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(CNN)   Today's media fearmongering brought to you by CNN and an earthquake that could destroy Memphis   ( divider line
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2005-06-22 03:31:25 PM  
CA has prepared for large earthquakes for years. Building codes have been modified and in general CA is ready.

Memphis is built largely on mud banks ("Mud Islands" for example). Any reasonably large quake could trash Memphis and New Madrid a huge one in it every couple of centuries.

Likely to happen today? Not really, but it's a valid threat.
2005-06-22 03:39:11 PM  
And the region is ill-prepared for a strong quake, he added.

Memphis yeah, but the rest of the area is relatively secure. We don't have many large buildings outside the city. Memphis is completely by miles and miles of forest, wheat fields, cotton fields, and rice fields, and a smattering of small towns.
2005-06-22 03:46:04 PM  
I'll just stay at the other side of the state, then.
2005-06-22 04:14:52 PM  
That would be awful. That's where the fed-ex superhub is I believe. Millions of packages won't be delivered.
2005-06-22 04:20:49 PM  
My summer vacation

We went to Beal street. I saw a whole lot of crappy Elvis imitationers. Some didn't even look like elvises they were shaking and I'm thinking that's kind of funny but I'm saving my allowance for barbie-q. A chunk of building fell on my head. We slipped into a gaping pit of mud. My aunt tells me mom and dad are still on vacation. I don't remember anything after that and I get headaches.

The end,
brap jr.
2005-06-22 04:28:57 PM  
It's like the earthquake they had in japan back in I don't remember when.

Their new-at-the-time kansi international airport, didn't even have a single pane of glass broken, meanwhile, plenty of buildings in japan proper had collapsed.
2005-06-22 04:48:27 PM  
Didn't we have a fearmongering story from CNN already once today???
2005-06-22 04:48:38 PM  
When the world is largely overpopulated, you'll be praying for catastrophic natural disasters.

Carrying limit, anyone?
2005-06-22 04:48:42 PM  
California will secede where others failed!
2005-06-22 04:50:23 PM  
Earthquakes on the West Coast have prompted fresh speculation about "the big one" -- a quake that could dump a huge section of California into the sea.

You call this reporting? I want to strangle the asshole who wrote this.


There I feel much better.
2005-06-22 04:50:50 PM  
Now if only an earthquake could happen to dislodge Florida and France also.
2005-06-22 04:50:55 PM  

2005-06-22 04:51:35 PM  
I would say submitter exceeded a little with Fearmongering?
2005-06-22 04:51:41 PM  
2005-06-22 04:51:51 PM  


/got nothing to the nth degree
2005-06-22 04:52:04 PM  
memphis has many, many old buildings and would be wasted from a large (7+) quake. On top of that, they dont build for 'quakes there anyway.

same for st.louis

there are not that many elvis types on beale, since its the blues center of memphis, but there are LOADS of streetbums. Beale smells like any frat house : crusty old dried/spilled beer smell..yuck.

/yes I lived in both cities
//yes im glad to not be there anymore
///yes im in another MAJOR quake zone now, called SoCal ;-)
2005-06-22 04:52:15 PM  

When the world is largely overpopulated, you'll be praying for catastrophic natural disasters.

me and my friend were just having a discussion about this the other day. i explained that i hoped for some kind of catastrophe, because that way i would either be dead or there would be fewer people, rather than all of us slowly starving to death on an overcrowded planet.
2005-06-22 04:52:35 PM  
Will Elvis finally die for real?
2005-06-22 04:52:58 PM  
tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and terrorist attacks ALL actually happen with some frequency.

/but I really need to stop fearmongering
2005-06-22 04:53:11 PM  
Also yellowstone park is going to erupt and kill 10 million people.

And cougars are going to track us down in our homes and eat us alive.
2005-06-22 04:54:09 PM  
Northwest Ark/ Southwest MO has small quakes every month. The New Madrid fault is very much active. We've been prepared for 15+ years. New building codes (and renovating) do address New Madrid to a degree.

I'm in Little Rock and I've had earthquake insurance for 10+ years. Most people here do have it (at least the people I know). Its not anything new.
2005-06-22 04:54:38 PM  
I'll see you down in Nashville Bay?

/Learn to ...grow tobacco
/Learn to grow tobacco
/Learn to grow tobacco... ?
2005-06-22 04:55:03 PM  
retro128: There I feel much better.

You beat me to it.
2005-06-22 04:55:03 PM  
I like earthquakes!

/Just moved from Memphis to CA
2005-06-22 04:55:15 PM  
A lot of big buildings, mostly banks and the Pyramid are on a bluff right on the river. When the New Madrid goes, all of those are heading straight into the Big Muddy.

2005-06-22 04:55:32 PM  
Okay, an earthquake shatters memphis. Does anyone care? Is this any great loss?
2005-06-22 04:55:48 PM  

you are infinitely more likely to die from congested arteries caused by the abundance of food you do eat, than you are to starve as a result of overpopulation.

/just sayin'
//cuz it's true
2005-06-22 04:55:56 PM  
Fear-mongering, war-mongering -- always with the war and the fear. For once, I'd like to see someone monger something else.
2005-06-22 04:56:07 PM  
The big one?

It's already here.

