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(MSNBC)   TicketMaster wants cut of scalper's money, starts own scalping service   ( divider line
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9143 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Apr 2002 at 7:23 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-08 07:25:43 AM  
2002-04-08 07:29:31 AM  
so i'm you buy tickets from the office or do you buy em from an official ticketmaster scalper, shady overcoat and all.........does this make sense? blah, i'm tired.
2002-04-08 07:31:58 AM  
Well the RIAA must be pleased that TicketMaster is growing up and learning to fark their customers almost as good as they do.
2002-04-08 07:37:20 AM  
They ARE a glorified scalper.

Them, the Eagles and Pearl Jam have farked up the concert ticket industry for good.
2002-04-08 07:53:36 AM  
I think the Toronto Blue Jays have the best idea. They've got licensed guys with wireless credit card machines 'n stuff, and they wander around before gametime (they go as far as Union Station, for any hogtown residents out there) and basically, these guys end up standing next to the scalpers, selling tickets at face value.
2002-04-08 07:58:31 AM  
I feel I speak for many when I say, I just don't like ticketmaster.

It should at least be possible to buy a ticket without their intervention.
2002-04-08 07:58:42 AM  
MLB and obscenely high player contracts have screwed the ballgame ticket industry.
2002-04-08 08:28:34 AM  
so, they want you to give your tickets to them to sell, and they'll give you 90% of FACE value, after charging more? What a farking racket. Screw them, go and sell them for their face value, fark even below face value if you need to, just to fark them.
2002-04-08 08:36:25 AM  
Where are all the damn terrorists when you need them?
2002-04-08 08:37:17 AM  
They already are scalpers themselves. They just want to eliminate the competetion.

'Nuff said.
2002-04-08 08:40:42 AM  
"...Ticketmaster could set aside some seats from its initial ticket sales in order to sell them at higher prices through secondary bidding. "
Like TicketSlave hasn't been doing this for years with illegal scalpers - now they have the opportunity to double dip, legally, without scrutiny. Here in Pittsburgh, tickets to Jimmy Buffet sold out in 4 minutes for two shows in the reserved sections. There is no way possible that this could happen. To add salt to the wound, scalped tickets for SPECIFIC seats were showing up on eBay 4 days prior ot the actual on sale date. I am not a Buffet fan, but wonder how scalpers could have advance saleof tickets to a concert that would surely sell out quickly.
I will treasure my relationships with recording artist publicists and my photo passes even more now.
2002-04-08 08:43:41 AM  
2002-04-08 08:44:33 AM  
This deserves the asinine as well as the obvious tag.

Ticketmaster sucks
2002-04-08 08:48:45 AM  
Microsoft deserves to get split in two; Enron execs deserve to go to jail; Andersen deserves to be dissolved. But I'd be willing to let them all slide if just this one company could be busted up. Heck, I'd even be willing to pay much higher taxes if the government was willing to kill Ticketmaster execs like dogs in the process. They are the most loathesome company in America. But sadly our government is pretty worthless.
2002-04-08 08:50:08 AM  
You mean to tell me those bastards aren't guilty of scalping tickets to start with? Ticketmaster is so guilty of jacking up the price of tickets that I haven't been to a concert in farking 5 years!
2002-04-08 08:53:31 AM  
04-08-02 07:37:20 AM Ironbar
They ARE a glorified scalper.

Them, the Eagles and Pearl Jam have farked up the concert ticket industry for good.

Ironbar, how did Pearl Jam fark up the concert ticket industry?
2002-04-08 09:00:41 AM  
Nothing wrong with scalping. What the market will bear, right? If you don't want to pay $450 for behind-the-pole seating at Brittney Spears, you're not a real fan anyway.
2002-04-08 09:02:56 AM  
By thinking that they could change things by filing suit.

Ticketmaster just laughed at them, and didn't change.

In a memorandum filed with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice on May 6, 1994, Pearl Jam asserted that Ticket-master has a "virtually absolute monopoly on the distribution of tickets to concerts." What constitutes a "virtually absolute" monopoly? Patent law creates monopolies (single seller positions) in inventions and innovations; copyright confers monopolies in literary/artistic works. Pearl Jam has a legal monopoly on any songs and performances they create, as they should. Does Ticket-master have a similar monopoly on tickets? No. Ticket-master had competition, but its rivals could not manage to compete.

