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(ESPN)   LA Lakers 17-year old draft pick compares himself to Shaq, in the meantime, he updates his profile on MySpace   ( divider line
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2005-07-01 04:00:20 PM  
Pepsi or Coke: i got acme,so soda is sum shiat u dont drink

Acme huh? Good thing you skipped college, kid.
2005-07-01 04:01:21 PM  
Y'know, I'm a lakers fan, but at some point I have to say...

Why do they only ever talk about the Lakers?
2005-07-01 04:07:31 PM  
went barefoot in the snow black

2005-07-01 04:09:12 PM  
Does anyone know if this kid actually has a chance?
2005-07-01 04:10:04 PM​dID=8750 639&Mytoken=20050701082028

Read that and you'll see that this kid is in waaaaaay over his head.

He's going to be eaten alive.
2005-07-01 04:12:47 PM  
I can't wait for the Lakers - Heat showdown where Shaq himself will destroy this kid.
2005-07-01 04:13:43 PM  
hot topic or abercrombie and fitch: neither im black,and cherrokee

[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-01 04:15:06 PM  
Heat showdown where Shaq himself will destroy this kid

Sure, as long as The Big Sensitive doesn't have to sit out with a thigh bruise.
2005-07-01 04:25:59 PM  
I compare myself to Shaq, too.

\I'm shorter, lighting in color, and not as rich.
2005-07-01 04:31:54 PM  
Smooky, I'm stealing the lollercoaster!
2005-07-01 04:38:28 PM  
I hope he doesn't always look like he does in that photo.
2005-07-01 04:42:08 PM  
HA! He really did update his myspace profile. I checked.
2005-07-01 09:03:19 PM  
Is there any more humorless, more aweful person in the sports media than Skip Bayless?
2005-07-01 09:47:32 PM  

I completely agree. I want this kid to tear up the league now just to prove Skip "Talentless" wrong.
2005-07-01 10:22:09 PM  
Asmodius: Does anyone know if this kid actually has a chance?

Projected to be OK in the long term, but will need much seasoning, and Phil Jackson doesn't like rookies. And considering Jackson probably won't be around all that long, it was an odd pick.

This is from a recent Mark Heisler column in the LA Times:

Here's the hopeful scenario for Bynum's first three seasons:

2005-2006: Totally lost for the first half. Gets a few minutes in the second half but isn't disappointed like Darko Milicic, who refused to go into a game as a rookie. Bynum plays hard and gets an occasional thunderous dunk when someone throws him the ball under the basket, delighting the fans.

2006-2007: Picks up where he left off as a rookie, continues to track up but is still up to only 10-15 minutes a game by the end of the season. Fans get fidgety.

2007-2008: Callers to talk shows begin comparing his progress to everyone drafted behind him, but he continues to track up. Gets more playing time but still less than 24 minutes a game. He begins to show a move or two at the offensive end.
2005-07-02 12:26:39 AM  
If this kid makes it, Skip will just say some shiat like "I lit the spark in him when I wrote that column! Without me, he would have flamed out in three years!"

Can't stand Skip.
2005-07-02 12:26:41 AM  
skip bayless is the wack. simmons or scoop. never ever the skip.

and if myspace died and never returned, every ho would find herself with an extra two hours a day.
2005-07-02 12:28:09 AM  
Chosen as a McDonald's high-school All-American. Catches eyes of some NBA scouts at McDonald's practices. "Like a big, awkward colt," one says. Has a pretty good game nine points, five rebounds.

Shaq was never described as a big awkward player. He was graceful as a big man in high school, which is why he dominated at LSU and in the NBA.

But, I'd like to see this guy do a sequal to Shaq-Fu!
2005-07-02 12:28:23 AM  
Wonder if he has bought his first Hummer yet with 80 inch spinning chrome rims dawg.
2005-07-02 12:29:11 AM  
It didnt die, theres just an unneeded space in that link.

Did anyone notice you can make 867-5309 out of his profile ID?

2005-07-02 12:33:06 AM  
Eh, shaq is overrated anyway, this kid will probibly end up being pretty productive and making a handsome sum of money for the work he does. Any more commentary is just submitting to the media hype.
2005-07-02 12:34:06 AM  
Skip Bayless will now tackle the JFK conspiracy...
2005-07-02 12:35:19 AM  
anybody contacted him yet???hehehehehe
2005-07-02 12:36:00 AM  
oh man i thought the myspace thing was a joke
2005-07-02 12:36:56 AM  
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: NBA BALLA/ENTRAPENOUR

Exactly what does a entrapenour do?
2005-07-02 12:39:08 AM  
and after taking another read through that article, i'm extra bugged at skip for hating on a 17 year old kid. yeah, that kid put that ish out there for the world to read, but do you suppose skip would stand by every word or action he shat out at 17?

i'm double that, and i'm ashamed of what i wrote last week.

now i'm hoping for the best for andy, and i'm a committed, true until death laker hater. i hope he's the truth, and the first in a long line of players to crush kobe's eye sockets.

