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(   Woman stabbed by McDonald's employee because she complained about the food.   ( divider line
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9080 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Apr 2002 at 6:20 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-13 06:23:52 PM  
'Amusing' tag, eh?

Who DOESN'T find unprovoked homicidal attacks amusing?
2002-04-13 06:24:31 PM  
Huh, usually they just spit in it.
2002-04-13 06:25:27 PM  
Woah stabbed in the forehead with a pin, ouch.

I smell LAWSUIT!
2002-04-13 06:26:01 PM  
Using the words McDonalds and food in the same sentance is a contradiction in terms.
2002-04-13 06:26:09 PM  
The mcdonalds guy gets a [image from too old to be available] tag.... stupidity SHOULD be painful
2002-04-13 06:26:17 PM  
Maybe it's amusing because the weapon on question is a pen.
2002-04-13 06:26:20 PM  
From what i heard, McDonalds is the #1 buyer of cow eyeballs in the U.S.
2002-04-13 06:26:32 PM  
Finally McDonald's reveals their true colors, resorting to Ninja Burger-like tactics.
2002-04-13 06:27:01 PM  
That's in question. *Swats at typo demon.*
2002-04-13 06:27:46 PM  
It is either that or a stabbing pain in your stomach from the food. Your choice
2002-04-13 06:28:02 PM  
Hee hee, its about time this kinda stuff started happening, lord knows people treat fast food service people like shiat, maybe now people will start being a little nicer, for fear they might be stabbed.
I personally believe everyone in the service or retail industry should be allowed by law to mildy assault two people a month, just to make sure everybody stays curteous.
2002-04-13 06:28:55 PM  
McDonalds goes postal. :)
2002-04-13 06:29:30 PM  
i really hate it when i am waiting in line and i can't get my food because some ninny is in front of me nit-picking everything wrong with an order... if you don't want pickles then ask them not to put pickles on it. if they put pickles on it anyway, take the damn pickles off yourself or go somewhere that can get an order right, but for the love of god get outta my farking way!
2002-04-13 06:29:40 PM  

you are onto something there...
2002-04-13 06:29:46 PM  
god, i hate people
2002-04-13 06:30:42 PM  
Now, Aeonite, Ninja Burger employees wouldn't get caught. The customer would just mysteriously drop dead. And Ninja Burger is delivery only. Not paying attention to your own business again?
2002-04-13 06:30:45 PM  
Royale with stab
2002-04-13 06:31:35 PM  
This employee is my hero. I don't know what people expect from a five dollar meal. If they're looking for perfection they should go to a real restaurant.
2002-04-13 06:32:29 PM  
for $5 you dont expect a great meal but then again you also dont expect a stab in the head
2002-04-13 06:33:09 PM  
I think the employee was just upset as to how uninformed (if that's even a word) the customer was. All McDonald's food is no good.
2002-04-13 06:33:11 PM  
...and in other news Part-time McDonalds employee receives promotion at Post Office
2002-04-13 06:33:32 PM  
Having worked as a movie theater concessionist, I know what it is like to have a job where everyone hates you and rarely treat you nicely. I think everyone should have to work a service job at least once, so that they know how it feels. For every rude salesperson story you might have, there are probably five rude customer stories.

Of course, actually stabbing a customer crosses the line, especially if it is a legitimate complaint. Of course, the article is so poorly written it's hard to understand just what is going on. Was she fired BEFORE this incident. What was going on. Was she just hanging out in the back, waiting for someone to stab?
2002-04-13 06:34:44 PM  
according to the article it was a FORMER employee. she'd just been fired for arguing with this customer. but how dumb are you if you stand across a counter from someone and let them stab you repeatedly???????
2002-04-13 06:35:33 PM  
How bout that famous Southern hospitality?
2002-04-13 06:36:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Stabble stabble!
2002-04-13 06:36:28 PM  
I'd stab any one of you i thought to be cock'eyed
2002-04-13 06:38:01 PM  
I'm sorry, I worked in the fast food industry as a teen, and I think every teen should go through getting their ass chewed out every hour. It's character building, and it motivates you to get a good career. I treat them like the shiat that they are so that they will thank me the day they graduate college.
2002-04-13 06:40:22 PM  
I'm with ReaperCow and Soporific.

There should be a manditory customer service period everyone has to go through. I know I treat counter people a lot better after doing my time.

