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(   Student named 'Butcher' arrested for stabbing people with syringe and injecting them with tranquilizer to see what they would do   ( divider line
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2002-04-08 10:09:47 AM  
ok......that is a little strange....This guy got his kicks watching people "affected by the drug".....

Maybe others will get their kicks watching him gang raped in prison....
2002-04-08 10:09:57 AM  
He'll claim it was for a psych class project and get away with it.
2002-04-08 10:10:32 AM  
Isn't that what roofies are for?...sheesh
2002-04-08 10:10:41 AM  
Psycho named 'Dahmer' arrested for pretty much the same thing!
2002-04-08 10:13:01 AM  
He gets kicks from watching people go stoned? Weird sense of "fun."
2002-04-08 10:13:48 AM  
What a WEIRDO!!
2002-04-08 10:15:22 AM  
He'd be fun at parties..
2002-04-08 10:15:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-08 10:15:48 AM  
Hrm. The name reminds me of a frat-nick. Apologies to the fraternities out there...
2002-04-08 10:16:48 AM  
Ah, yes. Where would the world be without nutjobs like this, and the french woman with the pepper spray? We need people like this so we can say, hey at least I'm not that bad!
2002-04-08 10:22:24 AM  
Ok, I'll take a shot in the dark here and guess that he listened to stabbing westward.
2002-04-08 10:23:01 AM  
This dude and the French tear-gas chick oughta hook up & go bowling
2002-04-08 10:23:16 AM  
"You? You're the elevator killer?"
2002-04-08 10:27:13 AM  
Rueyb, I think that anyone that would call themselves "Butcher" should be mocked, and any organization that would let its members call themselves that should also be mocked. Besides, I can't stand those "WHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! PARTY!!!!!" fratguys you seen so often in movies, and unfortunately in real life. Not that all frat members are like that...
2002-04-08 10:28:22 AM  
I remember in high school, we went to a party at this kid's house. His older sister was home from college, and she started chatting it up with me and a buddy. She asked my friend what he liked to do at parties. He said, being a smart-ass, "I like to push people down the steps," just to see what she would do. Being drunk, she offered to let him push her down the steps. So we went upstairs, she poised herself on the edge of the steps and he wound up for the push (not really intending to push her).

As he prepared to push, she suddenly sobered up and said, "Wait, wait, don't push me. I'm just a psych student at college and I wanted to see what you would do."

My friend said, "biatch!" and pushed her down the steps anyway.

I think she probably got what she deserved. So should this guy.
2002-04-08 10:33:07 AM  
..did she holler 'My shoe!' on the way down?
2002-04-08 10:38:17 AM  
I see small mutilated animals in his past, and lots of Thorazine in his future.
2002-04-08 10:40:59 AM  
I wanna party with THAT dude.
2002-04-08 10:43:38 AM  
Butcher, actually hurt people? oh, so it's not just a clever name.
2002-04-08 10:43:54 AM  
That's not "strange". That's "scary".
2002-04-08 10:44:58 AM  
Well thats given me needle-based nightmares for a while.
What a scary farking nutjob.

Thats some seriously bad wiring in that head, i recommend some serious brain mashing just to be sure.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-08 10:45:43 AM  
Peter Butcher stabs others with a syringe.
Abdullah the Butcher stabs his opponents with a fork.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-08 11:17:36 AM  
And now, an OBB haiku in response to the article:
Butcher, what's gone on?
Imagine if his name were
something like 'death-guy'.

When you name your kid 'Butcher' you can expect these kid of shenadigans.
2002-04-08 11:23:16 AM  
Maybe he finally snapped from all the PB & J jokes
2002-04-08 11:31:49 AM  

And she probably grabbed the railing trying to break her fall and kept calling for Jesus all the way down.

Goonie Goo Goo.
2002-04-08 11:39:09 AM  
I wonder if this guy is related to Merv Griffin
(*obscure "Man with 2 brains" reference..)
2002-04-08 11:43:43 AM  
Bass555 - I got it, even if no one else seems to have.

Great comment! I loved that movie!!
2002-04-08 11:43:48 AM  
I once stabbed a guy with a syringe in Reno, just to watch him get woozy.
2002-04-08 11:47:41 AM  
Pastey: Thanx! it pays to be persistent..

SpaceMoose: outstanding!
2002-04-08 11:51:20 AM  
SpaceMoose - did you have Windex in the syringe?

"I'm in a hurry right now. Promise me you'll go straight to the nearest police station and turn yourself in!"

"Oh, I will!"
2002-04-08 12:00:13 PM  
" I came to Europe and everything has been great...until now."
2002-04-08 12:10:11 PM  
Freaky, this actually happened in Columbus, OH too at OSU. I was at work one day when the CPD come and ask me if I know . I was his boss. They arrest him for stabbing a 19 year-old girl(I think she was 19ish) with a syringe at the OSU library. He was tried and found guilty of it. Weird thing, he was one of the nicest guys... always had an empty suitcase with nothing more then a bananna in it though... that was kind of odd.
2002-04-08 12:18:09 PM  
They used to call me "Hammer" in high school. I wish I would have beat people on the head so that I could see what they would do...but I didn't. I should have though.

2002-04-08 12:39:58 PM  
Ok, found his email addy under the uni's directory.. feel free to write :¤

There was 1 match to your query.

Name Address Phone Email
Butcher, Peter Andrew
No Address Data Found
2002-04-08 12:46:02 PM  
I know, lets inject him with a syringe of drain cleaner and 'see what happens'.
2002-04-08 12:52:32 PM  
2002-04-08 01:04:30 PM  
Hah! SDSU! Someone drew an arrow pointing to those sanitary paper toilet seat covers saying, "SDSU diplomas: take one"

Anyhow, all the decent SDSU chicks hook up with UCSD pre-med students.
2002-04-08 02:23:51 PM  
Bass--can't figure out the movie reference. Wanna tell what it is from?
2002-04-08 03:04:01 PM  
"Butcher could face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. "

In the meantime, his immediate future will be spent running from inmates who'll try to turn him out.

Butcher, meet Bubba. Bubba, meet Butcher.
2002-04-08 03:17:31 PM  
Why are these types allowed to be arrested. It is some misguided constitution thinging?

Put these farker's down. I hope that the 3 injected don't get HIV or C, D or E or what ever letter "HEP" is up to now.
2002-04-08 03:41:15 PM  
This guy is damn lucky he didn't try some of this shiat on me. He'd end up with 3 or 4 hollow-points in his chest.
2002-04-08 04:15:58 PM  
"Let's watch your knees buckle and your ass fall to the floor after I lay this right hook here on your jaw... Outstanding!"
2002-04-08 05:13:38 PM  
It sounds like we should inject him with thiopental sodium, then pavulon, then potassium chloride, "just to see what happens".
2002-04-15 10:44:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Palestinians simply don't love their children
2002-04-15 01:24:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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