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(ABC News)   Several police officers are on the scene of a shooting at the federal courthouse in downtown Seattle   ( divider line
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2005-06-20 03:53:24 PM  
I thought the Jackson trial was over.


oh well
2005-06-20 03:54:01 PM  
Is shooting a person holding a grenade really the right thing to do?
2005-06-20 03:54:13 PM  
well, somebody should be!
2005-06-20 03:54:20 PM  
Good thing we have the Patriot Act to protect us...

2005-06-20 03:54:51 PM  
All several?

2005-06-20 03:55:29 PM  
Looks like our suicide bombers need to do their homework.
2005-06-20 03:55:30 PM  
Hey Brick where did you get that Grenade?
2005-06-20 03:56:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

First thing I thought of.
2005-06-20 03:56:07 PM  
Yay......grenades and gunfire!

/slow Monday
2005-06-20 03:56:27 PM  
I should hope police are on the scene...thanks for stating the obvious mr.poster. Now it would be news if they weren't on the scene and people just kept on with their day to day.

'police decide to pass on checking out that armed robbery, decide its safer to just stay in the car' ... now THAT is a headline ...
2005-06-20 03:56:36 PM  
Damn activist judges?

//nuttin, and late
2005-06-20 03:56:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-20 03:56:50 PM  
*sighes* WHY
2005-06-20 03:57:52 PM  
Some old vet is probably upset that his wife wont be home from jury duty to change his Depends and fix his meatloaf.
2005-06-20 03:58:37 PM  
I blame violent video games.
2005-06-20 03:58:41 PM  
must have been the activist judges fault
[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-20 03:58:57 PM  
I'd leave but I am taking my lunch with me!

Had a shoot out in CT last week at a courthouse. Shooter killed self, wife and wounded wife's lawyer. Lawyer married to scumbag ex-mayor who went to jail for corruption.
2005-06-20 03:59:50 PM  
...Boondock Saints unavailable for comment?
2005-06-20 04:00:08 PM  
Details are still sketchy but police say a man walked who walked in making threats and possibly holding a grenade has been shot.

He can talk the talk, but can he walked who walked?
2005-06-20 04:00:11 PM  
grenade? i bet it was just a non-starbucks coffee cup. That's like wearing the wrong gang colors.
2005-06-20 04:00:24 PM  
envail: Is shooting a person holding a grenade really the right thing to do?

Depends on where the pin is.
2005-06-20 04:00:29 PM  
Keep me a breast.
2005-06-20 04:00:30 PM  
Heard this on the radio on the way back into work. Someone was causing problems in the lobby so the polic shot him. Employees and jurors escaped down secure stair ways.
2005-06-20 04:00:58 PM  
Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people. All the damn time.
2005-06-20 04:01:23 PM  
Someone shot Joe Chill?
2005-06-20 04:01:31 PM  
I'm sure that the judges had it coming. Just ask Senator Cornyn of Texas.
2005-06-20 04:01:36 PM  
oshiats, mom?
2005-06-20 04:02:15 PM  
It's Courtney Love! Fire at will! Fire at will!
2005-06-20 04:03:07 PM  
Greetings from America's most livable city!
2005-06-20 04:03:12 PM  
Yeah well, wake me up when your courthouse shooter guns down 3, escapes, shoots a federal agent, and takes a hostage. *YAWN*

Seriously though, what's with these criminals lately? Running out of ideas?
2005-06-20 04:03:13 PM  
What's this??

Breaking news that DOES NOT involve a ghostly pedophile or a missing blonde?
2005-06-20 04:03:30 PM  
King5 needs to get Parkaboy on this ASAP. Someone tell him he can stop interviewing sunbathers at Alki and do some real reporting.
2005-06-20 04:03:42 PM  
I was rather surprised to walk out of my building to find the block closed off. They even had to close the Starbucks in my building!
2005-06-20 04:04:24 PM  
That'll teach those judges to be active!

/late to the dance
2005-06-20 04:04:48 PM  
Jurors told KOMO 4 News that police came in during their lunch break and told them to leave their lunches behind and evacuate the building immediately, and to run, not walk.

see,see,see... all those years of fire drills and the like. AND THEY WERE LYING!!
2005-06-20 04:05:40 PM  
was he really just eating a delicious pear?

/2nd dane cook ref of the day.
//likes dane cook.
2005-06-20 04:06:30 PM  
I'm just walkin' down the street, carrying my grenade and minding my own business, when........BLAMMO.....Johnny Law pops a gawd damn cap in me....WTF is that all about?

Oh please tell me when the authority's and the public in general will accept a man and his grenade as a beautiful and loving thing......
2005-06-20 04:06:58 PM  
Fire drills in grade school are great. It's like a contest of which teacher/administrator/janitor can yell the loudest at 1 student.
2005-06-20 04:07:51 PM  
This will only screw up my commute home. :P

Damn you, Seattle!
2005-06-20 04:08:00 PM  
Well at least it wasn't a sword. That would take all day to resolve.

^Seattle residents will get it^
2005-06-20 04:08:08 PM  
Guess our homeland isn't so secure.
2005-06-20 04:08:45 PM  
I suspect Starbucks.

That is all.
2005-06-20 04:10:32 PM  
When they outlaw pineapples, only outlaws will have pineapples.

2005-06-20 04:10:44 PM  
All three network affiliates have gone back to their soap operas. Move along; nothing to see here.

Ant, I was there for that fiasco. Never understood why the cops didn't just drop a net on that guy.
2005-06-20 04:11:00 PM  

"ParkaBoy" = Jim Foreman?? "Oh noes, GrenadeStorm 2005!"

/stupid Seattle TV news
2005-06-20 04:11:55 PM  
Hey Dumbass
If you're going to carry a grenade to a gun fight pull the pin first, otherwise all you have is a paper weight. Paper weights don't fair well at gunfights.
2005-06-20 04:12:54 PM  
Yawn, typical day in Seattle...

Probably some meth-addled, ganja-smoking freak. Probably sombody I know. :)
2005-06-20 04:13:36 PM  
Many of the major security features of the $171 million high-rise at Seventh Avenue and Stewart Street are disguised.

apparently so well disguised that they didn't realize there was a man with a grenade inside the building.

/viva useless, expensive security.
2005-06-20 04:13:37 PM  
Well at least it wasn't a sword. That would take all day to resolve.

bwaha no kidding
I guess I better not buy any pinapples on my lunch, I might get popped.
2005-06-20 04:15:45 PM  
Whew, that headline gave me a bit of a scare. Then I remembered that my mom works in the King County Courthouse, not the federal one.

*wipes brow in relief*

Waffle_Hound_of_Doom: King5 needs to get Parkaboy on this ASAP. Someone tell him he can stop interviewing sunbathers at Alki and do some real reporting.

Oh man, John Report With Bob. I miss that show. I wish they'd rerun it or something.
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