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(Reuters)   D.C. transit workers get pronunciation classes -- next stop, Pen-a-gon   ( divider line
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2005-06-13 12:35:59 PM  
I think they should really make a few booths for tickets instead of all automated machines. I had to wait 20 min when there were about 20 tourists infront of me at Smithsonian station and none had any clue as how to operate it. What part of "single fare card" is so hard to understand.
2005-06-13 12:37:34 PM  
What Metro really needs to spend money on is for someone to continually ride the escalators and give dope-slaps to people standing on the left.

And if you have luggage, use the damn elevator!
2005-06-13 12:37:56 PM  
WTF? I don't even bother listening to the operators. I know all the stops, as for tourist each car has a map and every station has signs. I've been using the metro to get from VA to MD since age 9. Really it's one of the safest and communter friendy metros around.

/I think at least
//but here comes the rate increase
2005-06-13 12:38:24 PM  
swiftfoxlit--glad to see I'm not the only person who thought of this. I mean, on any major toll road, you have a booth for people with the EZ Pass. Can we get one of those for the metro? Paint 'em red or something. Oh, and while I'm biatching, turn off your cell phones, STFU, and walk if you're on the left side of the escalator. Whew--now I feel a bit bitter.
2005-06-13 12:38:35 PM  
even with the Post series, and the above story - I still stand by the metro as the best 'subway' I've seen out of the 5 or 6 I have ridden
2005-06-13 12:38:48 PM  
and one more thing about the Metro

TOURISTS - Stand to the right on the escalators!!!! If you stand on the left us DC people have the right to push you down the stairs! (or if you're going up the escalator we have the right to punch you in the back of the head)
2005-06-13 12:38:59 PM  
Mind the Gap.
2005-06-13 12:39:02 PM  

2005-06-13 12:39:20 PM  
My favorite, is the train conductor who is from NEW JOYZEE. Anyone who rides the DC metro knows who I'm talking about. The guy cannot pronounce the letter R.

Fayugut Noyth
Dupont Coycle
Adam's Moygan
Cleveland Poyk

Hilarious. I always here a lot of giggles on the train when this guy is announcing.
2005-06-13 12:39:46 PM  
Ah, for the good old days when the train used to announce "George Clinton!" when closing the doors.
2005-06-13 12:40:45 PM  
Washington D.C., the only place in America with taxation with out representation.

/I feel bad, its expensive to live there and nothing can be done.
2005-06-13 12:41:42 PM  
Beat me to it wpmulligan and something_else
2005-06-13 12:41:52 PM  
Denise R Sharpe:

For some reason, that really bugged me whenever there was a report about 9/11. "The terrorist attacks in New York and Washington..."

"No, Arlington, Arlington, you moran!"

Yeah, and that point wins a lot of bar bets. "I'll bet you terrursts have never attacked Washington, DC."
2005-06-13 12:42:32 PM the fark do you get on a transit system and then not know where the fark you are? You get on at point A and if you're not familiar with the system then you look out the windows for signs/landmarks.

SEPTA (south eastern pennsylvania transit authority) is moderately expensive, but it's clean, I have no complaints about it except for the fare hikes every few years because they complain.

If you want more money, get an education, and get a better job. There's a ceiling, and you've hit it.
2005-06-13 12:42:38 PM  
I hate automated announcements...

The Market-Frankford Elevated/Subway in Philly has this and you want to kill yourself riding that thing every day...

"Dorrs arre Clossing..." "Market-Frankford Line making all stops"

Repeat loudly at each and every frickin station.
2005-06-13 12:42:52 PM  
You ought to here those British broadcasters butcher the Pentagon on the BBC news. They pronounce it Pintigin and say it real fast like.
2005-06-13 12:42:54 PM  

It's funny that they're announcing this right after the post ran that 4 day series on how crappy the metro is being financially managed
You read my mind. Wasn't it just last year that it came out metro parking lot employees embezzled over a MILLION dollars? (Right before they switched to the SmarTrip system).

If I could afford to park in Dupont Circle, i'd deal with the traffic and drive everyday to avoid stupid, stupid metro...
2005-06-13 12:43:03 PM  
The need a few SmartCard-only fare gates. I hate being behind some idiot with a bag over their right elbow and a cell phone in their right hand, who pulls out a paper fare card with their left hand and tries to contort themself far enought to feed it into the slot.

For that matter, take out your damn farecard (paper or plastic) before you reach the front of the line. Moran.
2005-06-13 12:43:28 PM  
As long as you're on the subject, Space man

TOURISTS - The doors to the Metro are not to be treated like elevator doors!!!!

If you can't herd your fat family through the doors in a reasonable amount of time, take a friggin' cab.
2005-06-13 12:44:17 PM  
I've always heard it as "George Clooney", but I know exactly what you're talking about.
2005-06-13 12:44:40 PM  
wageworks, best thing ever. card is mailed to me and I don't have to stand behind some dumbf**k trying to work the machine.
2005-06-13 12:44:43 PM  
As a DC resident who rides the Metro everyday, I've learned to tune out the operator as it's usually a futile endeavor to understand. 25% of the time you can't understand what's being said due to some type of eletrical feedback or track/train noise obscuring the operator's words. 25% of the time the volume is too low to hear over the train itself. A large number of the operators on the Red line just babble the stops and are basically incomprehensible.

There are a couple operators who are aspiring DJ's. From the sounds of it, Barry White also operates one of the Orange line trains from time to time. There's also a woman operator on the Red line who sounds like the computer system "Mother" from Aliens.
2005-06-13 12:46:20 PM  
but complaints of inaudible or unintelligible train announcements are among the biggest gripes

I agree. There's nnothing more annoying than an announcement that can't be heard because of the whizzing bullets!

