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(ABC News)   Talking washing machine to revolutionize the way household appliances annoy us   ( divider line
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2253 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Apr 2002 at 3:20 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-08 07:29:00 PM  
Mascul-out? You're pulling my leg!
2002-04-08 07:32:18 PM  
Beezulbob: Mascul-out= Man Show Reference
2002-04-08 07:35:33 PM  
pulling my leg=masturbation reference


Oh well.
2002-04-08 07:55:22 PM  
and when did Electrolux start making lawn mowers? and what do they say to you?
2002-04-08 11:08:18 PM  
Scansinboy -Anyone ever have one of those talking cars?

My husband knew a guy in the Army who had a car that talked. He was in Germany when the chip went bad and, unbeknownst to him, it was replaced with one that spoke Japanese. Scared the crap out of him the first time he left the headlights on. He said the car always sounded pissed...
2002-04-09 03:23:57 AM  
"Your door is a jar."

Riiiight. And I'll bet it's got some of Grandma's blueberry jam in there, too....

Maybe if they'll build a goddamned washing machine that actually uses water, instead of one that measures it with an eyedropper for a maximum-sized load of three socks (don't ask), two pair of boxers and a t-shirt, so I wouldn't have to rinse all my clothes four times just so the freaking rinse water won't bubble up....

What the hell caused this? Suddenly we're out of water? It's H2-freaking-O! Yeah, it's expensive out in California, but (Sam Kinnison) we've got deserts in the rest of America, we just don't try to live in them and use up everyone's freaking water trying to grow rice!! Oh! Oooohhh!!! (/Sam Kinnison)

While they're at it, maybe tackling that whole efficiency problem plaguing these spawn-of-Satan low-volume washers that take about an hour and a half to do a miniscule load of laundry so I can actually do something with my goddamned Saturdays instead of wandering to the motherfarking garage every fifteen farking minutes to see if the GODDAMNED LAUNDRY IS DONE YET!! Who have I pissed off to deserve this? Couldn't I just roll a boulder up a mountain or get my liver eaten on a daily basis by a blue-footed boobie? Jeebus H. Cripes on a corksucking popsicle stick!

Don't get me started on low-volume toilets and Tex-Mex food....
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