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(Aint-It-Cool-News)   Good news- a lot of crappy shows cancelled. Bad news- FOX will make more.   ( divider line
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14702 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Apr 2002 at 10:41 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-09 10:43:45 AM  
no not the family guy!
2002-04-09 10:43:47 AM  
I knew by the 3rd episode that "24" would be truncated down to about "15"
2002-04-09 10:44:03 AM  
How many times has the Family Guy been cancelled? Diz-amn.
2002-04-09 10:44:20 AM  
...and I was wrong. I misread the first sentence. d'oh!
2002-04-09 10:45:10 AM  
"I never heard of half these shows and the ones I do know are way past their prime."

Family Guy is great.
2002-04-09 10:45:37 AM  
Who the hell watches broadcast Tv anymore? Get your head out of your ass
2002-04-09 10:45:44 AM  
Man. I must not watch anything on the WB..I haven't heard of any of those shows.
2002-04-09 10:46:04 AM  
Honestly, Family Guy is probably the funniest show on TV right now. This season I have even enjoyed it more than... *gasp* The Simpsons (admit it, overall this season has been under par).
2002-04-09 10:46:11 AM  
baby Bob is being renewed - WTF??????
2002-04-09 10:46:20 AM  
Baby Bob needs to die a fiery, fiery death.
2002-04-09 10:46:41 AM  
How hte hell do you cancel "The Job" and renew "According to Jim"?
2002-04-09 10:46:57 AM  
"Bob Patterson" cancelled? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
2002-04-09 10:47:07 AM  
Futurama is going to make it? Cool.
2002-04-09 10:47:56 AM  
2002-04-09 10:47:58 AM  
No Family Guy...*sigh*. More proof that Americans have lousy taste.
2002-04-09 10:48:32 AM  
No Futureamma is still cancelled...they're just being considerte and airing the epiosdes that have already been made.
2002-04-09 10:48:46 AM  
Kreskin baby Bob is being renewed - WTF??????

Two things should not happen in movies or TV.
Animals shouldn't talk. babies shouldn't talk.
2002-04-09 10:49:00 AM  
Hate to see the X-files go, but it's time has come, it's been crappy past 2 years.
When are we gonna see Gillian full frontal naked dammit, (in staying with the previous red-haired boobies thread) she needs to make a movie or something! Still find her yummy after all these years.
2002-04-09 10:49:08 AM  
i go to puppet shows.

T.V. is for freaks.
2002-04-09 10:49:36 AM  
awww... the weakest link is being booted... can't they find more out of work actors to fill stupid sunday shows?
2002-04-09 10:49:38 AM  
What's really bad is I thought most of those shows were cancelled last season. Has Inside Schwartz even aired once this season?

Baby Bob needs to get SIDS.
(runs and hides)
2002-04-09 10:50:47 AM  
Here, vote over at USA Today for the show you want to stay. Not saying it will make a difference but if enough of us, say , FAMILY GUY viewers vote then maybe someone will notice.
2002-04-09 10:50:53 AM  
Family Guy goes, and "that 80's show" stays.

What a load of crap!
2002-04-09 10:51:11 AM  
"Emeril" was cancelled months ago.

And "Family Guy" keeps getting cancelled because it sucks. ;)
2002-04-09 10:51:25 AM  
Wait, this is for bubble shows. fark them then.
2002-04-09 10:51:56 AM  
I will miss The Family Guy and the Job. Wasn't the Agency supposedly doing pretty good? And what's the deal with My wife and Kids getting renewed? Damon Wayans hasn't been funny since In Living Color.

btw, regarding the Family Guy. What I love about that show is that basically the writers from the Simpsons started doing that show so they could write scripts that were too outlandish for the Simpsons. Read that again: too outlandish for the Simpsons, the show that had a talking Leprechaun telling a child to burn his house down.
2002-04-09 10:52:02 AM  
I'm still trying to figure out the demographic 'Baby Bob' was aiming for
2002-04-09 10:52:10 AM  
We'd have to hear him calling for help--someone might accidentally help him after hearing the poor guy.
Better he get left at the mall.
2002-04-09 10:52:21 AM  
I wonder how they will bring "24" back next year?
2002-04-09 10:52:26 AM  
Why the fark NBC even considered "Emeril," much less put it on the air, is a question best left to the ages.

