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(Farktography)   Farktography Contest No. 4 Theme: Seen better days. Post pictures you've taken and include voting. No GIS please. Link goes to next week's contest theme   ( divider line 393
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2005-06-02 11:09:08 PM  
2005-06-02 11:12:55 PM  
shoes are cool
2005-06-02 11:13:34 PM  
Should enable voting Captain Spork amazing stuff. That's great lenswork to get that thin a depth (sounds contradictory, I know).
2005-06-02 11:16:31 PM  
Abandoned cold war military base in northern ontario, part of the old Pine Tree line

2005-06-02 11:17:41 PM  
that was worth every agonising dial-up second. *claps*
2005-06-02 11:20:42 PM  

Otherwise, why would they be selling it?

Again, thnx, ImageShack - mods, please delete last for same reason as the first (for next week).
2005-06-02 11:21:42 PM  
Reading the rules, it looks like you're allowed to submit multiple photos of different subjects. If I've read wrong, just delete 'em...

Pops to larger version:

2005-06-02 11:23:15 PM  
my 1st try at this I know i'm late


2005-06-02 11:24:11 PM  
And to take it in a totally different direction:
2005-06-02 11:25:25 PM  
baah! why does Photobucket hate me? I have tons of pics of Asbury Park, Centralia, Estern State Penn., and tons of random dilapidated buildings in the philadelphia area.

*kicks dirt*
2005-06-02 11:26:31 PM  
how do i submit images?
nothing showed up
2005-06-02 11:26:39 PM  
2005-06-02 11:28:52 PM  
so many of these are fantastic.
thanks for the new wallpaper.
2005-06-02 11:30:08 PM  
"that house" was funnay
2005-06-02 11:30:37 PM  

Just read the Fark photoshop posting guidelines...
2005-06-02 11:32:43 PM  
Great Pics all!
2005-06-02 11:32:45 PM  

Now with voting. Thanks, Rhad. :)
2005-06-02 11:32:50 PM  
2005-06-02 11:33:23 PM  

This is a tower in what was previously an industrial site. Today, it exists as an 'Industrial and Archeological Site', called Parque Fundidora... and is mostly used to host big events (racing and concerts).

/Does the next contest involve anything found on the way, while looking at the sky?
//Just asking...
///Click the pic 4 more info/original version.
2005-06-02 11:33:57 PM  
oh,its too large...
2005-06-02 11:34:03 PM  
This fits the theme, but it's not my picture, so I'll just link to it...


was a thriving liquor store (aka "packy") in Dedham MA when I was in high school XXVII years ago.
2005-06-02 11:34:56 PM  

Ancient Rome
2005-06-02 11:35:18 PM  
2005-06-02 11:35:51 PM  
2005-06-02 11:39:22 PM  
I took this Memorial Day 2004 and posted in the imaging section of DSL Reports.
2005-06-02 11:39:38 PM  

My Mother's bicycle. I told her I would fix it for her 2 years ago, but I never got around to it...instead I photographed it. This was taken in my pitch dark garage, 20 second exposure, lit by flashlight. To do the "lighting" I stood off the to left of the camera and bike...then waved the flashlight around the bicycle from the top.
2005-06-02 11:41:46 PM  

Hope my small photoshopped portion is acceptable - needed to emphasize that this truck has seen better OWNERS!
2005-06-02 11:43:23 PM  

To do the "lighting" I stood off the to left of the camera and bike...then waved the flashlight around the bicycle from the top.

That's pretty cool! When I got my Canon Powershot with up to 15 second exposure I did a lot of that sort of stuff with a flashlight, and a shot of some trees. Came up with some pretty interesting patterns depending on what I did with the flashlight!
2005-06-02 11:46:48 PM  
I wish that this were for new things. I've got 6 kittens at home. There are some great shots in here. My hats off to the C-64 reference!
2005-06-02 11:47:50 PM  
2005-06-02 11:52:15 PM  
I'm late!
2005-06-02 11:52:32 PM  
I still think there's time for someone to enter a Boobies pic and get all the votes.
2005-06-02 11:53:24 PM  
2005-06-02 11:53:48 PM  
2005-06-02 11:55:05 PM  

/Now with voting goodness
// Mods please delete previous
2005-06-02 11:55:13 PM  
2005-06-02 11:58:14 PM  

saw with two white specks that I wish I could Photoshop out, but I won't break the rules.
2005-06-02 11:58:36 PM  
2005-06-02 11:58:56 PM  
Fantastic! This is our world from the eyes of real people, not the media's view of they want us to see.

Great idea. Long live FARKtography!!!
2005-06-03 12:02:06 AM  
2005-06-03 12:04:55 AM  
Sergio - Thanks for the new wallpaper. That coloring is amazing.
2005-06-03 12:07:17 AM  
2005-06-03 12:08:19 AM  
2005-06-03 12:08:34 AM  
Where parades go to die.
2005-06-03 12:09:32 AM  
2005-06-03 12:09:45 AM  
Awesome stuff here, I'm really jealous. I have an awesome camera but lack the technical and composition skills to get anything better than good snapshots.

Every time I see pics like this of old dilapidated stuff I'm always reminded of high school yearbooks from the 70's. Seems they were always populated with poignant images of old rusty stuff. Guess it was a standard high school Photography 101 class assignment and plentiful filler.
2005-06-03 12:15:04 AM  

btw... great pics, I really laughed out loud at the one of the and carrying a cockroach's leg.
2005-06-03 12:20:53 AM  
2005-06-03 12:20:59 AM  
someone mentioned old shoes.

2005-06-03 12:21:41 AM  
User not found:
Where in Missouri was that picture taken? I think I've seen it before driving to my parents' place down there
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