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(X-Entertainment)   In the late 80s and early 90s, Garfield-creator Jim Davis got rich off of more than a comic strip -- like say, these 50,000 different kinds of Garfield-related junk food   ( divider line
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2005-06-07 12:09:58 AM  
I still have a large stuffed Garfield on my bookshelf. Vintage 1987, baby!

/got nothin'
//likes Garfield
2005-06-07 12:23:46 AM  

Baby on board.
2005-06-07 12:23:47 AM  
I think Maddox put it best about how unfunny Garfield really is.
2005-06-07 12:23:54 AM  
"Garfield and Friends" was genius. U.S. Acres rules.
2005-06-07 12:24:06 AM  
Garfield isn't very funny, but I like him anyway!
2005-06-07 12:25:19 AM  
"Capitalism Gone Haywire" tag? Anyone?
2005-06-07 12:25:32 AM  
No comic compares to Calvin and Hobbes, but the mention of Garfield is just silly. It's been the same jokes all along!
2005-06-07 12:26:20 AM  
I agree that "Garfield and Friends" was a quality show.

However, I would rather have my testicles pounded flat with a hammer than sit through that god-awful movie.
2005-06-07 12:27:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

many books. Although,Garfield,lately, is getting lame
2005-06-07 12:28:12 AM  
that shizz was never ever funny.
2005-06-07 12:29:16 AM  
Inquiring minds want to know:

How does Matt consistently find 15[+]-year-old junk food? Doesn't anyone throw this crap away???
2005-06-07 12:30:22 AM  
I always liked the strips where John got rejected by women and Garfield made some snide comment. Heh.
2005-06-07 12:30:28 AM  
GELATINOUS: stop asking questions. here, eat these delicious fruit snacks
2005-06-07 12:31:46 AM  
I owned every garfield book up through about 17 or 18. I would read through each one, then start at the beginning of the series.

I was a very lonely child.
2005-06-07 12:33:13 AM  
Lasagna hating bastards...

/Garfield turns 27 on June 19th!!!
2005-06-07 12:33:39 AM  
I was born the day after the first Garfield strip debuted. I was quite proud of the fact.

Key word, "was."
2005-06-07 12:34:59 AM  
The Far Side, Dilbert, Calvin & Hobbes, Perry Bible Fellowship, etc. were all way better than Garfield.
2005-06-07 12:35:39 AM  
wow they're up to 41 books now.
2005-06-07 12:36:13 AM  
50,000 kinds of junk food, 50,000 junk comic strips. At least Davis is consistant.
2005-06-07 12:38:34 AM  
Garfield is fat. Jon is lame. Odie is stupid. Nermal is annoying. Pookie is the bomb. Garfield is lazy. Garfield hates Mondays. Garfield loves Christmas. Garfield loves lasagna... There are more but I'm not going to exhaust.
I like the 9 lives of Garfield, a book where Jim Davis branched out into 9 different genres, kind of, with different art and writing.
2005-06-07 12:40:23 AM  
I remember eating Garfield-brand nacho chips when I was a kid (early 90s or thereabouts). They had this freakishly bright orange cheese powder on them which would stain everything I touched for a couple of days. Anybody else remember those?...anybody?...OK, maybe I just imagined the whole thing.
2005-06-07 12:42:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-07 12:48:19 AM  
Here's an interesting snippit about Jim Davis
2005-06-07 12:49:25 AM  
Oh Ziggy, will you ever win?

Is that one still around? And Marmaduke? It's somehow comforting that lame cartoons that were lame when I was a kid 20 years ago are still around. It's like the one sure thing in this crazy world.
2005-06-07 12:52:47 AM  
(In regards to licensing)
Bill Watterson is to Jim Davis as Jesus is to the Devil.

Thank you Mr. Watterson for not cheapening your comics!
2005-06-07 01:05:58 AM  

Best comic strip ever.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-07 01:06:18 AM  
Too bad he also licensed it out to Jack Chick:

[image from too old to be available]

2005-06-07 01:10:41 AM  
well of course it's the same thing over and over, there's no catalyst. It's just the same three characters.

Calvin and Hobbes had Calvin's vivid imagination

Outland had numerous characters and wasn't afraid to take on current events or trends.

The Far Side had no tie downs such as running characters or storylines. Gary Larson was free to do whatever jokes, puns, or lunacy he wanted.

Garfield is a comic thats past it's prime but still makes money. Newspapers would rather run an old standard that works than something new or original that might be hit or miss.
2005-06-07 01:12:07 AM  
that jack chick one is way funnier.
2005-06-07 01:18:02 AM  
In short, Jim Davis sucks donkey dick.

OTOH, he is following a grand tradition of marginally talented cartoonists hitting it big on a fluke and immediately selling out, e.g. the dickheads responsible for Hi and Lois, Beetle Bailey, Judge Parker and, finally, Mary Worth.

In the meanwhile, intelligent strips get deep sixed.

However,I do have to admit that the late, lamented "Garfield and Friends" cartoon show just rocked. It also inspired my son, now 26, to be a better student in school. He saw one show where Garfield was shipping Nermal off to Abu Dhabi. When I informed him that was a real country and showed it to him in an atlas, it got him passionately interested in geography and just plain looking stuff up in any field.

