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(golden words)   The 6 Biggest Continuity Errors in Star Trek: The Next Generation   ( divider line
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17543 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Apr 2002 at 8:26 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-06 10:50:43 PM  
Cornflakes? Well, I know from experience that they go soggy in under 10 minutes. I've never heard this '15 minutes promise from Kellogg's' so this article must be full of shiat!

It's all lies I tell you!

None of those episodes were ever made. If you ask me, the whole article is a continuity error! Yea!
2002-04-06 10:59:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available], you idiots! Use the proper tag! Some of us don't spend all of our lives watching Star Trek, and this kind of stuff goes way over our heads if it's not labled properly!
2002-04-06 11:06:15 PM  
Regarding Wil's post: Fark thread intertexuality. I love it when a running gag comes together!
2002-04-06 11:13:58 PM  
So what????

Will the just let any A.S.S Hole have a satire site or something????

I don't have a websters, but doesn't humor have something to satire???
wil [TotalFark]
2002-04-06 11:23:00 PM  
In all honesty, not all Star Trek fans are freaks who tear the show apart, and want to argue each minute detail to death.

I'd say those people are only about 5% of the entire audience, and they can mostly be found at

On the other hand, that one time that they showed the Enterprise shooting the phasers out of the photon torpedo tubes was really stupid, I mean, even a basic graduate, right out of Starfleet Academy with the most BASIC knowledge of how your average Galaxy class Spaceship works would be --

What the hell is happening to me?! OH MY FARKING CHRIST! I'VE JUST SPONTANEOUSLY GAINED 300 POUNDS!!!


2002-04-06 11:31:33 PM  
"I'll field that one. Let me ask you a question. Why would a man whose shirt says 'Genius at Work' spend all of his time watching a children's cartoon show?"
2002-04-06 11:35:24 PM  
Hey Wil, a trek question for you:

Am I the ONLY person who enjoys Trek JUST as a show, without geeking out over it, WITHOUT studying so-called trek physics/science, WITHOUT attending stupid conventions or wearing spock ears, without owning a single piece of so-called 'memorbilia' or anything else equally inane? Any other sane people who view the trek series PURELY as TV shows and movies and not as an all-encompassing lifestyle?

2002-04-06 11:36:34 PM  
You know, if W.F. Shatner were here, he might say something like: "GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a website! I mean, look at you, look at the way you biatch and moan! You've turned an enjoyable little site, that Drew does as a lark for a few years, into a colossal waste of bandwidth with your complaining!"

I mean, don't get me wrong, I read the article, and I didn't really think it was all that funny, and come to think of it, I paid my hard earned money to access this site, and I should....oh wait a minute. No, I didn't; it's free. If you don't like it, close the browser window. Yeesh, I mean, come on - they can't all be gems.
2002-04-06 11:37:56 PM  
I fall under the same category as you. Not so much as a poster but I watch the show every chance I get.
2002-04-06 11:45:10 PM  
Hey Wil:

I remember that episode where Ashley Judd guest starred on TNG and you got to kiss her for a good long time... Yum. The only time of my life -- ever -- that I wished I were you... Ha!

So tell us more about it. Did you two hook up or what? I mean 'cos she was looking good even then... What was she, like 18 years old? C'mon, inquiring minds want to know!
2002-04-06 11:47:45 PM  
Hey Wil,

A few years back on Entertainment Tonight, they did a ST: TNG backstage feature. I remember one comment was that Whoopi Goldberg had such a crush on Wil Wheaton. Was there any truth to this rumour?

Also, they said she said that she 'Always had her wheaton for breakfast.' What does that mean?
2002-04-06 11:49:34 PM  
Fark....I just proved my geekhood. I was actually momentarily disappointed that this was satire and not a page showing real continuity errors.

