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(LA Times)   Is college sexist? Do we need to consider a "bachelorette" degree? This girl thinks so.   ( divider line
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6917 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Apr 2002 at 11:54 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-09 11:59:29 AM  
What about the girls going for their MRS degree?
2002-04-09 11:59:30 AM  
Let's see who actually reads the article before commenting! :P
2002-04-09 11:59:57 AM  
What the hell--? Now *snippets* make it to Fark? And not very funny ones at that. What's the world coming to?
2002-04-09 12:00:29 PM  
At UC Santa Cruz, they don't call the freshmen "freshmen".. they call them "frosh," unswervingly. It took me a while to figure out why.

I just call them "first years"
2002-04-09 12:01:39 PM  
I agree.

And that's why I'm suing to get my degree changed to "A white, male, 6'-0" tall, 180 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, Tarus, bachelors degree".

Anything other than that is obviously prejudice against me.
2002-04-09 12:03:05 PM  
I don't call them "first years" I call them scum.
2002-04-09 12:04:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-09 12:04:28 PM  
I do not. It's part of the language. Why should we change it for you because you can't tolerate anything that remotely sounds male without either killing it entirely or adding a female counterpart?
2002-04-09 12:04:29 PM  
I know that was relevant somehow...
2002-04-09 12:04:36 PM  
Tharow, LOL... you're right seems like no one is reading. This girl was a HIGH SCHOOOL student being stupid, not some granola hippy trying to start a lawsuit. The Univ. Admin. even made fun of her.

Actual text:
A high school girl phoned the advisement center at Cal State L.A. to ask about the requirements for a "bachelorette" degree. "Perhaps she's a majorette," commented Linda Trevillian, a university administrator.
2002-04-09 12:04:55 PM  
Hello? Anyone else actually read this?

2002-04-09 12:05:09 PM  
What the hell kind of crap article was that? it made my head hurt...and to keep on topic for those of you who didn't read the article:

I'm female and I wouldn't want to get a bachelorette sounds bad...reminds me too much of the 80's the female alvin and the chipmunks group the chipettes.
2002-04-09 12:05:10 PM  
THAT made it to the LA Times??

I hear people mispronounce things every day. I didn't know it was newsworthy.

In Wisconsin, many people say 'warsh'. "I need to warsh my car."

I HATE that!!
2002-04-09 12:05:24 PM  
Here's a deal, let's give this girl a "bachelorette" degree, in exchange everyone shut the hell up about Mary farking Daly.
2002-04-09 12:05:32 PM  
I hope she continues to use mass media pressure to fix this injustice. She should also receive a multi-million dollar settlement from the school.
2002-04-09 12:05:37 PM  
Ekephart nubian....
2002-04-09 12:07:35 PM  

Bachelorette Degree ? Hey maybe this scheme is how Bob Guccione can save Penthouse !!

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-09 12:08:15 PM  
Can anyone tell me why my typed-one-word-that-is-synonomous-to-a-single-cool-black-ghetto-type-man was changed to 'nubian'? Am I a victim of a filtering? BAh!
2002-04-09 12:08:28 PM  
We should just elminate gender specific nouns anyway. No one calls anybody and actress anymore...they're all actors. It's just lame.
2002-04-09 12:09:20 PM  
Did it occur to anyone that maybe the girl was joking? In which case the joke is on the people who took her seriously because she asked. It makes them look stupid because they don't get the joke.
2002-04-09 12:09:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-09 12:10:57 PM  
Walkman I would only joke in that manner with a college I didn't want to go to. So, I guess, if she had no chance of going there, sure why not call and ask a funny question...
2002-04-09 12:12:04 PM  
That is the stupidiest thing I've ever heard! I don't hear my girlfriend complaining about having a "bacholar's degree" not being a "bacholarette's degree".... sheesh; she's not a femanazi.
2002-04-09 12:12:06 PM  
The intrusive animated pop-over ad lasted longer than it took to read the snippet. anything like this...again.
2002-04-09 12:12:25 PM  
At my college we call Freshmen "First-Year Students." The problem is that only College Admin call them that, everyone else still call them Freshmen.
2002-04-09 12:12:38 PM  
Steve Harvey is a stoop id.
2002-04-09 12:12:58 PM  
Can anyone explain the origin of the word 'Frosh'?
2002-04-09 12:13:40 PM  
Please post only REAL articles to Fark...not Steve Harvey's little quips...I'm still waiting for the mods to post the REAL news I found in the LA TIMES today...