Beardawgie, Gillian is a hottie!
2002-04-09 10:52:59 AM  
I hope network execs get their heads out of their asses and actuall continue Futurama. They say here that they will show it next season, but not make any more episodes. Chances are they will can all of the good writers though and make it suck so they will be justified in cancelling it.
2002-04-09 10:53:05 AM  
feeling....mixed.....emotions.... guy gone....
....futurama stay......

happy and sad....all at once....make the pain stop....
2002-04-09 10:53:18 AM  
Damn, they're getting rid of Undeclared? That sucks.
2002-04-09 10:53:31 AM  
Family Guy? After all the back-to-back episodes in Thursday night's "sweet spot" for the past couple of months?

They must have pulled out on their own. Maybe Seth Green or whats-her-face Kunis were overbooked or something...

Seth McFarlane will come back somewhere else, I betcha.
2002-04-09 10:53:37 AM  
Family Guy was canceled so so so long ago, they havent been working on new episodes of that show for a couple years now. They can't just bring all the animation crew back together to whip up some new episodes either, cartoons take potato long to make. Family Guy is so so so so so dead, get over it. Futurama isn't producing new episodes either, Fox is just gunna keep showing whatever eps are already 'in the can' until they run out. But at least 24 is still on... I really like that show for some reason...
2002-04-09 10:54:51 AM  
I just wrote in Family Guy at the bottom under comments.
2002-04-09 10:55:27 AM  
family guy...damn i only have 2 channels myself, but if at a friends and it's on, then i won't miss it. great show.
2002-04-09 10:56:45 AM  
Hasn't "Family Guy" been canceled more or less about 4 times now?

Don't be surprised if it surfaces again after a year.
2002-04-09 10:57:12 AM  
reality shows suck
2002-04-09 10:57:26 AM  
Why can't market researchers actually interview real "common Americans" so they stop even testing the CRAP and cancelling the good stuff!
Look at the Sci-Fi channel for a minute: They cancelled "The Invisible Man" which was getting awesome ratings, because they didn't want to budget it anymore. This because they were throwing money at crappy shows like "Black Scorpion" and renewing import rights to "Lexx"!
::sigh:: Oh well. At least I have every episode of "The Family Guy" on my computer.

"Ummm... My name is "P", "Tar", "Griffen"... Ah crap!"
2002-04-09 10:57:42 AM  
Family Guy and Undeclared? Well I hope they can find some more gold-diggers for "Who Wants to Marry My Bankaccount?"
2002-04-09 10:58:12 AM  
Put old 'Speed Racer' episodes on NBC Sunday nights for a season and I guarantee it would kick major Simpson ass
2002-04-09 10:58:46 AM  
Since manufactured reality shows are on the way out, look for real-life documentary style medical and police shows. This is where life's most engaging drama occurs every day.
2002-04-09 10:59:31 AM  
9/10: Amen to Gillian, hopefully she'll go the way of actresses that can't get a job and do a spread in Playboy. Did anyone on Fark ever debunk that rumor of JenLoveHewitt posing in P-boy? We can only hope Gillian goes to Hugh Hefner and doffs her duds.
2002-04-09 10:59:33 AM  
Next season: "My name is Agent Jack Bauer... and today is the second-longest day of my life."
2002-04-09 10:59:37 AM  
Awwww I'm going to have to cancel my chair and chamber parties...oh well, there's still King of the hill.
2002-04-09 10:59:47 AM  
They also need to cancel Dawson's Creek. I think everyone on this board will agree with me that once Joey & Pacey broke up and they all went to college the show just tanked.

Anyone? Anyone agree?
2002-04-09 11:00:40 AM  
Anyone have that link to the petition to save Family Guy that was put up last month?

Damn this show is too good to be cancelled by the out-of-touch-with-normal-people-as-well-as-reality execs at FOX.
2002-04-09 11:00:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Parker Lewis is going to be renewed though... right? please?!?
2002-04-09 11:00:59 AM  
When did 90210 drop out of the top 10?!?!?
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