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2642 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Apr 2002 at 1:21 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-07 01:23:16 AM  
The power is yours!
2002-04-07 01:23:51 AM  
Son of a biatch. What the hell is this? I'm going to bed.
2002-04-07 01:24:33 AM  
2002-04-07 01:24:51 AM  
Fine go to bed
Ive got my Captain Planet mp3's
2002-04-07 01:24:52 AM  
Woo-hoo Captain Planet! I used to be a big fan back oh say 7-8 years ago.(making a gal in her early 20s feel old) Now modern technology brings me the Mp3. Yipee!
2002-04-07 01:25:00 AM  
Yup, the third thread in a row that has vaguely anything dealing with Captain Planet in which I say something to the effect of "throwing a bone" into that blond Planeteer. I remember when it was all real boobies on Fark with too many pop ups, surely I do...
2002-04-07 01:25:52 AM  
Captain Caveman!
2002-04-07 01:26:03 AM  
Dayum, my suggested link was much better than any of this lame crap...
2002-04-07 01:28:06 AM  
*trudges off to follow all the other lemmings to TotalFark*
2002-04-07 01:28:10 AM  
Captain Planet sucked royal dick. I wouldn't listen to a superhero with a mullet, and I don't think anyone else would either.
2002-04-07 01:29:30 AM  
mullets rock man!

oh god....need another hit off the pipe.
2002-04-07 01:29:54 AM  
I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
2002-04-07 01:30:57 AM  
Hey, we don't need the Mods of the Admins to entertain us, making fun of this is fun enough as it is. Come on guys, it's half the fun of Farking!
2002-04-07 01:32:48 AM  
Oh guys the song wasnt THAT BAD
2002-04-07 01:36:32 AM  
Fark is starting to not-rule.
2002-04-07 01:37:56 AM  
Where is the part about the people's revolution and how socialism will save us all?

Didn't they make a Captain Plant episode where the gang went to Vietnam and posed next to some AA guns?
2002-04-07 01:38:37 AM  
Tmreserved - I would undergo another wisdom tooth extraction operation rather than watch a single episode of Captain Planet. I kept wanting him to die a terrific death. The ONLY element that could possibly be considered cool is the fact that he was created by an Ancient Greek God (one of the pre-Olympian ones), Gaia.
2002-04-07 01:39:22 AM  
Ahh, the memories. Actually, I did enjoy that cartoon, once upon a time. Helps to have parents who are into ecology and such. :p And I agree with Tmreserved. The song's not bad; it's a little cheesy, but what cartoon theme song isn't?

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Turtles in a half shell, turtle power..."
2002-04-07 01:39:24 AM  
Elwoodcuse loves Captain planet he is wind
2002-04-07 01:42:19 AM  
If anyone wants to talk cool opening themes, I have but four words (well, an acronym and three words that follow): GI Joe: The Movie.

2002-04-07 01:59:16 AM  
I saw GI Joe action figures on TV today but thats about it
Buy me some
2002-04-07 03:09:31 AM  
Hell yeah OBB!!! Anyone ever hear that cover the Minibosses did of that song? Rock on!!
2002-04-07 03:09:39 AM  
Hell yeah OBB!!! Anyone ever hear that cover the Minibosses did of that song? Rock on!!
2002-04-07 03:12:10 AM  
damn double post
2002-04-07 03:28:18 AM  
Ok, I admit I actually watched and liked that cartoon. I guess it was one of those "so dumb, it's funny" types of things.
2002-04-07 03:41:17 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"HEART?! What kind of crappy power is this? You're just begging me to defect to the Burger King Kids Club, aren't you?"
2002-04-07 03:42:47 AM  
I have the GERMAN captain planet theme on my hard drive.
2002-04-07 03:54:13 AM  
VIIseven7: That was beautiful.
2002-04-07 06:16:33 AM  
I opened a big can of worms. Captain Planet worms! Yuck.
2002-04-07 09:25:00 AM  
Wtf is wrong with FARK? That was the lamest link...I've ever seen. i have a hangover and that just killed me, I think i'll jump over to the 'kill yourself successful thread"
2002-04-07 10:50:38 AM  
Where is the part about the people's revolution and how socialism will save us all?

