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(Some Guy)   Interview with Swordquest contest winner. Prizes valued at 25K each, Grand Prize supposedly 50k. Still think the game sucks now?   ( divider line
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2962 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Apr 2002 at 12:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-14 12:28:49 AM  
Yep. I do.
2002-04-14 12:29:36 AM  
I never said the game sucked! YOU suck!
2002-04-14 12:29:54 AM  
I still think the game sucks, and thanks for asking.
2002-04-14 12:30:23 AM  
What was SwordQuest again?
2002-04-14 12:31:47 AM  
*Looks down at yesterday's news* Oh, right.

Jeez, two Swordquest links in two days, it just seems like someone rediscovered it and decided to do a google search on it, thus finding these two links.
2002-04-14 12:31:56 AM  
Here for the first time, is an in-depth interview with Michael Rideout, the winner of the Swordquest: Fireworld contest...

JH: Mike, can you start with some background info on yourself so our readers can get to know a little more about you?

MR: Sure. I'm 39 years old. I'm not married.

None of us ever thought you were, Mike.
2002-04-14 12:33:01 AM  
OK, after several bourbons tonight, I have neither the patience nor the ability to focus my eyes long enough to read this "article." What the hell is this crap?
2002-04-14 12:34:53 AM  
If anything, the s00per-d00per swordquest contest reinforces the idea that the game was crap, since if it was a compelling game with addictive elements and rewards, you wouldn't need an outrageously grandiose contest to entice people to play it. QED.
2002-04-14 12:35:24 AM  
oh god how i hate steven bell
2002-04-14 12:36:17 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

In strong bad voice: Woah man! These graphics are state of the art!
2002-04-14 12:37:47 AM  
first task for the winner (right)...a wardrobe upgrade.

img src="">
2002-04-14 12:38:33 AM  
anyway, first task for the winner (right)...a wardrobe upgrade.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-14 12:44:36 AM  
I think he should invest in a brand spanking new amiga :)
2002-04-14 12:50:46 AM  
the guy in the office next to mine is playing his voicemail at really high speeds...god i hate chipmunks.
2002-04-14 12:55:10 AM  
I was hoping this guy would win:
2002-04-14 12:55:22 AM  
god damn
2002-04-14 01:00:04 AM  
Worst personals ad ever!

"MR: Sure. I'm 39 years old. I'm not married. I'm a computer programmer for a company that writes software for real-estate companies. I enjoy reading fantasy and science-fiction, and watching videos, TV shows, and movies like Star Trek and Babylon 5."
2002-04-14 01:01:11 AM  
That was just a really drawn out way of saying he is a virgin.

Then again, I shouldn't be talking, with my social skills I'll probably die a virgin...
2002-04-14 01:08:53 AM  
well its good to hear that 4 of the prizes are still intact, I bet the dude who won the talisman feels like crap dor melting a piece of video game history down , he probably blew the whole wad on strippers too
2002-04-14 01:11:18 AM  
enough fag-quest I DEMAND BOOBIES
2002-04-14 01:39:31 AM  
Of course, the $50K grand prize was NEVER AWARDED.
Yes, the games sucks.
(Actually, I only played it for about an hour when I borrowed it from a neighbor. Wasn't horrible as I recall, but I don't really recall.)
2002-04-14 01:47:10 AM  
I've still got two of those Swordquest games on my 2600. I played them forever and ever....I don't know why
2002-04-14 01:57:03 AM  
I'm a dork but Jesus Christ that guy is some kind of hybrid super dork.
2002-04-14 03:32:06 AM  
Those were some nice prizes. Real artistry went into them. Blizzard should do something like this for their new games.
2002-04-14 09:03:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]

... is it just me, or does this dude look like Charles Manson?
2002-04-14 09:25:06 AM  
Whose chalice is worth more, this guy's or Snoop Dogg's?

[image from too old to be available]

PS:"That was just a really drawn out way of saying he is a virgin.

Then again, I shouldn't be talking, with my social skills I'll probably die a virgin..."

No making fun of virgins unless you aren't one, nancy-boy!
2002-04-14 10:07:29 AM  
reminds me of that other nintendo game, where they gave away 50K$ - Treasure Hunter, or Master, or something. You had to watch MTV to put in the special code, then you would run through the game and get another code, and send it in for prizes.

Also, reminds me (in a vague way) of the 'Aardvark' or 'Aardwolf' deal from Wolfenstein..

2002-04-14 12:16:58 PM  
Anyone know of an emulator and ROM for this?
2002-04-14 02:19:57 PM  
Have you seen any of the newer systems (Playstation, Jaguar, Nintendo 64)?

Whahahahaha! He said Jaguar.
2002-04-14 02:37:29 PM  
Hey, the Jaguar had a few good games released for it. Just got steamrollered by the Playstation like everyone else at the time.
2002-04-14 08:36:25 PM  
I actually had a jaguar that i bought off Ebay. I didn't much care for any of the games on it...hell the damn thing didn't work half the time. Cartridge games should not be buggy!
2002-04-15 12:44:04 AM  
Swordquest. Ungh.

I liked the comics when I was a kid, but the games make little to no sense. You run from room to room moving objects from one room to the next, hoping to get a clue number that refers you to the comic you've probably already lost. It was so abstract and annoying I just could not get into it/
2002-04-15 12:22:03 PM  
But Adventure was cool!
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