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(TechTV)   High-tech cat door equipped with image recognition prevents fluffy from bringing in kills.   ( divider line
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3013 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Apr 2002 at 3:16 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-13 03:19:00 PM  
2002-04-13 03:19:25 PM  
My cats breath smells like dead rats
2002-04-13 03:19:32 PM  
2002-04-13 03:20:08 PM  
farking meow man!
2002-04-13 03:20:42 PM  
This was on /. a while ago ...
2002-04-13 03:21:52 PM  
What about dogs? can it prevent a dog from bringing in a dead cat?
2002-04-13 03:21:57 PM  
Slashdot article:
2002-04-13 03:22:39 PM  
Slashdot Article
That's better (mods, delete the non-hyperlinked one, please)
2002-04-13 03:24:01 PM  
Developing a Web-based search engine that uses an image-recognition algorithm to find online matches is one of Tsikanovsky's goals.

Might make a hell of an imporovement to GIS, if he could get it to work correctly.
2002-04-13 03:24:38 PM  

Ummm, what if the kill is in it's mouth? :)

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-13 03:28:17 PM  
ROFLMFAO Johndx....
You made me spray all over my monitor
2002-04-13 03:28:23 PM  
great, so my cats gonna be stuck outside all week.
2002-04-13 03:28:49 PM  
Of course, why didn't i think to just start submitting slashdot stories from weeks ago.
2002-04-13 03:28:53 PM  
what if a human were to come through the door?
2002-04-13 03:29:29 PM  
How long untill someone posts a cliche kitty Pshop?
2002-04-13 03:30:18 PM  
Old ./ link!
2002-04-13 03:32:23 PM  
How fast does this thing work? I mean, our old cat used to fly through the kitty door like bat outta h3ll. Does the door stay shut until the cat is 'recognized'? If so, how long does that take?

BTW, my current cat looks a lot like their cat Squirrel seen on their site.

I also like the page they have for watching the real-time kitty events. It would be helpful if you wanted to know if the cat were indoors or out night.
2002-04-13 03:34:52 PM  
Oh great. NOW you tell me. About 6 weeks ago, our cat brought in a live mouse and let it loose in my bedroom. I sat here in this very seat at my keyboard that Friday night, glanced down and saw a ickle bundle of brown fur gazing innocently up at me. I didn't scream. I just put my feet up on my chair and called for help.

And then proceeded to shut my bedroom door and sleep on the sofa downstairs. I am a chicken.

2002-04-13 03:35:18 PM  
now what to do with all those kills in my freezer?

flavor wave oven!
2002-04-13 03:36:10 PM  
Squirrel is a funny name for a cat.

But I'm guilty of naming a cat Chinchilla, so I really shouldn't judge.
2002-04-13 03:36:35 PM  
Bagpuss: that happened to me once too.

I stomped the mouse, and put it in the cat dish.
2002-04-13 03:39:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-13 03:40:14 PM  

To answer my own question up there (sort of), I found the following on their page:

The device tests for the presence of Flo 20 times a second (which is about the highest rate possible, since the camera itself is 30 fps), but a cat can move a significant distance even in 1/20 of a second. As it is, we barely manage to keep the snapshots within the field of view of the camera. The feature description is not at all affected by the position of the feature in the image.

Hmmm. I wonder how fast the latching mechanism is. Still haven't found that. I guess I'm just curious as to how fast this whole thing can work if kitty is playing AJ Foyt.
2002-04-13 03:41:27 PM  
Kane827 Cracked me up when I saw it too....:)

Why don't you just tie the cat up like this guy?

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-13 03:46:31 PM  
Johndx, some friends sorta trained their kitty to be on a leash (with a harness, not a plain collar). Kitty would be find hanging out in the yard on his leash, but you couldn't really "walk" him, although I've read where some have been able to.
2002-04-13 03:48:18 PM  
Why doesn't this guy just make a robot cat whose behaviour whose behaviour he can program rather than denying his cat its normalcy?

