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(The Register)   Microsoft is violating XP users' privacy.   ( divider line
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10858 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Apr 2002 at 5:31 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-12 05:33:19 PM  
Whoop de farkin do
find something else to biatch about
2002-04-12 05:35:12 PM  
And in other news...
Germans still love David Hasslehoff
2002-04-12 05:35:49 PM  
First we find out that the Beatles used drugs, and now this..
2002-04-12 05:36:54 PM  
Bill Gates is violating XP users privates?
2002-04-12 05:37:46 PM  
2002-04-12 05:38:03 PM  
The Luddites are looking smarter every day.
2002-04-12 05:38:43 PM  
this just in...?
2002-04-12 05:39:13 PM  
The popcorn you are eating has been pissed in. The story at 11.
2002-04-12 05:39:57 PM  
how exactly is it violating privacy by updating file assocations, they dont log ips, it doesn't collect info, and so what if they did practically every website on the planet logs a url big deal.

google et al all log search info, damn we even use it for posting at fark to see what people are searching for as amusement.

just a lame story to garner webclicks for ads

oh no i just searched for task*.exe on my local pc, i am fear for my life.
2002-04-12 05:40:16 PM  
And in other news, Microsoft is a really big company. Todays Obvious news brought to you in part by Microsoft. "We're watching."
2002-04-12 05:40:37 PM  
well no freakin shiat...
2002-04-12 05:40:40 PM  
there just trying to complie a list of good porn site, geezz...
2002-04-12 05:41:15 PM  
Microsoft is teh suck.
2002-04-12 05:43:19 PM  
I'll take "Trustworthy Computing" for $500, Alex.
2002-04-12 05:43:29 PM  
And you always thought that the Government was big brother....
2002-04-12 05:44:34 PM  
Isn't that a quote from Kentucky Fried Movie? Or am I drunk?
2002-04-12 05:45:05 PM  
good point Merltech...
2002-04-12 05:45:49 PM  
This is another reason why I will never use XP.
2002-04-12 05:46:31 PM  
This is one of the many reasons I don't use Win-doze
2002-04-12 05:46:55 PM  
And you're telling me this because...?
2002-04-12 05:46:58 PM  
And in other breaking news, Abba has turned down a billion dollars...............
2002-04-12 05:48:01 PM  
yes, i'm sure the submitter knew this before-hand.
2002-04-12 05:48:05 PM  
Shrug.. Don't like it, don't use XP. Whining about it is pointless.
2002-04-12 05:49:12 PM  
Microsoft *gasp* invades the privacy of their users?

Puh-lease. Yawn. Old news.
2002-04-12 05:49:30 PM  
Why don't you farkheads read the damn article before making stupid ass comments? It specifically says that they DON'T violate the user's privacy. The submitter is also a piece of shiat, for trying to get people riled up over nothing. Go to hell.
2002-04-12 05:50:19 PM  
is it too early to start a weekend of binge drinking now?
2002-04-12 05:50:58 PM  
you "signed" the user license, deal with it.
2002-04-12 05:51:15 PM  
>>Go to hell.

As my friend's husband once said to her:
"I'm already there with you, biatch."
2002-04-12 05:51:49 PM  
The fix for this is easy... don't use XP

Use Win 2K, its the same damn OS just XP has a GUI made for those who lack the clue gene.
2002-04-12 05:52:07 PM  
It sucks to be snarky when you suck at closing your tags. Ugghhh.
2002-04-12 05:52:10 PM  
Only a few Microsoft drones have posted so far, I'm surprised.
2002-04-12 05:53:30 PM  
those who read the article will see that while there is no privacy violation the act of adding/manipulating files on the users hd without permisssion is a questionable act.
2002-04-12 05:54:08 PM  
RaoulDuke - you the same RaoulDuke from the forum?
2002-04-12 05:54:58 PM  
Another Fix. Give Windows the heave. It's not the only OS in town.
2002-04-12 05:58:48 PM  
Bonsoir: I agree. I'm using 2k but at home and all my servers/firewalls I have a mix of Linux or obsd.

