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(Chicago Breaking News)   Retired Army Gen. has Medal of Honor confiscated because it looks ominous and security had never heard of the Medal of Honor.   ( divider line
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2002-04-06 06:54:57 PM  
The video game?
2002-04-06 06:56:33 PM  
Oh well, it happens when you have non-American's working at the airport...well, at least here in California..
2002-04-06 06:56:34 PM  
Great, paranoia going to get us all killed yet.
2002-04-06 06:56:35 PM  
Wowza, somone isn't gonna be a genral for long
2002-04-06 06:56:41 PM  
"`They just kept passing it around -- there were eight or nine or 10 of them who handled it before it was over," he said."

Reminds me of the apes at the start of 2001.

I wonder what the Marine Corps ace of aces thinks of the current US military.
2002-04-06 06:58:40 PM  
Well, it IS pretty solid evidence that at least in some form or another, he's responsible for deaths of people....

(and no, I really DON'T believe that's reason enough to search him repeatedly, just thought it was interesting)
2002-04-06 06:58:46 PM  
"I want you to know," Foss told me, "that I don't go around wearing my Medal of Honor, or carrying it with me. The only reason I had it with me on this flight was that I was supposed to give a speech to a class at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and I thought the medal was something the cadets might be interested in seeing."
2002-04-06 06:59:22 PM  
How can you not know what a Medal of Honor is? If meet someone with one, I'd call them Sir, and let them on the plane right away.
2002-04-06 06:59:44 PM  
after the next big war, people might remember what that medal thing is...
2002-04-06 06:59:51 PM  
Heh, what a bunch of 'tards (airline security)

They all deserve a good strafing run by a squadron of F4-U Corsairs.
2002-04-06 07:03:41 PM  
So the idiot guards can't figure out what a Congressional Medal of Honor is? Next they'll take away purple hearts because they 'look like cult icons'...
2002-04-06 07:05:44 PM  
What the hell? And the had the nerve to confiscate my knife?
2002-04-06 07:05:58 PM  
You would think atleast one of them saw Forrest Gump.
2002-04-06 07:05:58 PM  
5%Nation: I agree, heck, I'd tell the other guards to come over and see a war hero. It's a sad state of affairs when people can't even recognize on of our highest honors.
2002-04-06 07:06:39 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
img.fark.netView Full Size
retired general had to deal with these
img.fark.netView Full Size
security tards.
2002-04-06 07:08:01 PM  
I've known what the medal of honor was since i was 6 years old. *sigh*
2002-04-06 07:09:10 PM  
Published February 24, 2002

Old, repeat.
2002-04-06 07:09:25 PM  
Followup: The old guy returned to the airport and attacked them with an obsolete and inoperable water cooled machine gun.
2002-04-06 07:10:41 PM  
I know this probably was NOT the case, but they have been hiring guards that were immigrants or were/have not been citizens in America for long. Most likely though these people were born citizens which just saddens me more...
2002-04-06 07:10:58 PM  
Hey, it was published on my birthday.
2002-04-06 07:13:31 PM  
Published February 24, 2002

Old, repeat.

Thanks, I just couldn't make it through a Fark thread if people didn't incessantly point out that an article is a repeat.
2002-04-06 07:13:48 PM  
But it has a sharp pin on it! Devious terrorists could use it to subdue the pilots and take over the plane.

Chalk that up next to the list of things you're no longer allowed to take on board; medals of honour, plastic sporks, air particles, books that mention the word 'bullet', ghosts...
2002-04-06 07:14:18 PM  
Even worse, aren't airport security now FEDERAL employees now?
2002-04-06 07:16:16 PM  
Published February 24, 2002

Old, repeat.

Thanks, I just couldn't make it through a Fark thread if people didn't incessantly point out that an article is a repeat.