I saw a piece at the Contemporary Arts Museum once that was a video monitor displaying a simple rectangular shape. My fellow patrons came and went, but I lingered, suspecting there was a little something extra in this very quiet and sterile scene. All of a sudden, the rectangle was revealed to be a cat door with a cat juming through. Startled, I let out a yelp. I was very embarrassed to have a docent start making his way toward me, but releaved to see my friend, who had a skateboard, approaching the docent from behind.
2002-04-13 03:48:45 PM  
Does this look like a cat that would bother to hunt for anything? Puh-leeze!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-13 03:49:16 PM  
My cat's breath smells like cat food!
2002-04-13 03:58:43 PM  
TechTV must've hired a cat to write that.

It certainly wasn't a college grad.

And there's this:

"any image is a collection of a finite number of discrete features"

Farking geniuses.
2002-04-13 04:36:59 PM  
Letting your cat outdoors exposes it to all sorts of dangers like cars, aggressive animals as well as other cats, disease, and other people in addition to the hundreds of birds it may kill in a given year. Indoor cats live years longer, on average, than outdoor cats, especially if you live near me and your fscking cat shows up in my yard.
2002-04-13 05:00:58 PM  
Not my cat, you see, my cat is some kind of crazy mutant. This thing has some how aquired an endoskeleton made out of a titanium/kryptonite alloy and pure energy. It can and has killed humans before, and fought off the entire swat team when they came for him. The two snipers that attempted to shoot at him are buried in my backyard behind Osama Bin Laden and Hillary Rosen. He does not fight with other animals because he has no cause to fear other animals as he considers himself the biggest badass on the block and possible the planet. He sometimes runs out the door if I leave it open too long, but lately he has taken to ripping the door in half to escape.

However, he is constantly purring and trying to wedge himself into peoples laps, I have seen him on occasion divebomb onto someone's lap from the counter because he could not climb by conventional means. When he feels like it he will sleep on top of you and purr all night long, nothing will stop him from doing this, turning over does not help.
2002-04-13 05:29:16 PM  
My cat Simba is nuts as well. You see he lives with a Jack Russel Terrier that would really like to play with him (in a bad way). My cat torments, teases and otherwise infuriates Do'h (I didn't name him, I got him off a breeder when they were gonna put him down because at 5 he was past his prime for breeding. Assholes.) to the point where Do'h is in a frenzy, just wanting to go play with the kitty. But Do'h and Simba both know I won't allow that, so Simba feels pretty secure in doing this. It's kind of funny actually.
2002-04-13 05:44:15 PM  
Can you spell REPEAT?
2002-04-13 06:00:17 PM  
Our cat, Nikki, lived to be 18. She was an indoor/outdoor cat that was declawed. She had no problems living to a ripe old age. This was in suburbia, so perhaps the dangers were reduced compared to an inner-city or country cat.

I'm glad she didn't live near you, though, Frot. ;)
2002-04-13 06:42:31 PM  
I liked when my cat brings in dead animals. She always seems so proud and drops it under the kitchen table so I can find it to eat. I even take it and pretend to eat it in front of her, and she seems pleased. If I got this thing..i would just have a bunch of dead mice outside my door...not to mention my cat would probably just jump through the screen in the window like she's done before...
2002-04-13 06:54:58 PM  
Do they make something that will stop my cat from licking my other cat's butthole. I realize they're cats, but it still grosses me out.
2002-04-13 07:12:12 PM  
"He was denied three times in a row," Tsikanovsky said.
Immediately the cock crowed. And the cat remembered what Jesus had said, and he wept bitterly.
2002-04-13 07:39:36 PM  
It would be nice if fark was high tech and could recognise repeats or misleading headlines. Oh well, it's run in Kentucky, so you can't expect too much.
2002-04-13 10:02:25 PM  
Look at the cat's exit/entrances. It always leaves and comes back in a few hours.

Look at today:

Notice the cat left 7 hours ago and still hasn't come back. I think it had enough of his owner's shiat ;)
2002-04-13 10:03:45 PM  
Wow, there's a filter on even the word most commonly used to describe defecation. I forgot Fark's target audience was 12-year-old Catholic school girls.
2002-04-14 11:28:59 AM  
I can tell what season it by what the cats bring in.

April - Pie and Winston - home mice
May - Pie and Winston - birds
June - Pie and Winston - baby squirrels
July - Pie, Winston and Trouble - frogs, frogs, frogs
August - Pie, Winston - shrews and bats
September - bats
October - leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves
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