Didn't they make a Captain Plant episode where the gang went to Vietnam and posed next to some AA guns?

HAHAHAHAHA! That shiat is too funny!

Also the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" had all sorts of cool violence. The comics they were based on were extremely bloody.
2002-04-07 10:58:37 AM  
2002-04-07 11:41:16 AM  
The only episode I remember is when the whole town got addicted to a drug called Bliss. Hmmmmmmmm.....
2002-04-07 11:47:31 AM  
Even when I was 15 I knew CP was a tree hugging manifesto.
2002-04-07 04:29:12 PM  
Hey, they deleted my post!@ I MUST RELAY THIS INFORMATION

Ma-Ti also keeps the Planeteers psychically linked.
Also, his Heart power becomes useful in that one episode where they see what the Planeteers would be like if Wheeler left (??), and a homeless Ma-Ti uses his Heart power to make people give him money.
2002-04-07 05:35:54 PM  
the kid wit the heart ring got screwed.
I'd be swearing up a storm if Captain Plant dared give me a heart ring.

What cho talkin aboot Motherfu@#$r!!!
This is Bullsh@t!!
I an'ts takin that ya green mullet biatch!!!
Fu#k you! FU@K YOU!!!
2002-04-07 06:26:17 PM  
the kid wit the heart ring got screwed.

We all got screwed, especially the children who were the target of this leftist indoctrination program.

I can't wait for the follow up to Captain Planet, the Communist Super Comrades!!!

Featuring such heroes as:
Marx, who has the power of conflict
Lennin, who can over throw governments and has a body that will never decay
Stalin, who like Ma-Ti, has the power of heart.
And Rage Against the Machine, who have the power to use socialism to increase record sales and make themselves rich.
2002-04-07 06:27:06 PM  
The only episode of Captain Planet I remember was when they were in some overpopulated third-world slum and one of the kids said something along the lines of "Why the hell don't they just stop having so damn many babies" and the others in the gang went ballistic on his ass for daring to suggest that their lives would be improved by controlling their population. It was a bizarre episode. He got zapped or something so that he was a guy living in the slum with a few dozen kids to look after and then when he got zapped back to normal he was all "Wow! Having all those babies makes their lives better! Hurray!"

It was god damned surreal!

The theme song makes me laugh. Oh those ultra-cheesie digital drum machines of the 80s.
2002-04-07 07:05:25 PM  
Ghastly-That sounds like some wacked bullshiat.Oh yeah,the latest comic kicks ass.
2002-04-07 07:14:33 PM  
Thats some funny shiat
2002-04-07 08:02:40 PM  
At least Captain Planet's theme song is more memorable than most of today's cartoons. Of course it's not close to being as great as the classics like 60s Spider-Man, Fat Albert, Transformers, GI JOE, Speed Racer, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Thundarr and of course Starblazers, just to name a few.
2002-04-07 10:01:39 PM  
By far, the catchiest, most singable, up-beat opening cartoon theme belongs to Danger Mouse. Best U.K. import since The Beatles. Danger Mouse...power house!
2002-04-07 10:02:29 PM  
Where's the Thundercats when you need them?
2002-04-08 12:33:55 AM  
anybody else notice that wheeler was always the one who seemed less "environmentally concsious" then everyone else?
read somewhere that they deliberately wrote him like that because he personified the average american.....well off now to spray harmful cfc's into the atmosphere. can't wait 150 years for coastal property in Oklahoma
2002-04-08 01:33:50 AM  
Did anybody else ever notice the striking similarities between the Captain Planet theme song and "Step by Step" by New Kids On The Block? Go ahead, download the two mp3s and compare them. I DARE YA!
2002-04-08 12:51:22 PM  
Thundercats are on the move
Thundercats are loose!!
Feel the magic
Hear the roar
Thundercats are loose!!
Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder CATS!
2002-04-12 06:38:54 PM  
Plank: Please tell me you're being sarcastic. Please.
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