Consider what will happen if antitrust law is used to break up Ticket-master. Remember that Ticket-master's largest competitor (the one with the largest economies of scale) was losing millions of dollars a year trying to compete. What does this mean? Millions of dollars a year in extra fees will have to be paid to compensate for the inefficiencies of lack of scale. If Ticket-master's "kickbacks" to promoters (to insure that shows take place) are ruled illegal, the number of show cancellations will rise. What will happen if another recession hits? In 1991, the concert industry was devastated. There were only two rock tours that year (that I can remember). One was Guns 'n' Roses, arguably the most popular rock band in the world at that time, the other was Perry Farrell's Lollapalooza tour. It is no coincidence that Ticketron finally gave up and sold their remaining assets to Ticket-master in 1991. It is also significant that no potential competitor has (to my knowledge) stepped forward since the suit began, saying that they could do a better job than Ticket-master. An anti-trust suit ruling against Ticket-master will mean lost jobs.
2002-04-08 09:07:52 AM  
Ticketmaster can make the reselling of tickets more "transparent and fair," says its chief executive, John Pleasants. "Right now, there's a perceived shadiness to this market," he says.

Yeah, people perceive you bastards as being shady, and they're right. Is it ironic that this guy's last name is Pleasants?

Economists have long been puzzled why sports teams and music acts would rather turn away fans than raise the price of their tickets to limit the number of buyers. It would make better economic sense for the teams or acts to raise the prices, but many fear angering their fans. Allowing fans to legitimately resell their tickets appears to be a way to do a little of both.

I guess that's why economists are economists and not music or sports fans. What the hell? Yes, in any market, if you charged more than the average price, you would raise more money but you'd also piss off a large amount of people. Even though concerts can be forgone in favor of something less expensive, the same principle applies to other things too. Pizza Hut could make a killing if they sold pizzas for $50. But they don't. I understand what these economists are trying to say, but with music and sports, it's more about enjoyment and having a reliable fan base who you don't want to alienate because you want them to come back.

"The use of the Internet is a way of making a market more perfect, in the sense of getting the tickets into the hands of people who at any moment are willing to pay the most for it," says Nobel prize-winning economist Gary Becker, a professor at the University of Chicago.

Does that statement scare anyone? "Making a market more perfect"? I swear, do people like this even realize what they're saying? How does Ticketmaster double dipping and bolstering a huge monopoly create a "perfect market"? But last time I checked, that elminated competition, and in a free market economy (hahahaha,right, like that really exists!) no competition=bad.
2002-04-08 09:13:16 AM  
So how did Pearl Jam fark it up? If anything, it brought a lot of Ticketmaster's shady policies into the light. I thought that several venues that wouldn't let Pearl Jam play after they refused to deal with Ticketmaster was the type of monopolistic practice the antitrust laws were enacted to prevent.
2002-04-08 09:16:28 AM  
Event admission re-allocation specialist.
2002-04-08 09:29:31 AM  
By thinking that they could change things by filing suit.

So you think they're wrong for trying to change the system and actually try to level the playing field? I applaud them for their efforts, it sure as hell didn't seem like it was gonna come from any other people. They lost $3 million by not touring when "No Code" came out.

Ticketmaster just laughed at them, and didn't change.

To be more fair, the ruling came down from the Department of Justice that Ticketmaster was allowed to continue their practices. Yes, Pearl Jam lost, but they did challenge the company the best they could.

Pearl Jam has a legal monopoly on any songs and performances they create, as they should. Does Ticket-master have a similar monopoly on tickets? No. Ticket-master had competition, but its rivals could not manage to compete.

While PJ has a legal monopoly on songs, your comparison between them and Ticketmaster is completely off base. Pearl Jam does not seek to buyout/own venues or charge a fee that varies from venue to venue. In essence, Pearl Jam doesn't have any kind of competition, why would they need it? And the reason why Ticketmaster got to be so big is because they gobbled up all the venues, and then all the ticket distributors, and so on. Kind of hard to compete when you've been bought out and the playing field is highly at your disadvantage. Sounds like Microsoft all over again. And the reason no one has stepped up to challenge Ticketmaster is because of the sheer proliferation of TM in every aspect of the process. A company willing to take them on would have to enjoy a *huge* amount of capital to get things started. The barriers of entry are set so ridiculously high, how could any entity even TRY to crack TM's shell?
2002-04-08 09:39:54 AM  
Ironbar makes an interesting point. Ticketmaster is like AT&T prior to its breakup and introduction to competition. Was AT&T a monopoly for 99 years? Absolutely. Was anyone particularly concerned before 1984? Not really. They provided a useful (and ultimately necessary) service to the American public and the world. The difference between AT&T and Ticketmaster is that AT&T was a largely benevolent monopoly, and participated in voluntary self-regulation. The problem with Ticketmaster is not that it's a monopoly, but that it is not regulated - either voluntary or by government mandate. It's a profit machine run amok.
2002-04-08 09:50:48 AM  
So you think they're wrong for trying to change the system and actually try to level the playing field? I applaud them for their efforts, it sure as hell didn't seem like it was gonna come from any other people. They lost $3 million by not touring when "No Code" came out.

