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(WABC-Channel 7)   New York baggage handler learns the hard way you shouldn't nap in a plane's cargo bin when he wakes up in Detroit   ( divider line
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2005-06-04 02:23:13 PM  
The unnamed handler woke up 90 minutes later in Detroit.

Man, some people can sleep right through anything.
2005-06-04 02:40:10 PM  
Being that this happened in a cargo hold on Spirit Airlines, I'm shocked that he ever arrived in Detroit at all. From my experiences, things tend to disappear from Spirit's luggage stores on an amazingly regular basis.
2005-06-04 03:29:15 PM  
There isn't anything amusing about waking up in Detroit. Unless it's on the morning you are leaving.
2005-06-04 03:39:40 PM  
It's clear every bin in the plane's cargo was not checked before takeoff, as required.

Way to skew the facts, news people. Who wants to bet that he was the one supposed to check the comparments?
2005-06-04 04:40:14 PM  
Gig103: Who wants to bet that he was the one supposed to check the comparments?

If that was the case, who signed off on it?
2005-06-04 04:50:19 PM  
He's lucky he didnt wake up dead.
2005-06-04 05:36:02 PM  
Can I be the first to ask for some kind soul to link an 0wned! picture to this please ?

I want that pic of a guy with a burning paper bag over his head if anyone has a link. I never remembered to save it locally for my collection.


/GIS impaired
//would be really grateful
///odd request, I know
////too many slashes?
2005-06-04 05:41:31 PM  
Well done TSA. Pat down the kiddies and grandparents, but whatever you do, don't check the farking cargo area.
2005-06-04 05:49:06 PM  
It goes to show how important this guy was to the operation, nobody missed him when they closed up the plane and pushed it back for departure. I hope they searched him when he got out of the plane. Too much stuff disappears thanks to these bag smashers.
2005-06-04 05:50:53 PM  
Lemme guess - union laborer?
2005-06-04 05:51:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Send him to Detroit!
2005-06-04 05:55:35 PM  
LGA sucks. I was stuck there for about 11-12 hours because of some snow that came through in the middle of March, and found out that some of their concorses shut down completely around 5 PM which meant no food. That made the experince so much more fun.
2005-06-04 05:58:45 PM  
CommTHOR: Man, some people can sleep right through anything.

A guy I know slept on a farking case of handgrenades when he was in the Marines. Well, at least that's what he told me but given his attitude I'm inclined to believe him.

/knows that's probably not as dangerous as it sounds
//still wouldn't do it
2005-06-04 06:07:02 PM  
i sometimes fall asleep on a giant rock hurtling through space that could crash into another giant rock at anytime.

/knows that's probably not as dangerous as it sounds
//still does it
2005-06-04 06:11:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-04 06:15:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

What's Nordberg doing in Detroit?
2005-06-04 06:15:44 PM  
I remember another incident with a heavy sleeper from the other year or so, a drunk guy on his way home passed out between the railwaytracks, a train ran straight over him, the driver was sure he just killed someone and there was a big rescueoperation. They found the guy still sleeping there, without a scratch.
2005-06-04 06:16:17 PM  
/GIS impaired

exactly what part of doing a GIS confuses you?

i think this was meant especially for you, lost_in_the_fark

[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-04 06:21:48 PM  
And _that's_the_way_the_cookie_crumbles:

Bah. I've slept on my loaded M16A2. They're more likely to go off than a box of grenades.

Methinks this fellow is putting you on. yanking your chain. or just having a joke on you to make his penis look larger.

Anyone in Military has slept in or among dangerous things at some point or another. Unless you were a Laundry and Bath Specialist (MOS 57A??)
2005-06-04 06:30:22 PM  
stingrza: Being that this happened in a cargo hold on Spirit Airlines, I'm shocked that he ever arrived in Detroit at all. From my experiences, things tend to disappear from Spirit's luggage stores on an amazingly regular basis.

/Perhaps the plane was bound for Honolulu...and the man, along with the rest of the luggage, wound up in Detroit.
//Very nice "Naked Gun 2 1/2" reference, InflatableJesus. First thing I thought of also.
2005-06-04 06:39:23 PM  
I was...uh...just testing security requirements... shame on all of you!
2005-06-04 06:42:05 PM  
Either this guy was very drunk, or very stupid. Or both.
2005-06-04 06:45:36 PM  
IIRC, those cargo holds aren't pressurized. It's a miracle he survived.
2005-06-04 06:51:34 PM  
He woke up in hell? Oh, Detroit... Same thing...
/family from Detroit
//Glad I'm gone
2005-06-04 07:07:05 PM  
How did the guy survive the cold temperature? It gets like 40 below zero F at altitude. The baggage area must be heated and pressurized.
2005-06-04 07:11:15 PM  
Umm, not to biatch at you or anything uber_nerd but the article is only like 6 sentences long.
2005-06-04 07:19:41 PM  
krovvy: Lemme guess - union laborer?