KDE3 rocks!
2002-04-12 06:00:05 PM  
WOW JERWL134...are we bitter? Internet privacy is way over-rated! I can get 90% of the countries names, addresses and phone numbers right out of local phone books. Other than banking numbers and D.L. and S.S. numbers....feel free to find out as much about me as you'd like. If you're that overly concerned about someone finding out information on you, than you're probably doing something illegal anyway. And you people who are soooooo concerned about sending your Credit Card numbers over the Web to make purchases, you might want to take a better look at the waiter who takes your credit card at a restaurant and disappears into the back with it for 10 minutes!!! Get a clue people! fb is not my father
2002-04-12 06:03:02 PM  
Use Win 2K, its the same damn OS just XP has a GUI made for those who lack the clue gene

while it does not have many of the "reporting" elements of XP, 2K is NOT the same OS as XP, not by a long shot.

we are not talking about 98se and Mill, here. those are close.
2002-04-12 06:04:23 PM  
calling XP the same OS as 2K means you don't have the clue gene.

Using only Windows is foolish, try and use many OSs people. But remember READ YOUR AGREEMENTS
2002-04-12 06:05:46 PM  
For the guys saying don't use XP use Win2k, well MS is already starting to phase out Win2k.......... My company is skipping 2k and we are going straight to XP! Damn!!

Why dosen't everyone just boycot MS and use LINDOWS!!

2002-04-12 06:06:12 PM  
I want a USB GPS receiver but I'm afraid that if I hook it up in XP, Microsoft's death sattelite will target me for having an illegal copy (allegedly).

Their sattelite is like 50ft in diameter, discovered by some Japanese astronomers. They had to make it big so they had enough HD space to load their bloated OS.
2002-04-12 06:06:20 PM  
It's not foolish to use only Windows. I use only Windows. I've used Linux, and like it for what it's good at. I've used Solaris and BSD and like those for what they're good at. I don't actively use them, though, since what they're good at is not what I generally do with my computer.
2002-04-12 06:07:16 PM  
"...MS tells us that the policy statement is out of date..."

Then it's not a valid contract.

The arguement that Microsoft helped bring about computer advances in the 90's may havbe some validity. However today I see them as the OS bully. They like many energy companies will do just about anything to maintain market share.

Raise your hands, how many here from Redmond?

I was thinking of running xp as a second OS. The more I deal with it at work and read up on it the less reason there is to do so.
Heck if it wasn't for games I'd toss 98 too.
2002-04-12 06:07:56 PM  
Adding/manipulating Microsoft OS files by the Microsoft OS is a questionable act ?

Crap if i have to give permission every time windows wants to update a file, i'd be clicking yes all freaking day.

Its not fark its /. conspiracys 101, how to take over the world by updating file associations, in other news people overreact to the smallest crap whilst places like enron and so on ream them.
2002-04-12 06:09:38 PM  
as Humpty says,
".....use what you like, freak who you like......"
2002-04-12 06:10:07 PM  
Microsoft bites. Long live Linux
2002-04-12 06:10:41 PM  
I haven't had any problem with XP since installi/error/sublog/23399.xsl

Parameter violated at $tring=23399. Data transmitted.

Violation of key=23399/23399 corrupt. Replacing.....

23399 replaced. Rebooting system...
2002-04-12 06:13:37 PM  
I guess I am the exception to the rule (in this group), cause I have had nothing but good luck with XP. It does everything I have ever asked of it and smiled, but then again I built a new computer just for it and am not using outdated parts and applications, maybe that is the trick.
2002-04-12 06:17:03 PM  
Zero Cool, have you been able to get PGP working on XP? I can't get it to work.
2002-04-12 06:23:10 PM  
Same here Zero Cool. The only problem I had was my second ATI Rage accel card had to be replaced, and the drivers for my primary ATI AGP had to be really messed with (no surprise with ATI). As long as you've built a current machine, XP rocks.
2002-04-12 06:28:36 PM  
Just do what one of my coworkers did - order the cracked version of Winblow$ XP from Malaysia. You'll be better off.

On second thought, scrap the whole Window$ OS idea and go with Unix, Linux or OSX.

-he who stacks pork
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