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(Detroit Free Press)   "Whether there was drinking going on or not, you simply can't light people on fire and call that a joke,"   ( divider line
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2002-04-06 03:16:15 PM  
I dunno, it made me laugh.
2002-04-06 06:21:19 PM  
only in gaylord
2002-04-06 06:21:46 PM  
Meh, It happens.
2002-04-06 06:22:02 PM  
SURE you can!
2002-04-06 06:22:25 PM  
It's always funny until someone gets lit on fire.

Then it's hilarious!
2002-04-06 06:22:29 PM  
stupid drunks are the worst
2002-04-06 06:23:54 PM  
"A 21-year-old Gaylord man" I don't know why that's funny but it is.

And if you don't want people pouring lighter fluid on your leg and lighting it on fire, don't drink that freakin much.
2002-04-06 06:25:00 PM  
He deserves a smack upside the head with an obsolete and inoperable water cooled machine gun.
2002-04-06 06:28:10 PM  
GAYLORD, Mich. (AP) -- A 21-year-old Gaylord man

Hehehe, thats just funny.
2002-04-06 06:28:31 PM  
Come on baby, light my fire
2002-04-06 06:30:09 PM  
When a dog is in heat, it finds a leg to hump.

Where does a leg go when it is SO IN HEAT that it is on fire?
2002-04-06 06:32:09 PM  
So close to earning a Darwin.... yet so far. What a tragedy
2002-04-06 06:34:10 PM  
OBB - Wha?
2002-04-06 06:35:17 PM  
Hilarious. I lived there for a few years... this is probably the biggest news in 6 months.
2002-04-06 06:39:00 PM  
Andonbray - Wha?
2002-04-06 06:39:05 PM  
they live in Gaylord no wonder they are lighting themselfs on fire
2002-04-06 06:49:45 PM  
I think a valuable lesson has been learned here: never be the first one to pass out.
2002-04-06 06:52:02 PM  
Ok, thats crossing a line. farking with drunks is fun, but when they need to go to the hospital, thats just too much.
And I live in a frat house.
2002-04-06 06:52:55 PM  
Yeah, all joking aside, burns are really bad. My mom is a nurse, and when she worked in the hospital she told a story about a guy who mistakenly touched a pool skimmer to power lines, and the electricity went through his hand, and blew out of him through his groin, knee and feet. He had to get skin grafts over most of the lower part of his body. The guy was in constant pain the whole time he was in the hospital, because they couldn't give him painkillers for some reason (not because they're monsters in Canada)
2002-04-06 06:53:33 PM  
[insert bad Gaylord-flamer joke here]
2002-04-06 06:57:42 PM  
There is a Mr. Gaylord that owns a house here at the resort I work at. He runs some kind of communications business. I wonder if he has family there?
2002-04-06 07:04:21 PM  
See? Drinking in moderation makes sense. Unless you're on medication that would make any drinking a bad idea, in which case.. uhm...
2002-04-06 07:11:12 PM  
those are some of the hardest to read names i've ever seen. "Szymanski" is not a name, it's a bad Scrabble hand
2002-04-06 07:16:40 PM  
Ha, I'm from South Bend, IN. It's a little Poland up there. Names like that are normal to me. It's just pronounced Shemanski. You must have never seen the last name "Przybysz". It has no vowels! It's prounounced Shibish.
2002-04-06 08:13:52 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

Heh, I strike once again

2002-04-06 08:14:56 PM  
I wonder what he said......"Damn, is it hot in here or is it just me?"
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-06 08:22:22 PM  
lighting a passed-out drunk on fire isn't funny.

shaving off their eyebrows and writing on their face with permanant marker... now that's funny.
2002-04-06 08:25:29 PM  
Isn't there some desert festival for this kind of stuff?
2002-04-06 08:48:12 PM  
no was "Damn, is it me?...or are YOU hot in here?"
2002-04-06 08:55:53 PM  
best quote ever
2002-04-06 09:05:22 PM  
heh, Suitep I'm always hot :)
2002-04-06 09:18:10 PM  
Damn right!
The rule in my house is that if your out cold with your shoes on, you passed out, and are fair game. If you take your shoes off, you went to sleep(not passed out), and are safe
2002-04-06 09:33:17 PM  
Ha ha. He's from Gaylord. I bet he's ... you know ... that way. Not that there's anything wrong with that (it just makes him a disgusting fag).
2002-04-06 09:42:16 PM  
Is a Gay Lord man like one of those priests in the news
2002-04-06 09:48:41 PM  
If you build a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day; but if you set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
2002-04-06 10:00:13 PM  
ai, am, an, as, ay, in, is, ka, ma, mi, my, na, si, ya
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kamsin, missay, myasis, nizams, skyman, zayins

Need I say more?
2002-04-06 10:36:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-06 11:58:09 PM  
Gaylord in Focker County?
2002-04-07 10:44:46 AM  
At school, 'gaylord' was a very popular insult... Besides that great quote (the Fark caption), that's one funny story.

Not that it's a funny thing to do, but now it's happend, we may as well laugh....
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