Given that almost all airport employees everywhere are, that's a fairly good bet. He's not sleeping because he's union though. Here, let me suggest some more inflammatory statements that you might choose to scatter amongst other threads. "Lemme guess - Jewish?" Oh, and here's a good one: "Lemme guess - a woman?"
2005-06-04 07:19:47 PM  
They do heat and pressurize the baggage area because that's where they put pets that people are traveling with (except the damned tiny yappy dogs).
2005-06-04 07:22:28 PM  
There are some areas of the cargo hold that can be pressurized and heated for the transport of animals. As long as the pilot doesn't forget to hit the "Dead Dog Switch" as it is called, you're ok, despite the -60 and low O2 in the rest of the hold...
2005-06-04 07:55:44 PM  
I can't imagine that the aircraft manufacturers (Boeing, Airbus, etc.) would actually section off portions of the fuselage other than the fuel tanks and whatnot. Having a pressurized cylinder is much easier to maintain than having a pressurized half-cylinder. Even pressure outwards would be much easier for the skin of the aircraft to contain than having to deal with pressurized and unpressurized areas.

If they don't heat and pressurize the entire fuselage, including the cargo compartment, I'm very much mystified. It would seem to defy all common sense. Hell, they have enough air and heat coming out of the engines (where do you think the air is pressurized from?) that they tap to send to the passenger compartment, it wouldn't be the slightest bit wasteful to pump some of that air into the cargo compartment as well.

Next time I fly, I'll put a barometer and thermometer in my checked baggage -- the kinds with the little brass needle that marks the extremes of pressure and temperature even after they return to normal?
2005-06-04 08:31:16 PM  
That was a great post InflatableJesus.
I nearly spit out coffee laughing.
2005-06-04 08:40:15 PM  
All cargo compartments (bins) are pressurized. Only one has heater elements in it to carry live cargo. Depending on aircraft type, it will be either in the front or back but not both.
2005-06-04 09:15:09 PM  
hmm i thought it was damn near impossible to survive that high in the air. cold temp. and low oxygen...and he just wakes up in in detroit?

/i call shinanigans
2005-06-04 09:16:06 PM  
It's airline policy not to imply ownership in the event of a dildo. We use the indefinite aricle: "A dildo." Never "Your dildo."

/just sayin'
2005-06-04 09:42:41 PM  
wow, this is the 3rd "fell asleep in luggage compartment and woke up in another city" article I've seen on fark just in the past few months.

can't believe it's so common.
2005-06-04 09:57:27 PM  
It's not 40 degrees below zero in there otherwise any liquid, shampoo, whatever you keep in your bags would come out as a block of ice. It still gets pretty damn cold, as the article said 32 degrees. The flight wasn't that long, so it's survivable. And he probably had a grounds crew jacket on.
2005-06-04 10:03:54 PM  
The flight may have not gotten about 16,000 feet or so, it was so short. Anyone know the type of plane?
2005-06-04 10:47:43 PM  
About a month ago a bag handler was accidentally locked in a baggage hold on a Midwest Airlines flight out of Milwaukee. He popped out when they got to the destination, caught a flight back to MKE and was sent home despite wanting to finish his shift!

/some dedicated folks at Midwest Air
//and yummy cookies baked on board!
2005-06-04 10:53:36 PM  

The flight may have not gotten about 16,000 feet or so, it was so short. Anyone know the type of plane?

Spirit Airlines operates MD-80s.

BTW, all cargo holds are heated and pressurized (on aircraft operating under part 121).
2005-06-04 10:55:25 PM  
PPL_Wannabe: Spirit Airlines operates MD-80s.

Err....add A319s to that.
2005-06-04 11:14:48 PM  
Hmmm. I wonder if he was fired on site and had to make his own way home?
2005-06-05 01:52:06 AM  
Being that this happened in a cargo hold on Spirit Airlines, I'm shocked that he ever arrived in Detroit at all. From my experiences, things tend to disappear from Spirit's luggage stores on an amazingly regular basis.

I'm surprised he got there nonstop. I had the unfortunate luck to take a round trip excursion on Spirit Air and both ways involved numerous stops including refueling and "getting birds out of the engine". Both sides had 4-5 hour arrival delay for a 5 hour flight.
2005-06-05 06:11:38 AM  
freaky... i was there in Detroit's airport yesterday afternoon...
2005-06-05 01:21:27 PM  
tort_feasor is building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.
2005-06-06 03:12:48 AM  
thanks, flamingboard and Chelsea Clinton....

I know how to do a GIS, but finding a picture when I can't remember any part of the filename is harder than it might seem. Try it sometime! :) but thanks all the same.
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