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(WWMT)   "Timmy, at 13 you're a big boy now, so Daddy is going to leave you in charge of the meth lab"   ( divider line
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19175 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Jul 2005 at 3:38 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-07-12 01:44:35 PM  
I'll feel a lot better knowing that I wasn't the only one that went "Timmmmaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy" the first time they saw the headline.

2005-07-12 01:47:58 PM  
hey, timmy's gonna be really popular and always have a nice wad of cash. high school should be a breeze. lots of cheap whores for timmy, too.
2005-07-12 02:33:17 PM  
Good headline - brought me a chuckle. And I don't just chuckle for anything. Nope, no random chucklin' here.

/Got nothing
2005-07-12 03:02:50 PM  
Oh, way to go Timmy. I've taught my daughter better than that. Plus, she knows the cameras (THE CAMERAS!!!) are watching. Oh yes, she knows. You ALL KNOW!!

2005-07-12 03:04:34 PM  
It brings a tear to my eye to know that a family business will continue on for another generation.
2005-07-12 03:06:01 PM  
nice headline submitter! gave me a good laugh.
2005-07-12 03:08:11 PM  
You know, in my day it was all, "Timmy go weed the Marijuana field."
Kids today, they got it easy.
"Timmy just sit here and watch TV while the meth cooks and don't answer the door."
2005-07-12 03:44:23 PM  
We're gonna need another Timmy!
2005-07-12 03:46:55 PM  
"Timmy!!! Ti... Ti... Timmy?"
2005-07-12 03:47:58 PM  
Wow, Fisher-Price is really branching out. How much does a "My First Meth Lab" cost?
2005-07-12 03:48:17 PM  
Lazy ass kids of today.. cant even contain a simple meth lab for a little while..
2005-07-12 03:48:36 PM  
thats like giving a kid a timebomb to play with. jeezis.
2005-07-12 03:49:37 PM  
dumbass,at 13 he should have been the look-out!
2005-07-12 03:49:39 PM  
this is a great program for overweight kids!
2005-07-12 03:49:56 PM  

Lets see My First Meth Lab: A few beakers, a distillation set, ether, red dye, some cold medicine, cheap heating source.

I dunno 2K to get you started.
2005-07-12 03:50:20 PM  
2005-07-12 03:50:25 PM  
And don't let your sister fall behind in her studies!
2005-07-12 03:50:46 PM  
What's that Lassie? Timmy blew up the meth lab?
2005-07-12 03:51:46 PM  

I'll feel a lot better knowing that I wasn't the only one that went "Timmmmaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy" the first time they saw the headline.

Guess it's an age thing. My first thought of was a collie catching up to the guy 30 minutes later

"What's that Lassie?"
"Timmy blew up the Meth lab and is trapped in the fire? Let's go!"
2005-07-12 03:52:06 PM  
2005-07-12 03:52:37 PM  
Geez, how hard is it for people to manage a simple chemical reaction?

Damn tweaksters.
2005-07-12 03:52:37 PM  
At 13 he can't "reduce heat and simmer"? Alton Brown he is not.
2005-07-12 03:53:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-12 03:53:38 PM  
MY Timmy would never let THAT happen..... He has the fire safety merit badge and is an honors student.... runs track too.
2005-07-12 03:53:49 PM  

Are you trying to post something?
2005-07-12 03:54:17 PM  
Dad should've left the family rotweiller &/or pitbull in charge.
2005-07-12 03:54:48 PM  
Damn pawned by Sethor
2005-07-12 03:54:58 PM  
wtf is up with beer4breakfast?

someone forget to send him the money for a new keyboard?
2005-07-12 03:56:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-12 03:57:02 PM  
My old man never involved me in the family business.

/lucky little shiat
//I miss you papa!
2005-07-12 03:57:35 PM  
I think beer4breakfast is having his own Timmy moment.
2005-07-12 03:57:44 PM  
he's doing his Marcel Marceau impression.
2005-07-12 03:58:19 PM  
He won't be nicknamed Timmy the Cruel if he keeps up these petty jobs.
2005-07-12 03:58:23 PM  
Yah know, it's always good to teach your kids a trade that they can live off of. It brings a tear to my eye when I see a father teaching his son the family business...
2005-07-12 03:58:51 PM  
I got my first motorcycle when I was 13. It wasn't till I was 14 till I started smoking dope and doing meth. Started the dope at, of all places, christian youth camp - with the preachers daughter. Did the meth with my cousin who is now an officer in the Navy. Go figure.
2005-07-12 04:00:42 PM  
Perhaps it's breakfast time where beer4breakfast lives?
2005-07-12 04:01:20 PM  
The kid was released to his mother? Wasn't dear old mom aware her house was being used as a meth lab?

"Your Honor, I thought they making buck cake." Idiot.
2005-07-12 04:03:51 PM  
ok, to celebrate Timmys promotion everyone gets a FREE ice cream cone!

yes, with sprinkles too!

/meth sprinkles
2005-07-12 04:04:10 PM  
beer4breakfast was being stabbed right then, and all he can manage after losing all that blood was to try to get peoples attention by clicking on submit, and you people make fun of him for it!

/RIP beer4breakfast
2005-07-12 04:04:38 PM  
"I thought it was his science fair project, judge." *Nudges Timmay in ribs*
2005-07-12 04:05:41 PM  
Nice - turn the family home into a HazMat zone.
2005-07-12 04:10:04 PM  
My parents wouldn't leave me in charge of the meth lab until I was 16.
2005-07-12 04:11:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
thanks dad!
2005-07-12 04:12:11 PM  
Let us pray for beer$breakfast..... and Omarion.
2005-07-12 04:12:32 PM  
Thanks for caring guys. I just wanted to post a damn timmy pic.
2005-07-12 04:13:32 PM  
I think it's great that parents teach their kids a good work ethic at a young age. It'll serve him well when he's knocking over gas stations and stealing stereos.
2005-07-12 04:15:08 PM  
You know, I look at pictures of these meth labs and I just KNOW I could do a better job.
Not that I'd want to, but you know.
2005-07-12 04:16:32 PM  
I think drugs should be legal, but drug users and dealers are idiots!
2005-07-12 04:16:59 PM  
The kid was released to his mother? Wasn't dear old mom aware her house was being used as a meth lab?

From the article, it didn't sound like it was HER house...maybe I missed it, though.
2005-07-12 04:19:27 PM  
NEAR PORTAGE (NEWS 3) - A fire at a Kalamazoo County home uncovered a meth lab that, at the time of the blaze, was in the control of a 13-year-old boy.

If this is what's happening near Portage, just imagine what's actually happening in Portage. Zing!

/wokkka wokka wokka
//knows it's cheesy
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