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(Reuters)   Strange lights in the sky frighten Germans   ( divider line
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7477 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Apr 2002 at 2:29 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-08 02:31:24 PM  
I surrender!
2002-04-08 02:31:48 PM  
sausage gas
2002-04-08 02:32:07 PM  
2002-04-08 02:32:15 PM  
What are they? A bunch of unfrozen caveman Germans?
2002-04-08 02:33:05 PM  
sprecken zi deutch
2002-04-08 02:33:07 PM  
WTF do you call the police in a situation like that?

Hi, police? Yeah, there's lights in the sky. Whatsup with that.
2002-04-08 02:34:00 PM  
The same thing was reported here a few years back. Hmmm mabe it's Moulder and Scully returning from whatever vast universe they have been visiting :)
2002-04-08 02:34:48 PM  
Cool. I'm flying there tomorrow for two weeks. Maybe the aliens will take me away and I don't have to write my term papers.
2002-04-08 02:35:42 PM  
It takes a lot to frighten Germans.
well at least this article wasn't from cosmiverse.
2002-04-08 02:36:09 PM  
"Reports of an unsettling late-night natural light show came from all over the southern German state as well as the neighbouring region of Baden-Wuerttemberg."

Stupid Baden-Wuerttembergians, they are always pulling crap like this.
2002-04-08 02:36:33 PM  
Anyone wanna bet it was that satellite that NASA said was going to be falling to Erath sometime between last friday and tomorrow? They didn't know where or when it was going to re-enter the atmosphere, and they seemed to think that the only thing to survive would be the 4 33 pound steel batteries.

Just a guess though/
2002-04-08 02:39:58 PM  
I think France was responsible.
they are just trying to shake things up a little.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-08 02:40:20 PM  
"Hello. I'm Leonard Nimoy. The following tale of alien encounters is true. And by true, I mean false. It's all lies. But they're entertaining lies. And in the end, isn't that the real truth? The answer is: No."
2002-04-08 02:41:31 PM  
What? We can simulate landing on the moon but we can't fake an explanation for fire in the sky? What's wrong with us?
2002-04-08 02:42:21 PM  
Did somebody say 'fire bomb Dresden?'
2002-04-08 02:42:59 PM  
Speaking of Mulder and Scully, I submitted this for a photoshop the other day.
[image from too old to be available]
looks like they were too involved in foreplay to notice any lights in the sky.
2002-04-08 02:44:09 PM  
Perhaps the English are lobbing some V2's at them. Eye for an eye and all...
2002-04-08 02:44:44 PM  
It was one of my rockets I made in the 5th grade returning from orbit. We always packed the parachute area in front of the engine with black powder (just like the Chinese space program?
2002-04-08 02:44:46 PM  
Strange lights uber alles
2002-04-08 02:45:47 PM  
The Germans don't know what the lights are ? They should know, you just can't keep a dead Jewish person down. TIME TO PAY THE PIPER GERMAN FASCISTS !!!! BETCHA IT WAS 3 MILLION POINTS OF LIGHTS !!! HAHAHAHAHA !
2002-04-08 02:46:25 PM  
Personally, I like to call the police if I'm lonely. Or hungry. Sometimes I can get an officer to bring me a pizza and watch dirty movies. Bank loan officers are also a lot of fun. Ask them to loan you things, anything. I once had one tell me with a completely straight face, "No, we do not lend Ms. Perkins."
2002-04-08 02:47:52 PM  
Sounds like some people have been eating rotten sauerkraut.
2002-04-08 02:48:34 PM  
I'm part German so lights in the sky only make me feel queasy.
2002-04-08 02:50:16 PM  
2002-04-08 02:50:58 PM  
What an article. They may have well just said "we pretty much don't know shiat"
2002-04-08 02:50:58 PM  
It cracks me up that when people see something they are unfamiliar with, the first thing they do is call the cops. WTF are the cops supposed to know that the people don't?! Go drink some more beer and everything will be OK.
2002-04-08 02:51:42 PM  

Die Hugel sind mit dem Ton von Musik lebendig!

Ente U. Abdeckung!!!!
2002-04-08 02:52:12 PM  
Germany's first reaction? Annex Poland.
2002-04-08 02:53:15 PM  
Damn jewish ghosts!! Thats what you get!
2002-04-08 02:54:03 PM  
I bet it was those Nazis who hid in the giant holes in the North and South Poles returning with their alien technology! Geez, I knew this whole integrated Europe thing was bull.
2002-04-08 02:56:25 PM  
This morning I saw a giant ball of fire in the sky. It has been following me wherever I go. I am calling the cops.
2002-04-08 02:59:09 PM  
2002-04-08 03:00:10 PM  
God! You light one dang fart and the entire world has a cow.

I forgive you.
2002-04-08 03:00:17 PM  
it's called the blitz. Duck, mofos.
2002-04-08 03:00:52 PM  
2002-04-08 03:02:32 PM  
Sorry, Rmdw! Beat you to it (but you had a link, so I guess we're tied)
2002-04-08 03:05:55 PM  
Dresden was the first thing that came to my mind too. Similar thoughts as Fb-...but then again, you have pretty much laid down your fascist trolling ways as of late, so I guess I can be forgiven.
2002-04-08 03:08:08 PM  
"Captain, how many lights do you see"


"NO, There are THREE lights"
2002-04-08 03:12:23 PM  
A visit from Wheaton?
2002-04-08 03:13:40 PM  

Nice TNG reference.
2002-04-08 03:18:55 PM  
Rmdw's link reminded me of this one scifi novel my one professor was telling me about. It was written in Germany around the time of the Weimar Republic, about how the Teutons (real life ancestors of the Germanic people, including the Germans (duh), Dutch, Scandinavians, etc.) were supposedly from another world (and thus were all originally Aryan, before "tainting" themselves by breeding with the "native Terrans") and first landed in Antarctica, where the harsh conditions further "purifyed" the undesirable traits out of them. They then supposedly moved up through Africa, Asia Minor, and eventually central Europe, but along the way interbred with other peoples and tainted the bloodline. It was a scary book full of scientifically flawed theories, completely BS histories, and the general rascism that Nazis loved so much. And as outlandish as this tail sounds, there were actually a few Nazis that took all this bunk to be gospel truth, so to speak.
2002-04-08 03:19:17 PM  
I love that episode...


*the captain seizes*
2002-04-08 03:21:55 PM  
I'm with you guys on the TNG episode with Gul Madred. Anything with Trek and David Warner rules, with the notable exception of Star Trek 5, but that's a whole 'nother story.
2002-04-08 03:25:32 PM  
beelzebubba: masterful Genglish, mensch! Wunderbar u. prima
2002-04-08 03:30:29 PM  
Why are so many abusing them for calling the cops? That's what a large part of the US citizenry does on a regular basis. People in the US are ignorant enough to call 911 when they can't get a farking jar open.

3 million points of light? There were 6 million Jews killed in the camps
2002-04-08 03:32:40 PM  
Let the anal probing begin!!!!!
2002-04-08 03:35:23 PM  
OBB: Hadn't refreshed, but you do have firsties.
2002-04-08 03:37:17 PM  
To quote The Simpsons, "We Germans aren't all smiles and sunshine."
2002-04-08 03:41:28 PM  
It's just all leading up to the big assault by the Brits.....The Queen Mum of all assaults.....perhaps i've said too much........
2002-04-08 03:43:50 PM  
Heilige Mutter des Gottes! Nicht identifizierte Fliegennachrichten! Ich schiß gerade mein lederhosen!
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