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(BBC)   Blind gorilla sees again   ( divider line
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3628 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Apr 2002 at 10:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-12 10:36:42 AM  
"I would like to buy a blind Camel!"
2002-04-12 10:37:55 AM  
spank the monkey
2002-04-12 10:38:15 AM  
using soundscapes?
2002-04-12 10:39:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Insert caption here.
2002-04-12 10:40:22 AM  
This IS spiffy!
2002-04-12 10:42:32 AM  
Call me insensitive, but cancer still ravages the world, and we're worried about a gorilla?
2002-04-12 10:42:36 AM  
he never knew what color his cage was until today
2002-04-12 10:44:33 AM  
I'm sure all the old people who can't afford cataract surgery would love to read this story.... er, have someone read it to them.
2002-04-12 10:45:46 AM  
"Most human cataract patients remain conscious during surgery,"

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg! that would be HORRIBLE.

2002-04-12 10:46:40 AM  
Please do not feed peanuts to my god.
2002-04-12 10:47:03 AM  
ooopppps! wrong thread.
2002-04-12 10:48:09 AM  
Yeah, now he can see what kind of shiat he's really in.
2002-04-12 10:50:20 AM  
yes! number 2 posted :)
2002-04-12 10:53:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Captain: What you say !!
2002-04-12 11:13:58 AM  
Why could'nt they put a camera on his head and teach him to see sounds. It's good enough for the lowly humans

can he drive?
2002-04-12 11:18:33 AM  
For those who did not read the article (a couple giving the content of some reactions), this gorilla is female.
2002-04-12 11:20:59 AM  
This is pretty spiffy.

Mr. Coppafeel--I doubt many cancer patients are treated from the zoo's budget, so I don't think a lot of resources were diverted so that a gorilla could see.

Kylie--Where'd you get the Scottie on your picture? It's the same dang one from Farky Fark--Damn him, damn his hockey player eyes! Nothing against you, but that scottie frightens me now, I see it in my dreams, when I can distinguish it from that horrible green background, and it calls out to me, whispering things that should not be...
2002-04-12 12:38:28 PM  
My faith in humanity has SOMEWHAT been restored.

Mr Coppa_feel: Your insensitive...;^)
2002-04-12 12:53:48 PM  
After getting his sight back, the first thing he did is look for his butt so he could scratch it properly.
2002-04-12 12:56:19 PM  
Haha. Thanks, Crudking
2002-04-12 01:44:38 PM  
female, shemale, male, who gives a fark? its a dam go-rilla.
2002-04-12 02:15:10 PM  
Quite a breakthrough, cataracts surgery. In the next BBC news: Ferret has facelift
In all seriousness, this is quite an accomplishment as the doctors didn't know how the gorilla's eye was supposed to be shaped. Good work. Just not that exciting, I think.
2002-04-12 02:53:35 PM  
Hey this is dangerous......remember monkey see monkey do!
2002-04-12 04:02:35 PM  
This is cool.

Mr Coppafeel -- Your post is irrelevant. Veterinary ophthalmology as described in the article has no bearing on cancer research. This may in fact teach the surgeons something about ophthalmology that might have human implications.

In any case, I think it's neat that they could help her out.
2002-04-12 11:10:36 PM  
Praise the LORD! This man is healed!!!
2002-04-13 12:04:13 AM  
I am glad they could help her out. Gorilla DNA differs from human DNA by only 2.8% People shouldn't look at them as just stinky dumb animals
2002-04-16 05:22:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
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