No, I don't think they're wrong.

Pearl Jam didn't do their homework, though, and now have made it very difficult if not impossible to file a suit against ticketmaster again.
2002-04-08 10:05:59 AM  
I just don't go to any events. That way I don't have to worry about Ticketbastard.
2002-04-08 10:37:34 AM  
I used to work for those cocksuckers (2 years). It's such a farking rip off with those extra charges. You have no idea how much money they make. Consider in the DC area, Abe Pollin owns the Washington Caps & Wizards. He also owns the MCI Center. He also owns DC-franchise of TicketMaster. So when you buy a Caps ticket, you're paying at least $35 per (for the suck seats), plus about $5-6 per ticket in service charges. If they sell 25,000 tickets for a concert, they'll make $250,000 just in service charges in only a few hours. I hate them.
2002-04-08 10:42:48 AM  
Ticketmaster is just getting on the reselling bandwaggon. Many many many teams (pro and college) have signed up with other services such to help season ticket holders resell their tickets. It's just good business.
2002-04-08 10:48:30 AM  
Ticketmaster = a new form of cancer.
2002-04-08 10:48:59 AM  
... and probably paid you minimum wage?

Since the system involves printing a new ticket it's in a legal gray area - the ticket is not technically being resold and therefore is not covered by the antiscalping laws in many states. However, Ticketmaster says it will respect the laws and comply with the caps imposed on reselling tickets in many states. Buyers and sellers will be screened by ZIP Code to determine the laws that apply.

That last sentence is really, really funny.
2002-04-08 11:04:36 AM  
Heh heh heh....*steeples fingers* EEEEEEXCELLENT!!!!
2002-04-08 11:09:41 AM  
Really, though, they are scum. Though I, personally, would have no problems scalping to Trustafarians at a Phish show. I just don't want TM to do it, because they are a slimy corporate entity.

I WAS going to get tickets for Paul McCartney at the MCI Center in D.C., but my jaw DROPPED when I saw the service charge and I thought: "phark this" and didn't get them. (It was $8.50 per ticket for the price I was looking at).
2002-04-08 11:10:08 AM  
Oddly enough the DC TicketMaster is unionized so I made decent cash for a college job.. about $10-11 an hour, which is great for part-time. And of course TM hated the union and did everything they could to jam it up.

I'd have to disagree, I think they are essentially a monopoly. If they have a contract with a vendor, such as an arena or theater, only TM are allowed to sell the tickets. That's the problem Pearl Jam ran into, they couldn't play anywhere.
2002-04-08 11:16:02 AM  
Ticketmaster can lick my motherfarkin' nuts. farking bunch of overcharging criminals...
2002-04-08 11:39:42 AM  
Ticketmaster?s Mr. Pleasants responds that ?we absolutely 100 percent would never do that. We don?t manipulate inventory; it?s illegal.?

Sounds like the O.J. Simpson admission of guilt to me. Bastards.
2002-04-08 11:45:20 AM  
What the fark? let me try that again.

Ticketmaster's Mr. Pleasants responds that "we absolutely 100 percent would never do that. We don't manipulate inventory; it's illegal."

Again note the obvious hiring of O.J. as spokesperson.
2002-04-08 11:56:28 AM  
Isn't scalping kind of a headache way to make money? I mean theres all the blood and drying the pelts and dealing with the stench. Sheeeesh...I would just pick another business like selling tickets to sporting events or something. Seems like a lot less hassle.
2002-04-08 12:32:19 PM  
i don't know about this whole "dumbass" tag. in canada, or at least toronto, scalpers are registered w/ the stadium, and are employees there. a few hours before the show, they take the tickets that the box office hasn't sold and go up front and get to work.. people are allowed to take their tickets, leave them with the box office, and check their seats before paying for the tickets. it's safer cuz 1) the people are getting real tickets 2) the scalpers aren't shady mob folk, and 3) you get to see your seating.