/uh-nun-cee-8 dammit!
2005-06-13 12:46:35 PM  
I answered back in garble speak to the people in the drive through and I thought my son and I were going to bust a gut. Probably got spit sauce on our enchildas...
2005-06-13 12:47:16 PM  
2005-06-13 12:37:34 PM wpmulligan

And if you have luggage, use the damn elevator!

Of course, that only applies to the 2 or 3 stations that has a working elevator.
2005-06-13 12:47:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Driving lessons might be a good idea too. Picture from when 2 trains wrecked November, 2004. I ride Metro everyday to DC and ALL Metro train operators need to speak better English.
2005-06-13 12:47:22 PM  
the reason the metro in Boston is called the "T" is b/c when you ask the disinterested employees for help, they respond "t.."
2005-06-13 12:48:47 PM  

And if you have luggage, use the damn elevator!

Of course, that only applies to the 2 or 3 stations that has a working elevator.

Point well taken.
2005-06-13 12:49:01 PM  
I live in Arkansas, and many - not all - of the natives cannot speak English. I would imagine this phenomenon is similar to what is going on around the penagon.

"Oil" is pronounced: ol. That word, and words that begin with "L" are the only times the natives here use the letter "L." For example, "Roll" is pronounced "Roe."

Maybe the public education system, or just the public, sucks in DC as much as here.
2005-06-13 12:49:14 PM  
This is bringing out all my Metro rants.

Why do people on the Metro feel compelled to wear their ID cards around their necks? You've left the office. You aren't impressing anyone- it's DC we all work for the government. You think your White House or Capitol Hill pass is going to impress me? Oh you work for CNN, gee that's awesome.

Put your badges away dickholes.
2005-06-13 12:50:09 PM  
AMEN Spaceman I farking HATE when people are standing on the left side of the Escalators!

I love the Metro here in DC. I live off the Green line (or as some say... the Soul train) and despite some of the delays, overall it is good. They should go to 24 hours a day though... but I understand why they don't.
2005-06-13 12:51:14 PM  
Speaking of Grosvenor, I had a guy on the Metro a few weeks ago who basically gave up and called it Grova. Not BSing you. He said it that way at least three times.
2005-06-13 12:52:02 PM  
Space man
Farking Amen!!!!

/never NEVER wear mine on train/bus
2005-06-13 12:52:25 PM  
Oh man, the stories I could tell (but am legally barred from repeating due to attorney-client privilege) about the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority...

/Metro is evil
2005-06-13 12:52:52 PM  
Coolbeans56 I've been here for over a decade and maybe I don't get out enough- but that's the first I've ever heard of the Green Line referred to as the "Soul Train"

That's so damn funny.
2005-06-13 12:53:15 PM  
Space man: people on the Metro feel compelled to wear their ID cards around their necks

You nailed it. The worst of them are the college age congressional interns who also wear their snappiest suits every day.
2005-06-13 12:54:26 PM  

They can't afford it. Besides the district shuts down after 9pm and all the locals take cabs home. If they went 24/7 prices would go WAY up.
2005-06-13 12:54:48 PM  

The worst of them are the college age congressional interns

I want to smack those guys. The girls, I have other plans for them.
2005-06-13 12:55:01 PM  
Look, the DC Metro system is pretty decent, as far as most things go, but it's the second most busy system in the nation, and it's falling apart. It also doesn't help, that as things are rapidly falling down the crapper, it's summer time--more tourists clogging up every bit of the system (gates, doors, escalators), more interns thinking they're far more important than they are, and lots of sweaty people. Gah!
2005-06-13 12:55:41 PM  
wpmulligan: The girls, I have other plans for them.

I'm with you on that one.
2005-06-13 12:56:13 PM  
Captain Kickass--if you can't tell us directly, can you tell us where to look?
2005-06-13 12:56:45 PM  

I wouldn't exactly say snappy. Hill interns always wear the same thing...
Khacki pants, navy blue jacket, white shirt with red tie. Every last one of'em. pubs or dems doesn't matter.
2005-06-13 12:57:20 PM  
Just teach 'em Ebonics.
2005-06-13 12:57:29 PM  
I love the Metro and ride it every day. It's a hell of a lot cleaner than other subway systems I've been on. It would be nice to see the money for the elocution lessons go to fixing the escalators. I could give dick about the announcements. I know where I'm going anyway.
2005-06-13 12:57:55 PM  
mpmalj: Regarding "no terrorist attacks in D.C.", wasn't there an anthrax incident on the Hill?
2005-06-13 12:57:57 PM  
As a tourist, here's how the announcements sound to me on the otherwise excellent Metro:

"Braaah whalagwa zmeeerah ulller eeef rhooo rhoo zghbh shah"

Is that in English? So I don't listen and use the maps instead. {shrug}
2005-06-13 12:59:10 PM  
may i axe you how to get to the subway?
2005-06-13 12:59:39 PM  
Fullerton is next. Doors open on the left, at Fullerton. Transfer to Purple and Red Line trains, at Fullerton. Standing passengers, please do not lean against the doors. Smoking, litering, or playing loud devices is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted.

I have no prob understanding this guy. Got his whole routine memorized.
2005-06-13 01:00:02 PM  
since all the DC farkers are here, anyone go the Fark party?

/end threadjack
//did you Metro?
///there, no longer a threadjack.
2005-06-13 01:00:22 PM  
Public transit is alright in Boston. However when I came back from London and got into the T all I could think was urninal. After a week of transport that didn't smell like hell I was totally unprepared for the blue line.
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