2002-04-06 11:51:10 PM  
*quirks an eyebrow*
2002-04-06 11:51:11 PM  
Notice how Wil conveniently skirted around the whole Ashley Judd thing?
2002-04-06 11:52:17 PM  
Wil:What the hell is happening to me?! OH MY FARKING CHRIST! I'VE JUST SPONTANEOUSLY GAINED 300 POUNDS!!!



ROFLMAO, Thank you Wil, I needed that.
2002-04-06 11:54:52 PM  
You know, I think the "Wil like totally made out with Ashley Judd in Episode #whatever number episode it was" joke has been successfully played out. If I still retain my memories from my geekhood, he wasn't even a regular cast member anymore when Ms. Judd was playing that jr. engineer. Time to move on to "Whoopi Goldberg totally wanted Wil's space junk" jokes.
2002-04-06 11:57:04 PM  
And here I was hoping for something that wasn't bullshiat like the warp-drive causing problems to space, and suddenly got dropped for about no reason what so ever. The fact that the enterprise claimed to have only 5 enterprises ever made in starfleet. The 1701, A, B, C, D, (E was done in the latest movie), but then suddenly there is an Enterprise in the show Enterprise that came before the 1701? Or how about how the first race that was suppose to be met was the Romulins but suddenly its Vulcans? Where do they go to the bathroom? Why don't they just beam out people they don't like's hearts out of their chest? How is it that the vulcan neck pinch works on all species? How the hell is it that I still don't have a life? Don't chicks dig trekkies?
2002-04-07 12:07:59 AM  
Err... I don't *know* you are wrong, but it wouldn't make sense if humans met romulans first since wouldn't they just enslave earth?
2002-04-07 12:11:43 AM  
I am not sure what to think about this batch of troubles. Maybe I have had too much cough syrup.
2002-04-07 12:32:17 AM  
Congratulations - we have a new definition for LAME
2002-04-07 01:03:11 AM  
NoPoutine hi

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-07 01:03:33 AM  
You guys are all f*cking geeks! I didn't mean to write "farking geeks" either, because every time any of you say that, it makes you sound like even bigger geeks.

Bad puns plus star trek discussions = Losers
2002-04-07 01:15:53 AM  
Roscopcoltrane: and you're posting in the very same thread, taking time out of a Saturday night to tell us what dorks we are. Welcome to the party pal!
2002-04-07 01:18:21 AM  
Rosco must be related to OcterDoctopus. Asshole.

The reason the phasers were fired out of the proton torpedo launcher in that one episode was because the Trek producers had switched special effects companies for that season. I don't remember if it was Industrial Light and Magic, or if ILandM was who they switched to afterwards. But it was the special effects people's post-production work that caused the error, and by the time it was found, it was too late.

And it was always the Vulcans who the Terrans met first. Always. The Romulans wouldn't have helped the humans, they would have blown Cochran's ship out of the sky and enslaved our race. If it wasn't for our assistance to the Klingons at Khitomer during the Klingon/Romulan War, we might still be at odds with both those species.

Fear me.
2002-04-07 01:28:34 AM  
I do Buckshot, for many reasons. I'm glad you're using your evil powers for good!
2002-04-07 01:31:16 AM  
Tool farking rocks harder than any other rocking type thing
2002-04-07 03:12:26 AM  
Hey Crotchrocket: Me? A dork like the rest of these people? I should have mentioned that I posted that last message while taking a break from surfing. Not on the internet, but actual surfing, because it is much cooler. Also, earlier this evening I made a number of stop-ins at all the coolest local hangouts, with women hanging off each of my arms during the entire time. I then proceeded to bring these women home where we did a lot of illegal drugs and partook in some casual sex, which I will not follow up with a phone call at a later date. I am also known for wearing black leather jackets with tight wight t-shirts underneath that show off each of my fabulous muscles. If this makes me a dork, then then bring on the star trek debates!
2002-04-07 03:17:33 AM  
Guinan was spelled wrong. That damnable 7 year trek phase will never leave!
2002-04-07 03:18:08 AM  
For those of you wondering why I misspelled "white" in that last post, it's because I had gel on my hands from making my hair look extremely slick, and it caused my fingers to slip from their correct places on the keyboard.
2002-04-07 03:21:13 AM  
Roscopcoltrane: Hang ten, brother! (combing back hair, then tossing comb on a tanning blonde, winking at her, then running into the oncoming waves carrying my cool "skull, fire, and more skulls" surfboard over my head)
2002-04-07 03:24:49 AM  
Okay, instead of Star Trek dork Roscopcoltrane, you're a Fonzie wannabe narcissist stuck in a high school jock frame of mind. Like that's much better.

