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(Boston Globe)   DoubleClick reports quarterly loss.   ( divider line
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2730 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Apr 2002 at 1:42 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-12 09:59:22 AM  
I can't wait till it reports an ENTIRE loss.
2002-04-12 01:44:34 PM  
Yeah baby!
2002-04-12 01:46:05 PM  

2002-04-12 01:46:43 PM  
Doubleclick: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
2002-04-12 01:47:02 PM  
Gee I wonder why noone wants to click on your full screen, lock up my computer, blink-o-rama, shoot the duck, click the monkey, x10 all in one, lose weight, get rid of debt, internet booster, be my bonzai buddy, comet cursor, piece of flying dog shiat!

Its time to go to walmart, pick me up a shotgun, and go on "vacation" whereever DoubleClick is Headquartered.
2002-04-12 01:49:18 PM  
Man, you can't get anything for a quarter anymore, stupid video games
2002-04-12 01:50:26 PM  
Yes, amusing, but also COOL. Deffinately NOT surprising. Nothing would be cooler than to see them collapse.
2002-04-12 01:52:14 PM  
Agreed with all previous posts.

FU doubleclick! Now hurry up and die.
2002-04-12 01:53:08 PM  
Excellent use of the
img.fark.comView Full Size
2002-04-12 01:56:43 PM  
YEH! Spyware looses money! YEH!
2002-04-12 01:57:25 PM  
Uhhhh, I don't see how this is good news. Last year they lost $68 million. This quarter they lost only 6 and showed a pro forma profit.

Seems they are getting stronger to me.
2002-04-12 01:58:40 PM  
I'm going to click on all of the Fark banner ads every morning in honor of this happy news concerning DoubleClick.
2002-04-12 02:00:29 PM  
2002-04-12 02:01:39 PM  
Fb: That was an entire net loss for last year. They're showing a first-quarter financial loss of $6 million. I don't necessarily think that is a sign of them getting stronger, and they said they don't think they'll likely be making a comeback in the next quarter, or the quarter after, possibly.
2002-04-12 02:04:35 PM  

They are cutting their losses (6*4)=24 (24 / 68)=35% of last years loss.

Plus a pro forma profit.

They could be doing much, much worse.
2002-04-12 02:05:10 PM  
HA Ha (in the voice of that Simpsons character)
2002-04-12 02:06:05 PM  
They showed an operating profit because of all of the cutbacks they made.

Good bye, DC... good riddance.
2002-04-12 02:06:10 PM  
Doubleclick: I hope you slide under a garbage truck and taste your own blood! Die! DIE! (memories of Sam Kinison)
2002-04-12 02:07:13 PM  
"It was really encouraging that they were able to cut costs, but the revenue is not there," said U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray analyst Safa Rashtchy."

Revenue not there? DO YOU THINK? Maybe it's because people don't like being SPAMMED!

I bed 95% of the stock is bought through Ameritrade accounts self respecting portfolio manager would dare recommend this crap....
2002-04-12 02:07:58 PM  
ooh, take it doubleclick! [image from too old to be available]
2002-04-12 02:10:16 PM  
Ad-Aware and Proxomitron

kills doubleclick dead
2002-04-12 02:14:54 PM  
Doubleclick, you are hated by all.
2002-04-12 02:15:42 PM  
In further costcutting, all DoubleClick ads will me modified to only require a SinlgeClick.
2002-04-12 02:18:58 PM  
Why doesn't anybody ever ddos double clack?


I could understand that.
2002-04-12 02:25:22 PM  
Gee I wonder why noone wants to click on your full screen, lock up my computer, blink-o-rama, shoot the duck, click the monkey, x10 all in one, lose weight, get rid of debt, internet booster, be my bonzai buddy, comet cursor, piece of flying dog shiat!

You forgot the part about how it makes your penis bigger, too.
2002-04-12 02:26:27 PM  

Whenever I run Ad Aware, I ALWAYS have something found from these ass clowns.
2002-04-12 04:15:25 PM  
You need to set up your browser to not accept their cookies Matzug. I have not gotten anything from them in a long time since I configured IE to block them.
2002-04-12 04:16:29 PM  
Fark really needs a HOORAY!! tag.
2002-04-12 04:20:04 PM  
# add this line to your Hosts file ...
# ... and hasta la vista doubleclick
2002-04-12 04:33:11 PM  
Just have to add another...Proxomitron.
2002-04-12 04:44:06 PM  
Timefactor: No, you're supposed to use
2002-04-12 05:13:56 PM  
Zylon, I run a test server on localhost so I can't. Null ( works as well.
2002-04-12 05:30:24 PM  
Oh. Too bad Double Click. Breaks my farking heart that you'll leaving us so soon.
2002-04-12 06:06:44 PM  
geez, whats this world coming to when my personal information isnt worth what it used to be. its you goddam libertarians.
2002-04-12 06:21:26 PM  
I hope they go down the tubes so hard, it takes the telemarketer who called me at 11:15(!) last night down with it.

No. I wasn't upset. At all.

But I lump spyware, scumware, spam, telemarketers, and Domino's Pizza (for always putting stuff under my wipers, and around my doorknob at home) up there with toothaches and unsalted food as royal pains. Not really enough to change my life, just pains.
2002-04-12 07:38:22 PM  
Guys can you fill me in on how to set my IE to not accept double click cookies???

What about them x10 ads while you are at it... cuz im never gona buy one of there shiatt-y products even if they pay me to buy them... :P
2002-04-12 08:08:37 PM  
HP: For you, and anyone else that wants to avoid this crap, I suggest you download Opera. It allows you to control all of these things on the fly by pressing F12, and it's also a damn good browser.
2002-04-12 09:11:17 PM  
Hi Jasther.. I currently have Opera loaded on my computer.. it is a fine browser, but however I am still loyal to my IE... I don't know why, maybe its just my naiveness, but I trust Microsoft IE.. I personally like its interface better than opera... and it is interlinked with all my Office apps, unlike Opera...
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