Rats Chewed on Corpses, Coroner Says

...I mean, THAT is a story...typical of the Pulitzer Prize-Winning coverage Angelenos have come to expect from our Beloved Dog Trainer.
2002-04-09 12:14:47 PM  
Farking Ridiculous that this would even be considered worthy to be printed in a newspaper.
2002-04-09 12:14:56 PM  
"Shortening and alteration of freshman(perhaps influenced by German Frosch, frog, grammar-school pupil)."

Found it!
2002-04-09 12:15:57 PM  
Whats wrong with being sexist?
-Nigel Tufnel-
2002-04-09 12:16:19 PM  
Wait a sec.... Frosh is German for frog? They're calling first-years a bunch of Frenchies?

Hold on a sec while I start to die of laughter.
2002-04-09 12:16:51 PM  
This is one of the stories that really touches the heart.
2002-04-09 12:18:17 PM  
I propose we change the topic. The longer we delay, the older I get.
2002-04-09 12:22:27 PM  
Just glad it was a short article
2002-04-09 12:25:12 PM  
I can understand this making it to the paper. There's not much else going on in the world.
2002-04-09 12:25:31 PM  
This article does not give anyone enough evidence to purport that she is proposing to actually institute a different degree for women called a 'Bachelorette'. It's pure speculation on anyone's part to say that she desires this change. The only position that I can gleen from this short snippet of text is that she's stupid, not sexist. Feel free to cut and copy patent pending.
2002-04-09 12:26:18 PM  
Just glad it was a short article

It would be a one word article and you'd still have people not reading it.
2002-04-09 12:27:54 PM  
"What the fark is a frosh?"
-Booger (Revenge of the Nerds)

2002-04-09 12:29:54 PM's so much harder to project one's own Issues about women and feminists if one actually bothers to read the article!
2002-04-09 12:30:56 PM  
I dont think its demeaning to be called a "farkette".

"ette" can either mean smaller, or the feminine version. Obviously, farkette is a female reader of Fark...
2002-04-09 12:32:16 PM  
Mythago:Darn It! There I go again...looking for truth and justice on the internet. I ought to know better than that, huh?
2002-04-09 12:33:11 PM  
Hadbard- I see nothing majorly wrong with being sexist (tho there may be concequences to acting sexist)I myself am sexist. Men and women are different which is obvious when you look at our bodies, but the difference is more varried with bodily chemicals and such. I dont believe one is better than the other just different. I as a woman am ashamed of women who seriously get offended by stuff like this. Whats in a word? And why should i get bent out of shape because of a simple word that could be any sound combination and represent the same thing?
2002-04-09 12:35:26 PM  
This sounds like a joke from a 50's jokebook. I've already wasted too much time thinking about it.
2002-04-09 12:37:20 PM  
Bachelorette degree?

Isn't that the study of Björk?

::ducks for cover::
2002-04-09 12:42:44 PM  
Yes, you should, Tharow. Come over here and I'll punish you. ;)
2002-04-09 12:46:08 PM  
that link was a chuckle fest! hudla, hudla, hudla!

in case you can't tell i'm being sarcastic.
2002-04-09 12:50:49 PM  
Mythago:Hmmm...intriguing. I should be scared but I'm...I'm strangely attracted by your offer!
2002-04-09 12:56:11 PM  
I thought first year students were known as
"Fresh Meat"
2002-04-09 12:59:06 PM  
I read the article...and it reminded me of a story I saw on Pulse News in Montreal.. I could have SWORN that a woman stayed at university longer, just to get her BACHELORETTE degree!
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