And everyone would understand why this has an amusing tag. Would I ever have loved to stab some of my customers in the head in the pen.
2002-04-13 06:40:28 PM  
I make it a policy to be very nice to anyone who is preparing something I plan to eat.
2002-04-13 06:40:49 PM  
Walton's attorney Kenneth Funderburk . . . Is it actually Funderburk, or did the person who type the story just have a speech impedement? Perhaps it should be "Thunderbird!"
2002-04-13 06:41:11 PM  
This guy defintiely deserves the tag. I worked at McDonald's for a year or so, and let me tell you, the customers on average are even dumber than the employees. I don't know how it's possible, but it is.
2002-04-13 06:43:20 PM  
Hey, I managed an Arby's for 9 years! The fact that I never commited bodily harm on someone is a testament to my self-control! Most of you people suddenly become extreme stupid the minute your feet hit the floor of a Fast Food establishment. I say, "Good for the McDonald's employee!" If more customers got stabbed in the head, maybe they'd wise up a bit next time they visited.
2002-04-13 06:44:07 PM  
Oh YEA! And if I had spell-check...maybe I wouldn't look so stupid when I post....dork
2002-04-13 06:44:29 PM  
you treat them like shiat, so that theyll go get a "good career". thats what we need. more people just like you. good little corporate whores that look down on the rest of us..
2002-04-13 06:44:46 PM  
"There was a great deal of profanity coming out of the employee prior to the stabbing."

Profanity coming out of every orifice in her body! Woopee!
2002-04-13 06:46:09 PM  
I think the sign should be for employees of those places to chill out, admit you made a mistake and try harder in the future to avoid them instead of being a whiny biatch about it and taking it as a personal insult. Personally I think that if you pay in advance for food, you have a reasonable expectation for that food to resemble what you ordered as per the menu description or advertisements, and if not, then you should have the right to have the mistakes of the employee resovled without profanity or pen stabbings or even spit.

YOU are the one that messed up, either by incorrectly taking the order, or actually making it wrong. Don't be such an ass about it. Do something right the first time and you won't be so embarassed that you messed up that you have to spit on food or assault someone. Granted, the customer might have had a bad attitude about the whole thing, but still, it's one stinking hamburger. Make a new one and forget about it.

And yes, I have worked in fast food before.
2002-04-13 06:46:32 PM  
I see a lot Farkers have been or are fast food employees!
2002-04-13 06:47:46 PM  
Sheesh- she should have just sued
2002-04-13 06:49:06 PM  
I've had stabbing pains from eating at McDonalds before, but...
2002-04-13 06:49:37 PM  
I worked at Mickey D's while in High School for roughly a month. I was fired for calling in sick 6 or 7 times. It didn't take me long to figure out that jobs suck.
2002-04-13 06:52:07 PM  
Would you like fries with that?
2002-04-13 06:52:47 PM  
BMartin: I said Ninja-Burger-like tactics. Of course, McDonald's employees are not true ninja, so they best they can offer is a pale imitation stabbing with a pen. A true ninja would have used a ninja-to, or a katana, or perhaps some shuriken.

No Ninja Burger customer ever complains twice.
2002-04-13 06:53:18 PM  
As a guy that likes his farking hamburgers PLAIN....I can vouch for the aggravation that comes from having your order farked up. But, you know, it's rarely the cashier's fault. When my burger comes to me with layers of shiat all in it, I check the receipt to make sure the cahsier typed in "PLAIN", then I tell them "Yeah...I ordered this burger plain...but the cook put all the stuff on it." Then the cashier is pissed at the COOK, not me. And I don't yell at the counter guy, even if they mess up EVERY TIME. It's usually not his fault. And, to defend the cooks, it's understandable how you can forget that one burger out of 1000 that day doesn't have all the shiat on it. But, goddamnit, they did it wrong, and they're gonna fix it.
2002-04-13 06:55:02 PM  
They probably knew each other through an AOL chat room.
2002-04-13 06:58:27 PM  
I wonder if the employee was black?
2002-04-13 07:06:06 PM  
Deus I see your family evolved past the hunter\gatherer territorial animal stage.
2002-04-13 07:10:39 PM  
I don't think you're that far ahead if you eat it without complaining.
2002-04-13 07:13:01 PM  
Ugh, I worked at burger king for about 2 months... horrible time. Most of the time if there were mistakes it wasn't in the punchboard or the cook. It was the dumbasses up front who can't read the marked food. Then sometimes it was the dumb biatches in the back who only got hired because they have nice racks, and no farking brains. Bad bad bad times. Hell one time the district manager came through the drive thru, and got his whopper with mustard on it. He came in all pissed off and actually interrogated EVERY person working. He goes up to me and asked who taught me how to make whoppers and if that person taught me to put mustard on it. I was on the farkin spec board the entire time, so I wasn't even making whoppers. God I hated that guy.
2002-04-13 07:14:02 PM  
Poorly written...Alabama?

Since when did they start treating for stitches to the forehead??

Y'all come back now.
2002-04-13 07:16:04 PM  
It is ok to complain if you don't pay or get your money back. If you are stupid enough to send something back and then eat what they bring you next you deserve all the bowel crushing agony you will soon receive.
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