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(Yahoo)   If you live in Japan, you will soon have a chance to lick Maria Sharapova's backside   (news.yahoo.com) divider line 113
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2005-06-22 09:11:55 AM  
I like to lick her a bit, then put her on my package.

2005-06-22 09:25:44 AM  
NikolaiFarkoff; I like to lick her a bit, then put her on my package.


... don't be. I laughed
2005-06-22 09:52:45 AM  
She really is First Class!
2005-06-22 10:16:57 AM  
I'm just hoping these stamps aren't self-stick.
2005-06-22 10:45:58 AM  
I'd like to use her stamp to mail a letter, a SEXUAL LETTER.

/please donate to help put brap through innuendo school
2005-06-22 10:51:04 AM  
2005-06-22 01:18:22 PM  
This thread is useless without hot pictures posted by other Farkers...please help a boring day at work!
2005-06-22 02:25:10 PM  
So how do they get a starfish image in the glue?
2005-06-22 02:26:05 PM  
Save a stamp: You can now fap to pictures of Maria online!
2005-06-22 02:26:36 PM  
What I want to know is if they chose the "young" Sharapova image
or the "old and fat" Sharapova image for the stamp?
2005-06-22 02:26:55 PM  
2005-06-22 02:27:02 PM  
2005-06-22 02:27:04 PM  
The real question is, does it grunt @ 100db when you lick it?
2005-06-22 02:27:20 PM  
I'll have to change my order. I usually tear it before licking it.
2005-06-22 02:27:30 PM  
I thought this topic would be about this.
2005-06-22 02:28:48 PM  
you funny Peter san: The real question is, does it grunt 100db when you lick it?

/loves girls that grunt when you lick them
2005-06-22 02:28:54 PM  
st_gulik -

Here ya go buddy

Ahh, me rikee Malia Shalapova vellee mahtch!
2005-06-22 02:29:48 PM  
me rikeeeeee!
2005-06-22 02:30:26 PM  
I was about to GIS her, but tao_te_dinfos already found the best one.
2005-06-22 02:30:45 PM  
I'd rather lick her front side THEN her back side.

/I gotta lick it before I kick it with Maria!
2005-06-22 02:30:58 PM  
*double entendre*

"As far as I know Lincoln isn't president anymore."

*/double entendre*

-mst (for brap)
2005-06-22 02:31:23 PM  
I sense a great disturbance in my pants!

Doesn't she look like a really naughty jedi in this one?
2005-06-22 02:32:10 PM  
This one is too good not to share
2005-06-22 02:32:43 PM  
You're supposed to lick it before you stick it.

She's so hittable.

\\Likes the chicks that grunt.
2005-06-22 02:33:05 PM  


In 20 years.
2005-06-22 02:33:12 PM  
That banana picture is going to haunt her for life...
2005-06-22 02:33:40 PM  
tao_te_dinfos, purdy picture. Anyone else want to post some?
2005-06-22 02:34:12 PM  
Stampa, stampa!
2005-06-22 02:34:52 PM  
I want to be on a postage stamp, too.

That way I can tell people to kiss my a$$, then say I was just telling them how to put my stamp on their letter.

/got nothin'
/sharapova=new hotness
2005-06-22 02:35:00 PM  
Man I would hit that hard!!! Twice

2 in the pink and one in the stink!!
2005-06-22 02:35:29 PM  
Could not find a butt shot but found this.  Kinda scary.
2005-06-22 02:36:02 PM  
MikeyG498 -

That's just nasty and wrong. I like it!
2005-06-22 02:36:34 PM  
Great headline submitter.

/Can't believe it costs $2.90 for a stamp in Japan.
2005-06-22 02:36:53 PM  
2005-06-22 02:37:15 PM  
for good or for awesome
2005-06-22 02:37:16 PM  
mmmmmmmmm Maria

sorry Anna but you have been replaced
2005-06-22 02:37:44 PM  
MikeyG498: 2 in the pink and one in the stink!!

Gee, what a shocker there...
2005-06-22 02:38:18 PM  

Tennis players are cute.
2005-06-22 02:38:42 PM  
Is it any wonder why Wednesday is also known as "hump day"...

/this thread rocks
2005-06-22 02:39:04 PM  
Been waiting for a reason to go. Anyone got a Japan share available?
2005-06-22 02:41:41 PM  
2 in the pink and one in the stink!!

You have three tongues?
2005-06-22 02:41:51 PM  
2005-06-22 02:35:29 PM for good or for awesome

Never have I seen a picture more fitting or deserving of a good bukkake photoshop.
2005-06-22 02:41:53 PM  
2005-06-22 02:42:14 PM  
damn i hoped the headline was serious and not being clever...

/was considering moving to japan
//too good to be true
2005-06-22 02:43:21 PM  
i wana be that banana.
2005-06-22 02:43:34 PM  
Not only is she hot, but with those big shoulders, she can carry me around all day. YYYEAAAAAYYY! A new celeb to stalk...er admire.
2005-06-22 02:47:08 PM  
That headline was pure comedy gold. GOLD JERRY!
2005-06-22 02:47:28 PM  
Old and Busted:

New and Improved:

2005-06-22 02:49:20 PM  
Time to send more mail.
2005-06-22 02:49:47 PM  
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