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10005 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Apr 2002 at 5:25 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-11 05:26:54 PM  
2002-04-11 05:27:36 PM  
Too bad they decided not to just prop her corpse up during filming
2002-04-11 05:28:41 PM  
I love the Matrix, but just have to wonder if Keanu Reeves had to be replaced, would they replace him with a 2 by 4 ?
2002-04-11 05:28:56 PM  
I'll just throw out the obvious "Ali? Uh..." pun before the riots begin.
2002-04-11 05:29:19 PM  
Is it sad that they decided to make a Matrix 2, or sad that they are replacing her?
2002-04-11 05:29:35 PM  
And this affects me how?
2002-04-11 05:30:40 PM  
this might actually be a plus, considering how well 'Queen of the Damned" was.... :P
2002-04-11 05:30:53 PM  
Sad? This sounds like life.
2002-04-11 05:31:29 PM  
figured it would just be computer animated
2002-04-11 05:31:30 PM  
it's a shame. aaliyah was a really talented person for her age. and very nice to her fans and what not. musicians should stop taking charter planes or it will be the death of them apparently.
2002-04-11 05:31:55 PM  
I hope we don't have another Godfather on our hands here. #2 will be good....and then #3 will suck thus ruining 1 and 2.
2002-04-11 05:32:35 PM  
Maybe it's sad that she is replacable..

Will anyone really notice the difference anyway?
2002-04-11 05:32:41 PM  
I have a long list of 'musicians' who SHOULD charter a plane flight or two! Cruel, I guess, too cruel.

Anybody want to start this list????
2002-04-11 05:33:48 PM  
the Matrix 2&3 will be good now that aaliyah is dead and buried. She sucked so bad at everything except dying.

2002-04-11 05:34:44 PM  
They should have cast Mariah Carey for that role, that girl really has some acting talent! And think of the draw produced by such a famous name! And ... what?....It's already been done?........It FAILED?!?!....

Never mind
2002-04-11 05:37:00 PM  
If "Glitter" was only a failure, then Hiroshima had just a couple housefires during WWII.
2002-04-11 05:37:02 PM  
Yeah, its sad that she packed so much freaking luggage that the plane couldn't take off properly. It also sucks that the 7 people in that plane are apparently not worth ever mentioning. Missy Elliot didn't give a "shout out" to any of THEM at the MTV awards..

So remember kids, your life (and death) is worthless unless you're famous
2002-04-11 05:37:12 PM  
Isn't it past the time when a Matrix sequel should have come out to capitalize on the first one.
2002-04-11 05:39:18 PM  
I wish they filmed that Bahamas video before they shot Queen of the Damned.
2002-04-11 05:39:20 PM  
The next two Matrix films will probably suck. But suck a bit less with Aaliyah out of it.
2002-04-11 05:41:30 PM  
Why haven't they approached Charles Nelson Reilly about being in Matrix 2?
2002-04-11 05:41:43 PM  
Anything that delays the release of Matrix II has to be a good thing.
2002-04-11 05:42:30 PM  
I am convinced she is not dead.
2002-04-11 05:42:49 PM  
2002-04-11 05:42:53 PM  
I didn't see "Queen of the Damned", but I thought that she was a pleasant surprise in "Romeo Must Die". Not a great movie, by any means, but she did a lot better than many other singers who have tried a crossover.
2002-04-11 05:43:40 PM  
I don't get how they're going to make the next movies interesting. There's not a whole lot that I can see them doing, since the Neo character is basically an all-powerful god inside the Matrix, and that would make it pretty easy to take down the system, right? Help me out here, I just don't see how the next movies can be very good.
2002-04-11 05:44:55 PM  
Apparently Final Fantasy was the bust of the year. I am just glad I don't waste the greenbacks on the 'cinema experience'. You know, the government is filming the faces in the audience of these movie houses for face-matching. They are always watching....waiting for us to pick our noses in public. Watching with those 6" resolution eyes in the skies. Where is my tin foil???
2002-04-11 05:46:14 PM  
did she ever do anything to you cock suckers?

the reason that no one else on the plane is every mentioned is because no one knows them. yes, they had family and friends, but who the hell cares besides those few? you don't, so why should MTV or CNN?
2002-04-11 05:46:18 PM  
Rudezombie is a champion
2002-04-11 05:46:46 PM  
I'm with Quick1. The sad part is that there's a sequel.
2002-04-11 05:47:02 PM  
Melix, I think they're using the old strategy where if the main characters are too powerful for all their enemies, you create new enemies. I think the agents and the Neo-people are supposed to team up somewhat against viruses or something like that.

