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(CNN)   Russell Crowe keeps fighting around the world, but no longer in New York   ( divider line
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10319 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Jun 2005 at 6:40 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-06-06 06:46:19 AM  
2005-06-06 06:55:13 AM  
He did sweet shiat all at that fight..publicity whore

2005-06-06 06:58:12 AM  
Dude can't afford a cellphone?
2005-06-06 06:59:56 AM  
Russel Crowe is the Liam Gallagher of film. Discuss.
2005-06-06 07:00:44 AM  
W00t, my first TF greenlight, second greenlight ever :)
[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-06 07:08:41 AM  
He may be a talented actor, but..
I cannot wait until the day he meets his match, and someone stomps the shiat out of him.

/and Sean Penn.
2005-06-06 07:15:50 AM  
I've yet to see a single over-rated Russel Crowe film. I know it shouldn't matter but he just reaks of asshattery and that makes me so uninterested.
2005-06-06 07:17:04 AM  
He's like the frat-boy who starts crap in crowded places cuz he knows bouncers or cops will break it up.
2005-06-06 07:17:07 AM  
Did someone hit back hard enough to knock the last L off Crowe's name?

/spelling, uh, fascist
2005-06-06 07:21:53 AM  
PigCharmer - "I've yet to see a single over-rated Russel Crowe film."

Eh? Aren't they all overrated? Gladiator certainly was. Romper Stomper is a fine, fine film, but Crowe doesn't appear to be acting that much (certainly when compared to his off-screen behaviour); and his character in LA Confidential wasn't a whole lot different either. The Quick And The Dead is a laugh, but is more to do with Raimi and Hackman than Crowe, Dicrapio and Stone.

Virtuosity is dreadful, A Beautiful Mind was average but should have been called "Russel Wants An Oscar" and Master & Commander was dull and flabby ("Russel Wants An Oscar II: He'll Even Get Wet To Win One"). Cinderella Man should be retitled "Russel Wants An Oscar III: What? It Worked For Clint!"
2005-06-06 07:28:51 AM  
When did Russell Crowe get rid of the other "L" in his name, submitter?
2005-06-06 07:34:19 AM  
Normally I'd care about mispelled names, but in this case, I figure it would annoy Mr Crowe intensely to have his name spelled wrong, so I'm all in favour of removing the second "L" forever.
2005-06-06 07:38:00 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-06 07:39:20 AM  
Russel Crowe fighting in New York...

Kurt Russel in Escape from New York...

Coincidence? I think not!
2005-06-06 07:42:46 AM  

When did Russell Crowe get rid of the other "L" in his name, submitter?

Oops, my bad.
2005-06-06 07:46:31 AM  
Russell Crowe bought me 2 beers once so he is my favorite actor who bought me a drink.
2005-06-06 07:57:50 AM  
This is certainly unusual behavior for Crowe.

Usually he has to have his bodyguard hold the other guy down.

2005-06-06 07:59:14 AM  
Beatle_Matt: When did Russell Crowe get rid of the other "L" in his name, submitter?

You inspired me! But not necessarily in a good way.

Russet Crowe:
[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-06 07:59:21 AM  
My $.02- Crowe may come off as an asshat but my buddy and I were in Manhattan a couple of years back to see Primus at Roseland. We were sitting in Famous Ray's pizza around the corner on 8th Ave. Who walks in (alone) but Russell Crowe. He orders a slice and while waiting, proceeds to fill up the entire cripple panel with quarters. (You know, that flat piece of cardboard that you can insert quarters into...) No one in the place, save for my buddy and I knew who he was, so he wasn't showing off or putting on a show. My buddy even emailed Page 6 the next day and got the item printed in the Daily News. Thought Crowe was pretty classy, actually.

//still shouldn't be throwing phones at folk's heads...
2005-06-06 07:59:42 AM  
Didn't he get the shiat stomped out of him a while back at a restaraunt by an old man? Anyone else remember this?
2005-06-06 08:01:21 AM  
Somewhere, some place, there is a surprise case of asswhip waiting for Mr Crowe. I enjoy his movies as he reminds me a lot of Richard Burton but his asshattery will catch up with him someday and I would pay a month's salary to be there when it happens. Better yet, here in Florida there is now a law that says if you are threatened in public....

[image from too old to be available] Russell Crowe filming in south Florida and behaves himself in public and is polite to everyone. Causes concern he has lost his nads.

/lame headline but you get the point
2005-06-06 08:02:27 AM  
2005-06-06 08:37:27 AM  
You or I hit someone in the face with a phone... 1 to 3 years in PMITA prison.