(in the locker room. away from the cameras. yeah, i'm well aware of what i wrote like an hour ago in the kenny rogers thread)
2005-07-02 12:40:09 AM  
his myspace is farked
2005-07-02 12:40:22 AM  
Smookyfufu: I see your lollercoaster and raise you a lols-royce.
[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-02 12:41:01 AM  
and so he's already rich while some man came to my door today selling magazines for 'less priveledged people like myself'
2005-07-02 12:43:50 AM  
I just watched the Shaq episode of Curb your Enthusiasm, season II. Prince Andrew is probably a better actor.
2005-07-02 12:45:01 AM  
Yes! My long submission drought is over! I can finally sleep tonight.

//Bayless is a wacko, but he makes a good point every once and awhile (check out his 'call-out' to "Terrible Owens").
///and I should've thrown a period in the middle of the headline
2005-07-02 12:45:02 AM  

Let me be the first:

IT'S AN ENTRAP (enour)!!

//prolly the last, too
2005-07-02 12:46:22 AM  
do you have a little brother yes
does he draw you cute pictures NO that would be gay

OK, this could be the greatest reason for the minimum age requirement
2005-07-02 12:46:44 AM  
dc jay:
it isnt farked that link posted is just farked, click the one on the espn site
2005-07-02 12:47:06 AM  
btw, i hate Skip Botox, the guy is so smug and thinks he is god gift to sports.
2005-07-02 12:48:30 AM  
Read that and you'll see that this kid is in waaaaaay over his head.

He's going to be eaten alive.

I was thinking the same thing. Kid's going to get a multi-million dollar contract and that money will be gone by the time he's 22. Hopefully, for his sake, he'll still be in the league by then to earn a few more bucks.
2005-07-02 12:51:31 AM  
Hey, I just made one of those myspace things today.

I feel so much cooler now.
2005-07-02 12:51:44 AM  
Drafted to the NBA at 17? Pshh! That's nothing! By the time I was 17, I was skipping class and smoking pot at the bus stop in front of the school. And look where I am today. Today I make well over $10,000 a year and drive a Ford Escort! That kid's got nothing on me.
2005-07-02 12:52:59 AM​dID=1284 9758&Mytoken=20050701215030

The most recent Jackass from the "U", Sean Taylor.​dID=1288 4546&Mytoken=20050701215030

Fellow Hurricane Antrel Rolle
2005-07-02 12:56:04 AM  
Skip Ball-less is the Sean Hannity of sports commentary.
2005-07-02 12:56:43 AM  
"In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: NOPE NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL!
In the past month have you Smoked: NOPE NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL!
In the past month have you been on Drugs: NOPE"

what? No "never have, never will" for the drugs? Kepping his options open I guess...
2005-07-02 12:58:33 AM  
Bynum's a computer geek. I'm pretty sure it's a parody by him of all the stupid myspace sites.
2005-07-02 12:58:53 AM  
I was reading this kid's myspace site right after the draft.

And I'm not so sure the kid's dum, evry 1 rites like dat now.

Gud speling is 4 old farts.

/i b hip still, mofs
2005-07-02 12:59:17 AM  
I'm only suicidal in the mourning too!
2005-07-02 01:02:42 AM  
Is that article considered good writing? Blech.
2005-07-02 01:04:17 AM  
More ball hungry girls have posted comments on the Bynum page since draft day.

Man's gonna be knee-deep in stink.

(Did I say ball hungry girls? I meant "true fans of the game".)
2005-07-02 01:06:11 AM  
On his radio show tonight, Alice Cooper just stole a Fark tagline about Krispy Kreme firing 6 execs instead of 6000 workers.

It was verbatim, or extremely close to it.
2005-07-02 01:12:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-02 01:20:18 AM  
Is this the thread where we throw out our myspace links?

Here's mine.

/I'm a counter whore...
2005-07-02 01:41:56 AM  
He's totally making a Cosby face!

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

Although I couldn't find a good comparison. Maybe he's making a good 'Kenan Thompson doing Bill Cosby' impression. I swear Thompson has the same eye roll lip curl thing goin' on. Anyone that watches SNL back me up on this? Save your no one watches SNL jokes, it's been done.
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