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(Telegraph)   Vatican hints that the next pope could be black   ( divider line
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9451 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Apr 2002 at 10:46 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-08 10:47:32 AM  
stop it or Halle is going to cry
2002-04-08 10:49:49 AM  
So what? Religion knows no color.
2002-04-08 10:50:19 AM  
I hope he wears colorful robes
2002-04-08 10:50:26 AM  
where's emeril when you need him? the black antichrist pope evil kitten eating bearded man!
2002-04-08 10:50:36 AM  
A black Pope? Right- and next they are gonna tell us that Blacks will be able to vote.
2002-04-08 10:50:39 AM  
Is the Pope black? Does a bear shiat in the woods? I don't know, it just doesn't flow. And since when did the Word of God have to comply with affirmative action? Not that I have anything agianst a black Pope, or even care what the Catholics do, but I do hope this isn't being considered for political reasons.
2002-04-08 10:50:55 AM  
that's hilarious
2002-04-08 10:51:58 AM  
Sadly, the '1st world' Catholic community would never allow such a progressive appearance. Catholicism is not quite synonymous with free thought.
2002-04-08 10:52:33 AM  
As long as he can molest children he can be pope.
2002-04-08 10:52:38 AM  
black, white, yellow, purple - who the fark cares? all that should matter is if the guy's a good catholic.
2002-04-08 10:53:10 AM  
Pope Jesse? Pope Al? Tell ya gang this pc krap is taking over the whole world.
2002-04-08 10:53:50 AM  
What a feeble attempt at shiat-disturbing
2002-04-08 10:54:28 AM  
Norad said it best, "So what? Religion knows no color."
2002-04-08 10:55:15 AM  
i think this is a wonderful thing if the catholic church is considering him for his "holiness" and credentials and such, and not for the color of his skin.

however, this man is going to need to have so much strength of mind and convictions, and the people will have to rally behind him, because he's in for a very long haul if he becomes the next pope. i predict multiple assasignation attempts...which is sad...
2002-04-08 10:56:17 AM  
Not sure if assassination attempts are on tap, since the majority of the church is non-white, but you are right, politics will make his reign difficult.
2002-04-08 10:56:54 AM  
There already HAVE been black popes.Just as many of the early saints of the Roman Catholic Church were black. The cardinal saying that is some P.R. shiat. nubian Please!!!
2002-04-08 10:57:26 AM  
Looks like they're trying to be pc and gain some credibility back. Why not just go all the way and have a gay, vegitarian, female, handicaped pope?
2002-04-08 10:57:37 AM  
white devil
2002-04-08 10:58:31 AM  
Don't believe the hype.
2002-04-08 10:59:34 AM  
As Bill Hicks said (regarding female priests and clergy),
"Great! Now we have priests of both sexes I won't listen to. There would be a priest with 4 eyes and 8 titties. I might even go see that sermon!"
2002-04-08 11:00:10 AM  
Will the new Pope also shiat in the woods?
2002-04-08 11:00:15 AM  
I hope the best man wins, period, end of story. I don't care what color he is...
Hell, I'm not even catholic....
2002-04-08 11:01:15 AM  
damn site wants me to register to read it's news....
2002-04-08 11:05:41 AM  
Who cares what ethnic background of the next one to sit in the seat of the antichrist is? Either way he's the whore of babylon. . .
2002-04-08 11:05:46 AM  
ho hum. wake me when we get a woman pope.
2002-04-08 11:06:03 AM  
But does the Pope shiat in the woods?
2002-04-08 11:06:06 AM  
The Catholic Church nearly imploded in the 60's when they allowed Mass to be delivered in the vernacular. What's going to happen when they allow it to be delivered in Ebonics?
2002-04-08 11:07:01 AM  
The current pope was chosen for strategic political purposes (the Reagan admin. [west] needed to keep a close watch on what was then his Eastern Block homeland, and first-hand news from the Polish parishes provided loads of intel) so it just makes sense to put an African pope in next. That's the region that we need the most first-hand info about now. Open minds and 1st world Catholic communites have very little to do with bringing the most politically valuable pope in.
2002-04-08 11:07:12 AM  
He's the Jackie Robinson of the papacy
2002-04-08 11:08:00 AM  
So what? Religion knows no color.
Tell that to the KKK or the Christian Identity wack-jobs. Religion is created by people; some people have stupid skin color issues.
2002-04-08 11:08:22 AM  
What's a Pope?
2002-04-08 11:08:38 AM  
I know he was voted in before Reagan, but Jimmy saw his worth too ;)
2002-04-08 11:09:27 AM  

How about Desmond Tutu?
2002-04-08 11:11:28 AM  
*tinfoil-hat warning*
2002-04-08 11:12:28 AM  
Interesting Bbanjo, but just about a month before JPII was brought in, JPI was elected, and he was anything but political. In fact, he was so anti-establishment on the politics and money of the Church, he was most likely murdered for it. If the political sway were so strong, JPI never would have made it in - JPII would have been elected immediately after Pius died.
2002-04-08 11:13:29 AM  
Does he shiat in the woods or not? Dammit, someone clear this up.
2002-04-08 11:14:53 AM  
Wow, its cool that they are suggesting Cardinal Arinze may become the next pope. That would be so cool. I met him and shook his hand a few years ago. Wow.
2002-04-08 11:15:15 AM  
Hey, I am not dead yet!
Very Close but not 100% yet.
2002-04-08 11:18:05 AM  
"You can tell the fake Pope by his high-top sneakers and incredibly foul language"
2002-04-08 11:18:09 AM  
BillDarryl: No denying the worth of that connection though. I agree on the JPI dilly, not sure how "unexpected" that death was though. Kinda convenient sudden end to his term and strange choice for election in the first place. Would be interesting to see how many more votes he got outside of the 27 homeboys......
2002-04-08 11:18:24 AM  
The_Pope: Your holiness, I am LMAO at your bio. I am pleased you have chosen to be so plain spoken to us farkers.
2002-04-08 11:18:35 AM  
How is a black pope going to go over with all the racist Italians & Irish on the east coast. I think the north is just as full of racists as the south.
Racism comes from ignorance and ignorance is universal.
2002-04-08 11:19:00 AM  
sorry for the all boldness
2002-04-08 11:21:55 AM  
'bout time. Jesus was black...
2002-04-08 11:22:04 AM  
Yet Cardinal Ratzinger acknowledged that racism could prevent an African succession and that there were still "great misgivings in the West about the Third World".

So they are admitting that they are racist and don't want a pope from a third world country? And where exactly is the "West"?
2002-04-08 11:23:49 AM  

10:47 : Boobies
11:05 : Someone points out that the pope is really the whore of babylon.
11:08 : All Southern Christians are deemed racist.
11:18 : All Italians and Irish in the North are deemed racist.
2002-04-08 11:24:17 AM  
I was going to say his hand smelled like after he shook it but decided against it until BillDarryl threw that comment in there.
2002-04-08 11:24:35 AM  
Just as long as he isn't Jewish, that is where I would draw the line.
2002-04-08 11:25:29 AM  
BbanjoYou could be correct. I just don't see the close-minded Catholic White allowing the need for knowledge to override personal hate. Not that the Catholics are real war-like rabble rousers that need monitoring, mind you. I still love the thought of a military satellite with the ability to see a mole on my ass....
2002-04-08 11:25:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
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