Oh, and I am sure Jim Davis had nothing to do with it. He's just not that smart.
2005-06-07 01:46:00 AM  
So... Uh... When is XE going to get rid of the christmas theme on the main page? C'mon, now...
2005-06-07 01:52:45 AM  
Someone found this AMUSING enough to submit?

And to think I felt guilty because I get distracted by balls of aluminum foil.
2005-06-07 01:59:36 AM  
wake me up when the family circus bashing thread comes up. not that garfield doesn't deserve it, i'd just rather save up all of my energy for the hands-down worst piece of shiat comic ever created.
2005-06-07 02:03:39 AM  
Jeebus, where do these guys find this shiat?
2005-06-07 02:05:08 AM  
NewHere-I suspect most/all X-Entertainment links are paid placements, although I have no proof, so I am talking out my ass (like pretty much everybdoy here).
2005-06-07 02:17:51 AM  
25 Great Calvin & Hobbes Strips.

Not my site. I'm not that cool.
2005-06-07 02:19:21 AM  
This isn't that amazing. The Meijer chain of superstores (Michigan and surrounding states' localized version of Wal*Mart, but without the evil) has Garfield licensed to be the mascot for their own store brand RIGHT NOW and for the past five years at least, so they sell everything from cereal to ice cream to canned pasta with Garfield's mug on it.

And Meijer's not a small chain. There's tons of this stuff out there; Juice, candy, and anything that might benefit by having a redundant fat cat on the front of the container can be found with a minimum of effort.

You want 50,000 Garfield foods? I can have them for you in about 20 minutes. No problem.
2005-06-07 02:27:20 AM  
"Garfield" never had any integrity to begin with, it's design was specifically for the purpose of mass marketing. (click)

To paraphrase, this strip was designed to be as inoffensive as possible, and to cater to the cat-loving crowd during a time when there wasn't a feline comic character to relate to, then to market the strip effectively. Jim Davis was spending most of his time marketing the strip ever since it's offset, which was made possible by his chosen line of work at the time, advertising. What followed is well known, with approximately 4% of the world's population reading his strip every day.
2005-06-07 02:33:23 AM  
How the hell does he always find old shiat like that? This article really points it out - 16 year old boxes of fruit snacks should not exist. And if it does, DON'T farkING EAT THEM. NOT ONLY WILL YOU DIE, BUT YOU JUST DESTROYED WHAT WAS PROBABLY THE LAST REMAINING BOX IN EXISTANCE.
2005-06-07 02:40:20 AM  
I met Jim Davis at work once. He was a real arsehole.
2005-06-07 02:53:37 AM  

holy lord thats scary. so with the miracles of plastic surgery you could make a claim that Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera will still be around in twenty years.

Garfield did it. why can't they?

2005-06-07 03:18:29 AM  
Cat treats are the only packaging with a purpose beyond attracting fat kids. They don't get eaten all at once, or kept hidden in a cupboard with people food. They get stuck somewhere like the top of the fridge, where you've gotta look at the stupid thing all the time, or conjur up where you last saw it. This gives the design moral justification, I think. I'm not a packageboy though.

/It's b-a-n-a-n-a-s!
//How do I get that outta my head??
2005-06-07 03:43:04 AM  

"Garfield and Friends" was genius. U.S. Acres rules.


Jim Davis lives in Muncie, IN, where I go to college. He actaully uses the same bank I do, and I've parked next to his car before....

/I only bring this up, or even give a shiat myself, because he has a HOT red Ferrari....

//My Taurus SHO looks really shiatty compared to that...

//farkin rich people and their nice cars...
2005-06-07 03:46:05 AM  
I wish I wuz' Jim Davis. Don't you wish I wuz' Jim Davis?
2005-06-07 03:51:11 AM  

NewHere-I suspect most/all X-Entertainment links are paid placements, although I have no proof, so I am talking out my ass (like pretty much everybdoy here).

My understanding is that they are paid links, but imho, x-e has some of the raddest shiat. if you were born between 1975-1982 you can relate well with the stupid shiat he digs up.
2005-06-07 03:52:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-07 03:53:56 AM  
2005-06-07 12:40:23 AM BillyTheCondescendingSheepherder

I remember eating Garfield-brand nacho chips when I was a kid (early 90s or thereabouts). They had this freakishly bright orange cheese powder on them which would stain everything I touched for a couple of days. Anybody else remember those?...anybody?...OK, maybe I just imagined the whole thing.

I remember the nachos well...they only came in ridiculously large bags. I also remember liking them a lot, and resenting that they were "Garfield" branded.
2005-06-07 03:58:02 AM  
By the way, Garfield plagarized the online comic strip "Snail Dust". Pass it on.
2005-06-07 04:08:30 AM  
I was much happier before I found out what happens to artificially flavoured fruit snacks after a decade.

I can't believe I brought that crap to school in my Garfield lunch bags...
2005-06-07 08:09:42 AM  
Makineri: ROFL, I'm keeping that picture!
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