Russell Crowe hits someone in the face with a phone... front page news, 3 months probation.
2005-06-06 08:48:36 AM  
What an asshole.
2005-06-06 08:55:15 AM  
My sister kicked his ass once at Disneyworld. He was trying to cut in line. She is 8.
2005-06-06 08:58:29 AM  
I'd hit it.

2005-06-06 09:04:05 AM  
I wish I could beat the shiat out of that asshole.
2005-06-06 09:06:48 AM  
He is such an asshole. I'm sure the Australian media is going to start referring to him as a "Kiwi actor" soon.

/I farking hate Nicole Kidman too. It's so appropriate that she's playing a witch in her new film.
2005-06-06 09:20:51 AM  
These Chinamen can grow to be over 4 ft tall! And they kick with their leeegs.

/nice headline
2005-06-06 09:25:37 AM  
someone needs to learn how to control his temper tantrums...
2005-06-06 09:32:15 AM  
I saw "Cinderella Man" on Friday at my girlfriend's behest. Excellent movie, Crowe is a truly remarkable actor. From what I read he is a real dick as a person, though.
2005-06-06 09:38:41 AM  
while in MX for filming of Master and Commander (down Ensenada way, coupla hrs south of TJ), he ended up in a bar, challenged a few guys to a fight. They accepted, proceeded to pummel the ex-gladiator. Until his bodyguard stepped in, using karate skilz to wipe the floor with them.

Her karate skills. Seriously. He had (has?) a female bodyguard.

Too lazy to look up proof, but was all over the local news (las Gaviotas has a niiiiiice break) at the time--
2005-06-06 09:40:11 AM  
Hope he gets sued for millions. I will never see a movie with that piece of shiat in it.
2005-06-06 09:49:03 AM  
He's an asshat, but one damn fine actor.

I don't care what he does offscreen, as long as he keeps doing a great job onscreen. Same goes for many other rich elitist nutjobs.
2005-06-06 09:51:18 AM  
He's a good actor but I could definitely take him out, one on one.

I would forfeit a lawsuit and possibly a nice payday just to bust his nose for him.

And Stern is talking about this story as I type. Weird.
2005-06-06 09:51:58 AM  
would not could
2005-06-06 09:52:13 AM  

He's an asshat, but one damn fine actor.

I don't care what he does offscreen, as long as he keeps doing a great job onscreen. Same goes for many other rich elitist nutjobs.

I agree. Hard to say if this charge will stick. One of the elements of assault is intent. If he just threw the phone and didn't mean to strike the guy, he'll just get out of it buy giving the guy a fat check.
2005-06-06 10:09:36 AM  
We all know exactly what his "intent" was - he was pissed off at something that wasn't anyone's fault and like a five year old took it out on the person nearest him. The asshat should get at least a month in prison to think about what he did. No one should be able to cause physical harm against another person because they are pissed at a PHONE. Learn some control, and some class, you jackass.
2005-06-06 10:11:56 AM  
Great headline. Is he still foitin cansa?
2005-06-06 10:33:31 AM  
He can act? OK, I must have totally missed whichever movie that was...
2005-06-06 10:37:01 AM  
Truth be told I would be torked up too if my 3rd Oscar venture lost the fight to an animated film, a prison comedy, and some indie film by this guy called George Lucas.
2005-06-06 10:48:46 AM  
'Saw "Glaidator" and am delighted that he does not carry a sword in public.
2005-06-06 10:55:54 AM  
What has the world come to when a star can't make a phone call to Australia? Its disgraceful.
2005-06-06 11:17:28 AM  
2005-06-06 11:42:56 AM  
Russell Crowe is an enormous douchebag.
2005-06-06 11:49:47 AM  
What's wrong with you farkers? Haven't you had a long day and thrown the nearest object at the head of a low-paid worker? C'mon!
2005-06-06 12:11:09 PM  
Does he still have the boat.

2005-06-06 12:13:08 PM  
Guess Russell Crowe was mad about his boy Kostya losing over the weekend. He was in attendance.
2005-06-06 12:20:58 PM  
you'd think his knitting hobby would provide more of an outlet for his aggression. it's supposed to be very relaxing!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-06 12:29:03 PM  
I'm with dartch. Especially snooty arrogant little shiats that work (for minimum wage) at pretentious hotels like the Mercer.

I've stayed there, service SUCKS; NYC's most condescending staff. 'Your room key doesn't work, sir? Well, perhaps you are unused to staying in hotels and dont know how to insert it properly. We never issue dud keys'

I wanted to ram the keycard into his eyeball, myself...
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