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(USA Today)   Leonardo DiCaprio slashed in face by party crasher. May have to spend life slightly less handsome   ( divider line
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2005-06-18 03:38:56 AM  
Where was Mike Seaver to stand up for him?
2005-06-18 03:43:09 AM  
John Malkovich to star as the jewel thief in the Sunday Night Movie adaptation, reuniting the start for the first time since... Leo had to wear a mask... Hmmm.
2005-06-18 03:48:18 AM  
2005-06-18 03:48:57 AM  
Gilbert Grape unavailable for comment...
2005-06-18 04:13:38 AM  
This might endanger his status as head of the Pussy Posse.
2005-06-18 04:40:52 AM  
I like that the cop's name is Jason Lee.
2005-06-18 04:55:27 AM  
"ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton".

How would you like to go through this life with that as your crowning achievement?
2005-06-18 05:00:41 AM  

2005-06-18 05:02:51 AM  
Scarred faces are the wave of the future....wave of the future..wave of the future.
2005-06-18 06:12:08 AM  
They metion Paris, but forgot that Rick is also Shannen Doherty's ex-husband.
2005-06-18 07:49:40 AM  
Try harder next time, o' crazy lady.
2005-06-18 08:15:16 AM  
I'm sure he'll parlay it into HOLLYWOOD GOLD!
2005-06-18 08:23:26 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"I never heard a report on this, but I still gave Leo a stink palm!"
2005-06-18 08:24:37 AM  
14 year old girls said to be holding candle light vigils across the nation
2005-06-18 08:27:46 AM  
It will probably just add character. That bastard.
2005-06-18 08:30:23 AM  
"about a dozen stitches near his ear, People said."

Could be worse places, appearancewise.
2005-06-18 08:31:30 AM  
Sounds like a stalker finally went off the deep end.
2005-06-18 08:32:01 AM  
Not a Leo fan but Damn, that sucks
2005-06-18 08:35:31 AM  
I told you that byatch was crazy.
2005-06-18 08:36:10 AM  
I smell REMAKE!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-18 08:36:49 AM  

And here is Leo's response to the woman after he was immediately slashed in the face:

[image from too old to be available]

2005-06-18 08:37:58 AM  

Okay, that was weird.
2005-06-18 08:38:58 AM  
/got nuthin'
2005-06-18 08:40:55 AM  

"about a dozen stitches near his ear, People said."

Could be worse places, appearancewise.

Ya - I was hoping for one of those old-school villan scars across the whole side of the face that curled his lip into a permanent sneer...
2005-06-18 08:42:40 AM  
Maxwell_Smart: BXRWXR

Okay, that was weird.


2005-06-18 08:44:07 AM  
he seems to be playing mobsters now a days so this may be a brilliant carrier move.
2005-06-18 08:44:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2005-06-18 08:47:12 AM  
Somebody was swinging bottles? Hey, I think we found the perfect woman for Marlin Jackson!
2005-06-18 08:56:18 AM  
I approve.
2005-06-18 09:01:20 AM  
Come on, we all know that all the women will be swept away by his scar, making him look more dangerous and even more handsome. Nothing like a little imperfection to highlight the rest

2005-06-18 09:05:26 AM  
Decaprio and a woman fighting?!

CAT FIGHT! ! ! ! ! ! !CAT FIGHT! ! ! ! ! ! CAT FIGHT! ! ! ! ! !
2005-06-18 09:13:22 AM  
Does he have incriminating photos of Scorsese or something? Must be some reason Scorsese keeps using him.
2005-06-18 09:15:53 AM  
The attack was not expected to affect DiCaprio's work on a Martin Scorsese movie, The Departed, which is shooting in Boston and New York, People said.

I used to have a lot of respect for Martin Scorsese. Why the hell does he keep putting Leonardo DiCaprio in all his films??!!!
2005-06-18 09:17:15 AM  
I want a video of it happening
2005-06-18 09:18:54 AM  
Hmm RockIsDead answers my question while I'm typing it.
2005-06-18 09:29:15 AM  
12 stitches it not very many at all, probably an inch long. Don't believe the hype.
2005-06-18 09:29:16 AM  

"ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton".

How would you like to go through this life with that as your crowning achievement?

Your not kidding. It's not as though it's hard to getpics of her doing porn!
2005-06-18 09:29:46 AM  
Leonardo's a real champ tho, I mean heck he's already turned this deformity into a positive. Insider reports have said he's already been actively persuing the role of Two-Face in the new run of Batman movies. Here's his new, post-scarification, headshot. Next stop, Gotham City!

[image from too old to be available]

/bored, and easily amused.
2005-06-18 09:38:10 AM  
worked like a charm for mark hamill
//not a fan
2005-06-18 09:47:37 AM  
Reminds me of when Homer wanted to bash in the "pretty boy" face of that astronaut with an inanimate carbon rod. "I'll bash you good!"
2005-06-18 09:47:48 AM  
Tina Fey unavailable for comment.
2005-06-18 09:57:51 AM  
DarrenJames: Tina Fey unavailable for comment.

Oh no you di'nt! Snap.

/that's cold man, ice cold.
2005-06-18 10:03:01 AM  
Leo can pull off being all busted. Haven't you guys seen "The Aviator?"

/It's actually a really good movie, too.
2005-06-18 10:06:46 AM  
Chicks dig scars.
2005-06-18 10:09:49 AM  
Maranzano doubles over and falls to the ground, HOWLING. As the men move in on Leo, Maranzano staggers back to his feet. He grabs a knife from one of the men and slashes
Leo's face.
2005-06-18 10:11:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-18 10:15:12 AM  

Does he have incriminating photos of Scorsese or something? Must be some reason Scorsese keeps using him.

Maybe it could be because... I dont know.... because hes a good actor?

Probably a douche in real life but I have to admit he is a decent actor. Didnt he get an award for that retard role?
2005-06-18 10:15:35 AM  
Leo's publicist admits this was a lame attempt to upstage Tom and Katie.
2005-06-18 10:16:41 AM  
2005-06-18 10:24:39 AM  

Yeah, he is a good actor, or at least he can be when the material/director allows it.

Unfortunately, the hollywood system of making movies actively discourages acting, and he keeps getting parts in just the kind of movie that that kind of thing happens in because he's just so damn pretty.

Good looking, good actor, smart... No wonder guys hate him. He's probably, urgh, nice too. The bastard.
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