/Looks down
2005-06-22 04:56:52 PM  
""The system is capable of producing a quake near 4.0 magnitude every three years," said Gary Patterson, a geologist and information services director for the Center for Earthquake and Research Information in Memphis, Tennessee. "And they'll cause minimal damage."
2005-06-22 04:57:25 PM  
Hmmmm, LANShark makes the third Little Rock farker I know of (besides myself and hillbillypharmacist). Perhaps a fark party might be possible in LR after all...
2005-06-22 04:58:01 PM  
I use to live in Dyersburg, TN, north of Memphis by an hour and a half for so, and in school we had earthquake drills, and a whole ton a history lessons on the fault, which runs through town. We even had a day off school once because some local crackpot predicted an enormous quake was going to happen that day.

For those who have never been to the area, there's a huge lake, Reelfoot Lake, that was created when the last huge quake hit, and the land sunk into the ground. It's full of half submerged trees and a ton of cool stuff. It was only about a 20 minute drive from my house out in the boonies, and we used to go there just to ride the earthquake simulator when I was a kid. It was rad, although, looking back, it was pretty much a small deck, with patio furniture nailed to it, and they made it shake really hard with hydraulics.

Nevertheless, a big quake is probably going to happen again, and if a really big one hits, because of the geography of the area, it's likely to at least be felt for a much greater distance from the epicenter than the CA quakes. Or so I've heard.

/Didn't RTFA
2005-06-22 04:58:29 PM  
In Geology class in college, my prof definitely knew his shiat (used to lead million-dollar drilling operatons for Exxon) and was a fairly happy and upbeat guy most of the time. But when we covered the unit on the New Madrid zone, he got REALLY, REALLY serious. No jokes, nothing funny about it. Granted, we were in SW Virginia, so theoretically if New Madrid pulled a Sumatra then we'd be levelled as well.

Hence, I do believe this area is a big concern. Just the sheer number of gas pipelines alone that would be ruptured could cause a crapload of environmental problems. But most likely, it would just be TWO MILLION square miles of crumpled buildings, flaming gasworks, and people wihtout any power or water. Oh, and all those damns that the TVA put in back in the day in Appalachia? Yeah, so ong to that. See where I'm going.

This is a big prob. I'm glad I live on the coast where this won't hit as hard. Not saying it will anytime soon, but it will eventually.
2005-06-22 04:59:04 PM  
Okay, an earthquake shatters memphis. Does anyone care? Is this any great loss?

No and no.
2005-06-22 05:00:29 PM  
retro128: You call this reporting? I want to strangle the asshole who wrote this.

I came to rant about the same thing. :)

California is already as far into the ocean as it can go, damn it!
Imagine a brick sitting in a pie-tin full of water. Where the fark is it going to fall into?
2005-06-22 05:01:10 PM  
Mongermongering. Rile up the crowds!

2005-06-22 05:01:17 PM  
The Big One in the early 1800s was felt in Chicago and Pittsburg. It won't just be Memphis if another bad boy like that comes along.
2005-06-22 05:01:21 PM  
Being a native of Nashville, I would have no problem if an earthquake destroyed Memphis.

Of course, the illustrious government of Tennessee would just use it as another excuse to raise the goddamn taxes.
2005-06-22 05:01:33 PM  

Christ, what an uplifting conversation that must have been. You actually are hoping for a disaster so you can either die or avoid starving?

Besides, overpopulation will never lead to worldwide starvation. We will become cannibals long before we get to that point. Then , the problem becomes the solution!
2005-06-22 05:02:18 PM  
birdboy20000 Wins. The answers to your questions are no and no...respectively.
2005-06-22 05:02:28 PM  

"That's where the fed-ex superhub is I believe. Millions of packages won't be delivered"

Try million of tons of cargo. Memphis has the worlds busiest air cargo airport. It is the national and international central sorting facility and headquarters for Federal Express Corporation. Not to mention the tonnage of goods that are shipped via Miss. River or over the highways.
2005-06-22 05:02:47 PM  
When the damn power goes out in Mempherca people start looting like its the end of the world. Imagine the chaos an earthquake would bring.
2005-06-22 05:04:09 PM  
An earthquake would be the best thing that ever happened to West Memphis
2005-06-22 05:05:16 PM  
I was leaving Beale St one night a few years ago after seeing Pavement play the New Daisy Theater and a bum tried to sell me an asthma inhaler. Another old woman bum wearing a blue wig and a blue sweatsuit asked me to light her joint for her and at least two more bums asked me for money. Now whenever someone mentions Memphis all I picture is Bum-Land.

As long as Sun Studios and Graceland are left standing the rest of Memphis can wash out into the Gulf for all I care.
2005-06-22 05:05:23 PM  
I'm sick of this fear crap liberals acuse everyone of. its just like spam britanny spears, branding commercials or billboards. its polution. we need to stop it. so stop biatching and start stopping it. but down your adbusters magazine and start jamming!

/I'm liberal
2005-06-22 05:05:45 PM  
"Memphis destroyed by Earthquake! In other news, millions of dollars of improvements done to Eastern Arkansas"

2005-06-22 05:06:05 PM  
correction put down not but down
2005-06-22 05:06:21 PM  
Anybody ask Marc Cohn how he feels about this?

He's waiting down in the jungle room.
2005-06-22 05:06:34 PM  
"Fresh speculation"? My ass. This story gets run in some form in the news almost every year.
2005-06-22 05:08:48 PM  
I remember the one from 1968, we felt it in Northern Indiana. There was a storm that brought down branches into our yard and as I was removing them, I felt the earth move under my feet. I was nine years old and it scared me plenty.
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