Besides, having anything to do on the internet makes you somewhat of a dork. And I really have a hard time believing that if you did all that in one night, you'd have enough time to post what nerds we all are, especially if you had time for "casual sex". What are you, a minute man?
And I always question the sexuality of anyone that puts gel in their hair. That's too vain for straight guys.
2002-04-07 03:27:20 AM  
Wait a minute, your profile says your from Canada! How can you surf up there at this time of year? You're trolling the joint, aren't you? I thought that "fabulous muscles" part was a little over the top!
2002-04-07 03:27:45 AM  
Hey Rosco:

My only question is how to you choose between the surfing and the casual sex? I know that I could personally do each individually for an entire day, but both in one day? How do you decide which you do more? That's a tough call I wouldn't want to have to make.
2002-04-07 03:33:09 AM  
Lesson learned: anyone that brags about how much they score on the internet is either a complete loser liar, or completely tugging on your chain. I must say, that was one helluva troll Roscopcoltrane! Maybe if you hadn't laid it on so thick, I wouldn't have caught on...
2002-04-07 03:37:13 AM  
Lesson learned: Crotchrocket Slim has a slim crotchrocket.
2002-04-07 03:40:33 AM  
Oh, dis!

Roscopcoltrane - 1

Crotchrocket Slim - .... no score!
2002-04-07 03:40:34 AM  
You sir are a comedic genius. Keep posting my man!
2002-04-07 03:42:33 AM  
We have to let Roscoe loose on Emeril, DeLaRoacha, and the rest of those trolls. I'd get a TotalFark account just to see that!
2002-04-07 03:53:37 AM  
"For those of you wondering why I misspelled "white" in that last post, it's because I had gel on my hands from making my hair look extremely slick . . ."

Rosco: That's funny! Even for a Canadian hillbilly surfer ladies man like yourself.
2002-04-07 03:57:45 AM  
Hey, wait a minute... there's no ocean in Canada! Also, hey, none of those episodes ever actually aired! What the hell? None of those episode numbers are even real! This is a travesty! Picard never stabbed Geordi! And they can't be using stock in the future, because all currency has been...
Oh, God. I am SO hard right now.
2002-04-07 04:02:42 AM  
Hey! Let's organize a FARK Surfing Party!!!1

Does anybody know of any beaches or something? We could probably have it there!
2002-04-07 04:03:51 AM  
This thread has EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
2002-04-07 04:12:04 AM  
We can have it at one of the beaches here in Canada. They're all hoppin' year round, and the surf is excellent. Don't forget your sunscreen!
2002-04-07 04:38:43 AM  
Fark Boseseseseses this stunk, stop being tools
2002-04-07 05:31:19 AM  
Golden Words on FARK?!

Sci '99!
Sci '99!
Sci '99!
Sci '99!
2002-04-07 07:21:53 AM  
2002-04-07 07:56:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Amusing if you have 10 inch glasses and a pencil set in your shirt.
2002-04-07 08:29:51 AM  
KimVette two words for you "SCIENCE-FICTION". Get it? Not "SCIENCE-SOAP" or "FICTION-PUPPETS".
2002-04-07 08:40:35 AM  
Obsolete and inoperable water cooled machine gun?

I think we need a Total Troll label.
2002-04-07 12:21:52 PM  
Sci03 - if youdon't know, now you know, biatches
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