it's a good idea. note that this isn't a ticketmaster business practice, it's a stadium box office practice.
2002-04-08 01:14:48 PM  
Ticketmaster can make the reselling of tickets more "transparent and fair," says its chief executive, John Pleasants. "Right now, there's a perceived shadiness to this market," he says

Really means:

"Wah Wah, there is competition in the business in which I am involved. They should all come to me to buy tickets instead of seeking a better deal, and not letting me control the market. *sob sob sob*"

Shut the fark up, stupid mother farker. Sell your tickets for whatever you want, I still can't afford to go to any major sporting event.
2002-04-08 01:48:28 PM  
ticket-bastard is the most evil company since MS. I don't know how they aren't considered a monopoly. Farking 25% service fee my ass. What a rip.
2002-04-08 01:55:39 PM  
Ticketmaster IS scalping service.
2002-04-08 01:59:08 PM  
this is something new? now they're just being more upfront about it.
Ticketmaster is beyond evil...they're worse then MS.
its impossible to buy tickets without them too. At least fasttixx will let you buy tickets in person and forgo paying most of the service fees (you pay maybe $1 on average in person) ticketmaster wants you to pay out the arse. I live 3 blocks from a venue where there is a concert I want to go tonight....but for once they won't let me buy tickets at the box office...I have to go to ticketmaster....and pay like $8 in fees plus the face value of the ticket...which is goign to double the fricking price!

okay rambling...
2002-04-08 03:57:29 PM  

AWESOME !!! Maybe they can help me resell my Jimi Hendrix tickets.

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-08 04:28:18 PM  
I have not purchased any tickets through Ticketmaster since 1996, when they sent me behind-the-stage tickets to a concert. Before I purchased the tickets I asked the Ticketmaster biatch THREE TIMES whether these tickets were going to be behind the stage, and THREE TIMES the coont specifically told me no. farking ripoff company, this Ticketmaster. But don't worry -- someday they will get what is coming to them. I truly believe it... and when that day comes I will laugh.
2002-04-08 04:37:02 PM  
Ticketmaster arbitrarily cancels sales dates for shows at some venues if they feel it will interfere with another "big" show's on sale date. This happened most recently with the Buffett concert at Greatwoods (Tweeter Center) in Mass. THe original sale date was Mar. 16th, they canceled that date and sold on the 23rd instead. THe venue website showed the original sale date, so TM apperently never informed them. I was lucky and got tickets, but I feel sorry for the fans in Pittsburgh and the ones in Ohio where the concert was sold out in under 3 minutes. I bought extra tickets and will resell them at face value if I can't get other people to come with me.
2002-04-08 04:40:29 PM  
TicketBastard is one of the worst examples of monopolistic greedhead scum I've ever had the misfortune to do business with. What exactly IS the difference between a "service" charge and a "convenience" charge anyway? Their service charge is a virtual ass-rape, and the convenience charge is something they tack on extra because it's convenient for them to, I reckon...
2002-04-08 05:39:07 PM  
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to organize a global boycott of the RIAA, MPAA, Ticketmaster, etc....?

If enough people did it, it wouldn't take long for things to change.
2002-04-08 10:45:08 PM  
I hate ticketmaster more than microsoft, aoltw, and all the other 'monopolies' because, regardless of what people say, there are other alternatives. Like im connected to the net on a Mac running osx via a cable modem. There, no ms or aol involved.
Now, ticketmaster is a completely different story, you have no choice but to deal with them.
I wanted to buy tickets to the covenant/and one show at the limelight in nyc. So i go to the limelight a few days after the tix went on sale. They tell me in order to get advance tickets i would <i>have</i> to buy them from ticketmaster. Or, i could wait till the day of the show and wait on line and possible get tickets. Now, advance tickets cost $20, and when you buy them at the door they are $25. So, in order to get a $20 advance ticket, i would have to go throught tickebastard and pay their 6.00 service charge.
So, what did i do, well, since i hate ticketmaster with a passion, i went the day of the show and waited on line and bought tickets at the door. And since the line for ticketholders got in first, i missed half of the opening act, even tho i got there hours before the show.
And, the worst thing is, that everyone seems to focus on the highly visible monopolies, rather than the only true monopoly in the US.
2002-04-10 10:55:46 AM  
Well, at least the two bands I absolutely MUST see live have got mail order tickets available.
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