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2002-04-09 08:19:33 AM
funny stuff
2002-04-09 08:20:50 AM
I did not know Strong Bad enjoyed baking!
2002-04-09 08:22:04 AM
Don't you?
2002-04-09 08:22:29 AM
Nice but kind of ends without a punchline.
2002-04-09 08:22:40 AM
From time to time, Yes. I do.
2002-04-09 08:23:23 AM
I still don't get it.
2002-04-09 08:31:07 AM
good work, fella's...like the begining...with the rotating room and all...nice.
2002-04-09 08:35:36 AM
wow... getting pretty fancy there. I likes it.
2002-04-09 08:52:59 AM
I do enjoy doing the jumble from time to time...

Finally a cartoon with StrongBad as a main character!
2002-04-09 09:09:16 AM
Strongbad rules the world
2002-04-09 09:20:48 AM

Well, it IS a flash cartoon. So that's nice.
2002-04-09 09:21:07 AM
Can I get Strongbad to do my outgoing message on my voicemail?
2002-04-09 09:34:40 AM
Haha, Bert69 just had to show up here, didn't he? BTW dude, I hope you didn't take my little rant seriously yesterday. You seemed to find it funny that I first responded to you in a level-headed and intelligent fashion so the follow-up was intended to be more in line with the typical cheap flame/name calling nature of most HR threads.
2002-04-09 09:56:31 AM
I just like, totally came in my pants.

Homestar Runner is tha bomb.
2002-04-09 09:59:15 AM
2002-04-09 10:23:10 AM
How do these guys keep producing so many cool cartoons so fast?
2002-04-09 10:32:38 AM
"I understand you like to prance around like an idiot. Is that true?"
2002-04-09 10:35:56 AM
They do churn those toons out fast. Must be some type of sweatshop, with poor little animators busting their humps, hunched over their digital drawing pads 18 hours a day, 7 days a week just so one of you goobs can say "I don't get it" each and every time.
2002-04-09 10:36:06 AM

Scoot: Sure dude, I believe you. Whatever blows your skirt up.

2002-04-09 10:55:37 AM
Bert69: I just want to make sure when I start to dis you in earnest you'll understand.

BTW, I made you a new badge:
Wear it with pride.
2002-04-09 11:00:00 AM

Great you can use your own sign from now on. You we're saying something about flaming?

Btw I honestly don't get why you are tripping so much about someone not liking Strong Bad email.... It's kinda if you ask me.

But, like I said: Whatever blows your skirt up big boy....
2002-04-09 11:00:37 AM
LunaticFringe: he's actually referring to the fact that he (Bert69) is a primtive flaim comment bot that I created. You don't think an actual human intelligence would spout nonsense like that, do you? I like to let him have his little fun...it just gets sad when he keeps crying about wanting to be "a real boy." The AI will be much tighter when I complete Bert7.0.
2002-04-09 11:01:00 AM
LunaticFringe: he's actually referring to the fact that he (Bert69) is a primitive flame-comment bot that I created. You don't think an actual human intelligence would spout nonsense like that, do you? I like to let him have his little fun...it just gets sad when he keeps crying about wanting to be "a real boy." The AI will be much tighter when I complete Bert7.0.
2002-04-09 11:01:57 AM
Goddamn lack of a preview box...grr..
2002-04-09 11:02:34 AM
I'd glady pay extra to subscribe to Total Fark if I could get "Total Dork" instead. Hint, hint.
2002-04-09 11:02:58 AM
All the arguing - geez. I just wanted to interject a "ROCK ON!" here.
2002-04-09 11:05:45 AM

Scoots: Keep on trying dude, you'll be able to give a good oneliner one day.

Btw you are actually funnier than strong bad email, maybe they should write a cartoon about you, I'd watch it.
2002-04-09 11:12:12 AM
A cartoon about me? Great idea! Only if you'll play my bumbling sidekick tho. We'd be the original odd couple!
2002-04-09 11:14:53 AM

Sorry dude, as much as I know you'd like me to, I don't do request.

Try to make it on your own, I know you'll succeed one day. First off try to handle critisism better.

Find counseling. It will help you on your way. :)
2002-04-09 11:15:19 AM
"Hey! Who's asking the questions here!?!?"
2002-04-09 11:19:20 AM
Are you two married?
(Scoots & Bert69)

2002-04-09 11:26:22 AM
: you have consistantly chosen to misunderstand everything I've said for the past 2 days. I could care less if anyone likes HR. I could care less about your "criticism." I'm not even flaming you, tho I'm sure you think so. I'm merely having some fun playing off of your complete misinterpretation of what I've said. I tried to let you in on the joke but apparently it's just not sinking in. I will avoid attributing it to thick-wittedness on your part so as to eliminate any need for you to think I'm slandering you further.
2002-04-09 11:39:02 AM
Viva la Strong Bad!
2002-04-09 12:05:31 PM
Is it just me, or is Homestar getting more intelligent these days? :)
2002-04-09 12:15:30 PM
I hate the lame voices.
2002-04-09 01:04:18 PM
Freddiemiles1 - Yeah, me too. this catfight between Scoots and Bert69 is farking lame and distracting me from the glory that is Homestarrunner.net (It's Dot Com!)
2002-04-09 01:12:48 PM
Dammit I love Strong Bad....

grocery list:


2002-04-09 01:18:13 PM
Homestar Runner writing has become just like Saturday Night Live writing: use any premise, delay the first joke interminably, and never, ever have an ending to the bit.
2002-04-09 01:33:23 PM
God i love the strong bad emails.

So fresh and so clean, clean....
2002-04-09 01:34:37 PM

Scoots: You seem to be the only one thinking deeply about our little conversation here, I really couldn't care less and I never saw this as a flame, merely a joke.

Don't take it personal dude, I know I didn't. :)
2002-04-09 01:51:50 PM
So that means Bert69 just lost, right?
2002-04-09 02:20:38 PM
Rhizome23: To you? Yes.
2002-04-09 02:20:51 PM
Rhizome23: To you? Yes.
2002-04-09 02:25:15 PM
Bert, you remind me of Homsar. And yes, you lose.
2002-04-09 02:38:29 PM
Yeah I think StrongBad should be the main character, not HomeStar. StrongBad is so much more entertaing. I'm glad he does emails once a week!
2002-04-09 02:56:32 PM

Gohanmastaflex: You remind me of a fat elvis presley.
2002-04-09 03:22:21 PM
Ok, Bert69 (hee hee, 69 jokes are funny.......to 14 year olds) let's play a game I am sure you can win.

It's called "who can go the longest without type some stupid ass shiate and looking like a jackass" I'll let you go first.
2002-04-09 04:37:17 PM
That was brilliant, as usual. I love that no-armed whitey!

"En garde."
2002-04-09 05:32:10 PM
Strong Bad is badass
2002-04-09 05:59:28 PM
"Question 1: What is your freakin' problem?"

How many times have you wished celebrity interviews would start with that very question? I love it.
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