Who knows. The cinematography and special effects will be killer.

So who cares?
2002-04-11 05:47:49 PM  
I'll tell you what. If I was chillin in the matrix, all blissfully ignorant, eatin a buritto or something, and some goofy guy from California who can't act done went and unplugged the whole thing and "set me free" I'd be pretty pissed. One minute I'm living my life, not bothering anyone, the next I wake up bald in a pool of goo in some horrible post apocalyptic future where everything sucks.

Message to Neo, leave me plugged in!
2002-04-11 05:49:36 PM  
Government, leave my 'caps alone! I don't want to be unplugged either!
2002-04-11 05:49:46 PM  
she sucked in Romeo must die. and she was ugly.
2002-04-11 05:52:32 PM  
Let me atleast finish my novel before I am unplugged, I would hate to have to start again!
2002-04-11 05:56:38 PM  
Ways to make the next Matrix movies interesting:

Have the agents reprogrammed with godlike abilities of their own; Previously they were quite limited so as to what they could do, due to the fact that they needed to blend in.

Have it turn it Neo is still in the Matrix, and the crap world that he thinks is the real world is fake as well.
2002-04-11 05:57:16 PM  
See, I sit around in my own goo anyways. So if I suddenly woke up in a tub of mung, clueless and would be Monday to me
2002-04-11 05:57:19 PM  
1. Fred Durst
2. Dave matthews
3. Eminem
2002-04-11 05:59:16 PM  
I hope they just hurry up and get the movies finished! I am tired of waiting.
2002-04-11 06:01:09 PM  
<farker>Any popular movie sequel is gonna suck. What is a bandwagon?</farker>
2002-04-11 06:02:36 PM  
You know, I can think of one good sequel set on a movie, and that was the Raiders of the Lost Ark- The third one only, in my opinion. Still pretty good for a follow up.

Others were not so lucky.
2002-04-11 06:02:57 PM  
The brothers Wachowski say in "The Matrix Revisited" that the whole shebang was supposed to be a trilogy in the first place. They were convinced to cut it down to one movie to sell it to the studio heads.

Good point regarding that it doesn't seem like there's anything for our boys to do now that Neo's a super hero...

...But, we do know this: We will see car chases. Hopefully, the Wachowski bros will do for car chases in 2 & 3 what they did for gunplay in "The Matrix" >:) ... Also, Agent Smith 2.0 has a short ponytail... I remember that an early version of the script called for a visit to a virtual Zion inside the Matrix itself; that was where Neo would have his fortune told by The Oracle. It was written as looking like an ancient Greek temple.

In other sad news, the woman who played The Oracle is dead, too (for a couple months). Makes you wonder what kind of effect all this will have on the sequels.
2002-04-11 06:02:57 PM  
The Matrix is the worst movie I've ever seen.
2002-04-11 06:03:14 PM  
nsync should charter a plane
2002-04-11 06:04:03 PM  
Technically, the Episodes 4, 5, and 6 of the Star Wars series were better then their prequel, Episode 1.....
2002-04-11 06:05:38 PM  
Happygirl: No no no, I said musicians.
2002-04-11 06:06:17 PM  
PhaetonGrin, I agree. Raiders was excellent on it's own, and The Last Crusade was a fine sequel.

Lessee... Terminator 2 was good as well, I thought...
2002-04-11 06:06:36 PM  
On a side note Danny Devito has been cast in place of Dudley Moore for Arthur 3: Smokin' Rocks. In this film Arthur has to battle alcoholism and a ferocious crack addiction. When asked to comment about the shoes he has to fill Mr. Devito simply said, "Shoes?, I thought this piece of crap was about Crack?" Dudley Moore couldn't be reached for comment.
2002-04-11 06:06:59 PM  
Oh yeah. T2 was great. Interested to see III. My memory isn't all that great anymore.
2002-04-11 06:08:25 PM  
Farting preacher II was excellent....

(/lookin' for old timers)
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