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(Some Guy)   Remember Swordquest? The original "quest" game for us addicts of the 80's. Screenshots and sollutions are here.   ( divider line
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2002-04-13 12:09:01 AM  
I was more into the Vikings games. You know what I mean.

2002-04-13 12:11:57 AM  
I used to love this game. Ah, memories...(sighs wistfully)
2002-04-13 12:13:09 AM  
I remember Zork for the C64. Does that count?
2002-04-13 12:20:29 AM  
fourth post!
2002-04-13 12:20:56 AM  
how many people remember Sopwith!?
2002-04-13 12:21:03 AM  
Are there shiny swords?
2002-04-13 12:26:20 AM  
2002-04-13 12:37:49 AM  
Wow, that was a shiatty game. Talk about bringing back bad memories. I bought this game as a kid, and when I got home I was convinced it was defective. I was wrong. It just sucked.
2002-04-13 12:38:24 AM  
I remember trying to get through the waterfall area. That was tough. The morning I did it, I went bananas.

I never did figure the game out, though. Closest I ever came was giving Venus the necklace.
2002-04-13 12:38:24 AM  
what's the point without shiny swords?
2002-04-13 12:39:00 AM  
where can i get a rom of it?
2002-04-13 12:40:26 AM  
load "*" ,8,1

gotta be a better game on this disk than Zork :)
2002-04-13 12:40:37 AM  
never been much of a quester, but i can see how it's addicting. i got addicted to sim city once, i still think "why are they biatching about road repairs? a section only costs ten bucks?"
2002-04-13 12:40:49 AM  
To bad Ray still has the prized sword over his fire place.
2002-04-13 12:46:01 AM  
Hopefully I wasn't the only kid who got one or more of these games and was just BAFFLED by what was going on. I've been playing video games since I was old enough that I could. Even when I was a little kid I was playing games like Beserk and getting so many points that the score rolled (ah, the good old "score rolling"), hell, I even figured out that evil, EVIL Raiders of the Lost Ark game for the 2600... but not ONCE did I play the SwordQuest games and have a clue what in God's name was going on.
2002-04-13 12:50:49 AM  
This game was such a HUGE disappointment when I was a kid. I had no earthly idea how to play or what I was supposed to be doing in the game.

Funny, now that I've read the solutions, I STILL HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA!!!

(Anyone remember Adventure? Now THERE is a classic game.)
2002-04-13 12:57:55 AM  
what the fark?
2002-04-13 01:04:08 AM  
I don't see how you get 'spire' out of that first clue.
Is it because on page 16 the 4th panel, they're fleeing
out of a window from a tower, and another word for a tower
is spire?

Talk about wonder I never solved the damn thing. Well, I also didn't have the other two, just Swordquest, but still...
2002-04-13 01:06:55 AM  
Damn, now I'm getting all pissed off thinking about this damned game. Back in the day, my parents were old-school tightwads. We got one game a year, on our birthday. Back then, you couldn't rent games to see if they sucked, so if you picked a shiatty game for your birthday, you were screwed. Man, this game looked so sweet, I just had to have it. Broke my gol-danged heart that it sucked so bad.

I hate this game, I hate that website for reminding me of childhood trauma. I my parents for not letting me pick another game after finding out how shiatty this one is, and I hate all of you for not opening an Atari game rental store in Warren, Ohio back in 1982. AHHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!!
2002-04-13 01:20:42 AM  
solutions, you tards.

Speling is hard!
2002-04-13 01:23:22 AM  
> Originally Published in the 2600 Connection Magazine Issue #4 Spring 1991 by Timothy Duarte

Fark is a little behind the times.
2002-04-13 01:25:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
AAAHHH! Run for your lives!
2002-04-13 01:35:01 AM  
"Alright, get that freaking duck away from me!"

While you're on the site, visit bluetech for lots of cool videogame hardware project stuff. Just don't fark the site. Fortunately there are no boobies on tripoint so theres not as much risk :P
2002-04-13 01:35:23 AM  
YES! Adeventure ROCKED! That friggin' bat pissed me off, how it'd steal the chalice JUST as I'd get it to the gold castle!

Green Dragon was a pussy, too. Easiest to kill, even in the hardest setting.
2002-04-13 01:36:34 AM  
I too am a SwordQuest survivor.

I remember playing that game over and over thinking I was one step away from it all making sense. I only had to find one more clue and I would have understood the concept.

I was wrong.
2002-04-13 01:39:48 AM  
Did anyone else have the game Space Shuttle?

It simulated a Space Shuttle mission where you had to launch, dock with a sattlelite and return home to land.

As often as I played it, I was always WAAAAAAAY off course during the launch and crashed every single landing.
2002-04-13 01:51:35 AM  
I didn't have Space Shuttle, but I delighted in playing Missile Command.