Don't mention it.
2002-04-06 07:19:31 PM  
The individual was not an Army general; rather, a Marine general; there is A DIFFERENCE!!!
2002-04-06 07:22:22 PM  
Is it just me or has airport security gotten really stupid in just the last 6 months........
2002-04-06 07:24:11 PM  
"The individual was not an Army general; rather, a Marine general; there is A DIFFERENCE!!!"

damn skippy
2002-04-06 07:25:41 PM  
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we still have National Guardsmen and Army at our airports. The C.M.H. is at the top of every medal chart I've ever seen, all three versions. Even if the civie security bufoons didn't recognize it the military should have, if they had been called for consultation.
2002-04-06 07:25:43 PM  
... Wow, I'm 16 and I know more than these people which are suposedly protecting us from terrorists (yeah, right).
We're SO screwed.
2002-04-06 07:26:30 PM  
Good. I'm glad.

The more stories we have like this, the more
people will become outraged and demand an end to
these rediculous measures.

The things weak, soft Americans are willing to put up with for the illusion of safety......
2002-04-06 07:28:20 PM  
This is a repeat....

But still it pisses me off to no end. How dare they dishonor a hero like this man?

What this article didn't say was that he was one of the many "decoys" for the Japanese fighter pilots who put their lives on the line fighting against Zeros trying to shoot them down while the real objective sneaks past them without attracting too much attention. Basically he and many other pilots wanted to make sure that Japanese's attention was on them and not on the real objectives trying to get past them.

But what's really neat was that he shot down more than 20 Zeros during the whole time. Wow. I've never heard of one guy taking out that many plan under one mission.

Now, these farking arseholes treat a hero like shiat and showed absolutely no respect to this great man who rightfully earned this metal from the President of the United States.

I hope he has the mind to sue the airline company for everything it's worth.

This man is my hero, he laid down his life for my freedom and I wanna thank this man for what he has done.

2002-04-06 07:32:33 PM  
*Salutes as well.* I'm also amazed that he says he's not pissed about being detained, but that they didn't recognize the medal of honor. This guy was, and still is, a true hero. And I suck at html, so NO TAG FOR YOU!
2002-04-06 07:32:46 PM  
Aside from the "laid down his life" bit, which I'm pretty sure refers to someone dying on behalf of something, I agree entirely, Yizuman.
2002-04-06 07:33:11 PM  
As much as I despise saying anything in the name of patriotism (and that I'm not a Yank anyway) I agree with Yizuman. Give the old guy some damn respect. What's he going to do with the medal anyway, use it as a throwing star?
2002-04-06 07:34:28 PM  
Farkin pop up ads! Bad Fark! No Donut!
2002-04-06 07:35:21 PM  
forget it was the Medal of Honor. what the fark was the security risk with an 80 yr old ex-govenor of arizona? the pin? the weight? what rational was at work here? oh, shiat, forgive me. stupid to assume there was any at all. Dog help us.
2002-04-06 07:35:46 PM  
Saying that this man was in the Army is a slap in the face to the Marines.
2002-04-06 07:39:59 PM  
2002-04-06 07:40:45 PM  
*sigh* real deadly....

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-06 07:43:02 PM  
let's give that general a membership in[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-06 07:43:34 PM  

... Actually, seeing the guy bludgeon the airport security to death with this would have been nice.
2002-04-06 07:44:15 PM  
Next time I go to board a plane, I'm going to tell all the security screeners, and every stewardess that I am a Muslim. We'll see how quick I get thrown off the plane, adn then I'll retire on the lawsuit.
2002-04-06 07:44:45 PM  
Maybe the veterans should file down their Medals of Honor so we don't have a bunch of terrorist ninjas using them as shuriken and blowing up the whole world. I would personally feel much safer. I might even leave the house.
2002-04-06 07:45:17 PM  
And you wonder why everyone laughs at you?

That guy is a pretty cool guy, he handled a bs situatiuon with out getting pissed. How many here could do that?
2002-04-06 07:45:22 PM  
Those Food Service vets would have deserved it! hehehehe
2002-04-06 07:46:02 PM  
Pj6100, that's the Army and Air Force Medal of Honor. Foss, a Marine, has the Navy Medal of Honor since the marines are actually a branch of the Navy.
2002-04-06 07:46:57 PM  
Marines.....a Department of the Navy.....sorry...just retired from the Navy....=)
2002-04-06 07:46:58 PM  
Fuzzmosis: Doubt I could
2002-04-06 07:48:18 PM  
I wish I was a Terrorist Ninja.
2002-04-06 07:49:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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