-07-14 12:47:16 PM  
Sweet Cuppin'-Cakes! Is Omarion okay? He may have been scared.
2005-07-14 12:48:06 PM  
I read the article below about how some vandals stole a 700kg. statue of a famous poet from a park, right under the local police's nose, as there was a 24hour police station bordering the park. The paper acted surprised that anyone could pull off a heist this bold.

Duh, you idiots, it's called police corruption, and your whole crappy country is rife with it.

No wonder Nieztche said "you'll never meet an eviler man than a russian."
2005-07-14 12:53:04 PM  

Heehehe! Penis gourd! HEEE!!!
2005-07-14 12:54:11 PM  
A young man decided to earn money by selling a bus belonging to his neighbor and parked not far from his house. The man hijacked the bus and sold it as metal scrap. Before that, he cut the bus into parts

1. Cut bus into parts.
2. Hijack bus.
3. Profit.

Finally found the missing third step: hijacking a collection of bus-bits.
2005-07-14 01:05:38 PM  
It didn't hurt anybody, so why is it against the law?
2005-07-14 01:06:49 PM  
fun reports!! these reports are SOOOOOO fun!
2005-07-14 01:09:42 PM brain hurts after reading that.

Mayhaps they should edit an article a bit once it's translated.
2005-07-14 01:12:10 PM  
Where I come from we call it scrap metal.

/First time I've ever heard "metal scrap"
2005-07-14 01:16:43 PM  
Ha ha. Russians are poor. Lets visit and watch them steal!

/Hey! My CAMERA!!!
2005-07-14 01:17:37 PM  
Wow in this country cutting up a broken down bus and removing from someones yard would be a paying job in itself forget about the scrap metal.
2005-07-14 01:19:07 PM  
so how much is scrap metal actually going for in Russia?
2005-07-14 01:22:05 PM  
I have a bus just like that one. My neighbor borrowed it last week.

hey, wait a minute...
2005-07-14 01:22:41 PM  
Damned metal-stealin' vodka zombies...
2005-07-14 01:24:13 PM  
A little sympathy here. Some people might be as attached to their rotting bus as to their pet goat.
2005-07-14 01:41:02 PM  
Slow news submissions day?
2005-07-14 01:43:19 PM  
in russia, the busses scrap you!
//im not lying
///i lied
2005-07-14 01:49:08 PM  
I have a bus just like that one. My neighbor borrowed it last week.
hey, wait a minute...

Heh, reminds me of a bit from Beavis & Butt-head while they were watching a video. Let's see if I can remember it.

Butt-head [watching guy in video with bike]: Whoa, that dude has a pretty cool bike. Didn't you used to have a bike?
Beavis: Shut up, Butt-head. You know my bike was stolen last week, and it pisses me off! Heh heh, and someone stole five bucks from me, too.
Butt-head: That must suck. That bikes makes for a tight ride. Huh huh.
Beavis: Yeah, how would you know?
Butt-head: Because, Beavis, I stole your bike.
Beavis: No, you didn't. You just got a bike last week. Heh heh heh. Looks just like mine.
Butt-head: Hey, Beavis, since you don't have a bike any more, can I have your bike lock?
Beavis: Heh heh, no way.
Butt-head: Uh, I'll pay you five bucks for it.
Beavis: Um...heh heh, okay.

Butt-head: Huh huh huh...dumbass.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-14 02:08:26 PM  
Hijacked? ... isn't 'stolen' more appropriate?

I thought to be 'hijacked', people had to be in it at the time? If it's just laying around, it's 'stolen'.

2005-07-14 03:11:14 PM  
Well if YOU'VE got a better idea, I'd like to hear it.
2005-07-14 03:59:50 PM  
As long as it was for charity.

/didn't rtfa
//didn't rtft
///don't think it was for charity
2005-07-14 06:50:26 PM  
Okay, just to prove that the eastern europe doesn't have a lock on bus-scrap weirdness:

I have a 35' school bus. I needed a service truck (tools/lube/etc.)for my excavation business. I cut all the way around the bus about 3' from the rear. I built a "gallows" to lift the piece off. I made another cut 16' further forward. I drove the bus to the scrap yard and had them remove the middle 16'. I drove home & put the rear end back on (16' further forward):
pics linky(pops)

I plan on cutting 8' off the frame, just behind the spring mount, making it 27' long. Then, I'll add an 8'x8' flatbed dump to it & maybe a small boom & winch.

Oh yeah, all the work, except the large body cuts & welding, were done with electricity provided by the two small solar panels in the front window, hooked up to the three deep cycle batteries on the floor + the two under the hood, through a 1500 w xantrex inverter!

Yeah, I am a little strange...
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