I would purposely just ignore the death rays from space and laugh as all the towns below were destroyed. I would
get this mental image of everyone fleeing in terror, only
to be completely obliterated in a huge fireball of death and destruction. Why should I care if they died? I didn't
know anyone in those towns, and they were crappy builders...each town looked the same.
2002-04-13 02:33:01 AM  
Wow, the wariors sword. Not very impressive, is it?
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-13 02:34:12 AM  
Old or retro doesn't mean it was Good.
Remember "Adventure"? Your "character" was just a damn square.
2002-04-13 02:35:38 AM  
Back off Ogre, Adventure rocked.
2002-04-13 02:35:47 AM  
Mad Ogre: Yes, but at least the square had a sword to slay dragons with.
2002-04-13 02:46:32 AM  
And a flying bat. And a magnet. And a bridge that could cross damn near anything, including walls where you couldn't normally pass.
2002-04-13 02:49:22 AM  
And don't forget the microdot.
First Easter-Egg ever?
2002-04-13 02:52:55 AM  
Oh what simple joy could be had by simply locking a dragon inside of a castle. Weeeeeeee.....
2002-04-13 02:59:59 AM  
that game sucked soooo bad. I had got my 2600 (the cool one that was all high-tech like the 5200) in 85' just before the old NES came out. I got the fireworld and earthworld games and could not figure them out for the life of me. they were much harder than Raiders of the Lost Ark (trying to fall off the right pyramid into the crack in the side was almost impossible.. i did it once... almost broke my joystick though!) and the games were as obfuscating as Codebreaker (one of a very few keypad based games --yay star raiders!)
anyway, i'm glad they don't make games like this anymore. the last cool game to be made for any 8-bit-or-less atari would had have to have been Pitfall 2: Lost Caverns. it had a full on second stage and all sorts of crazy secrets. Ballblazer (lucasarts) had cool music too, and the first split-screen mode i ever seen.
2002-04-13 03:01:40 AM  
I was more into the Kings Quest and Space Quest series by Sierra back then. And of course, the classic shareware game:

[image from too old to be available]
Hugo's House of Horrors!

Oh how I miss the days of games like these...
2002-04-13 03:17:38 AM  
King's Quest is still around. Last I heard of Roberta Williams, though, was after Phantasmagora came out. Now that I have a better hard drive, I should look into getting some of the compilations of KQ, and I never got a chance to play Phantasmagora.

The key to winning Adventure, as previously mentioned, was to either slay the dragons or lock their pixilated asses in the castles. I usually let them chase me into the black castle area, and just slay their asses outside. But if they were inside the white castle, I just left them there.

Red dragon liked to hang around inside white castle, IIRC.
2002-04-13 03:36:23 AM  
God damn, this brings back memories!

Good ones in the case of Adventure and Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (whose music I have permanently engrained in my brain).

Real, real, real bad ones of SwordQuest. Ooh, yay. Finish a stupid little game and get an item that I get to move from room to room until I get a clue. F. U. N.

The comic was kinda cool though.
2002-04-13 03:37:12 AM  
I loved the grunty sound effects in 'Adventure'. That was a classic. I played that a million times until my kiddy hands got pulsing cramps from those pathetically designed joysticks. Jebus und Klang, those things were hard on the paws. Did the suckers ever keep the things on the table while you were struggling to play the freakin' game? nooooo.

Never played swordquest. From comments above, I see that was a good thing. I did however buy the ET game.. now THAT game sucked. Played it about a dozen times then chucked it in the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again.
2002-04-13 04:04:35 AM  
No Way! ET was the best 2600 game ever.
2002-04-13 04:06:26 AM  
My family picked up Raiders Of The Lost Ark round abouts in 1988. I never could figure that goddamn thing out.

I'd start playing, get to the bottom of the screen, and WHAMMO, game over. RESTART.

Might have helped if we had got the game with instructions...
2002-04-13 05:45:47 AM  
If I recall correctly, the dragons in Adventure were called:

Yorgle, the yellow dragon,
Grundle, the green dragon,
and Rhindle, the red dragon.

There. I always knew I was keeping that useless trivia in my brain for a reason.

Anyone know if the bat had a name?
2002-04-13 06:22:45 AM  
I think the Bat's name was "Bat-Ass".
2002-04-13 07:27:31 AM  
JSVB: Close- it's Yorkle, Grundle, and Rhindle.

BTW, here's a link to the instruction manual:

Anyone remember the old Odyssey system that was out in the very early 80s? They had a pretty good adventure-type game. I forget the name, but it came in a big box.
2002-04-13 09:58:35 AM  
Str8ballin' - Sopwith was the shiat. I wasted so many hours on that game, and I have no idea why it was even fun. It just was.

I-Mockery - I can't beleive you brought up Hugo. I still remember vividly the first day I saw the word "bung". My life hasn't been the same since.

All this old school talk is going to make me want to bust out with some Commander Keen or ZZT.
2002-04-13 10:19:58 AM  
I was a Kaboom! addict myself. Now there was a game designed to give kids epileptic seizures!
2002-04-13 10:35:32 AM  
Swordquest was so horrible...
bad memories
Raiders of the Lost Ark sucked badly too.
2002-04-13 11:12:54 AM  
So whatever happened to the freakin' Chalice, Crown, and Sword?
Were they even ever made???
And where the hell is the medallion currently?
2002-04-13 12:37:48 PM  
Remember Swordquest?


2002-04-13 01:16:21 PM  
Jesus, I must have thrown that game against the wall a dozen times trying to figure the damn thing out....I guess that's what 3rd graders do....ah the memories....
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